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Doing Yoga On A Rooftop Cleansed My Chakras (Learn To Do It At Home)

Girl’s Fight for Friend in Wheelchair Gets New Swings at Four Schools

Teen Volunteer Wins $70,000 SUV in Charity Raffle, Then Stuns Crowd

Mealworms Love Eating Styrofoam! Breakthrough Discovery Best In 10 Years

Daily Inspirational Quote – October 3, 2015

Vegetable Seller to Reputed Oncologist

Twister, Battleship, Jenga and Super Soaker Vie for the Toy Hall of Fame

Shaving with Lasers Instead of Blades Will Save Money and the Environment

Kind-Hearted Boy Helps Blind Deer Find Food Every Day Before School

Landscapers Rehab Front Yard for Man Who Kept Falling in Wheelchair

Brilliant: Guess What Happens When This Van Pulls up to Panhandlers

New Test Can Diagnose Every Virus At Once, Even When Doctors Are Stumped

Once Speechless, Teen Finds Loud Calling Among Veterans at VA Hospital

Daily Inspirational Quote – October 2, 2015

The People Who Make Last Wishes Come True

Doctor Builds Makeshift Device To Save Baby’s Life on Airline Flight

Dozens of Neighbors Harvest Fields for Farmer with Cancer

Floating Garden Cleans As It Grows In One of Most Polluted Waterways In US

83-yo Was In Bad Shape on the Street… After Loving Care, He’s a New Man

Vinyl Record Sales Top Streaming Music Ad Revenue by $60Mil

Amazon Deforestation in Brazil Has Plummeted Almost 90% in Ten Years

Daily Inspirational Quote – October 1, 2015

Walking the World at Three Miles an Hour

Find Out Why A Step-Father’s Photo Got 15 Million Views in 24 Hours

Trevor Noah Steps Into Jon Stewart’s Enormous Sneakers With Confidence

Love of Books Lifted Homeless Man From Streets, Now He’s Written One

Daily Inspirational Quote – September 30, 2015

7200 Kites Flying for Peace and Dignity

Girl Forfeits Personal Record, and Loses Race, To Help Fellow Runner

Perk Up on Nat’l Coffee Day: Here’s Where To Get Your Free Cup

UN Serves Lunch Made From Food Scraps to 30 World Leaders

Mediterranean Diet and Extra Olive Oil Can Lower Risk of Breast Cancer

Favorite Yoga Pants From Socially Responsible Companies

Boy Fleeing Syria Makes His Puppy a Passport So They Can Stick Together

Confucius Day

Daily Inspirational Quote – September 29, 2015

Homes for the Homeless

Historic US-China Ban to End Ivory Trade Ensures Elephant Survival

WATCH The Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Unfold in 90 Seconds

Volunteers Transform Bleak City Schoolyard Into Breathtaking Cafe (WATCH)

Homeless Find New Life Working at 22-Acre Organic Farm and Restaurant

Mind Reading Experiment Lets People Get into Someone Else’s Head

The Roles We Play

What’s Your Character Arc?

Embracing the Story Lens on Life

Daily Inspirational Quote – September 28, 2015

The Science of Stress

Daily Inspirational Quote – September 27, 2015

Understanding The People We Serve