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One-Legged Man Hops Into Funny Annual Halloween Costumes (LOOK)

As a motivational speaker and author, he has spent his life helping people look on the bright side of life–and for years his Halloween pranks have helped them look at the funny side of having only one leg.

Josh Sunquist, who lost a leg at age nine, has dreamed up some seriously humorous costumes. This year, using a sign and a wooden frame, Josh will be hopping around on Halloween as an IHOP restaurant (Oh, the irony).

NFL Team Offers Ex-Kicker on Radio One More Day of Glory

Steve Weatherford’s story is one step away from a Hollywood movie where a coach, watching an injured player carried off the field, points to a minor league player in the stands and tells him to “suit up and get in the game.”

The National Football League New York Jets were in a bind. Punter Ryan Quigley had just injured himself and they had a big game with the New England Patriots the next day.

You can imagine coaches and managers, huddled in the front office, scratching their heads, wondering what to do, while ESPN radio played in the background. One of them might have jumped up and pointed to the radio shouting, “Hey, didn’t that guy use to play for us?”

Harrison Ford Praises Star Wars 7; New Jedi Museum Approved in Chicago

In less than two months, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will finally hit theaters and Harrison Ford says the film will not disappoint fans.

Yoda is set to have a part in the trilogy, although he is not featured in the new trailer released last week.

Meanwhile, the Chicago city council approved George Lucas’s request to build a Star Wars museum on the iconic lakefront downtown.  Check out our playlist of Star Wars news clips.

94-Year-old Gets Ready to Run NYC Marathon (Watch Him Train)

Jonathan Mendes promised his children last year that he had run his last marathon– but he couldn’t stay away.

Last Sunday, the week of his 95th birthday, he was set to run the New York City Marathon.
How does the ex-Marine stays so young?

He eats lots of fish, vegetables and fruits, he told USA Today.

You Won’t Hear a Better Song Today! Watch Street Musicians Turning Pro

There’s literally a world of soul out there on the streets. And here is the proof.

Orchestrated by professionals in a group called Playing for Change, 19 street musicians around the world play together from remote locations using headphones, to produce a work of inspiration.

From five American cities and four other countries – Italy, Brazil, Cuba and Japan – comes this most diverse and soulful version of “Dock of the Bay”.

Congress Agrees on Something: A Two-Year Budget Deal

Congress passed a budget deal in the wee hours this morning that will keep the U.S. from defaulting on its debt for the next two years.

Leaders of both parties agree it should benefit the economy by putting off further debate on the so-called “debt ceiling” until March, 2017 – after the next presidential inauguration.

The bipartisan legislation also reduces the chances of a government shutdown in December, a move that will likely keep parks and museums open, government workers on the job, and Social Security benefits arriving on time.

Man Builds Tiny “Life Jacket” To Save Beloved Pet Goldfish

When a little goldfish named Einstein got a “swim bladder” infection, it severely inhibited his ability to wiggle about.

Rather than just giving him the big flush, Einstein’s owner, Leighton Naylor, made him an underwater “life jacket” from recycled tubing.

To be fair, Einstein is not just any fish: he can do tricks, like swimming through hoops, a feat orchestrated by Naylor when he uses a wand.

Daily Inspirational Quote – October 31, 2015

“Wisdom is nothing more than healed pain.”

Amen to that. This is the wisdom hard won by overcoming worrying times financially, dealing with a broken heart because of a failed relationship or the loss of a loved one, job, career or business difficulties, etc. It helps us learn the lessons we’re being taught, whether we realize it or not, in recognizing the pain for what it is, a lesson in wisdom that we will keep with us for the future and which will, no doubt, be added to in time. That’s just life as we know it.


Two Little Pieces of Chocolate

Francine Christophe was born in 1933, the same year that Adolph Hitler took power in Germany. When she was eight years old, she and her mother were deported to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. In this interview for "Human," a film project directed by photographer, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, she recounts an extraordinary tale of generosity at a time of great privation.

When 83-yo Landscaper Needed New Truck, Donations Grew Like Weeds

This dedicated handyman is basking in the generosity of his very satisfied customers.

John Joyce has mowed lawns for years around the Pinellas Park, Florida area.

