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Daily Inspirational Quote – November 28, 2015

“Your attitude determines your direction.”

I want you to picture your attitude as a steering wheel? Stay with me here…you’ve turned the key in the ignition and your “engine” is purring over nicely. You are ready to mirror, signal, maneuver but, hold on a moment, what’s your destination? If you have no destination to aim for you aren’t going to get very far are you? Even if you do drive off you’ll be travelling aimlessly, fruitlessly and needlessly. However, if you know exactly where you are heading for, then it’s mirror, signal, maneuver, and away you go! Thank you attitude!


The Problem of Precrastination

We all know that habitually putting tasks off for a later time can be problematic. But what about getting tasks done more quickly than is necessary? Recent research out of Pennsylvania State University documents a phenomenon called "precastination," a tendency to hastily complete tasks in order to get them over with. This article recounts several studies that illuminate the problems with precastination and ways to counter them.

Overindulge On Thanksgiving? Health Tips For The Day After

Stuffed? Sluggish? Tempted by leftovers? Health experts share their secrets to getting back on track.

A half a pumpkin pie is tantalizing you from its spot on the counter. Heaps of leftover stuffing are beckoning from the fridge. And Uncle Bob is mixing up a fresh batch of eggnog.

The Friday after Thanksgiving can be a tough one for those trying not to overindulge for a second day in a row, and for holiday revelers still recovering from overeating and imbibing too much on turkey day.

"The day after Thanksgiving, I really try to encourage folks to get back on track to their normal routines," said Kim Povec, a registered dietician at the University of Rochester Medical Center's Healthy Living Center.

CNET Lists Top Tech Deals, Stunts For Cyber Monday

Black Friday is just part of the holiday bargain hunt, so how can you find the best deals on electronics and just about anything else?

How to Be Grateful Even During Tough Times

Faced with busy schedules and challenging lives, we often forget how fortunate we truly are. Even when things are going well we forget.

Being thankful should be treated as an important part of the day because appreciation contributes to our genuine happiness.

When you are grateful, it helps you to be more positive, receptive, optimistic, hopeful, peaceful, and grounded, especially during trying situations.

When times are tough, or if you are in the midst of despair, or emotional mayhem, taking a moment to foster your appreciation will create a sense of encouragement and calm when you need it most.

When you acknowledge the people and things in your day that were helpful or appreciated, it can put things back in perspective again and bring you back to center or a more mindful space.

It is good to write things down before going to bed, creating a grateful ending to the day. Using all these techniques will really focus you on your blessings, even in the midst of challenges.


Top Gear Host Honored With Plaque Marking Death Of His BBC Career

History now marks Simonstone Hall hotel as the final resting place of Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson’s 13-year career with the British Broadcasting Company.

Submitted to the hotel by an anonymous guest, A plaque reads “Here lies the BBC career of Jeremy Clarkson who had a fracas on this spot 4th March 2015. The rest is legend.”

After socking his Irish producer Oisin Tymon in the mouth, Clarkson, who is beloved around the world for his cheeky automotive show, was then suspended and dropped from his BBC contract. His car-loving cohorts James May and Richard Hammond quit in solidarity.

Neighborhood Surprises Widow With Holiday Light Decoration (WATCH)

Natalie Conkel had been having a blue Christmas ever since her husband died five years ago.

This year was the first since he passed away that Natalie put up holiday decorations to light up her house, but they were stolen a week later.

Her neighbors in San Lorenzo, California weren’t going to allow her holiday spirit to be taken away by a Grinch, so after sending out a call for aid on social media, all of Natalie’s friends and neighbors hatched a plan to redecorate her house while she was out to lunch with her son.

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 27, 2015

“A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.”

We are all diamonds! Each and every one of us. Shaped and molded into the people we are and will become by how we cope and learn from the lessons life teaches us. Just as it is necessary to use pressure in order to transform a lump of coal into something unique and precious, so it is that we also require pressure for our own transformation. There is nothing more unique or precious than each and every human being and their personal journey through transformation to completion…nothing.


