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Police Officer Surprises A 9-Year-Old Girl Running A Lemonade Stand With A Tablet

An Ohio sheriff's deputy's quick stop at a lemonade stand turned into a moment 9-year-old Gabrielle will never forget.

Daily Inspirational Quote – June 27, 2015

“Leave footprints of kindness wherever you go.”

Isn’t this a lovely quote? I really like this one, perhaps because it resonates with me personally as I do try to be kind to others, don’t you? It costs us nothing but the smallest gesture of kindness, perhaps even just a smile, can mean more than we realize to the person on the receiving end. It’s also amazing how people tend to hold onto a gesture or an act of kindness they’ve received and revisit it again and again when they feel the need just to know that people, for the most part, are kind. What do your footprints say?


Imagine Exactly

The first thing you must do is see your destination. Though it sounds ridiculously obvious, the world is filled with people who are striving to get somewhere they haven’t even fully imagined.

It’s not enough to desire something different, or to want to get away from where you are. You must be specific about what you do want, and where you do seek to be.

Start the day by imagining in great detail what you will achieve. By the end of the day, you’re very likely to have it done.

Don’t waste time complaining or arguing about what is. Don’t drain all your energy worrying about the problems, challenges and pitfalls.

Instead, imagine what can be. Imagine in precise and meaningful detail, and then make it so.

You are, right now, blessed with the near-miraculous power to do great things. Imagine exactly what those things might be, and put that power to work.

— Ralph Marston

Nancy Mellon: Storytelling as a Healing Art

I opened the classroom door to hear a robust Irish voice shouting to the children: What are you doing in here? I never heard such a hullabaloo in me life! The children all sat down immediately and put their toes together under their desks. I heard the voice continuing, "I come from the country called Ireland, and I am visiting your country to find out whether American children learn anything at all!"

The Son Of A Fallen Officer Wrote An Emotional Message On Instagram That Will Bring You To Tears


Daily Inspirational Quote – June 26, 2015

“I aspire to inspire before I expire.”

Catchy this one isn’t it? Short but very sweet and very apt! I don’t think I’m alone in hoping that when I do “expire” that, if I haven’t achieved absolutely everything I aspired to, it wasn’t for the lack of trying. Also, hopefully along the way, that I may have inspired at least one person (hopefully more) through my thoughts, words or deeds, to live life to the full, pursue their dreams, always aim high, and never ever give up! What a legacy!


Joy In Every Effort

Want to actually make this a great day instead of just wishing for one? Then destroy all remnants of the misconception that effort is something to be avoided.

The truth is, effort can create the utmost enjoyment. Firmly imprint this truth in your awareness as you push yourself joyfully from one task to the next.

The main thing that makes good, productive effort distasteful is your attitude toward it. Improve your attitude about your efforts and you can radically improve the quality of your life.

You have the power to see every effort as a joy, so step right up and activate that power. Pack this day to the brim with useful activity, and delight in the unique pleasure of filling your world with richness.

Seize the opportunity that exists in whatever must be done. Marvel at your good fortune in being well positioned to make a difference.

Flood your world with brilliant achievements by eagerly taking on challenges and transforming them into value. See for yourself that the more effort you mak…

Moving Beyond the Blame Game

Why do we waste so much energy looking for someone to blame when something doesn't go our way? Dr. Bren Brown provides us with valuable insight into how the constant search for blame limits the meaningfulness of our relationships. Bren Brown is a highly respected researcher on the subject of vulnerability. She has mastered using the art of storytelling and self-disclosure to bring life and practical meaning to the data she's collected and analyzed for over 10 years. Equally important is that Bren also shows us it's okay to laugh at ourselves as we acknowledge our imperfections.

This Cab Driver Gave A Stranded Duck Family A Ride To Safety, Free Of Charge

"We have to help each other," says Checker Yellow Cabs driver, Urga Adunga, who drove a family of ducks to safety.

Daily Inspirational Quote – June 25, 2015

“I am thankful for those difficult people in my life. They have shown me who I do not want to be.”

Oh dear me yes definitely! We have all known people like this or, perhaps unfortunately, still do! You know who I mean? The ones who can never seem to give you a straight answer, or appear to go out of their way to create difficulties where there are none. Someone you just dread speaking to or seeing because you know what to expect and know beforehand that it won’t be a pleasant experience. They will never change because that’s just who they are. The one thing they excel at, however, is making the rest of realize that we don’t want to be like them in any way, shape or form. So they’ve got one thing going for them, the only thing, but it’s something.


