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Study Shines New Light on Preventing Multiple Sclerosis

A ray of hope in preventing multiple sclerosis (MS) may come in the form of actual rays of sunshine.

Canadian researchers have found that a lack of vitamin D may be a direct cause for the disease — and most vitamin D comes from a chemical reaction caused when sunlight falls on the skin.

Homeless Man Turns Life Around, Gives Book Reviews Instead of Begging

Called the “Pavement Bookworm”, he may look like a roadside panhandler, but this once homeless man is actually running a reading foundation that has now been recognized by South Africa’s president.

Church Installs 6 Colorful Micro Homes in First Nashville Village for Homeless

Six brightly painted “micro houses” now populate the first Micro-home Village in Nashville, thanks to a church community’s relentless leader.

There’s Such a Thing As Too Much Fruit: How to Measure the Good Foods

When it comes to measuring time, you know when something is too long; with money you know when it’s too expensive.

NFL Players Twice as Likely to be Law Abiding as Other Men

Think the NFL stands for “National Felon League?” Well, walk that thought back for a penalty.

CEO Helps 3 Moms See Hero Sons Honored in Paris, Lends His Jet

Three American heroes were scheduled to receive the Legion of Honor, France’s highest award, last Monday. Their moms were invited to the ceremony, but had no way to get to Paris on time.

Mini-Taj Mahal is a Retiree’s Monument to Love of his Late Wife

A retired postmaster is keeping a promise to his late wife, spending his old age, and all the money he has, to build her a shrine — a replica of the Taj Mahal — so she will never be forgotten.

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 29, 2015

“Storms make trees take deeper roots.”

I guess this is because the rain unleashed by a storm soaks into the earth, nourishing the roots and enabling them to grow even deeper. Compare this to us as human beings. The “storms” that we experience portrayed by the trials and tribulations of everyday life and the “rain” as how we deal with them. By allowing ourselves to absorb and learn from what we are experiencing, we nourish our ability to gain strength in order to make us even stronger so that the next time a “storm” strikes we are more prepared to deal with it.


Give Yourself a Goal

A solid, tangible goal for this day will push you to achieve more than the goal itself. A goal will empower you in ways that go far beyond whatever you initially intend to do.

Even if your goal seems self-serving, in following that goal you create value that goes beyond yourself. Even if the goal seems frivolous, there are serious and consequential things it will accomplish.

Following a positive purpose, whatever it may be, engages the best of your skills. Taking on a challenge, any challenge, makes you stronger, more confident and more capable.

Pick a specific goal for this day and point yourself decisively in its direction. Choose a goal that means something to you, and make it happen.

The hours of this day will pass quickly, so decide right now what you’re going to do with that precious time. Through your efforts, you can grab the moments as they come, and exchange their fleeting value for something useful that endures.

Give yourself a goal for this day, and give yourself a chance to di…

Co-Working Spaces in Trees

Coworking is all the rage these days - with innovative spaces cropping up all around, designed to help invoke our inner creative spirit. There are spaces which double as coffee shops and climbing gyms. And, now? There is a shared space within the trees. Dubbed TreeXOffice, the project brings together six to eight people at a time to work under the canopy of a tree. It is designed with the intention of giving back to the environment. With 'rentals' of these spaces garnering nearly $1,000 per month - the profits are used to improve the space surrounding. Read more to learn of this exciting and innovative new way of giving back to our environment.

Give Yourself Positive Reminders With Temporary Tattoos by Conscious In

What positive messages would you like to focus on today?

Be kind? Be happy? Be the change you wish to see in the world?

Blind Couple Weds After Their Guide Dogs Fall in Love (UPDATE)

On Throwback Thursday, we’re bringing you the story of how “Man’s best friend” turned to “man and wife.”

Bike Bells Are Ringing: Librarians Pedal Books to Kids In “Book Deserts”

Librarians around the U.S. have found a new way to peddle books to kids by literally pedaling the books on bikes.

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 28, 2015

“Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.”

This is the type of wealth worth having. Sure, monetary wealth is great and we couldn’t exist without it, but “true” wealth is another story. This is the riches we possess by having the people we love and who love us close by, our health and the health of those we love, the ability to laugh, experience happiness, cry tears of joy, have enough money to pay our way through life without counting every penny. The list is endless but you know what I mean? If we have all that and more, what else could possibly be found wanting in our lives……


Push Life in a Positive Direction

When the bad stuff gets worse, you can get better. When hope is nowhere to be found, you can create a whole lot of it.

You don’t have to deny reality in order to be positive. You just have to be willing to change reality, and you can.

