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Daily Inspirational Message for February 15, 2014

Revenge, anger, and hatred are exceedingly low energies that keep you from matching up with the attributes of the universal force. A simple thought of forgiveness toward anyone who might have angered you in the past will raise you to the level of Spirit and aid you in your individual intentions. Forgiveness is really an act of letting go. We can do this letting go without even encountering the person we want to forgive. This is one of the most healing things you can do.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Allow The Best

Allow your world to be beautiful now. Allow your life to be rich and full and joyous. There are infinite possibilities, and yet the ones you experience are the ones you allow. Make the choice now, and always, to allow the best. Allow your thoughts to be positive and empowering. Allow your actions to move your life forward. Allow your spirit to envision life at its very best for you and your whole world. Allow yourself to make that vision real in each moment and with each choice. Don’t struggle to move yourself toward or away from what might or might not be. Instead, allow your life to unfold according to your highest vision. The power to make a positive difference is always yours. Allow that power to flow through your life, creating magnificent, meaningful results. — Ralph Marston

Chai With Love

Meet R. Sekar, a reserved man who sells tea for a living in his little tea shop in India. With his meagre earnings, this man with a golden heart shows us that you do not have riches to help others. "I am happy with what I have and can do with even less. I do not need more. What will I do [with more]?" he asks. Read about how this big-hearted man touches the lives of those who visit his tea shop.

Awakening your Seven Major Chakras ~ RiseEarth

Awakening your Seven Major Chakras ~ RiseEarth

Daily Inspirational Message for February 14, 2014

“What you ask for from the world is exactly what you’re getting back. You know, I’ve lived by the Law of Attraction for years and I can tell you from experience that it is real and it works whether you recognize it or not. Our ability to attract goodness is most powerful when we do recognize it and cultivate that which we hope to attract within ourselves first. In other words, now that we’ve done the work to understand and become who we are at our very core, we begin to see and attract others who are made up of that same loving energy. Want more fulfilling relationships? First, you must be full yourself. You can’t attract what you don’t have. Whole attracts whole. Love attracts love.” – Oprah Winfrey

Highest Expectations

If you’ve been disappointed, it’s tempting to lower your expectations so you won’t be disappointed again. But that’s not how it works. In reality, when you expect less you’ll be disappointed more. The lower you aim, the less fulfilling your life will be. You deserve a life that’s full and rich, so set your expectations high. And see each disappointment as an opportunity to set those expectations even higher. In one way, disappointment is a good thing because it means you are making an attempt. The key to fulfillment is to keep making those attempts, to keep raising your expectations, and to work your way forward. A strong sense of purpose is what will keep you going. By continuing to expect the best of yourself you can move quickly away from each disappointment. When you fail to reach your expectations, raise those expectations even higher. Make it meaningful enough and you’ll make it happen. — Ralph Marston

Contemplating Mortality

Nobody looks forward to dying. It's good to be thinking about life and living as long and as well as possible, but we shouldn't assume that death is only about suffering and its avoidance or its suppression. There are also experiences, interactions, opportunities, that are of profound value for individuals and all who love them.

Daily Inspirational Message for February 13, 2014

When you first ask for an opportunity to make a difference in the world, you may find yourself putting energy into making your own life work at higher levels. You cannot serve others as effectively if your life is in turmoil and your problems take much of your time and energy. Solving your problems and making your life work is an important part of your spiritual growth. - Orin We all go through periods when things seem to fall apart: our employer goes out of business and we no longer know how we’ll pay the bills; a health problem or injury crops up that sidelines us; family members go through a hard time and put great demands on our own time and energy. Though those of us who are devoted to doing the work of Spirit in the world may wish we could be there for everyone all the time, the truth is that no one can be on call 24/7. Sometimes, we have to step down from trying to save the world to put our own lives back in order, for until we do, we won’t be able to bring our best selves to he

Daily Inspirational Message for February 12, 2014

“What we really have to do is take a day and sit down and think. The world is not going to end or fall apart. Jobs won’t be lost. Kids will not run crazy in one day. Lovers won’t stop speaking to you. Husbands and wives are not going to disappear. Just take that one day and think. Don’t read. Don’t write. No television, no radio, no distractions. Sit down and think…Go sit in a church, or in the park, or take a long walk and think. Call it a healing day.” – Maya Angelou