Conversational Leadership: Thinking Together for a Change

If our conversations and personal relations are at the heart of our work, then how do we contribute to or take energy away from this natural process? Are we using the intelligence of just a few people instead of hundreds or thousands? What if increasing the success of efforts to cut costs and make organizations more efficient, innovative, and competitive depended on focusing on the core process of conversation and meaning-making through which we as human beings have always co-evolved new realities? The authors in this article ask and seek to answer these and many such question, and provide a very helpful framework of conversational leadership that we can each use in our daily lives.

Syrian Refugee Feeds Homeless to Thank Germany for Taking Him In

This Syrian refugee is paying back the country that welcomed him by feeding their homeless.

Alex Assali left behind his home to escape ISIL and found refuge in Germany. Now, every Saturday morning, he cooks hot food and hands it out to the needy from a table outside the Berlin train station.

GNN app banner ad 300x250A sign on his food stand reads, “Give Something Back To German People.”

A Handful of Walnuts May Trick You Into Lowering Your Cholesterol

Researchers may have cracked a secret to naturally lowering cholesterol. It may sound nutty, but one side effect of eating walnuts is the tendency to be psyched about eating healthier the rest of the time.

Previous studies have found a link between nuts and heart health, attributed to nuts being a rich source for vitamin E, folate, and essential fatty acids. But this latest study found that eating walnuts simply led people to make smarter diet choices.

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 26, 2015

“Learn to appreciate what you have, before time makes you appreciate what you had.”

Unfortunately, for a great many of us, we don’t realize what we do have until it’s too late. Wishing we could turn back time in order to make amends and put things right isn’t an option. We’re always going to carry the regret(s) with us and indeed wishing “if only” or “what if..?” So, in order to prevent this ever happening to you, take steps to show you appreciate who and what you have in your life. There are few sadder words than, “if only” and “what if?”


The Way We Think About Work Is Broken

What makes work satisfying? In this TED talk, psychologist Barry Schwartz argues that there are intangible values that our current way of thinking about work simply ignores. He describes how the ideas human beings create shape human nature and that it is time to revisit our ideas about the way we work.

President of Gambia Bans Female Genital Mutilation

The President of the Republic of The Gambia has declared a ban on Female Genital Mutilation (FMG) in The Gambia during a rally held in Kanilai.

"Female circumcision is banned in The Gambia from Kartong to Koina. For 21 years, I have been researching from the Qur'an and consulting religious leaders whether female circumcision is mentioned in the Qur'an but I did not find it there," he remarked.

The Gambian leader, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh Babili Mansa made the announcement on Monday, on day 15 of his ongoing nationwide tour.

People Can Pay Their Parking Fines With Cans of Food for the Hungry

Expired parking meters are helping feed the hungry in Kentucky.

For the second year in a row, people in Lexington can pay their parking fines with canned goods for local food banks.

Parking violators can donate 10, 15 ounce cans of food for a typical $15 dollar parking fine. If it’s a more expensive infraction, the city’s parking authority is willing to accept even more cans.

Giving Shoes Off Her Feet to Homeless Lady on Subway, Starts Chain Reaction

Some people will give the shirt off their back, but this New York woman gave the shoes right off her feet to help a barefoot homeless woman better cope with cold city streets.

Kay Brown was riding the subway home from work when she saw the woman step onto her train car. Without anything covering her feet, the woman was crossing her toes trying to keep them warm.

Teen Wins $400K Using Humor to Explain Theory of Relativity (WATCH)

This 18-year-old high school senior used popcorn, backyard props, and some slapstick humor to explain, in easy to understand terms, one of the most complex and world-changing scientific theories ever—Albert Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity.

GNN app banner ad 300x250Ryan Chester chuckled when he got the news his video had won the first ever Breakthrough Junior Challenge November 8—and the $400,000 prize that goes along with it.

Most Vets Don’t Qualify For Dental Care, So Dentists Are Giving It For Free

Just as millions of working class people without dental insurance struggle to keep a full set of teeth, veterans wish they could keep their oral health squared away enough to pass inspection.

Since January, a mobile dental office has been taking on that battle for thousands of veterans–and winning it.

GNN app banner ad 300x250The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides most varieties of health care to vets, but dental care is only afforded to the disabled.

13 Thanksgiving Facts And Trivia That Will Surprise You About The Holiday

Thanksgiving is celebrated annually in the United States on the last Thursday of November. This year, Thanksgiving Thursday falls on Nov. 26. While the holiday entails an abundance of food and is commonly associated with turkeys and quality family time, here are 13 facts you probably don't know about the annual holiday.

