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Houston Praised for Moving 4,100 Homeless Vets to Permanent Housing

“The Rock” Shows Soft Spot for Puppy Needing Help (WATCH)

Long-Term Transportation Bill Passed by US Congress, First In A Decade

$700 Tip Leads to Rehab Support For Humble Pizza Delivery Man (WATCH)

Daily Inspirational Quote – December 5, 2015

The Joys of Giving Large

Friday Funny: 4-yo Girl Gets to Crash Heavy Truck on Remote Control Obstacle Course (WATCH)

With Newborn in NICU, Parents’ Car Was Stolen But Local Celebrity Steps In

He’s Got Game: Fan Rushes Public Enemy to the Show When Taxi Leaves Band Stranded

Daily Inspirational Quote – December 4, 2015

Invisible Wings: A Tea Seller Who Travelled the World

Morality Christmas Ad Will Leave You Feeling All Warm Inside (WATCH)

Twitter Comes to the Rescue in India During Worst Flood in 100 Yrs

Minnesota Refugee Agencies Inundated With Donations And Offers to Help

Kindness of Strangers Buys Car for Man Pedaling Through Snow to Work

Finally, Diabetes Rates Are Falling Substantially in the U.S.

Police Surprise Humble Boy After Thieves Steal His Xbox

Daily Inspirational Quote – December 3, 2015

I Have Time

$500,000 Dropped in Salvation Army Red Kettle to Encourage Generosity

Birth of Baby Spurs Zuckerberg to Give 99% of His Facebook Stock to Charity

Nurse of 44 Years Finds Out She DID Make a Difference For Patients After All

Tech CEOs, Billionaires Throw Money at Climate Change As Eiffel Tower Shines Green

Music, Socks, Gaming, Angel Investing: 4 Great Projects For #GivingTuesday

Town Celebrates Renewal By Building Giant Phoenix, and Burning It Down

Utility Mails $150 Food Cards to 3000 Who Lost Power on Thanksgiving

Holiday Lesson Proves You Can’t Judge a Caroler by His Hoodie (WATCH)

Daily Inspirational Quote – December 2, 2015

Permaculture's Expansive View of Wealth

Strangers Finally Return Lost Dog After Year of Feeding But Not Catching it

Cutest Science Lecture Ever: Watch 3-Yr-old Explain Chemistry to Ellen

British Train Passengers Jump to Defend Muslim Sisters From Hate

Daily Inspirational Quote – December 1, 2015

Does It Pay To Be Kind To Strangers?

Discovery Promises New Treatments, Possible Prevention of Alzheimer’s

Businessman Spends $20K to Give US Troops in the Airport a Hot Meal

How To Serve The World By Turning Your Boredom Upside Down

Thanksgiving Hero Nurses Who Work the Holiday, Get Surprise Feast -WATCH

Strangers Are Surprised With Full Thanksgiving Dinners

Angels and Guides

What Butterflies Know about Manifesting

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 30, 2015

Bus 7 and the Grandma in the Window

The Power of Thanks: Research Links Gratitude to Successful Marriages

Homeless Families Treated To 5-Star Dining at Chez Le Church

Police Officers Deliver Thanksgiving Dinners to Neighborhood Just in Time

Facebook Founder Donates $20 Million Toward Public School Internet

Crew Frees Deer Tangled in Wire and Their Own Antlers (WATCH)

Farmer Harvests 4-Mile Sunflower Memorial to Wife, Sells Seeds for Hope

18 Months With Terminal Cancer… Turns into 18 Years of Survival