You can think, you can act, you can learn, you can adjust, you can dream, you can do, you can persist and you can help. There are a thousand ways for you to make a significant positive difference in the next month, and even more ways after that.

There’s more to greatness than just looking good as you sail through life. True greatness is built in times of adversity by refusing to accept the finality of that adversity and by working to turn life around.

The world could use a little true greatness from you right now. Use your intelligence, your love and your energy today to push life in a positive direction.

Push life in a positive direction, and keep pushing. This great experience of life is ready for you to make it even greater.

— Ralph Marston

How Awe Makes Us Generous

"What do the Grand Canyon, Sistine Chapel, and gazing at distant stars all have in common? They can awaken a deep appreciation for the world around us and inspire a profound sense of awe. This sensation is often accompanied by an awareness of something larger than ourselves -- that we play a small part in an intricate cosmic dance that is life." In this article, author Adam Hoffman describes recent studies that find that feeling small in nature makes us more generous to other humans.

Rare Sumatran Rhino From US Zoo Moves to Asia to Save His Species

A rhino from the Cincinnati Zoo is officially on a mission to Southeast Asia to save his entire species.

Harapan, an 1,800 pound Sumatran Rhino, will leave sometime this fall for a sanctuary in Indonesia dedicated to saving the Sumatrans, a species declared extinct in Malaysia just this month. Currently, only 100 Sumatran Rhinos remain in the world.

Woman Reads to Shelter Dogs to Ease Their Loneliness—And Her Own

It all started because she missed her own dog.

After 14 years with her beloved Welsh corgi, Sandy Barbabella was at a loss when he died last year—terribly lonely, yet not quite ready for a new four-legger in her life.

4 Adorable Pups With Heartwarming Stories for National Dog Day

In honor of National Dog Day, a day designed to help raise awareness for the dogs of the world that still need to be rescued and adopted, we’ve pulled together a few adorable pups who will make you “Awww” out loud.

47 Kenyan Villages to Get a “Solar Powered Classroom in a Box”

Just add sunshine, and you’ve got an instant classroom.

The “Solar Classroom in a Box,” a solar powered modular pod built entirely off the electrical grid, has landed in rural Kenya, where there’s lots of sunshine but little electricity.

Scientists Find Way to Turn Cancer Back Into Healthy Tissue in Lab

A new discovery could eventually slam the brakes on cancer and shift it into reverse.

Mayo Clinic researchers in Jacksonville, Florida believe they’ve discovered a way to turn cancer cells back into healthy tissue.

Science Discovers Sweetgrass is Natural Mosquito Repellant, Native Americans Knew All Along

Mother Nature often knows best–and when it comes to repelling mosquitoes, sweetgrass is one of its secret weapons.

Quick-Thinking Teen ‘Befriends’ Couple to Thwart Kidnapping in Progress

It was none of his business, maybe, but Malyk Bonnet didn’t like the way the guy at the bus stop was treating the woman he was with. And she looked scared.

He thought maybe he should intervene, but how?

High School Of Entrepreneurship: All Students Prepared to Start Businesses

This is not your typical high school — there are very few lectures, students write on walls, and the first class doesn’t start until 9:00 am — and when the inaugural class of 150 tenth graders graduate, they will be prepared to start and run their own businesses.

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 27, 2015

“The trick is to acknowledge, learn, accept, and trust.”

There will be times in all our lives when we will feel unfairly done by. I’m sure it’s nothing personal on the part of the Universe, just how things are. It’s up to us, as individuals, to learn to accept these lessons, because that’s just what they are meant to be for us, something to be learned from. The trick is to acknowledge, learn, accept, and trust. Trust that we have taken on board what we need to be aware of at a particular time in our life, and trusting that what will be will be for our benefit in the future.


So Much Good You Can Do

Stop worrying about how difficult it will be. Start discovering how well you can handle it.

Don’t hesitate for another moment, because your hesitation works against you. Get up, get going, and get it done.

Rest for a while when you are weary. But don’t rest for so long that you lose all your momentum.

What will energize you is taking action. What will ease your weariness is doing something useful to make positive, meaningful progress.

There are plenty of excuses, and none of them will do you any good. Leave them all behind and feel the exhilaration as you take control of your own destiny.

Starting right now, there is so much good you can do. Get up, get moving in the direction of your dreams, and enjoy all the greatness you are meant to create.

— Ralph Marston

My Bucket List of Gratitude

We typically think of a 'bucket list' as that special list of things we wish to do, see, or accomplish before we say our final farewells. But, what if there was another way to view it? That is, to create a list comprised of life's most special moments already lived? In this lovely story, a young woman recounts how much the kindness of neighbors helped to restore her faith -- inspiring a whole new kind of 'bucket list'. Curious? Read on...