Daily Inspirational Quote - November 25, 2015

“Be the reason someone smiles today.”

How wonderful to know that you are personally responsible for somebody smiling or laughing today. I know how much I appreciate it when my family or friends say or do something that makes me smile or laugh. I can totally relate to the saying that “laughter is the best medicine.” The ability to instigate a smile or laughter is a very precious gift indeed, and one that we are all capable of giving at anytime, anywhere to anybody. So go, give……..


Desert Solitaire: A Love Letter to Solitude

In the late 1950s, Edward Abbey became a seasonal park ranger at Arches National Monument in Utah's Moab desert. Between April and September, between the canyons and the pages of his journal, he found a great many of the things we spend our lives looking for. His book maps the maze of the interior landscape as he wanders the expanse of the exterior.

Obama Vows To Work With France To Prevent Further Terror Attacks

The president's meeting with Francois Hollande comes 11 days after the Paris terrorist attacks.
President Obama on Tuesday vowed to work even more with allies like France to prevent further terrorist attacks from groups like the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

"Today, [French President] Francois Hollande and I agreed that our nations must do even more together," Mr. Obama said at a joint press conference at the White House with Hollande. "We'll do even more to prevent attacks at home."

Common Enemy

Lara Logan reports from the battle lines against ISIS in Iraq where the U.S. finds itself on the same side of the fight as Shiite militias backed by Iran.

In the aftermath of the attacks in Paris, France stepped up its air campaign against the Islamic State.

But on the ground in Iraq, the fight has been left to the Kurds, Iraqi security forces and Shiite militias backed by Iran -- some of those same Shiite militias that were killing and wounding American
soldiers during the Iraq War just a few years ago. Today, they have a common enemy in the Islamic State.

Woman Who Hugged Every Returning Soldier Gets Hugs Back in Hospital

A steady stream of service members has marched through Elizabeth Laird’s hospital room over the past few weeks, returning the favor for the woman who has hugged a half-million troops.

Known as the “Hug Lady” around Fort Hood, Texas, the 83-year-old has made it her mission to hug every service member leaving for war or coming home from deployment. For 12 years she’s been a fixture at the airport whenever planes are arriving or departing filled with troops.

Southern California’s Air Continues To Get Cleaner, 12% Better Than 2014

Californians can now breath a little easier thanks to a recent report of 2015 stating that smog is continuing to clear up.

During this year’s peak season, California had 82 high smog days – twelve percent fewer than last year with its tally of 92.

GNN app banner ad 300x250According to the Air Quality Management District, one of the main toxic contributors of smog is ozone. A high smog day by federal standards is when the air consists of 75 parts of ozone per billion.

Rapper Snoop Dogg Delights Town, Gives Out 1500 Turkeys And Hugs

Renowned American rapper Snoop Dogg ushered in the Thanksgiving spirit by handing out over 1,500 turkeys – along with optional hugs, kisses, and selfies – for an annual giveaway in Southern California.

Looking for a meaningful way to give back to the town of Inglewood where his production crew is based, Snoop asked the mayor what he could do to help.

GNN app banner ad 300x250This is the second year the enigmatic celebrity has handed out birds, this time almost doubling last year’s total of 800.

Instead of Offering Pocket Change, This Man Changed Homeless Vet’s Life

A homeless veteran asking for pocket change was so surprised to be given much more, he broke down in tears.

Max Zahir had stopped to fill his gas tank on his way to work in Yucaipa, California, when the vet approached him, saying he was hungry and hadn’t eaten in a day.
GNN app banner ad 300x250Zahir had the man, Robert, get in his car and took him to a fast food drive-through to buy him a meal.

Miners Rescued After 41 Days Trapped Deep Underground With No Food

Five workers from a Tanzanian gold mine survived more than a month deep underground after their mineshaft collapsed. The survivors have described the harrowing experience of being trapped so long in a dark cave.

Five gold miners were freed in Tanzania after spending 41 days trapped in a underground cave, officials announced on Tuesday. The survivors said they survived by eating insects and frogs and drinking the muddy water that trickled down from above.

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 24, 2015

“The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy, they come when the mind is still.”

