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Teenager In Fishing Boat Removes Rubbish Stuck On A Whale's Head. Then The Whale Showed Its Appreciation

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 15, 2015

Bring Good Thoughts to Life

The Promise of Personalized Learning

Guide Dog Owners Get Married After Their Dogs Fell In Love With Each Other

Four Brave Men Made The Ultimate Sacrifice To Save Hundreds From A Suicide Bomber

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Keep Negativity at Bay

I Teach to Learn: Compassion in Education

A Born Artist

A Monk's Story

This Barber In Iowa Gives Free Haircuts To Kids As Long As They Read To Him

This Boy Hands People Toys And Asks For One Thing In Exchange. The Reason Why Is Beautiful

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Love at First Sight: K9s Online

She Wrote Her Adopted Daughter A Letter 20 Years Ago, And Finally Gave It To Her On Her Wedding Day

Woman Gives Birth To Her Cancer-Surviving Twin Sister's Baby

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 12, 2015

How Great You Have It

Rescuing Social Change From the Cult of Technology

Good Samaritan Gathers 100 Volunteers To Paint Elderly Man's Home In An Act Of Kindness

Bus Driver Stops His Route To Treat Passengers To Lemonade, Makes Everyone's Day

She Heard A Woman Ask For A Table For One. What She Did Next Is Wonderful

Jump-Start Your Enthusiasm

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 11, 2015

This Desperate Dog Jumped Into A Stranger's Car, And It Changed Her Life Forever

Dispelling the Fear of Communicating with Our Loved Ones in Spirit

Communicate with Your Loved Ones in Spirit

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 10, 2015

Let Fear Show You

When You Give a Tree an Email Address

Body & Spirit: A Conversation with Sculptor Stephen DeStaebler

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 9, 2015