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Daily Inspirational Quote – November 28, 2015

The Problem of Precrastination

Overindulge On Thanksgiving? Health Tips For The Day After

CNET Lists Top Tech Deals, Stunts For Cyber Monday

How to Be Grateful Even During Tough Times

Top Gear Host Honored With Plaque Marking Death Of His BBC Career

Neighborhood Surprises Widow With Holiday Light Decoration (WATCH)

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 27, 2015

Conversational Leadership: Thinking Together for a Change

Syrian Refugee Feeds Homeless to Thank Germany for Taking Him In

A Handful of Walnuts May Trick You Into Lowering Your Cholesterol

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 26, 2015

The Way We Think About Work Is Broken

President of Gambia Bans Female Genital Mutilation

People Can Pay Their Parking Fines With Cans of Food for the Hungry

Giving Shoes Off Her Feet to Homeless Lady on Subway, Starts Chain Reaction

Teen Wins $400K Using Humor to Explain Theory of Relativity (WATCH)

Most Vets Don’t Qualify For Dental Care, So Dentists Are Giving It For Free

13 Thanksgiving Facts And Trivia That Will Surprise You About The Holiday

Daily Inspirational Quote - November 25, 2015

Desert Solitaire: A Love Letter to Solitude

Obama Vows To Work With France To Prevent Further Terror Attacks

Common Enemy

Woman Who Hugged Every Returning Soldier Gets Hugs Back in Hospital

Southern California’s Air Continues To Get Cleaner, 12% Better Than 2014

Rapper Snoop Dogg Delights Town, Gives Out 1500 Turkeys And Hugs

Instead of Offering Pocket Change, This Man Changed Homeless Vet’s Life

Miners Rescued After 41 Days Trapped Deep Underground With No Food

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 24, 2015

Gratitude: Good for the Soul -- and Heart

It’s Deja Vu for Adele on New Album, ’25’ – REVIEW

BBC Hits Scotland Streets to Ask a Thought-Provoking Question (WATCH)

Formerly Homeless, Man Celebrates 25th Birthday by Giving Back

Homeless Choir Invited to Perform at White House Christmas Concert

Boy Who Used Piggy Bank Cash to Help Vandalized Mosque, Gets Big Surprise

Connecting the Dots of Past Lives

Your Tickets to Past Life Exploration

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 23, 2015

Choosing Suffering Over Safety

Good News For Pregnant Women Who Love Drinking Coffee

Colombian Clan Could Lead Researchers to Alzheimer’s Cure

Update: Billionaire Is “Optimistic” About Buying Island for Refugees

Video of Unlikely Animal Pairs Breaks Sharing Records with Cuteness -Watch

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 22, 2015

The Life We Spend at Work