His 1995 truck broke down, but the 83-year-old man didn’t want to leave his clients in the weeds—he began pushing the lawnmower for miles on foot, with other yard tools stacked on top.

Baby Sea Lion Looking For Cuddles Hops on Kayak (WATCH)

“Anybody looking for a seal? I seem to have acquired one.”

That’s what a man named Vincent Fejeran playfully wrote, after he was out kayaking. A precocious baby sea lion just hopped aboard, nestled up against his back, and decided the two would be buddies.

The animal would not leave his vessel for almost 45 minutes.

Tainted Halloween Candy Is Just An Urban Legend, Say The Facts

Good news! Stories of tainted candy aren’t any more real than ghosts.

Halloween brings plenty of scares — vampires, zombies, even Monster Houses — but there’s one thing you don’t have to fear: strangers putting something dangerous into kids’ trick or treat bags.

The rumors come around every year and, just like the holiday, are full of legends and superstitions, but there’s never been a single documented case of a child hurt by a stranger purposely handing out tainted Halloween candy.

Don’t take our word for it—just ask Joel Best, a professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at the University of Delaware who’s been studying the urban legends of candy laced with poisons, drugs, or sharp objects since 1985.

For 30 years, Best has been studying reports of tainted trick-or-treat candy. He’s even gone back as far as 1958 and has never found a single case where a stranger handed out candy that had been tampered with.

Teens Create Pallbearer Program to Carry Homeless Vets in Final Hour

Dozens of high school students have volunteered to help give the homeless or lonely one last moment of dignity.

Their mission: carry the veterans who have no families to their final resting place.

Six teenagers from the University of Detroit Jesuit High School in Michigan served as pallbearers this week at three funerals for deceased vets with no one to claim them.

An Amazing Thank You Sent to Blood Donors in Sweden is Just Perfect

A simple gesture is having a huge charitable impact, causing more people to sign up to give blood in Stockholm, Sweden. And everyone is wondering why no one thought of it before.

Every time a donor’s blood has saved a life, they get a thank you text.

Blodcentralen, the Swedish blood service in Stockholm, started sending the messages to remind donors how important their contributions are.

Daily Inspirational Quote – October 30, 201

“It doesn’t matter what others are doing. It matters what YOU are doing.”

In our media culture it seems that everybody, especially the young and impressionable, are besieged by what some “celebrity” is wearing, who is in a relationship with who, what their handbag or shoes cost, the list goes on and on. You know what I mean don’t you? Of course you do because you have the sense to realize that it’s all fantasy, you will only be permitted to see what they want you to see, nothing more. Leave them to their shallow lives and focus on what YOU want to achieve in and from YOUR life. Always remember, YOU are important, YOU matter, and YOU impact on those around you. So, up to YOU now! YOUR choice!


Peter Kalmus: The Question of Progress

"In every house, there were blue flickering lights going in synchrony because everyone was watching the same TV show. It was a quiet night and I was alone, just walking with the sound of the freeway and the blue flickering lights. And what had seemed normal to me my whole life suddenly seemed strange." Here's a moving interview with a young climate scientist at Caltech.

103-yr-old Dressed Like Wonder Woman Volunteers 5 Days A Week

At 103-years-old, Mary Cotter is definitely one of the oldest living superheroes around.

For the past 25 years, this “Wonder Woman” has been actively volunteering at the Montclair Senior Center in California.

On her birthday earlier this month, she dressed the part – but it was business as usual: serving coffee and tea to her friends.

IKEA Lovingly Turns Kids’ Drawings Into Actual Plush Toys Sold for Charity

These soft, plush toys are going to raise a lot of hard cash to help children in need around the world – and it’s all thanks to IKEA, who recruited some kids as artists and toy designers.

Children at IKEA stores in 40 countries were invited to draw their “dream soft toy” for a good cause. Their drawings were reviewed last year and ten of the wackiest and sweetest were selected to become actual toys for sale in the Swedish furniture stores worldwide.

New App Helps People Giving Up Pets to Avoid Shelters, Find Families

Having to give up a beloved pet is an incredibly difficult decision.

Fortunately, a new app makes that process a little easier—and keeps animal shelters nationwide from becoming even more over crowded.

Nearly 70% of pets throughout the United States are “re-homed” at least once in their lifetime–when a family gives them up to a shelter or another household.

