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Six Million Lives Saved: Malaria Cases in Africa Cut in Half

UPDATE: Boy Whose Mailman Gave Him Books, Shares Thousands with Hometown

Artist Paints Homeless Portraits, Donates Money Toward Their Care

Dog Stands Guard By Trapped Best Friend for a Week Until Rescued

Daily Inspirational Quote – September 19, 2015

Why Gifts Must Keep Moving

Homeless Piano Player Performs Nat’l Anthem at NFL Game (WATCH)

New Study Shows That ‘Lovebirds’ Actually May Fall In Love

Cooking Indian Food At Home: 7 Easy, Good-For-You Recipes

Airline Pilot Diverts International Flight to Save Dog’s Life

Daily Inspirational Quote – September 18, 2015

Turn It Into a Good Thing

How To Be More Patient

On 4th Anniversary of “Occupy” a Stellar Outcome: $30 Million in Debt Canceled for Americans

Fierce Competition to Be the Kindest Inside Women’s Prison This Week

Prepare For Nostalgia Overload: 90’s Fest Raises Big Bucks for Charity

After False Arrest for Bringing Clock to School, STEM Student Gets Celeb Treatment

Designer’s Air Purifier Converts Smog Into Jewelry As it Cleans

Little Boy Transforms As Superhero in Comic Book For Kids w/ Asthma

Daily Inspirational Quote – September 17, 2015

Accept the Challenge

How One Artist Is Transforming Fear

Ringo Starr Cleans His House, Fills Rockin’ Auction for Charity

Police Buy Elderly Woman Food With Their Own Money

Navy Silences “Whale-Harming” Sonar to Protect Marine Mammals

Dad Builds Halloween Costumes Around Wheelchairs as a Nonprofit

Billionaire Fed Up With Low Salaries Raises Math Teachers’ Pay By $15K

Cute Russian 5-Year-Olds Escape From Kindergarten To Buy A Sports Car

Another Benefit of Fish Oil: It May Reduce Weight Gain From Fatty Foods

WATCH: Epic Series of Fumbles In One NFL Play Synced to Wacky Song

Daily Inspirational Quote – September 16, 2015

Passion and Energy

Learning Forgiveness in an Unforgiving World

Egyptian Billionaire Now In Talks to Buy Two Entire Islands for Refugees

Australian Widow Leaves $4 Million Mansion To Help Homeless Kids

This Tea Has 10 Times More Antioxidants Than Green Tea

Daily Inspirational Quote – September 15, 2015

Put Excellence Into It

Say It Like It Is

8 Ways to Love Yoga Even If You Have No Flexibility or Balance

Tears Flow As Kindergarten Teacher Sees A Student on TV 30 Years Later (WATCH)

“Umbrella Dad” Gives Us All a Lesson in Putting Others Before Yourself

NFL Drew Brees Helps Two Friends Get Through War and Heartache

3 Ways (Yoga Included!) to Shift Your Body Image

Appreciating Our Body, Imperfections and All

Daily Inspirational Quote – September 14, 2015

Great Things You Can Do

My Son With Autism Had Trouble In School Until One Teacher Did This

When a Solar Plant Becomes a Sculpture Garden, Tulip Power Blooms

Lewd Handmade Doll Shows Grandma w/ Dementia Still a Charmer -WATCH