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Daily Inspirational Message for April 26, 2014

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”
- Zig Ziglar

When we lose our way, often it’s because we stop doing the things that kept us on track before. If you’re inspired by a seminar, a book, a dream or a teacher, establish and maintain a daily motivator. For some, reading these messages at Kajama everyday is a way to remain spiritually awake and aware. There are infinite other ways, however, from books on tape to taking classes to daily meditation, journaling or regular involvement in an empowering group. Whatever works for you, just stick with it. When it doesn’t work anymore, innovate. We shampoo daily with carefully concocted, richly fragranced formulas designed to make our hair shiny and full of life; it only stands to reason that to keep our spirits vibrant, we have to do something to brighten them every day.

Let It All Motivate You

The way to be highly motivated is not to go out and look for things to motivate you. The way to be highly motivated is to let everything motivate you.

Be motivated by the defeats as well as the victories. Be motivated by the challenges and difficulties just as much as you’re motivated by the positive possibilities.

When you hear encouraging news, be motivated. When someone gives you discouraging news, be just as motivated.

Your level of motivation does not depend on what happens. It depends on the way you choose to respond.

Choose to respond with a sense of positive and meaningful motivation. No matter what happens or fails to happen, let it motivate you to reach higher and to create new value.

You cannot know everything that will fill this day, yet you can choose right now what to do with it. Let it all motivate you to make the efforts that will make it all even better.

— Ralph Marston

How Fruit Auctions Are Helping Farmers Thrive

One in six Ohio residents works in the agriculture industry, and the food and agriculture industries contribute an estimated $79 billion to the state's economy each year. Yet nearly 90 percent of the food Ohioans buy comes from outside the state. What would happen if Ohioans began eating more food grown right in their towns and counties? Read on to learn more about the growing success of "fruit auctions," and what they might mean for rural economies (and diets).

Daily Inspirational Message for April 25, 2014

“The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.”
- Emily Dickinson

Right this moment, someone is having a mystical experience. Somewhere, someone is meeting an angel; someone’s heart is opening; someone is seeing the nature of life with clarity for the very first time. Life is a magical place for those who long for magic in their hearts and souls. Open your heart, invite Spirit in, and watch what happens!

Harvest the Richness

Even when it seems that life is not good to you, be good to life. Even when there is no reason to be positive, live with a positive outlook.

The best things in life do not come from reacting to what has already happened. The best things in life come from choosing to make new and positive and valuable things happen.

Decide not to be a slave to the way others live their lives. Instead of following the crowd, follow your own highest vision.

Choose not to be limited by your history or your circumstances. Choose instead to find the positive possibilities in this day, and to act on them.

There are all sorts of perfectly understandable reasons to be disappointed with life, but there is never any necessity to be. You can always choose to be positive, enthusiastic, empowered and effective.

Live each moment from a perspective of positive, loving purpose. Your life is, right now, your great opportunity, so harvest its outstanding richness in every moment.

— Ralph Marston

A Heroic Garbageman For Our Rivers

CNN Hero Chad Pregracke has made it his life's work to clean up the Mississippi River and other American waterways. Since 1998, about 70,000 volunteers have helped Pregracke remove more than 7 million pounds of garbage from 23 rivers across the country. "The garbage got into the water one piece at a time," Pregracke says. "And that's the only way it's going to come out." After learning he had won the CNN Hero award, Pregracke pledged to share his winnings with the other top 10 nominated heroes! Read on to learn more about this incredible man who insists that his message is much more about cleaning rivers; his message is about the power of each individual to make a difference.

Daily Inspirational Message for April 24, 2014

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.”
- Dr. Seuss

I have been known to come up with some pretty crazy ideas while brainstorming. While many of them are foolish, impractical, idiotic or insane, throwing crazy ideas on the table often sparks something magical, and opens hidden doors to unseen possibilities. Sometimes, situations have us so tied up in knots that our only hope is to throw out our known repertoire of solutions and try something “crazy.” There are so many possibilities that we never even consider. If you’re stuck, throw out all the rules, abandon your pride, and think with finger paints. Get messy! Abandon all restraint! Smear ideas together, and if you don’t like the results, you can ball the whole thing up, throw it away, and begin anew.