No Room For Doubt

Have your doubts become too comfortable and familiar? Are your doubts such a big part of your life that they’re holding you back? Keep in mind that doubt is nothing more than an opinion. You may have good reasons for doubt, but that doesn’t necessarily make it true. When you have your doubts, what you don’t have is action. When you fill your mind with doubt, you crowd out the positive possibilities. Certainly it pays to be careful and realistic. But that doesn’t mean you must be doubtful about your own abilities. Instead of hiding behind your doubts, make the effort to prove them wrong. Instead of letting the doubts hold you back, choose instead to let the challenges push you forward. Leave no room in your mind for doubt. And you’ll make plenty of room in your life for real fulfillment. — Ralph Marston

The Pain & Beauty of Change

"The reason for our suffering is our resistance to the changes in life. And life is all changes. While I resist change (and suffer) just like anyone else, I have learned to adapt. I've learned some flexibility. I've realized this: Everything changes, and this is beautiful." Generally, it seems we have two options in regards to change: we can choose to react negatively, or we can choose to react positively. Leo Babauta, however, would like to offer us a third option: embracing the reality of change. In accepting the constantly changing circumstances of our lives, change can become an ally in our development and growth, no matter what happens.

Get Yourself Through

Wishing, complaining, begging and avoiding won’t do it. The way to get through it is to go through it. If there’s something you’ve been putting off, put it back on and get it done. If there’s a problem that’s been chasing you, stop running, stop hiding and start solving. You can be amazingly resourceful and effective when you want to be. Now is the time to want to be. When the situation feels painful, imagine how great you will feel to get beyond it. Imagine, and then manifest your imagined outcome by doing what you must do. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and its brightness comes from your efforts. Make those efforts, keep that light shining brightly and get yourself through to the other side. You’ve made a positive difference many times before and you absolutely can do it again. Feel your purposeful power as it successfully pushes you through. — Ralph Marston

All Because Of George

Gone are the days when a firm handshake and a smile 'sealed the deal.' Lately, it seems that even the most beautiful of deeds are often viewed with a hint of suspicion. Have we become so distant, that we are incapable of reaching through these barriers to service? Read this most beautiful article about how one man's selfless actions restored another family's faith in humanity. Because of George, we are reminded of the importance of helping others.

Daily Inspirational Message for February 11, 2014

May your determination to be true to yourself be greater than your desire to fit in. The further we travel down a conscious spiritual path, the more strange and wonderful experiences we tend to have, and the further our beliefs and perspectives tend to skew from the mainstream. While I think this is a sign of authenticity – that we are really living, really thinking, really questioning and really exploring new territory – it can be scary to let our new weirdness show. One of the greatest spiritual challenges we all must conquer is finding the courage to put our relationship with the Universe before our relationships with other individuals, but when we do it, we open up doors to all sorts of fascinating new possibilities.

No Rush

It’s better to wait at the traffic light than to get hit speeding through as it changes to red. It’s better to take the time and do the job right than to rush through and get it wrong. Before jumping ahead to what’s next, get the full value out of what’s now. Don’t give up your quality experience of the present in a futile attempt to get yourself more quickly into the future. Time spent waiting never has to be a waste. You can always make it into a valuable opportunity. That’s because the value of each moment is not dependent on where you are or what activity you’re engaged in. The value of your life in each moment comes from the value you choose to give it. If you’re in such a hurry to get somewhere else, you lose the ability to give your best to where you are. Slow down, stop rushing and start putting real quality, substance and richness into whatever moment you’re in. Instead of being a slave to the clock, be a master of your own beautiful experience. Your life right now i

The Art of Revising Your Inner Storytelling

Stories are the colorful pieces of fabric woven from our interpretations of reality. Yet, there is tendency to get stuck in only one or a few ways of telling a story. What can be done to change a negative narrative into a positive one? In her book, 'How to Stay Sane', author Philippa Perry urges keeping an open mind and taking a bird's eye view of our own thinking. "We need to look at the repetitions in the stories we tell ourselves and at the process of the stories rather than merely their surface content. Then we can begin to experiment with changing the filter through which we look at the world, start to edit the story and thus regain flexibility where we have been getting stuck."

What My Grandfather Said to Start Each Day

“That moment when we’re first coming into consciousness upon awakening is a powerful time for us to take advantage of. We’re in an alpha brain wave state and very receptive to mental input of any kind. This slower brain wave state is also creative; it’s the state from which affirmations may manifest. Many spiritual teachers speak about this power point and encourage us to think positive thoughts upon our first conscious awareness, be this at 3:30 a.m. or 9:00 a.m. – whenever we begin to stir.”