Allowing Ability to Blossom

Progress is made by those who have the courage to be wrong and the persistence to find how to get it right. Great achievements are crafted into existence by those who, when they begin, are not sure exactly how they’ll do it.

Don’t wait until you know how to do everything before you have the confidence to do anything. Find confidence in the authenticity of your desire and the goodness of your purpose.

You don’t have to already be an expert to gain expertise. You just have to get busy.

If you should stumble a lot at first, get back up each time and apply what you’ve just learned. Even when you stumble going forward, you’re still moving ahead.

Don’t wait for confidence to somehow come to you. Get out there and create it for yourself.

You are worthy, and able to reach the goals that truly mean something for you. Get yourself going, and enjoy the experience of allowing your ability to blossom.

— Ralph Marston

Start Before You Feel Ready

"Start now, just get on and do it." That's the sort of advice given by billionaire, Richard Branson -- and, his life is a testimony to this simple principle. In fact, Branson has started so many new adventures in his life -- businesses, charities, and expeditions - that it's unlikely he ever felt "ready" to start any of them. But, isn't that sometimes what makes the difference? Forging ahead in lieu of creating our own obstacles? This thought-provoking article outlines habits of some of the movers and shakers of the world. Spoiler alert - the advice is not what you may think.

This 25 Year-Old Has Fed Over 570,000 Homeless People In San Francisco With Excess Food From Corporate Events

Leftovers gathered at this event fed more than 4,279 people at eight different shelters and food banks.

Daily Inspirational Quote – June 24, 2015

“The most common form of despair is not being who you are.”

Hopefully, most of us, me included, live our lives totally in tune with who we are and therefore feel totally free to express our feelings and opinions openly without fear of criticism or censure. Sadly, there are those among us who are filled with despair because they may feel that this freedom isn’t possible for them, either due to society’s dictates or by their own choices or constraints. How sad must that be for them? I can only imagine their sadness and despair. If any of you know someone like this wouldn’t it be great to help them shake off their despair and join the rest of us in living life just who we are? Not much to ask really is it?


Open Yourself

Open yourself to life’s great possibilities. Let go of doubt, hesitation, fear and mistrust, and let new richness unfold through you.

Be willing to do good and valuable things that you’ll never get credit for. Each time you do, you invite more achievement into your world.

Begin each day with gratitude for all that is. And by the end of the day, you will have discovered all kinds of new things for which to be thankful.

Give yourself permission to not get it perfect, to look a little foolish, to laugh, to cry and to admit you don’t know. Give yourself a constant push to act on your intentions, to actually do what you’ve decided to do, and know you must.

Be thankful that you don’t know it all, and always eager to learn more. Be generous with your time, your efforts, your ideas, your genuine praise and encouragement.

You are immersed in an endless sea of possibilities. Be open, sincere, thankful and willing, and craft those possibilities into a rich and fulfilling life.

— Ralph Marston

How To Resist Social Distractions

"One can never be alone enough to write"... And yet despite the vast creative and psychological benefits of boredom, we have grown so afraid of it that we have unlearned -- or refused to learn altogether -- the essential art of being alone, so very necessary for contemplation and creative work." In discussing the life and work of 19th century French artist and diarist Eugene Delacroix, Maria Popova delves into the role of solitude which is perhaps more pertinent for us in the 21st century in -- "an age of exponentially swelling social demands and distraction" -- than it was two centuries ago.

Daily Inspirational Quote – June 23, 2015

“Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting.”

I think this is the type of person we all aspire to and believe ourselves to be. You know what I mean, we can give freely with no strings attached, no hidden agenda, and then forget about it, happy just to have been in a position to help out. However, when we ourselves need some help, either emotionally or financially, we never forget who gave freely to us and ensure we always carry this with us and repay our debt should the opportunity present itself.


Follow Through and Get It Done

Whatever you are working on is important enough to deserve your focus and your continued effort. If you’ve chosen to begin the effort, keep going until it is finished.

Once you’ve decided to get it done, don’t allow yourself to doubt yourself. Just go ahead, maintain your focus and keep up the work until you’re finished.

Your initial instinct was to get started, so trust that instinct. Honor your choice by following through with it.

Yes, it could get tedious or frustrating, and you’ll probably be tempted to jump to something else. But if all you ever do is jump to the next thing before the first is finished, you’ll never get anything accomplished.

It’s easy to come up with a perfectly reasonable excuse to quit. Yet a small accomplishment is far superior to the most well-reasoned excuse.