Sincerely Love

Let go of the need to desire what the world says you should desire. Let yourself truly enjoy being who you are and living richly in the moment you’re in.

Worldly fame and fortune are mere artifacts of the things that really matter. Choose to love what you sincerely love, without the unnecessary pressure of having to impress anyone.

You don’t need permission, or certain specific circumstances, to be beautiful. You already are uniquely beautiful and worthy of a magnificent life.

Go ahead and live that life now, right where you are, with what you have, doing whatever you’re doing. Instead of placing arbitrary judgments on your situation, give your own profound love and meaning to it.

There is no limit to the joy you can create and the fulfillment you can experience on this very day. Everywhere you’ll discover beauty to be found and opportunities for living with true richness.

Stop fretting about what everyone else might do or say or think. Give your energy to all that you sincerely love,…

How To Become Productively Generous

A vital part of a rewarding life involves contributing to and caring for others. Unfortunately, some end up sacrificing their own well-being when answering this call, setting them back on their own responsibilities, becoming burned out, and losing the drive that led them to practice generosity in the first place. In this piece, Wharton Professor of Management Adam Grant debunks common myths about giving and explores how to become a "productively generous person" one who gives without compromising their own well-being.

Daily Inspirational Message for April 23, 2014

“Conflict is a call to innovate. If you are involved in a conflict, internally or externally,
there is an answer you have not yet seen. The tension you experience is a call
to look at the situation from another angle, or do something differently.
We must not run away from conflicts when they arise,
for they are doors to a new dimension of creativity.”
- Alan Cohen

There is tremendous power in being “fed up,” for then, things HAVE to change. Conflict is not a bad thing; it’s just the chemical reaction of two different vibrations churning together in the process of transformation. Conflict is a mighty generator of creativity! Experiencing the contrast of what we don’t like shows us what we DO want and ignites fresh desire, which is the first step to manifesting something better.

Positive Alternatives

The more you focus on any possibility, the more power and substance you give to it. It is by giving your persistent attention and energy to the possibilities that you make them real.

The same dynamic works for both the desirable and the undesirable possibilities. Whether you strongly fear or strongly desire, the power of your unrelenting attention will work to create whatever you focus upon.

Choose, then, to make your focus a positive one. Instead of living in fear of the bad stuff, live with a persistent desire and appreciation for the good stuff.

Be sincerely thankful for the goodness you already have, and your gratitude will create even more. Imagine in detail how your world can be a better place, and your time and energy will go toward making it so.

Not only does fear itself bring you down, it also enables you to bring yourself down. Avoid all that not by avoiding your fears, but by turning your attention to their positive alternatives.

Your attention has great power. Remember alw…

10 Extraordinary People & Their Lessons For Success

From presidents to hip-hop producers to poets, the last page of every issue of Harvard Business Review is always an interview with someone who has succeeded outside the traditional corporate world.  Enjoy these gems of wisdom taken from interviews with people like Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on her life work, musician Russell Simmons on his meditation practice, poet Maya Angelou on courage, and many more.

Daily Inspirational Message for April 22, 2014

“It is not enough to love those who are near and dear to us. We must also show them that we do so.”
- Lord Avebury

It is glorious to simply make our purpose for the day to show love. It brings me a vast, light sort of contentment to stroke others, both by pointing out how wonderful they are and by caressing their hair, rubbing their shoulders, squeezing them tight. We have endless opportunities each day to show and express love; the more we seize them, the lighter and brighter our lives become.

Peacefully Engaged

Peace is not arrived at by merely doing nothing. On the contrary, peace is attained by doing substantive and significant things, and doing them without conflict.

That means living with purpose, with love, compassion, forgiveness and genuine tolerance. It means putting your very best into the effort while at the same time detaching your sense of self worth from the result.

Your life, your work and your whole world are all filled with conflicting interests. Yet that doesn’t mean you must handle them by fighting.

In fact, diverse and conflicting interests can absolutely be resolved in much more positive ways, and it happens every day. That is one of life’s great challenges, and working through the challenge produces great value.