Recycling The Love: She’s Delivering Wedding Flowers To The Elderly

An Idaho floral designer is putting wedding flowers back to work after the ceremony — something she calls “recycling the love.”

New Best-selling Book Designed to Put Children to Sleep in Minutes

Weary parents are rejoicing. The book topping the best seller list at is no longer Harper Lee’s new book, but a self-published tale about a rabbit who wants to fall asleep.

How to Keep a Whale from Choking: Do What He Did (WATCH)

When a whale found himself choking on trash, he approached some nearby boaters in Australia’s Sydney Harbor to ask for help.

Huge Hole in Road is Left Unrepaired, So Neighbors Add a Fish Pond

When you hit a bump in the road, you can give up – or you can build a fishpond.

Awww: Total Number of Endangered Pandas Just Grew By Two (WATCH)

Panda fans got a double-dose of cute Saturday with the birth of rare twin cubs at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, DC.

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 26, 2015

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Two options offered here. Your decision as to which one is for you. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, just like everything in life. If you want to get where you want to go as quickly as possible, with no thought for anybody or anything else, then best not to feel hampered by too much “baggage” which may hold you back or slow you down. However, when you get “there” you might be disappointed there is nobody there to applaud your efforts or offer a welcome. If, however, if you want to go a bit further, then perhaps some company to offer support and encouragement would be a good plan. There would also be the added benefit of two heads being better than one, and someone to acknowledge your achievement and success. Which one would you opt for?


Come Back Home

Come back to the place in your heart that feels like home. Come back to the state of being where you can be who you most love to be.

It is wonderful to see novel beauty, to live through new experiences, getting to know people you’ve never met before. Every so often, though, come back home.

Come back home where you can feel safe as you process it all. Come back home to your treasured values, your familiar surroundings, where you can make some sense out of what you’ve experienced and learned.

Give yourself space to celebrate, to appreciate, to enjoy what’s always been most important to you. Wherever you happen to be, whomever you may be with, you can give yourself the gift of spending some quality time at home.

Come back home, stay for a while, and strengthen your resolve to support and enable what you treasure most. Come back home, and remind yourself why you’re doing it all in the first place.

It’s exciting and empowering to travel far and wide. And it’s also good, on occasion, to come bac…

How Groups Shape Individual Judgement

Peer pressure, herd mentality, groupthink -- all various phrases that hint at a central truth: the mind of the group often sways the mind of the individual. But how and why does this happen? The scientists at the Greater Good Science Center of UC Berkeley endeavor to find out.

This Celebrity Just Granted His 500th Make-A-Wish for Sick Children

Twenty-three World Heavyweight Championships aren’t nearly as impressive as holding the record for most wishes granted through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Thousands Volunteer To Become Firefighters In Washington State

When leaders in Washington state asked for volunteers to help fight wildfires, they weren’t expecting this.

After the call went out on Friday, more than 3,000 people signed up—in the first day.

Solar-Powered ‘Mayflower’ to Cross Ocean 400 Years After Pilgrim Voyage

You could call it Mayflower 2.0.

If all goes as planned, this high-tech, solar-and-wind-powered ship will follow the same route its pioneering namesake took, ‘from Plymouth to Plymouth,’ exactly 400 years earlier.

Why A Grown Woman Is Using KidzSprinkles To Get Her Vitamins

Until I was seven years old, the only vegetable my parents could get me to eat was liquefied sweet potatoes out of a baby food jar.

Oh, and if my dad wanted me to take my Flintstone chewable vitamins, he would have to sit there and literally cheer for me while I downed them.

In Largest Medical Study of Near-Death Experiences, Awareness Lasts Beyond Brain Waves

An international study of near death experiences shows nearly two-in-five people resuscitated from cardiac arrest experienced awareness for several minutes after their brains stopped functioning.

College French Students Make Their Own Storybooks for Poor Kids in Haiti

When a group of Virginia college students decided to take French class, they probably didn’t imagine they’d become children’s book authors–but they devoted their hearts to the task once they knew who the books were for.

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 25, 2015

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.”

This could apply to a relationship, a job, a home, a belief, anything that causes us pain emotionally because it is ending. This may be the result of a choice we have made or a decision by someone else. Although we may not realize it at the time because we are still feeling the pain of our loss, this could have left us free to pursue a brand new, exciting, fruitful new beginning. An opportune time to welcome in new opportunities, to realize new dreams, even just to enjoy a new found freedom. So, before mourning an ending, try to welcome the new beginnings on offer just for you.


Feeling Better

If you’re not feeling so good, you don’t have to feel bad about feeling bad. You have it in you to feel better.

