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One-Legged Man Hops Into Funny Annual Halloween Costumes (LOOK)

NFL Team Offers Ex-Kicker on Radio One More Day of Glory

Harrison Ford Praises Star Wars 7; New Jedi Museum Approved in Chicago

94-Year-old Gets Ready to Run NYC Marathon (Watch Him Train)

You Won’t Hear a Better Song Today! Watch Street Musicians Turning Pro

Congress Agrees on Something: A Two-Year Budget Deal

Man Builds Tiny “Life Jacket” To Save Beloved Pet Goldfish

Daily Inspirational Quote – October 31, 2015

Two Little Pieces of Chocolate

When 83-yo Landscaper Needed New Truck, Donations Grew Like Weeds

Baby Sea Lion Looking For Cuddles Hops on Kayak (WATCH)

Tainted Halloween Candy Is Just An Urban Legend, Say The Facts

Teens Create Pallbearer Program to Carry Homeless Vets in Final Hour

An Amazing Thank You Sent to Blood Donors in Sweden is Just Perfect

Daily Inspirational Quote – October 30, 201

Peter Kalmus: The Question of Progress

103-yr-old Dressed Like Wonder Woman Volunteers 5 Days A Week

IKEA Lovingly Turns Kids’ Drawings Into Actual Plush Toys Sold for Charity

New App Helps People Giving Up Pets to Avoid Shelters, Find Families

Named Dog of the Year, He Threw Himself In Front of Bus To Save Owner

From Tiny Buddha: 6 ‘Love’ Challenges To Help You Live Better

Football Tackle Leaves One Paralyzed, Another Full of Guilt, Now Best Friends

For Many Breast Cancer Patients Yoga is Most Important Medicine

Daily Inspirational Quote – October 29, 2015

Jane Kenyon's Advice on Writing & Life

Mom with ALS: My disease will make my daughter stronger

Teen Overcomes Anorexia Through YOGA

Blind and Paralyzed, an Adventurer Takes New Steps

Man Aims to Reunite 100 Homeless Folks With Families, to Honor His Uncle

Grafting Fruit Tree Branches On City Trees to Grow Free Apples

Texas Cops Give A Father 3 Car Seats, Instead of a Fine

Giant Eyeballs Painted on Parent’s Home for Halloween is Surreal Treat

Daily Inspirational Quote – October 28, 2015

Can We Create Social Change Without Money

Obama Wants to Dump the Constant Testing of No Child Left Behind

In New ‘Barbie’ Video, Little Girls Imagine Big Careers–and Land Them

$70K Minimum Wage is Paying Off for CEO Who Took Pay Cut to Lift Workers

Locals Save Tourist’s Car by Sitting On It… Until Help Arrives

Daily Inspirational Quote – October 27, 2015

Kid Warrior for the Earth

Store Owners Track Down $2M Lottery Winner After Ticket Was Thrown Away

Penguin Always Returns From the Sea to Visit Man Who Saved Its Life

New Detroit Auto Factory Will Help Ex-Convicts Build New Beginnings

Indonesian Man Finds The Secret to Getting Kids to Read – His Horse

Samhain – The Celtic New Year

How to Capture Evidence of a Ghost

Celebrate This Halloween

Daily Inspirational Quote – October 26, 2015

Boston's High School & Senior Center in One

He Let Homeless Stay in Building for Winter, Now Installs Showers, Sends Hot Meals