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Probiotics: A Dietitian's Take

Do You Need to Take Probiotics? A Nutritionist Weighs InBy Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD I was miserable. Not only did I have an infection that just wouldn’t quit, but the second round of antibiotics I was taking was doing a number on my digestive system. Facing daily bouts of diarrhea, I started taking a probiotic supplement in hopes of some relief. Within a couple of days, the diarrhea cleared up (and eventually, so did the infection).

I can’t say for sure that the probiotics eased my digestive woes, but I now take them regularly, especially when traveling, to ward off the GI discomfort that typically plagues me. But even though my own experience made me a believer, I also know that probiotics aren’t yet considered a proven therapy. And even though a lot of research has been done on probiotics, they’re still not fully understood.

Probiotic supplements contain live, healthy bacteria. The hope is that when you ingest these bacteria through foods or supplements, they populate the gut, crowding…

Surprising Things That Make You Burp

Beverage BurpsIt’s the fizz. Soda, beer, and all other bubbly drinks are made with a gas called carbon dioxide. This adds extra air into your stomach, which finds its way back up the same way it entered: through your mouth. You may also want to avoid hot drinks. Sipping them causes you to swallow air and could also bring on a bout of belching. Swipe to advance 2/15 UlcersSometimes, burping can be a sign of stomach ulcers. These open sores in the lining of your stomach are quite common. An infection can cause them. So can taking too many NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibuprofen. If you have an ulcer, you may burp more and feel full or bloated after eating fatty foods. Your stomach may also hurt after you eat. With treatment, ulcers often clear up within 2 months. Swipe to advance 3/15 How You EatIf you down a lot of food at once or feast too fast, you’ll swallow extra air along the way. Most of this won’t go to your stomach. It will stay in your esophagus, which links you…

Surprise is a Seed

Every day we are met with wonders beyond our imagination and simple acts that inspire a deep sense of awe. Yet often these occurrences go unnoticed as we've come to see them as ordinary. If we tuned into what was happening around us with deeper awareness, we might be surprised at what unfolds: the key turning in the ignition to start our car's engine or the bodily processes that operate tirelessly to keep us alive. Each of these, though simple on the surface, can be hard for the human mind to explain. "Surprise is a seed. Gratefulness sprouts when we rise to the challenge of surprise," writes Br. David. Read on to learn how the big and small wonders of our days can awaken a genuine gratitude within us when we learn to witness them in the spirit of surprise.

Why Relationships Are the Secret to Healthy Aging

A new book outlines why our brains and bodies need social connections to age well.BY KARIN EVANS
Plenty of exercise. Healthy food. Positive attitude. Plain old good luck. There’s lots of advice out there about how to keep body and brain in optimal shape as the years roll by.

But Louis Cozolino, professor of psychology at Pepperdine University, is deeply engaged with another idea. In Timeless: Nature’s Formula for Health and Longevity, he emphasizes the positive impact of human relationships.

“Of all the experiences we need to survive and thrive, it is the experience of relating to others that is the most meaningful and important,” he writes.

His thinking grows out of the relatively new field of interpersonal neurobiology, based on the recognition that humans are best understood not in isolation, but in the context of their connections with others. Our brains, Cozolino writes, are social organs, and that means that we are wired to connect with each other and to interact in groups. A life t…

Barbara Kingsolver: My Crazy Summer of Squash

Summer is the time of abundant harvest. In this humorous essay on the tribulations of too many zucchini, acclaimed writer, Barbara Kingsolver explains why country people lock their doors and cars and even gates at the end of the summer.

How Online Communities Help Dads with Parenting

What dads do online helps them navigate gender roles, as societal norms around parenting change.BY TAWFIQ AMMARI
A lawyer in Bermuda became internet-famous for dancing ballet alongside his two-year-old daughter, comforting her stage fright by being there and doing the dance moves right with her. He knew the part because he had practiced ballet with his children before—and said it was just a normal part of fathering daughters.

That isn’t a common sentiment about fatherhood, even now. But social norms have been changing over the past 40 years, as more women—and mothers—have entered the workforce. While mothers still do more work at home, the burden is becoming more equal. However, the concept of father-as-breadwinner is still stronger than ideals of fathers as nurturers. As a result, fathers often find themselves out of place at parks, malls, and other areas frequented by mothers and children. The same problem happens when they visit most parenting forums online.

My research focuses on und…

14 Things No One Tells You About Getting Older

Lots of Know-HowThey’re called the golden years for a reason. Getting older has its perks. For one, you’re good at using what you’ve learned. This is called crystalized intelligence, and it keeps getting better, even when you’re 65 or 70. Swipe to advance 2/14 Mr. Nice GuyTurns out you might not be a grumpy old man (or woman), after all. You’ll probably get more agreeable as you age, at least through your 60s. You’re also likely to be happier and less inclined to get angry. Scientists haven’t figured out exactly why this happens, but they do have some theories. Older people might control their emotions better, and focus more on how to make the most of life. Swipe to advance 3/14 Play Well With OthersYou’re more in tune with other people’s emotions in your 40s than at any other time in your life. That insight into how others think and feel can make living with your loved ones easier and help you get along better with your coworkers, too. Swipe to advance 4/14 Better SexOlder women may have sex…

Surprising Ways Your House Can Harm Your Health

What’s on the Kitchen Counter?Set yourself up for snack success. Stock up on the good stuff: Fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean meats, and healthy fats. If you get canned goods, go for fruits packed in their own juice (instead of syrup). Skip additives like salt or sugar. When in doubt, read labels. Or better yet, stick to whole foods that don’t need labels in the first place. Swipe to advance 2/15 Is Your Kitchen Table Dusty?Busy schedules and screens can butt in to dinnertime. That isn't good for your crew's health. Kids have better eating habits and teens are less likely to take part in risky behavior when mealtime is a family affair. Everyone benefits when you carve out time to sit at the table together. Swipe to advance 3/15 How Big Are Your Dishes?Did you know your plate size can affect your waist size? It’s true -- studies show that when people use larger bowls and plates, they fill them up. That means they eat more than they need. Try this simple switch at mealtime: Put hea…