Follow through, keep going, and get it done. Your future self will thank you over and over again.

— Ralph Marston

15 People Who Saved the Lives of Millions

Whether it be due to a lifetime of work or research, or perhaps just because of an incredible 'in the moment' decision, the following 15 people have been credited with saving the lives of millions of people worldwide. Find out more about these extraordinary -- and sometimes seemingly just ordinary -- people who have helped shape the course of history.

The Outer Child and Your Self-Esteem by Susan Anderson

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship in your life. It is the template upon which all your other relationships are built, the source of your self-esteem, and the driving force behind your choices and behaviors. It’s the very foundation of your psychological functioning. Whether or not we realize it, we’ve been trying to improve the relationship we have with ourselves all our lives—often not very effectively.

The way you feel about yourself affects the way you relate to other people. This in turn affects the way they view you.

I have a desire to show off my talents, but I’m so inhibited, nobody knows what I’ve got inside.

No two people feel the same way about themselves. You developed the way you feel through many experiences, especially interactions with other people—your parents, peers, teachers, and significant others. You strove to live up to what they expected of you and unwittingly absorbed the way they responded to you—their affection, disapprov…

Meet Your Outer Child

An Excerpt from Taming Your Outer Child by Susan Andreson

What makes you break your diet, or run up your credit card, or be attracted to all the wrong people? You know these aren’t healthy things to do, you know you’re sabotaging your own best interest, but sometimes you just can’t help it. Sometimes you want what you want and there’s no reasoning with the devil on your shoulder!

Each of us has self-sabotaging tendencies, the origins of which elude us. Be confused no longer! I’m here to tell you that these behaviors are attributable to a part of your personality that perhaps you didn’t even know you had: your Outer Child.

You may already be familiar with the concept of an Inner Child, a psychological construct developed by John Bradshaw, Charles Whitfield, and others. Your Inner Child is your emotional core, the innocent, vulnerable, often needy part of your personality. Many of its feelings emerged at a tender young age and still reside in your psyche; others arise anew from fresh e…

Daily Inspirational Quote – June 22, 2015

“The only thing certain is….nothing is certain.”

You can certainly say that again! There is only one certainty in life and that’s death. Apart from that, everything is by chance. We may think we have put certain things in place, at certain times, in certain locations, times, dates etc. However, as the saying goes, “Nothing is set in stone.” There will always be the risk of plans going awry no matter how much time and effort you have put in to ensure this doesn’t happen. Nothing we can do about it but just make our plans as we’ve always done and hope for the best, certain in the knowledge that nothing is certain!


Hope Into Action

It takes more than hope to make things happen. Still, hope is a good and powerful thing.

Being hopeful will not magically bring whatever you hope for. Yet it is infinitely better than being hopeless.

If you let it, hope will inspire you to action. When you persist in the hope and persist in the doing, you’ll find that your hope was well founded and helpful.

Hope is not something that must depend on outside conditions, so you can choose hope no matter what is going on. You can always choose hope because you can always choose what to do with it.

Let your hope give you a little bit of comfort and reassurance. But more than that, let it challenge you and inspire you to do the difficult work that brings what you hope into reality.

Hope for the best, then transform that hope into a vision with a solid, practical path for moving forward. Put your hope into action, and create a reality above and beyond the best you could hope for.

— Ralph Marston

What to Focus on Instead of Goals

"We all have things that we want to achieve in our lives -- getting into better shape, building a successful business, raising a wonderful family, writing a best-selling book, winning a championship, and so on. And for most of us, the path to those things starts by setting a specific and actionable goal." Here, James Clear, wonders whether there might be a better way, than focusing on goals, to make progress in what really matters to us.

Daily Inspirational Quote – June 21, 2015

“Some people FEEL the rain…others just get wet.”

Why do people whine and complain when it rains? Their ignorance really annoys me! Rain is life-sustaining, not only for us as human beings, but to the planet as a whole. Without it, everything would perish, us included. Therefore, when it does rain I, for one, am very thankful and do my best to enjoy being out in it, just to feel it on my skin, and watch it do its job in nourishing the life that surrounds us. Try to remember this the next time it rains and add your gratitude to mine.


Desmond Tutu & His Daughter: On Ubuntu and More

Can we recover from the legacy of slavery, lynching, land theft, disenfranchisement, redlining, job discrimination, and mass imprisonment? Listen to what Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his daughter, Rev. Mpho Tutu, have to say about Ubuntu, the spirit of forgiveness, which helped South Africa transition from apartheid to a multiracial democracy.