It’s not your fault when unfortunate things have happened. It is your option, however, to see the positive possibilities going forward.

Your life is a lot of work and it’s completely understandable when some of what you work on doesn’t work out. Take it as an opportunity to reconnect with your dreams, and to feel better.

There are all kinds of things to be concerned about, and you are wise to be wary. Yet you’ve made it through a whole lot of challenges before, and grown stronger, so now you can allow the fears to softly subside.

There are many things that affect your feelings. The overriding factor is the way you choose to see life in this moment.

So give yourself a decided advantage, and choose to see more of the positive side. Feel better, because you can, and because it empowers you to live the life you desire.

— Ralph Marston

A Track Inspector's Good Deed Goes Viral

"Everyone has it in their heart to do things like this." Those are the words spoken by Josh Cyganik, who one day decided to take action and simply turn a negative into a positive. Enjoy this uplifting story about how one man's inspiration ended up having a ripple effect that then inspired many others to help out an elderly man and his wife transform their home.

Lawyer Buys Firetruck, Takes Lessons, And Battles Wildfires Just to Help

At the height of wildfire season, a Washington state lawyer bought a vintage fire truck to protect his home. Two days later, he was out saving other people’s houses.

After Alex Thomason purchased the truck, he took a brief, four-hour course on fighting fires. He then used a Facebook community to find like-minded folks and they all rolled out to fight the wildfires burning through the Pacific Northwest.

Nobody Wanted This Dog Because Of Her Looks–’Til One Family Came Along

Little Lisa, a ten-week old Westie/Chihuahua mix puppy, arrived at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley looking like she’d seen better days.

Despite her physical scars and aesthetic setbacks, she was a happy pup, full of love and playful energy.

Guided in Spirit

by Kristy Robinett

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

With each puff of her cigarette she breathed in desolation and exhaled grand sorrow. Her long and crimson-colored fingers wrung in worry, and the anguished misery and loneliness trickled down her face, aching from a missing that was called grief. The veil was so thick that even her sight had been taken, leaving her in an empty cavern of complete and final darkness.

“The echoes of her dolor sting even a hardened man as myself. I recognize every ache within her soul. With each beat of her heart I feel it as a sharpened sliver under my skin goes deeper and deeper, twisting over and over,” Edgar Allan Poe whispered to me.

I sat on the olive green-colored, carpeted stairwell looking over at my mother—who sat rocking in the chair, and yet the chair itself didn’t rock.

I was only three years old when I began to see and communicate with spirits. My family referred to them as imaginary friends, but to me they were as real a…

6 Truths About Enlightenment

by William L. Mikulas, PhD

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

Throughout recorded history, and all around the planet, people have reported touching and dwelling in an enlightened state of consciousness. This very high state goes under many names, including enlightenment, cosmic consciousness, consciousness without an object, and at-one-ment. The journey to enlightenment also has many descriptions, including awakening, being reborn, liberation, and returning to the source.

Despite the differences in conceptualizations, mystics of all traditions discovered the same enlightened consciousness—and this mystical perspective is a central aspect of all the world’s major religions. For Buddhists and Hindus, awakening is the primary purpose of human existence.

Over time and place there evolved many descriptions of enlightenment and practices to facilitate awakening; we are now at a unique time in history when we can finally put together all the pieces into a comprehensive and …

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 24, 2015

“Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.”

Occasionally, we need to realize that there is just no point in railing against Fate, Karma etc., because of the suffering or disappointment we may be experiencing because of it. Nothing will change as a result of us feeling chagrined because we may feel unfairly singled out for “punishment” or troubled times. So, in that situation, it would pay us to accept, deal with and consign to the past anything of this nature. Trust that whatever transpired happened for a reason, perhaps not obvious to us at the time, but that things will get better in the future so it would benefit us greatly to look forward not back.


For The First Time

See the world for the first time today, fresh and new and full of hope. Marvel at the power of your own living spirit, as if you’ve never encountered it before.

Open yourself to the miracle that is your own existence in this moment. Let the truth that springs from every reality sink warmly into your soul.

Wake from the slumber of your past and feel the crisp breeze of awareness, as it heightens your senses and stirs your curiosity. Drink in the wonder of now as it flows through every step you take.

Delight in uncovering new ways to love what you’ve always loved. Realize that it is all good, and that you can make it more so.

Time is your friend and is coming to you now. This is your chance to show each moment your appreciation by filling it with your own special beauty.

Life is all in this moment, and really is as new and fresh and inspiring as you think it is. See the world for the first time today, and give all the joy you’ve been so eager to give.

— Ralph Marston