Busy, overactive, buzzing mind, with thoughts going round and round in a constant whirlpool of worry! How often has this happened to you? Many times? Yes, me too. However, I have found that, by sitting somewhere quiet and comfortable, has enabled me to just concentrate on stilling and quieting my mind. Occasionally, it can take more time than others but, eventually, my mind does become more still and peaceful and it’s then, and only then, that the answers I need take the opportunity to come forward. Try this the next time you find your head in a whirl with worry.


Gratitude: Good for the Soul -- and Heart

As we launch into Thanksgiving week, consider this: Research shows that feeling grateful doesn't just make you feel good. It also helps -- literally helps -- the heart. A positive mental attitude is good for your heart. It fends off depression, stress and anxiety, which can increase the risk of heart disease, says Paul Mills, a professor of family medicine and public health at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine. Mills specializes in disease processes and has been researching behavior and heart health for decades. He wondered if the very specific feeling of gratitude made a difference, too. So he did a study...

It’s Deja Vu for Adele on New Album, ’25’ – REVIEW

"This is never ending, we've been here before," Adele sings on "Love in the Dark," the most traditional-sounding track on her new, tradition-bound album, "25" (Columbia).

After selling 30 million albums worldwide, as Adele did the last time out with "21," there isn't a great deal of incentive to shake things up. So Adele does what Adele does best on what is being billed by some hype-stirrers as the year's (the century's?) most anticipated album.

BBC Hits Scotland Streets to Ask a Thought-Provoking Question (WATCH)

BBC wandered the streets of Glasgow asking people left and right one thought-provoking question: if you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

Endearing accents aside, their answers ranged from simple things like being a few inches taller or living somewhere warmer, to heart-wrenchingly deep, insightful answers – like owning a dragon as a pet.

However, beyond all the joking, it’s a sweet peek into the lives of average Scots going about their day. What would you change?

Formerly Homeless, Man Celebrates 25th Birthday by Giving Back

He was homeless at the age of 16, but Rashawn Higgs has turned his life around.

On his 25th birthday, November 18, he loaded up a truck with $300 worth of clothing and coats from thrift stores, and packed dozens of bagged lunches– all on a mission to give back to the community he loves.

From the San Francisco area, Rashawn set up a Facebook page, called “Let’s help the world.”

Homeless Choir Invited to Perform at White House Christmas Concert

A choir of homeless men have been invited to sing at America’s most famous home.

President and Mrs. Obama have invited the Homeward Choir, which is entirely made up of men who stay at the Central Night Shelter in Atlanta, Georgia, to perform at the White House on December 21.

Boy Who Used Piggy Bank Cash to Help Vandalized Mosque, Gets Big Surprise

A 7-year-old boy who was saving to buy an iPad, emptied his piggy bank to help others, after a house of worship was vandalized.

His donation so touched a stranger that a reward was on its way for the boy’s generosity.

Jack Swanson heard about vandals defacing the Islamic Center of Pflugerville, Texas and told his mother he wanted to give them all the money he’d saved up — about $20, all in pennies.

When an attorney learned of the boy’s sacrifice, he sent little Jack the Apple tablet he had been eyeing.

Connecting the Dots of Past Lives

by Linda Backman

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

The title of the first chapter of my new book, The Evolving Soul, is “Tripping Over Your Soul Self,” which provides a clear description of the over-riding purpose of the book. Each and every one of us chooses to incarnate with intended “Soul-Sole” commitment—that is to continue and, perhaps speed-up, your evolution as a soul. You are, no more and no less, a soul living another life aiming to grow and expand.

You might consider this explanation too simple. The truth is that soul evolution in each life is often painstaking and complex.

In order to progress as a soul, it is essential that you “trip over” who you are at the core. My new book, The Evolving Soul: Spiritual Healing Through Past Life Exploration, provides explanation and guidance about how you can discover why you agreed to incarnate today in order to climb your “soul ladder” with meaning.

I am a psychologist and regression ...…

Your Tickets to Past Life Exploration

by Judith Marshall

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

For many of us, travel is the spice of life. The comfort and security of home are important, but the unfamiliar stirs the soul. Travel in the physical world offers insight, freedom, and expansion. Travel within—the journey of the spirit—provides the same, especially when exploring past lives.