Communicating with Your Personal Guidance System: How to Muscle Test

“[Muscle testing is] quick, simple and doesn’t require any special tools. Like dowsing, it does require that one is able to formulate a clearly defined question, and it takes regular practice to become accurate. Have you ever noticed that ‘simple’ hardly ever translates to ‘easy?’ Yet this practice is easy and accurate when you’ve put the time into developing the skill.”

PGS: Your Personal Guidance System

“Our society has become lost, as a whole. In most recent times, technology has contributed to a great divide between us and the nature around us and the nature within us. We know at least subconsciously that we’ve lost touch with the intuitive skills and practices that guided previous generations to get to where they needed to be. In the midst of all the clamor for our attention from media through the ever-expanding technologies, we’ve lost the ability to hear the voice of truth within.”

Daily Inspirational Message for February 10, 2014

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. – Albert Schweitzer A Facebook friend recently posted a quote that really grabbed my attention: “If you’re not happy, it’s not worth it.” This nugget of wisdom should be obvious to all of us, yet I think most of us do all sorts of things that keep us from happiness because we believe we should or have to. If what we’re doing brings us no joy, odds are good we won’t do it well; further, if we’re really unhappy, we’re unlikely to bring the best of ourselves to anything else in life. Put happiness first: it will bless you with what you’re ultimately after, and may just empower you to manifest greater success than ever before.

One Little Joy

A life of happiness and fulfillment is built piece by piece, one little joy at a time. The moment you’re in is the perfect opportunity to add a little joy to life. Even when there’s something big that’s getting you down, you can find something small to lift you up. Just one little joy can change your outlook in a big way. There is a lot of goodness in life, and it’s always good to be reminded of that. You deserve a little joy right now, so go ahead and give it to yourself. While you’re at it, give some joy to those around you. Even a simple, sincere smile can make a difference, so make wherever you are a more joyful place. Decide that you’ll find some little way to be joyful, and you can feel the positive energy flowing in you. Everything you do will be enhanced and improved when you do it from a perspective of joy. Add a little joy to life, right now and every chance you get. Those little joys will quickly add up to a life that’s truly magnificent. — Ralph Marston

A 29-Year-Old's Undying Legacy of Love

He wasn't famous in the usual sense. But no one who met him ever forgot him. Raghu Makwana lost his legs to polio as a child. But he did not let that stop him from serving the world. When a group of students found him he was a young runaway arranging people's footwear outside a local temple. Struck by his luminous spirit they arranged to have him join a non-profit at the Gandhi Ashram in India. In that unique environment Raghu's capacity for leadership exploded into being. He immersed himself in a series of poignant projects. He gifted sacred plants to bring peace to distressed households, he mentored slum children, tended to the ill, and he quietly hand-delivered meals twice a day to people who would otherwise go without. He transformed the hearts of rich and poor alike with his unflagging commitment and sparkling smile. Yesterday a tragic road accident claimed Raghu's life. As his beloved community grapples with this irreplaceable loss, stories of his quiet legacy of

Daily Inspirational Message for February 9, 2014

“Once you’re past a certain age, you can hardly believe you wasted even one minute of your youth not enjoying it. And the last thing you want to do now is steal any more life from yourself by failing to be deeply in it while it’s happening. You finally get it – not just theoretically, but viscerally – that this moment is all you have. You don’t close your eyes anymore and wonder who you might be in 20 years; if you’re smart, you study the tape of your current existence to monitor how you’re doing now. You see the present as an ongoing act of creation. You look more closely at your thoughts, behavior, and interaction with others. You understand that if you’re coming at life from fear and separation, you have no reason to expect anything but fear and separation back. You seek to increase your strengths and decrease your weaknesses. You look at your wounds and ask God to heal them.” – Marianne Williamson

Mind & Mood On A Breathing Planet

The awareness that stirs within each of us is continuous with the wider awareness that moves all around us, bending the grasses and lofting the clouds. Every organism partakes of this awareness from its own angle and place within it, each of us imbibing it through our nostrils or through the stomata in our leaves, altering its chemistry and quality within us before we breathe it back into the surrounding world. Awareness, in this biospheric sense, is a quality in which we participate with the whole of our breathing bodies; as your body is different from mine in many ways, so your sensations and insights are richly different from mine.