Designed to help pet parents meet prospective adopters, and avoid shelters altogether, the PawsLikeMe app matches adopters with prospective forever four-legged friends. It was also engineered as a way to match people and their animals, by facilitating a match based on what each person is looking for in a pet. This can give people some assurance that their specific cat or dog is wanted by another family—a feature that’s missing from the adoption marketplace.

Named Dog of the Year, He Threw Himself In Front of Bus To Save Owner

A golden retriever guide dog was honored this week with the title of ASPCA 2015 Dog of the Year for his courage and loyalty in the face of danger.

Last June, Figo was helping his blind owner, Audrey Stone, cross a major street in Brewster, New York.

As they did, a bus was quickly approaching.

Acting as much on his innate courage as his Guide Dog Foundation training, Figo immediately put himself in the path of the bus, sustaining a severe injury but successfully protecting Audrey.

From Tiny Buddha: 6 ‘Love’ Challenges To Help You Live Better

We get so caught up in the rush of everyday life that we often forget to stop and really think about why we do things the way we do them. We fall into the same routines that keep us from really exploring the world around us.

After turning through hundreds of pages in Lori Deschene’s new book, Tiny Buddha’s 365 Tiny Love Challenges, I picked out my seven favorite tips for doing things just a bit differently.

Here’s hoping these suggestions, though they may seem small, will make a big impact on your life.

Football Tackle Leaves One Paralyzed, Another Full of Guilt, Now Best Friends

A single play, for a single yard, shattered two football players’ lives forever — and made them best friends.

In the 30 years since that fateful day when Marc Buoniconti’s tackle of Herman Jacobs left him a quadriplegic, they have each carried the other through difficult times.

Buoniconti, a linebacker for the Citadel launched himself headfirst at Jacobs, who was carrying the ball for East Tennessee State on October 26, 1985. It was an accident, of course, but stopping the player with his head left Buoniconti paralyzed.

For Many Breast Cancer Patients Yoga is Most Important Medicine

Breast cancer is a disease that affects more than just the body—so, to help heal the mind and the spirit, a holistic approach is often an important complement to medicinal treatment.

In recent years, a growing number of organizations have begun to bring free yoga classes to patients in treatment—the practice has been proven to help improve both their mental and physical health as well as overall quality of life.

A study conducted by an M.D. Anderson Cancer Center back in 2006 followed 61 women receiving 6 weeks of radiation treatment for breast cancer. Half the women took a yoga class twice a week while the other half did not. Compared with the women who did not take yoga, the women in the yoga group reported having more energy and less daytime “sleepiness.”

Daily Inspirational Quote – October 29, 2015

“Tough situations build strong people.”

They certainly do! This reminds me of another well-known quote, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Very true, as these are the very times we tend to discover reservoirs of strength we never knew we possessed and use the opportunity to show what we’re made of. Everything we can take on, succeed in overcoming, and move forward from, all builds on the knowledge and experience we may need for our next challenge. So, the next time you’re battling through a tough situation, know that, in the end, it will make you even stronger than before so you are getting something positive from it, even if you’d rather not be experiencing it at all! Always a positive in the end!


Jane Kenyon's Advice on Writing & Life

"Tell the whole truth. Don't be lazy, don't be afraid," counsels Jane Kenyon, offering advice to fellow poets with a wisdom that applies to every field of creative endeavor and can electrify any artist.

Mom with ALS: My disease will make my daughter stronger

My daughter was an energetic and fearless kid who our doctor had declared would be walking before her first birthday. It came and went, and Scarlett still wasn't toddling on two feet. To balance any concern, I would say things like, "It's not like she's going to be crawling into junior high."

Sure enough, one spring day when she was 15 months, she popped up in the backyard and marched across the grass to a host of cheers and shrieks, mainly coming from me.

Teen Overcomes Anorexia Through YOGA

When people ask 16-year-old Maris Degener why she was hospitalized for three weeks at the age of 13, she sometimes tells them it was a "heart thing" or because of dehydration. The truth carries a deeper mental and physical pain: It was anorexia.

"I associate it with not knowing who I was or what I wanted to do," Degener said. "I wasn't the artsy kid or the sporty kid. I was just there and it spiraled into looking for perfection and control. The irony is that it almost took away my chance to live."