Think about it. Whether you travel without or within, you choose your destination, make the journey, and bring back souvenirs. You can choose to explore your past lives, make the journey by accessing your soul’s memory (through meditation, divination, or other life experience), and return to your present life with the best souvenirs of all: information and increased awareness.

Once you do, you’ll be forever changed. You’ll gain insight into your current emotions, your likes and dislikes, your hopes and fears, and your personal relationships. This new understanding will give you the freedom to heal past and present wounds, to …

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 23, 2015

“Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.”

Something to be very grateful for. Unfortunately, we don’t always realize we are being taught a lesson at the time and may grumble and complain noisily about being unable to move on or away, emotionally or physically, from an individual or situation. It’s not until the realization, the “oh I get it now” moment, that we actually absorb, accept and learn the lesson that’s meant for us. That’s when the Universe lets out a great sigh of relief………..until the next time!


Choosing Suffering Over Safety

"Can you walk, sweetheart?" I say these words to our dog Stella who is dying. Its time for breakfast and if she walks from our bed to the kitchen, maybe that will be a sign. Maybe she will be alright. So I ask her again, Can you walk? As I ask, I remember eleven years of sleeping twisted like a pretzel so the dog could get a good nights sleep. I remember mornings, how she rose at dawn and stomped her Pointers feet on the mattress to get me up, to flush me out of the brush of sleep as she would a wild quail. Now its nine a.m. and she sighs at the foot of the bed, eyes alert and breathing rapidly." In this poignant piece the writer reflects on the relationship between joy, love and suffering.

Good News For Pregnant Women Who Love Drinking Coffee

Women consuming moderate amounts of caffeine during pregnancy can be reassured that they are not harming their child’s brain or intelligence.

The study of more than 2000 pregnant women is one of the first to focus on how in-utero caffeine exposure affects a child’s future IQ and behavior later in childhood.

The findings from The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital were published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

Colombian Clan Could Lead Researchers to Alzheimer’s Cure

MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA—The man who would become known as Patient No. 1 was a 47-year-old farmer who had forgotten how to farm. His name was Pedro Julio, and his family had travelled through the mountains, on horseback and then by bus, to San Vicente de Paul hospital in Medellin. They wanted to know if Pedro Julio was developing the terrible sickness that had robbed his mother and grandmother of their senses. La bobera, they called it. The foolishness.

Dr. Francisco Lopera was the physician on staff that day, a few weeks before Christmas in 1984. He was a young neurology resident whose boyhood obsession with UFOs had sparked an early interest in astronomy, until he decided the mysteries of the human brain were more interesting.

Update: Billionaire Is “Optimistic” About Buying Island for Refugees

Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris is more optimistic than ever that he’ll soon buy an island where Syrian refugees can live.

In September he announced his plan to buy an uninhabited island from either Greece or Italy, and within weeks had already found two possible islands for his project.

Sawiris has since expanded his list to 17 islands with a goal of determining which could support the most people — he has proposed a population 200,000.

Video of Unlikely Animal Pairs Breaks Sharing Records with Cuteness -Watch

There’s a new world champion for the most-shared video advertisement ever — because it is adorable.

Set to the music of Roger Miller’s “Oo-De-Lolly,” it’s a full minute of unlikely animal friends — a cat caring for duckings, a dog playing with an elephant, a tiger and bear in a cuddle, and an orangutan playing tag with a hound.

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 22, 2015

“Be with someone who brings out the best in you, not the stress in you.”

This is just common sense don’t you think? I mean, why would you surround yourself with people who raise your blood pressure and get the blood bubbling in your veins with anger or annoyance? I realize that sometimes it can’t be avoided if it’s someone very close to you, e.g. a relative or work colleague but, if not, why would you? There are enough stressors in life to deal with without asking for more of the same. I know you’ve got a lot more sense than that so good for you. Trust me, you really don’t need it.


The Life We Spend at Work

Most of us are taught from a very early age, that hard work is the key to happiness. As a result, we learn to measure success in terms of benchmarks and milestones, rather than the satisfaction that comes by way of the doing. Though, what if we could view things in an entirely new way? In this thought-provoking interview, organizational psychologist Adam Grant discusses the newer value measurement--one derived directly from the satisfaction of being of service.