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Daily Inspirational Quote – May 23, 2015

“Those who deserve love the least, need it the most.”

Occasionally, people are their own worst enemies. You know what I mean. People we come across in our day-to-day lives who appear to take pleasure in alienating or upsetting those around them, just for the sake of it. Very frustrating for us as we can see no valid reason for their behavior other than to cause mischief or upset. However, it might pay us to look more deeply at what they themselves are experiencing in their own lives at the time. We all react differently to problems, worries or stress, and perhaps this is their way of coping or showing distress by hitting out at those closest to them. The next time somebody is causing you grief, before you perhaps respond in anger, try taking the time to sit down and talk to them. Try to discover what is actually going on with them and you may begin to understand why they are behaving the way they are. Try love before anger, it may just work.


You Deserve Achievement

If you have an objective but take no action, the objective is nothing more than an empty wish. If you take action but have no objective, your action is just a waste of time and energy.

Combine a clear, meaningful objective with effective, persistent action. That’s what makes the magic of achievement happen.

It is a reliable formula, and a simple formula, but not an easy one. The value of achievement is built by working through difficult challenges.

It is not easy, and yet you can do it. It is not easy, and yet it is well worth your time and commitment.

In your imagination right now is a certain thing, or condition, or experience you wish to create. Give that objective a name, fill in all the details of how it will look, then do the work to make it happen.

You deserve, and are fully capable of the unique satisfaction that comes from achievement. Visualize it now, and go get what you deserve.

— Ralph Marston

Street Cuts

Mark Bustos cuts hair in an upscale salon in New York City. But on Sundays, his only day off, he roams the streets looking for anyone in need who would appreciate a haircut. What started as a response to the poverty he saw in the Philippines while on vacation, has become a weekly habit of giving back to the people that need it the most. This video is the first in a series that follows Bustos as he interacts with some of the homeless people in South Beach, Florida.

Daily Inspirational Quote – May 22, 2015

“If you light a light for someone else…it will also brighten your path.”

Being able to “light a light” for someone else is what I love most about reading for people. Many of the people who come to me for a reading are often very troubled souls. They appear weighed down by whatever problems they are experiencing and unable to see any hope in their future. At the beginning of the reading they sit, slouched and slumped before me, shoulders drooping with the cares of the world showing on their faces. Then the reading begins……. As I channel Spirit and the reading unfolds and they receive reassurance that things will improve, problems will be resolved, they will have love in their lives, etc., they begin to bloom again. When the reading ends and they leave me with hugs and a spring in their step for perhaps the first time in a very long while, I am also uplifted and filled with joy.


10 Timeframes For Measuring Life

How do we measure time? From the passing of seasons to the minute hand on a clock, the way we capture and measure moments is always changing. Today, we have more and more ways to track time, but we don't seem to be any closer to figuring out how best to use it. What if we change the very way we situate ourselves in the "when"? What if we stop measuring time in terms of nanoseconds of productivity, and think about it in terms of heartbeats instead? In this graduation speech, software architect Paul Ford turns the concept of time on its head. Instead of focusing on using our precious time wisely, he challenges us to reshape time so that it better serves the precious heartbeats of others.

Increase The Abundance

If you wish to make an impression on people, don’t tell them how good you are. Show them how good they are.

If you wish to increase your wealth, don’t focus on the question of how to make money. Put your time and energy into creating and delivering unique value.

If you wish to learn more about something, teach it to someone else. If you wish to be loved, appreciated and respected, then offer your love, appreciation and respect.

The way to get whatever you wish is not to greedily grab for it. The way to get what you wish to have is to attract it by the way you live.

You cannot receive anything of real value without giving real value. Sincerely give of yourself, and you cannot help but receive meaningful value as you do.

Life’s abundance has no limit, and is always increasing. Be someone who furthers that increase, and experience the best of the abundance you are helping to create.