Degener was a competitive swimmer for more than five years before being diagnosed. After her hospital stay ended, she was still on bed rest with strict orders from the doctor to avoid physical activity.

Blind and Paralyzed, an Adventurer Takes New Steps

As a young boy growing up in Northern Ireland, Mark Pollock dreamed of being Superman one day.

Like his childhood comic hero, action and adventure have filled Pollock's life, but also tragedy. He is blind, and an accident as an adult left him paralyzed. But he never let his physical setbacks stop him.

"Whenever I put my Superman costume on as a kid, I didn't have X-ray vision. I had desperately short sight and had to wear big. thick glasses to see," Pollock said during a talk at TEDxHollywood in 2014. "I couldn't leave (glasses) in the phone box like Clark Kent could. That short sight lead me to have a detached retina."

Man Aims to Reunite 100 Homeless Folks With Families, to Honor His Uncle

This gentleman is on a mission to reunite 100 homeless people with their families as a memorial to his “Uncle Mark,” a man who spent 30 years on the street.

Kevin Adler left his California home to travel around the country and help the homeless find their families using nothing but social media and his smartphone.

Grafting Fruit Tree Branches On City Trees to Grow Free Apples

The sterile, ornamental fruit trees of San Francisco will be returned to their “roots”, thanks to a group of urban agriculture activists known as the “Guerrilla Grafters”.

The city’s barren population of apple, plum, and pear trees lining parks and street corners will begin to bear new life—and the fruit they produce will be free for all–if grafters get their way.

Texas Cops Give A Father 3 Car Seats, Instead of a Fine

When a Cedar Park, Texas police officer came upon a man parked in a truck with an expired registration, he noticed that three small children sitting in the back didn’t have car seats.

Instead of issuing a citation and fining the man, they decided it was better to help, than to make the situation worse.

“If we gave the man a ticket, those kids would still need to be driven somewhere with no car seats,” Officer Justin Gower told KVUE recently.

He learned from other officers that the man in the truck had been living in the vehicle or a motel and trying to save up money for his family.

Giant Eyeballs Painted on Parent’s Home for Halloween is Surreal Treat

Kids lucky enough to step up to this house are in for tricks and treats.

Children throughout this mysteriously unnamed California neighborhood have been dragging their parents to see the “Monster House,” an eight-eyed, multi-fanged Victorian house belonging to the parents of Christine McConnell, an artist, photographer, and year-round Halloween fan.

Inspired by the movie, Monster House she spent four days converting her childhood home into a haunted mansion that comes to life.

Daily Inspirational Quote – October 28, 2015

“Be a fruit loop in a world full of cherries.”

Isn’t it wonderful being just a tad different from everybody else in the herd? Something that makes you stand out and be noticed! Your own individual quirk or unique personality trait. I know so many “cherries” who are happy and content just to be cherries and I am very happy for them. However, that’s not for me, no sir-eee! I don’t think I could be a cherry even if I wanted to. What about you, are you a cherry or a fruit loop? If you feel you are the former, why not give yourself permission to be the latter? You never know, you might enjoy yourself and discover a new lease of life. The bowl is more than large enough for all of us and we promise to budge up for you so what are you waiting for? Fruit loops rule!!


Can We Create Social Change Without Money

Can we create social change without money? Just holding that question can raise some very interesting insights. In theory, our society is supposed to balance our three big sectors. The private sector, the voluntary sector and the public sector. Each has its purpose and, in theory, it works. But in practice, money has become such a driving force that we have started to put a price tag on everything. And the problem with price tags is that we start to lose connection with the priceless. We start to lose connection with our intrinsic motivations. What designs would emerge if we don't lead with money? What designs emerge when we lead with something subtler or something internal? These questions open up a whole new realm that can change the fundamental way in which we relate to each other.

Obama Wants to Dump the Constant Testing of No Child Left Behind

President Obama has given standardized tests a failing grade and wants to limit their involvement in U.S. classrooms to no more than 2% of students’ and teachers’ time.

“Learning is about so much more than filling in the right bubble,” he said in a White House video.
A new action plan was released yesterday in response to parents and teachers who have complained for years that students are spending too much time taking too many tests.

