Saturday, August 15, 2015

Teenager In Fishing Boat Removes Rubbish Stuck On A Whale's Head. Then The Whale Showed Its Appreciation

As the whale rose from the water, he saw a plastic bag and some fishing line stuck near its mouth. He reached out his hand and snatched them away.

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 15, 2015

“Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.”

Now why would you think otherwise? Of course you wouldn’t! Like me, you realize that we are very fortunate just to be alive and able to enjoy this wonderful world we inhabit. Because we are very blessed in being aware of this we can indeed take steps to make this a reality, not only for us, but for everyone around us. However, unfortunately, not all of us are so fortunate or as aware. Therefore it’s up to us to give thanks for our own awareness and our ability to create the life we are living.


Bring Good Thoughts to Life

If you think you’re feeling better, guess what? You’re feeling better.

Your mind is powerful. Just imagine how you can put that power to positive use in your life.

When you think of what makes you happy, it makes you happy. Think of how good it feels to love, to laugh, to give kindness and encouragement, and discover yourself doing more of those things.

Thinking, by itself, does not make it so. Fortunately, that’s where you come in.

Your thinking leads you to make it so. Your thinking reminds you how great life can be, and encourages you to fulfill those rich possibilities.

So go ahead and think beautiful, empowering, enjoyable and fulfilling thoughts. Then delight in the experience of bringing those good thoughts to life.

— Ralph Marston

The Promise of Personalized Learning

As public budgets shrink, schools look toward online models for ways to improve student performance but, however cost-effective, they cannot replace the human element in teaching. Here's a hybrid model called blended learning in which computers help students achieve competency by letting them work at their own pace while teachers are freed to do what they do best: guide, engage, and inspire.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Guide Dog Owners Get Married After Their Dogs Fell In Love With Each Other

Two guide dog owners have tied the knot after a chance meeting between their pets helped them find true love.

Four Brave Men Made The Ultimate Sacrifice To Save Hundreds From A Suicide Bomber

See these four people? They are heroes.

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 14, 2015

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

Of course you will! Self-belief and belief that you are capable of achieving positive results are all you need to inspire you attain the positive results you want in your life. I firmly believe that it is important that what you put “out there” is positive as this is vital in creating the positive outcome you are aiming for. Negativity has no place in this process so be sure to remember this and you won’t go far wrong.


Keep Negativity at Bay

There is plenty of negativity in the world. Don’t add to it.

Just because unfortunate things are going on, is no reason to be pessimistic. In fact, it is a good reason to redouble your efforts in supporting, promoting and expanding new goodness in life.

You can be entirely realistic without having to buy in to the latest fashionable negativity. The future is yours to create, and you can choose to create a good and fulfilling one.

The only way a negative trend will lead to a negative outcome is if you let it continue. Fortunately, there are a whole lot of things you can do to create much more positive results.

The way to keep the negativity at bay is to keep your dreams and highest visions in front of you. Live in the service of what you know is right with life, and you won’t constantly be pulled down by whatever goes wrong.

Live at your highest level of effectiveness by living with a positive perspective. It’s always the smartest choice.

— Ralph Marston

I Teach to Learn: Compassion in Education

"Learning, today, is heavily rooted in the material realm. It's almost an assembly line to get a job, to get money, to survive, and for the few who get past that -- to conquer. Materialistic endeavors are, of course, very useful to operate in the world, but it requires a very different skill-set to engage with our inner values." In this essay, Nipun Mehta explores what it takes to grow our "Compassion Quotient" and revolutionize our education system.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Born Artist

When I looked at the painting more carefully, I noticed a prison in there. "Did you ever spend time in prison?" I asked. "No. I put that in there because of one of my uncles. But life can be a prison, too."

A Monk's Story

The monastery was right across the street from low-income housing, drugs and violence. I scuttled out of my Volvo; I didn't want to be out there too long!

This Barber In Iowa Gives Free Haircuts To Kids As Long As They Read To Him

Children who read books to Courtney Holmes have received a free haircut as part of a community event to help families prepare for the upcoming school year.

This Boy Hands People Toys And Asks For One Thing In Exchange. The Reason Why Is Beautiful

Six year-old Jaden Hayes has lived every kid's worst nightmare - twice. But he's on a mission that will make you smile.