— Ralph Marston

How To Forge A Mentoring Relationship

Author Paulo Coelho once wrote that a teacher isn't someone who simply teaches something, but rather someone who inspires the student to give their best. To that end, we must consider those who have most inspired our lives - and the benefits they've shared as we've grown. In this article, Patrick Cook-Deegan explores the many ways in which we might deepen the mentoring relationship, in order to create a more compassionate society.

Daily Inspirational Quote – May 21, 2015

“Dance like no one is watching. Love like you’ll never be hurt. Sing like no one is listening. Live like it’s Heaven on Earth.”

I love this and try to adopt this in my life. It’s also inspiring to see that this philosophy is appearing more frequently in the media, especially as it appears to be aimed at those of us who are not ‘er ahem, in the first flush of youth! I do think that more of us of the older generation are taking this advice on board and dancing like no one is watching (or even if they are), love like we’ll never be hurt (even though we may be), and sing like no one is listening (which, trust me, wouldn’t be pleasant if they did listen to me!. In fact, enjoy your life. Do what YOU want to do, what you feel would make YOU happy, and see what happens….go on, you know you want to!


Lifting Life Up

If the bad stuff is getting to you too much, create more good stuff. Nothing can bring you down when you’re busy lifting life up.

Don’t fight the negativity, because that will just draw you in deeper. Instead, overwhelm negativity with positive substance.

Constantly complaining makes you more invested in whatever you are complaining about. Resist the temptation to complain, and find a positive response.

Let the negativity be, then let it go. Free yourself from its grip and with that freedom, move forward.
You don’t have to be naïve to be positive. Though the negative things are still there, you can choose to focus all of your energy on creating new goodness.

No matter how difficult things are, there is always something good you can do. Lift up life, and put more of the power of positive living in your world.

— Ralph Marston

What Fosters True Freedom?

What is it that fosters true freedom? Is it the education of our youth, or the breaking through of social barriers? In this lovely article, Ashoka Fellow Kim Feinberg presents what she believes to be the answer--a holistic education which garners respect, and builds upon the energy of toleration and compassion. It is from this premise that The Tomorrow Trust was born -- a non-profit organization helping to inspire true freedom in post apartheid South African youth.

Daily Inspirational Quote – May 20, 2015

“If you are depressed,
You are living in the past.
If you are anxious,
You are living in the future.
If you are at peace,
You are living in the present.”

Not easy to follow this one is it? No matter how good our intentions, the past will persist in intruding and torment us with past mistakes, wrong decisions, etc. As if that wasn’t enough to stress us out, worries about the future keep us awake at night, constantly conjuring up various scenarios for disaster surrounding the things we have planned or hope for in our future, arghh! Ok, so the most sensible thing for me to do, is leave the past where it is as there is nothing I can do to change it so that’s sorted. There is also nothing I can do about the future as, hopefully, it will all work out as I have planned but, if not, well I will worry about that at the time. Now, regarding the present, this is something I can do something about and therefore I consciously choose to allow myself to live in peace, taking each day as it comes and deali…

You Are Ready

If you’ve been waiting until you’re ready, the wait is over. You are ready.

You are ready, so go ahead and get started. You know enough, you have enough, you’re inspired and purposeful and creative enough to take the first step, now.

Though you have many questions, and maybe even some doubts, you are ready. Go ahead, grab the opportunity of this moment, and make your life come to life.

Achievement is never the result of figuring everything out in advance. Achievement comes when you start where you are and keep going.

Make more than mere plans, have more than just intentions, experience more than empty wishes. You are ready to follow where your passions lead and make life more amazing than it already is.

You are ready to take action. Now is the time and this is the place.

— Ralph Marston

Grow a Key Inner Strength

As the complications of life start to build -- whether it is health issues, financial concerns, or relationship problems -- it's important to find resources that enable you to skillfully navigate these challenges. And some of the best resources -- like mindfulness, compassion and determination -- are ones that already lie within you. Psychologist Rick Hanson, Founder of the Wellspring Institute for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom, gives a vital road map to help aid in the discovery of what he calls your "inner strengths."