In New ‘Barbie’ Video, Little Girls Imagine Big Careers–and Land Them

This is definitely the kind of playtime we can get behind.

In the video below, hidden cameras have been set up to capture adults’ reactions when tiny career women are dropped right into their dream jobs—a museum tour guide, a veterinarian, a college professor.

It’s not until the end—and many chuckles later—that we realize it’s all pretend.

$70K Minimum Wage is Paying Off for CEO Who Took Pay Cut to Lift Workers

Six months after radically raising pay for all its employees, both revenue and profits have doubled at Gravity Payments in Seattle, Washington.

CEO Dan Price announced in April he would cut his own $1.1 million annual salary to help make sure everyone in the company earned at least $70,000 a year. Within a week, he was swamped with new customers and flooded with resumes from people who wanted to work for him.

Half a year later, he’s added ten new positions at his small business to handle all the extra work coming in. Old customers are sticking with him; his customer retention rate has risen from 91% to 95%, which is 37 points better than the national average.

Locals Save Tourist’s Car by Sitting On It… Until Help Arrives

When a tourist’s car rolled, out of control, toward a watery end in the Bosphorus Strait, some quick-thinking locals in Istanbul, Turkey sprang into action — and sat down.

Four men jumped onto the hood of the car as it teetered on the edge of a stone pier, just feet above the water, using their body weight as counterbalance. They sat calmly atop the see-sawing car, waiting for help to arrive.

The Canadian tourist forgot to set the parking brake, and the empty rental car rolled backward, across sidewalks, down steps — not stopping until its rear half was dangling over the edge of the pier.

Daily Inspirational Quote – October 27, 2015

“Positive mind, Positive vibes, Positive life.”

Sounds like a simple sum doesn’t it, Positive mind + Positive vibes = Positive life! I suppose, thinking about it a bit more, the end result is a no brainer! However, not so easy for some of us to feel positive especially if we feel that Life has been strewing one obstacle after another in our path. We’ve all been there at some time or another….just when we think we’ve successfully overcome a problem and are half way to breathing a sigh of relief, even before we can exhale, something else pops up to take its place! Well, all we can do is grit our teeth, pop a positive thought in our mind, allow it to generate positive vibes and of we go again! Positive life here we come!


Kid Warrior for the Earth

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is 14 years old, and committed to changing the world. This self-described "indigenous, environmental, eco hip hop artist and activist" is also the youth director of Earth Guardians, a nonprofit that empowers young people around the world to become involved in environmental activism. "The biggest challenge we face is shifting human consciousness, not saving the planet." Martinez says. "Because the planet doesn't need saving; we do."

Store Owners Track Down $2M Lottery Winner After Ticket Was Thrown Away

When a two million dollar lottery ticket accidentally ended up in the trash, a pair of store owners had to become detectives to reunite it with the customer who bought it.

The unidentified winner routinely buys $200 worth of lottery tickets at a time from Yogi Patel and his wife, Vilsa, who own Leprechaun News in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Recently, a glitch in their lottery machine almost cost their regular customer a huge jackpot.

Usually, he’ll scratch off the covers and hand the tickets to Yogi or Vilsa to scan as he moves on to the next ticket. At the end, he collects his winnings while the store owners drop the losing tickets into a collection box.

Penguin Always Returns From the Sea to Visit Man Who Saved Its Life

A retired bricklayer’s act of kindness four years ago has won him a penguin friend for life.

When João Pereira de Souza found an oil-soaked bird on the beach near his southeast Brazilian home in 2011, he cleaned off the penguin, fed him some sardines, and when it was strong enough, took the bird to the beach, expecting it to swim away.

But the black and white Magellanic penguin, now known as Jingjing, refused to leave.

New Detroit Auto Factory Will Help Ex-Convicts Build New Beginnings

An Indian company’s new $30-million-dollar factory will make new car parts while repairing lives in the beleaguered Motor City.

Sakthi Automotive Group has officially broken ground on a Detroit, Michigan factory that will actively recruit former convicts for many of the 350 jobs it will create.

The Indian company has already hired 25 former inmates through its partnership with Focus: HOPE, a nonprofit that trains ex-convicts for manufacturing jobs.

Indonesian Man Finds The Secret to Getting Kids to Read – His Horse

Hoping to encourage a love of reading in children whose resources are limited, a man has enlisted the help of his horse.