Seek not merely to do significant things. Seek to achieve what you achieve with a peaceful heart, for that is true and sustainable achievement.

Be fully engaged in life while also being completely at peace with who you are. It is indeed a powerful and fulfilling …

Overcoming the Creative Block: Advice From Artists

""Inspiration is for amateurs -- the rest of us just show up and get to work," Chuck Close scoffed. "A self-respecting artist must not fold his hands on the pretext that he is not in the mood," Tchaikovsky admonished. "Show up, show up, show up, and after a while the muse shows up, too," Isabel Allende urged. But true as this general sentiment may be, it isn't always an easy or a livable truth -- most creative people do get stuck every once in a while, or at the very least hit the OK plateau. What then?"

The Butterfly Plan for Transformation

“In many cultures, the butterfly is a favorite image for soul. In Greek, the word psyche means both 'soul' and 'butterfly'. The cycle of the butterfly is a model for a life that is open to transformation.”

Among Children

“Children, especially when very young, are the masters of dreaming and imagination. At four, Sophie was talking to me about the difference between “wake dreams” and sleep dreams. In a sleep dream, “you don’t know you’re dreaming.” You can have a “wake dream” anytime.”

On Dying and Coming Back

“I first died in this lifetime when I was three years old. My great aunt the opera singer saw this in the tea leaves but didn’t talk about it until long after. What she did not see was that – as a doctor at the hospital in Hobart, Tasmania told my parents – I “died and came back”. That is still the term I prefer to use of these experiences.”

Daily Inspirational Message for April 21, 2014

“Only one thing has to change for us to know happiness in our lives;
where we focus our attention.”
- Greg Anderson

The other night, I began reading a novel called Lovely Bones. As the main character is a girl who is horrifically murdered, this is not the kind of book I generally read. It was given to me by a friend who urged me to be open to it, and I have to admit that it is spiritual in a powerful way, and beautifully written. As I followed the main character’s family as they dealt with their shock and grief, I found myself immensely more grateful for the safety of my own children and other loved ones than I had been just a few hours before. Focus with gratitude on all you love that is easy to take for granted, and you’ll be happy with your life just as it is.

There Is So Much To Value

Getting uptight won’t get anything done. Relax, enjoy the moment, and you’ll get more positive value out of it.

The work may be difficult, complicated and challenging, but that doesn’t mean you must fight against it. Be genuinely thankful for the opportunity to make a difference, and the difference you make will be a beautiful one.

Being resentful about what you must do will only make it more burdensome. You can choose instead to be enthusiastic, and you’ll immediately feel a great weight lifted off your shoulders.

There is so much to value, appreciate and enjoy about life. It really makes no sense to fight against it.

Take a deep, relaxing breath and remind yourself how good you have it. Choose to use your considerable energy to live your best possibilities.

Embrace your precious, unique and wonderful life. And live it with the peaceful, positive power that is always yours to choose.

— Ralph Marston

Learning From Leonardo: Decoding The Notebooks Of A Genius

"As we recognize that our sciences and technologies have become increasingly narrow in their focus, unable to understand our multi-faceted problems from an interdisciplinary perspective, we urgently need a science and technology that honor and respect the unity of all life, recognize the fundamental interdependence of all natural phenomena, and reconnect us with the living Earth. What we need today is exactly the kind of synthesis Leonardo outlined 500 years ago." Read on to hear more from Fritjof Capra, as he shares his findings from ten years of research examining Leonardo da Vinci's personal notebooks.

Daily Inspirational Message for April 20, 2014

I will choose joy.

Hamlet's Blackberry: To Surf Or Not To Surf?

"Do you find yourself checking Facebook as soon as you wake up in the morning? Do you answer e-mails on your Blackberry while surfing the Web? Even as you read this article, is your right index finger twitching on the mouse, just itching to click on something new? If so, welcome to the 21st century. Without even realizing it, we've signed up for a life in which we're all connected, all the time. Whether or not this is a good thing is the subject of Hamlet's Blackberry, a book by William Powers". This piece from NPR shares an excerpt.