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Inspirational Quote – January 13, 2018

“Magic is essentially the higher understanding of nature.” I believe we are all born with magic within us and therefore capable of manifesting and weaving our own “spells” using our intent, and this is where nature comes in. How can we not believe in magic when we behold the miracles of nature all around us every day? There is nothing quite like walking through a forest, sunlight streaming down through the trees, or rain making music as it kisses the leaves and ground as it falls, or crisp crunchy footfalls on a frosty day. Perhaps catching a fleeting glimpse of a beautiful forest creature or bird wary of the stranger in their midst. This is when my own belief in magic is paramount, that something so wonderful, so spiritually inspiring, and with no man’s hand in it’s conception, exists for all of us to appreciate and enjoy. It inspires me to feel that I too have the ability to create and weave my own magic.

The Right Stuff: A Conversation with Jim Brooks

"I'd gone to the Elko, Nevada Cowboy Poetry Festival at the invitation of some friends. I'd been having a great time. "You've got to visit Capriolas," my friend said - Elkos famous vendor of cowboy gear. It's where I ran into the first black cowboy I'd seen at the festival. I didn't know it was Jim Brooks, a legendary figure. But I didn't need to know that. He was such a striking figure, I immediately inserted myself into the little circle of people he was talking with. This was someone I had to learn more about. I figured it was now or never, and a remarkable experience lay ahead."  

Three Emotions That Can Help You Succeed at Your Goals

Willpower and grit aren't the best route to persevering at our goals and achieving success; the key is emotion. BY  DAVID DESTENO   We’ve all wished for more willpower sometimes. If only we had more self-control, grit, or the ability to delay gratification, we would be more persistent in pursuing our goals. But there’s a problem with this scenario: Willpower doesn’t usually work. Willpower alone can’t ensure that you’ll delay gratification or resist temptation to achieve your long-term goals. It will fail, and probably just when you need it most.         Some of you may have already discovered this to be true. Think of the diets you’ve started and stopped, the work assignments you put off to hang out with friends, or the extra beer you had when you wanted to stop at one. These are all instances when willpower failed you. The problem is that when we are faced with choices between pleasure now and reward in the future, we will often choose the former. That’s because

Inspirational Quote – January 12, 2018

“The best feeling is when someone appreciates everything about you that someone else took for granted.” This is best summed up by a very close friend of mine who had been in a relationship with a man who was very controlling mentally towards her. He lost no opportunity in belittling her or verbally chastising her. He criticized her weight and her physical appearance, and constantly pointed out her faults as perceived by him, and only him. After almost 11 years of this behavior and following a lot of emotional turmoil and soul searching, she found the strength to leave him. It didn’t take long for him to realize how much she had loved and supported him and that he missed and needed her in his life again. However, she met someone else who showed he loved her not just by saying so, but by supporting her, praising her appearance, appreciating everything she did for him, and by doing whatever he could to make her happy. She is beginning to blossom again into the person she has a right

The Gypsy Goat Herder

One woman, hundreds of goats, 365 days of the year equals innovation in the realm of environmental care. Lani Malmberg is an inspiration for eco-action, with her work focused on non-toxic land care in the form of herding goats to pastures that would otherwise use health and environmentally harmful pesticides. Drawing from her multiple degrees in weed science, biology, botany and environmental restoration, she came to this innovative alternative to pesticides in weed management, utilizing the natural behavior of goats. Goats clear the vegetation and recycle these weeds through their gut to offer nutrition for the soil. In this video, Lani candidly shares her work on Maui, and expresses the energy of earth compassion and innovation to inspire us all. Her main motivation? To be a model and set an example for others to follow.

How Gratitude Can Reduce Burnout in Health Care

Today, more and more health care organizations are finding that a culture of thankfulness is good for their staff—and their patients. BY  CATHERINE BROZENA     When we are sick, we look to medicine to heal us. But what does the medical profession do when it’s ailing from stress and overwork? More than half of U.S. physicians  say they are struggling with burnout—a complex state generally defined by exhaustion, cynicism, a callous attitude toward others, and a diminished ability to be effective in our jobs and relationships.  Studies  suggest that a similar proportion of nurses and other health care practitioners experience burnout and depression. Burnout among these caregivers not only harms their health;  research  suggests that it also has grave implications for the quality of care that they offer to their patients. As the profession struggles to address this crisis of burnout, some health care systems have turned to an innovative remedy:  gratitude . Indeed, more and