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Study Shines New Light on Preventing Multiple Sclerosis

Homeless Man Turns Life Around, Gives Book Reviews Instead of Begging

Church Installs 6 Colorful Micro Homes in First Nashville Village for Homeless

There’s Such a Thing As Too Much Fruit: How to Measure the Good Foods

NFL Players Twice as Likely to be Law Abiding as Other Men

CEO Helps 3 Moms See Hero Sons Honored in Paris, Lends His Jet

Mini-Taj Mahal is a Retiree’s Monument to Love of his Late Wife

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 29, 2015

Give Yourself a Goal

Co-Working Spaces in Trees

Give Yourself Positive Reminders With Temporary Tattoos by Conscious In

Blind Couple Weds After Their Guide Dogs Fall in Love (UPDATE)

Bike Bells Are Ringing: Librarians Pedal Books to Kids In “Book Deserts”

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 28, 2015

Push Life in a Positive Direction

How Awe Makes Us Generous

Rare Sumatran Rhino From US Zoo Moves to Asia to Save His Species

Woman Reads to Shelter Dogs to Ease Their Loneliness—And Her Own

4 Adorable Pups With Heartwarming Stories for National Dog Day

47 Kenyan Villages to Get a “Solar Powered Classroom in a Box”

Scientists Find Way to Turn Cancer Back Into Healthy Tissue in Lab

Science Discovers Sweetgrass is Natural Mosquito Repellant, Native Americans Knew All Along

Quick-Thinking Teen ‘Befriends’ Couple to Thwart Kidnapping in Progress

High School Of Entrepreneurship: All Students Prepared to Start Businesses

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 27, 2015

So Much Good You Can Do

My Bucket List of Gratitude

Recycling The Love: She’s Delivering Wedding Flowers To The Elderly

New Best-selling Book Designed to Put Children to Sleep in Minutes

How to Keep a Whale from Choking: Do What He Did (WATCH)

Huge Hole in Road is Left Unrepaired, So Neighbors Add a Fish Pond

Awww: Total Number of Endangered Pandas Just Grew By Two (WATCH)

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 26, 2015

Come Back Home

How Groups Shape Individual Judgement

This Celebrity Just Granted His 500th Make-A-Wish for Sick Children

Thousands Volunteer To Become Firefighters In Washington State

Solar-Powered ‘Mayflower’ to Cross Ocean 400 Years After Pilgrim Voyage

Why A Grown Woman Is Using KidzSprinkles To Get Her Vitamins

In Largest Medical Study of Near-Death Experiences, Awareness Lasts Beyond Brain Waves

College French Students Make Their Own Storybooks for Poor Kids in Haiti

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 25, 2015

Feeling Better

A Track Inspector's Good Deed Goes Viral

Lawyer Buys Firetruck, Takes Lessons, And Battles Wildfires Just to Help

Nobody Wanted This Dog Because Of Her Looks–’Til One Family Came Along

Guided in Spirit

6 Truths About Enlightenment

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 24, 2015

For The First Time