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12-Year-old’s Time Capsule From 1949 Returned to Him as a Man in His 70s

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A Beautiful Mind: A Conversation with Gina Sharpe

R E S P E C T: Aretha Franklin to Pay For Hotel Rooms For Flint Families

Crippled Dog in Hoarding Home Finds Love From George Clooney

Wildfire Evacuation: Doctors, Nurses Stay Behind To Rescue Animals

Clean Water Pours Into Flint as Rapper The Game Sends $1 Million

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Dr. Abdul Kalam on Life's Pursuit

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Love Life: An Inspiring Journey Spurred by Tragedy

Neighbor Films T-Rex With Tiny Hands Trying To Shovel Driveway

Pearl Jam Sends $367K in Aid to Contaminated Flint, Michigan

Mom Adopts Hospice Babies No One Else Wants

Daily Inspirational Quote – January 27, 2016

The Surprising Benefit of Going Through Hard Times

Bruce Springsteen Offers Free Download Of Full Concert – Today Only

Doing Laundry for Homeless Earns Them Young Australians of the Year Award

Girls Hang Sweaters Around Florida Lamp Posts For Homeless to Find

Beautiful Snow Sculptures of Birds Appear in Virginia Town After Blizzard (LOOK)

Daily Inspirational Quote – January 26, 2016

Stop. Look. Go: Practices for Grateful Living

Whatever You Think Or Feel, The Universe Says Yes!

Your Own Will Come to You

Becoming a Kairomancer

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5 Important Things We Learned About Mindfulness in 2015

Daily Inspirational Quote – January 24, 2016

A Comic Book For Refugee Children