Three times each week he takes his tiny library of donated books to children living in the Purbalingga Regency of Indonesia on the back of his favorite horse, Luna.

Samhain – The Celtic New Year

by Natalie Harter

The ancient Celts regarded October 31, or Samhain (pronounced sow-when), as the beginning of the New Year. Now, why would this be so when days are still getting shorter, and the dark part of the year has not yet ended? The most likely reason is because this time of year had so much to do with death, and after death, there must always be rebirth.

Samhain was the final harvest of the year—the meat harvest. The fields and plants had already been cleared and stored, and most families could only afford to keep a few animals fed and warm throughout the winter. So the slaughtering began. A bloody time, to be sure, but it was also a time of abundance and celebration, as the families feasted on the food that was not salted, smoked, or stored away.

Because of these traditions, Samhain was also a time to reflect on the transience of life. It would be difficult not to think of death as you watched or took part in the slaughtering ...

How to Capture Evidence of a Ghost

Patrick Burke

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

I am often asked how I catch some of the most incredible evidence ever captured on a battlefield. It is relatively simple, but many people are not willing to do what is necessary to capture a paranormal event. If, however, you are one of those rare individuals who not only want to experience the paranormal, but capture it—read on!

As a means of introduction, here are a few terms we use in the paranormal community. (In my newest book, Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg, written with co-author Jack Roth, we go into more detail about the various haunting terms and methods we used to capture the Ghost Soldiers. The book is also full of our personal ghostly encounters, as well as the personal encounters of other investigators, on the Gettysburg Battlefield.)

A residual haunting is the image of the past event in replay. Think of it like a computer program looped; it continues to play over and over again. In most cases, our energy …

Celebrate This Halloween

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

It’s the cool, smoky month of October and I’m in love. I’m counting down each day until my favorite night of the year: All Hallows Eve. Since I can remember, I’ve loved Halloween. Now, I know you’ve heard that before, but I am absolutely crazy over it. To prove it, my goal is to coax every reader of this article do something to celebrate.

The feeling usually begins simmering for me in late August when there’s one or two crisp, cool days mixed in amongst the usual heat. That’s when I crank up one of my classical-music-mixed-with-creepy-sounds CDs and start planning what to wear Halloween night. The anticipation is fueled by the sound of fallen leaves crunching wonderfully underfoot. Magazines bring out their Halloween issues, boasting decadent cakes, cookies, and cupcakes decorated with spiders, pumpkins, skeletons and little, pointed-hat-witches. Then comes the delight of heading to the mall and suddenly seeing racks of costumes, …

Daily Inspirational Quote – October 26, 2015

“Live in such a way that if someone spoke badly of you, no one would believe it.”

I may be totally deluded or having a “senior moment” but I believe most people do try to live their lives by being the type of person that other people speak kindly of. I know I try to and I imagine you do too. Living your life, mindful of the feelings of others, showing kindness and compassion, being honorable in whatever you do, being loyal, all paints a picture of how the people you know “see” you. So, if your portrait does you justice and it’s one that people respect and admire, then woe betide anyone who speaks badly or disparagingly of you. Isn’t that a nice thought?


Boston's High School & Senior Center in One

They didn't plan on creating a shared space, but when architect Philip Poinelli met with the city leaders he realized they realized that the needs of the town's elderly overlapped quite neatly with those of its teenagers. But the synergy didn't stop short of a shared physical space -- each week, students and seniors work together to leverage and extend personal experience."  There was so much overlap, and it just seemed to make sense." Read more to learn of one city's innovative, space-sharing solution.

He Let Homeless Stay in Building for Winter, Now Installs Showers, Sends Hot Meals

Gary Neville, the Manchester United football star who recently welcomed 30 young homeless men to stay in a landmark building he owns, must have liked how it felt to be generous toward the most needy. He has now taken two more giant steps this month to make their winter stay more comfortable in the northern English city.

The old Stock Exchange building in Manchester is set to be turned into a boutique hotel and will undergo major renovation beginning February.

Manchester Angels, the homeless advocates who led the squatters to first occupy the uninhabited building, were telephoned by the owners, Neville and another “Man U” football legend, Ryan Giggs, and told they were welcome to stay the winter.