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 13, 2015

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”

Aha, I get it! Once yesterday has gone it’s gone right? It may not have been such a great day for us so perhaps we are very relieved to see it go. Tomorrow, however, is another brand new opportunity for us to make it a great day by what we do and how we behave. Aren’t we blessed to have a new day to look forward to so let’s not waste it and plan to do our utmost to make it a winning day, and the next day, and the next………..


Love at First Sight: K9s Online

12,000 animals come through the doors of the Humane Society of Utah every year, all of which are in need of a new and loving home. Help has come in the form of an unlikely team member, a photographer who is working wonders at uniting man and his best friend. Guinnevere Shuster's "photo booth" style portraits do a much better job of capturing the personalities of the dogs than standard snapshots, resulting in over 90% of the dogs finding their forever homes.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

She Wrote Her Adopted Daughter A Letter 20 Years Ago, And Finally Gave It To Her On Her Wedding Day

Over 20 years ago, Sherry Blackledge wrote her newborn daughter a letter and kept it by her bedside. On her daughter's wedding day, she finally gave it to her.

Woman Gives Birth To Her Cancer-Surviving Twin Sister's Baby

They say nothing is stronger than the bond of two sisters, but what about that of twin sisters?

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 12, 2015

“Positive thinking is better than negative nothing.”

Personally, I have always been a great believer in positive thinking. It just makes perfect sense to me. What’s the alternative? Always thinking negatively or fearing the worst prevents us from exploring and perhaps succeeding at the opportunities or relationships presented to us in life. Surely it’s more to our advantage to think “ok, I’m not too sure about this but I will give it a go and see what happens” than to be negative, opt out, and the opportunity is lost forever so you’ll never know what might have been? I’d rather take the former option, what about you?


How Great You Have It

Remind yourself today how great you have it. Count your blessings, and take a few moments to dwell on their value.

Of course you have problems, challenges, limitations and all that. You also have opportunities, possibilities, resources, relationships, and life itself.

Shift your focus away from getting what you want, and point it toward appreciating what you have. Though you certainly don’t want to become complacent, allow yourself to enjoy a bit of satisfaction and gratitude.

Appreciate the goodness that surrounds you. Consider what good and valuable use you can now make of it.

Remind yourself how great you have it. Then see all the ways to act on your good fortune.

Even in the most difficult of times, it pays to remind yourself how great you have it. From just a little bit of goodness, when you truly appreciate it, you can build a whole lot more.

— Ralph Marston

Rescuing Social Change From the Cult of Technology

"Technology is terrific...But in the end, there's no real progress without change in people." This is the conclusion that Kentaro Toyama, leader of Microsoft Research India, reached after five years of working to implement technological solutions for social change. Hear his reflections on progress, technology, and the human will.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Good Samaritan Gathers 100 Volunteers To Paint Elderly Man's Home In An Act Of Kindness

A home in Pendleton, Oregon got a much needed coat of fresh paint thanks to a Good Samaritan and an army of volunteers.

Bus Driver Stops His Route To Treat Passengers To Lemonade, Makes Everyone's Day

Passengers could have turned sour after their bus driver stopped mid-route, but what he did actually made their day a whole lot sweeter.

She Heard A Woman Ask For A Table For One. What She Did Next Is Wonderful

With people constantly on their smartphones, many fear that the human connection will soon be lost. That's why this story is so inspiring.

Jump-Start Your Enthusiasm

The way to get enthusiastic about doing anything is to get involved in doing it. You can’t just expect to magically become enthusiastic before you ever lift a finger.

It’s nearly impossible to talk yourself into doing what you must do, but don’t want to do. So stop talking, stop trying to convince yourself, and just start doing.

Spend the first fifteen minutes complaining about it and feeling sorry for yourself if you want. But while you’re complaining, be busy doing.

Once you’ve begun the effort, you’ll discover it’s not nearly as bad as you thought it would be. After you’re a few hours into it, you may even find yourself feeling a little bit of passion and enthusiasm.

You cannot create real enthusiasm just by thinking about it or wishing for it. You create enthusiasm by investing yourself in the effort.

So if there’s some necessary task you’ve been avoiding because it’s just not your thing, do it anyway. Jump-start your enthusiasm with a little effort, and feel the power as that enthusiasm continues to carry you through.

— Ralph Marston

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 11, 2015

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

Definitely! I guess we all know young people who behave as if they were a lot older in the way they live their daily lives and also their outlook on life. We consider them “old before their time” don’t we? Such a pity. Then there are the not so young (myself included) who have learned to enjoy every day no matter what it brings, and celebrate just being alive and able to do most of the things we want to. The wise among us realize we shouldn’t allow age to restrict our joy in just being alive. Make plans to do what you enjoy doing most. Make an effort to make new friends, take up a new hobby or pastime. Make every day an adventure to be enjoyed and you won’t go far wrong. Go on, what are you waiting for? Off you go!