Daily Inspirational Quote – May 19, 2015

“As I declutter my life, I free myself to answer the calling of my soul.”

I don’t know about you but this certainly strikes a chord with me. It took me a lot of years to actually realize I needed to declutter my life, not just of material things, but old outdated beliefs/ideas and, to be honest, certain people too. I’m not saying it was easy, because it wasn’t, but a very gradual “weeding” process until bit by bit I began to feel less encumbered and weighed down. As this “weeding” progressed I began to experience a spiritual awakening which, as time has gone by, has brought me new friends, enlightening experiences, unending opportunities to learn more about what I feel is my calling, and a purpose to my life. It has taken me a while but I am gradually getting there and believe my soul has breathed a sigh of relief. If you haven’t already, why don’t you try “decluttering” and see what happens? I think you will be surprised by the results.


Possibilities Abound

Sunlight drops its golden paint on the quiet surface of a mountain stream, and a new day is born. What a shame it would be to let this day pass without putting fresh goodness into it.

From rocky ledges to cool valleys, in the countryside and in cities across the globe, possibilities abound. Life is here to be lived, and now is the time to do it.

Like water swiftly flowing, the opportunities of this day will soon be nothing more than memories. Now is your one and only chance to make them positive, satisfying memories by making full use of the opportunities.

Now is your chance to make new value where none existed before. Now, when you are inspired to let go of the excuses and to cast off any thought of procrastination, is when you can act.

Though the challenges are great and the circumstances less than perfect, today’s possibilities beg you to seize them. To the extent you do, your life and your world will benefit.

This is your day to do what you can, and you can indeed do much, if you will.…

Is There a Fingerprint for Compassion?

As society continues to learn more and more from scientific research when it come to things like medicine and the environment, it has also led to something that might be a little more surprising: matters of the heart, or more simply, compassion. With the help of several scientific teams, researchers are starting to discover that one of the main nerves in the body might just be the fingerprint in helping people react and hone in on vital empathetic feelings towards others.

Taking Back Your Health and Your Life

An Excerpt from The Wheel of Healing with Ayurveda by Michelle S. Fondin

You need not go far to get advice on how you should live your life or improve your health. We are bombarded today, more than ever, with the latest and greatest trend. From pomegranate seeds and goji berries to chia seeds, every week it’s something different, an additional thing that may take a place on our already crammed lists. If it’s not the latest food or supplement, it’s the next powerful drug claiming to make us younger and happier or to give us a better sex life. All this advice, whether good or bad, always does one specific thing: it draws us outside ourselves to seek wellness; and in the end, this makes us crazy. Because, to be honest, who do you listen to? Really, who can you trust when the advice is changing so rapidly? At the time of this writing, many of my clients are turning to daytime talk shows for advice on diet, exercise, and balancing their lives. Frankly, I have nothing against talk shows, and…

Living Your Dharma, or Life’s Purpose

An Excerpt from The Wheel of Healing with Ayurveda by Michelle S. Fondin

Have you ever come to a crossroads in your life where you have achieved many of your major goals, and where you recognize you are unhappy and that something must change? You obtained an education, found the love of your life, had a couple of kids, bought the car, the house, and the vacation home, and then, in a panic-stricken moment, looked around with discontent and said to yourself, “Now what?”

Over the course of our life, we often ask ourselves, “Why am I here?” “What am I supposed to be doing?” Or: “Now what?” Many times we ask this question in relation to a career, education choice, or goal. Most often, the question is linked to the financial outcome we expect to have when we have reached a goal or achievement. Unfortunately, most of us think of dharma, or purpose, in terms of something big, such as becoming a movie star or a sports hero. But it doesn’t have to be quite so grandiose.