Monday, August 10, 2015

This Desperate Dog Jumped Into A Stranger's Car, And It Changed Her Life Forever

Her body was riddled with parasites eating away at her skin. Her ribs indicated she was starving to death.

A kind stranger was somehow able to get Kelsey into his car.

Dispelling the Fear of Communicating with Our Loved Ones in Spirit

by Mark Anthony

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

Are you superstitious? Many people are. You may be superstitious without even realizing it. Think about your own personal habits; do you have a “good luck charm?” Maybe it’s a rabbit’s foot, a shiny penny, or a photo of a loved one.

There are reasons people are superstitious, many of which may not always seem logical. They may be more than a leftover of our childhood fears of the dark. It may be something even deeper—a tacit awareness that there are variables in our lives that influence us and which are beyond our control.

I’m Mark Anthony, also known as “The Psychic Lawyer®,” and I appear regularly on several TV and radio shows as a legal analyst for high profile criminal cases and as a paranormal expert. As a lawyer who talks to dead people, I’m personally familiar with fear-based superstitions people have of things they don’t understand.

Largely, people fear communication with spirits because they fear death. The thought that our existence permanently ceases can be terrifying. Yet, those ...

Communicate with Your Loved Ones in Spirit

by Kathleen Mathews

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

Working with my brother and co-author, world-acclaimed Medium Patrick Mathews, has been quite a learning experience that has forged a wonderful path in my life. Every day I study the readings Patrick does and break down the meaning of those wonderful, thought-provoking messages from loved ones on the other side. I am able to witness firsthand not only how the weight of grief is taken off of the shoulders of those receiving the reading, but also how, once that wall of grief is broken down, love finds its way in, pushing through all the negatives that can occur during the passing of a loved one, and hitting the heart like a light shining from the heavens!

The one constant we all strive for in life is love, and I can assure you that love is also the constant that bridges this world and the next. People tend to think of love as an abstract idea, when in fact it is a very physical, a very real thing. It not only makes ...

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 10, 2015

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

Oh we do, don’t we? However, I don’t think it’s all our fault but due to the time we’re living in. We’re given so many choices now in where to shop, what to eat, where to take the kids, schools, leisure activities, what to read. I could go on but you get the gist right? Okay, so what we need to do is consciously un-complicate (is that even a word?) our own life when we can. Make a choice and stick to it. If there’s something you can do to simplify the way you shop, work or run your household, then do it. Simple!!


Let Fear Show You

Don’t let your fear stop you. Let it show you what you must do.

When you are taking on new challenges, the ones that stretch your abilities, you will feel fear. That’s good, and of great value.

Fear is certainly not anything to be avoided. It is something from which you can learn, something through which you can grow stronger.

Let your fear show you what is most important to you. Let your fear show you how you can build your courage.

Real progress is made by doing what is uncomfortable to you. Real progress is made by doing what you fear.

Accept, acknowledge, respect and appreciate your fears, and find new fulfillment in working through them. The dreams and aspirations that push you through your fears are the ones very much worth following.

— Ralph Marston

When You Give a Tree an Email Address

Given the chance to speak to a tree, what would you say? Recently, officials in Melbourne assigned trees in the city limits each an email addresses to help locals report broken limbs and other potential dangers. It turns out though, that people weren't as concerned with communicating about the trees as they were interested in communicating with them. Hear what people had to share, heart to heartwood.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Body & Spirit: A Conversation with Sculptor Stephen DeStaebler

"We live in our body like its an animate sculpture. The fact that most art in civilization has been figurative is not by accident. When you're more aware of your body, you're more on the edge of survival...We've been brought to think there are little cubbyholes for everything. But truer religion thrives on the questions that you'll never resolve. If you don't honor the potential of one of these other levels of reality, down the line you're going to regret not trying to connect with it." This fascinating interview with sculptor Stephen DeStaebler shares more...

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 9, 2015

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

We begin life totally free of any prior knowledge, ignorant of many things, but growing day by day. As we do so, we welcome or dismiss events, situations or people, as we encounter them, and ultimately decide whether there is a place for them in our life. WE create our own life, nobody else, everything comes down to us and our decisions and the path we create. How special is that?