In the Indian tradition, th…

What Is Ayurveda?

An Excerpt from The Wheel of Healing with Ayurveda by Michelle S. Fondin

Ayurveda is mind-body medicine that originated in India at least five thousand years ago. The name Ayurveda comes from two Sanskrit (an ancient language of India) words: ayus, meaning “life,” and veda, which means “science” or “knowledge.” So the name literally means the “science of life.” Ayurveda is a complete medical system or science that includes observation; diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease; detoxification and rejuvenation of the body; surgery; and herbal medicine. Ayurveda is called a consciousness-based system of medicine because the practitioner seeks to understand the patient fully before recommending or administering treatment, and because the practitioner works not only on observation but also on intuition. The Ayurvedic practitioner knows that the patient is not simply flesh and bones but a dynamic being with a mind, a body, emotions, a soul, and a spirit. As the Charaka Samhita states,…

Daily Inspirational Quote – May 18, 2015

“Everything we do is infused with the energy with which we do it. If we’re frantic, life will be frantic. If we are peaceful, life will be peaceful.”

We are motivated by energy and this is what drives us every day of our lives, in everything we do and quite rightly so or we’d never get anything done. However, there’s energy and there’s frantic energy! If we are frantic all the time, sure, we get things done quickly and probably appear to accomplish more in a shorter period of time, but let’s look at this realistically. Allowing ourselves to be totally driven by an out of control, impetuous, unstructured, unimpeded energy exposes us to that feeling within us, and being driven by this. It would make more sense, wouldn’t it, to let our energy work for us in a calm, focused, straightforward way enabling us to go through our days more peacefully which, let’s face it, is the only way to go.


Reacquainted With Life

Do something you’re not good at, and you’ll get better. Instead of excusing yourself because you don’t know how, challenge yourself to learn and to do.

Go someplace you’ve never been, and your eyes will be opened to new possibilities. Seeing life from a new place can make your overall perspective more valuable.

Get to know people you’ve never known before. They will give you ideas you’ve never considered before.

If you feel stuck, or bored, tired, dismayed or depleted, the answer is not to withdraw from life. Those feelings are urging you to re-introduce yourself to life.

You are capable of creating great new things and forging new connections, capable of learning, of going, of seeing, of taking action. And you won’t be fully satisfied unless you’re putting all you have into doing so.

Take a deep breath and feel the fresh possibilities of this day. Now, go forth, get reacquainted with the wonders of life, and make the most of all you have.

— Ralph Marston

Reforming The Prison System: Shaka Senghor & #Cut50

Convicted of the murder of a fellow drug dealer, Shaka Senghor spent seven of his 19 years in prison in solitary confinement -- a bare six by eight-foot cell. Today he leads a new initiative to transform the justice system by cutting the U.S. prison population in half by 2025. His message of personal and political transformation provides us with an opportunity to question the enormous costs of caging the human spirit.

Daily Inspirational Quote – May 17, 2015

“When I accept myself, I am freed from the burden of needing you to accept me.”

Accepting ourselves means being happy and confident that we know who we are and what we, not only want from life, but what we are prepared to give to life. We are realistic about our imperfections and shortcomings, but feel these are just something everybody has to be a balanced human being. This realization also enables us to be free from the restrictions others may attempt to impose on us. However, not all of us are this fortunate, perhaps through another’s interventions or actions, to be able to do this. The first step to being free to be who you are, is to be aware and admit that you are NOT free and consequently take the steps you need to in order to rectify this.


Stitches of Hope

"Kay Eva was travelling through rural Cambodia on the day she realized her life calling. She was with a group handing out supplies to those in need when they approached a devastatingly poor family living under sheets of tin." What she learned that day changed her life and the lives of several Cambodians whom Eva's non-profit Stitches Of Hope serves. In this article, the author describes Eva's fearless and love-filled journey, from herself battling life threatening hardships, to sharing her strengths with those in need.