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This Woman Told The Chimp She Lost Her Baby. The Chimp's Response Will Melt Your Heart!

We’ve never seen a math teacher with as much swag as Ron Clark.

Player’s Honesty Costs Him the Match, But Wins Hearts w/ Sportsmanship

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The Power of Treating Employees Like Family

Here's Why Welcoming Refugees Is A Sound Economic Investment As Well As A Moral Imperative

"Dying In Slow Motion": Videos Show Horror Of Syrian Town's Starvation

Glen Campbell Health Update: Wife Kim Openly Admits, 'It Was More Than I Could Handle'

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Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness

Thank You… Thank You… Thank You, Angels

Patient Gets Engaged to Marine Who Gave Her Best Gift of All, Life

Chained Bull Finally Feels Exuberant Freedom For the First Time (WATCH)

Christian College Kids Raise $800K in 2 Days for Women’s Hospital in Syria

A Random Act of Kindness Caught on Camera Leads a Homeless Man to Shelter

Doctor Carries Injured 280-Pound Man Two Miles to Safety

Texas Businessman Offers Mansions to House Tornado Victims

Muslims Come to Times Square to Take Stand Against Extremism

Daily Inspirational Quote – January 7, 2016

The Top 10 Insights from the Science of a Meaningful Life 2015

Daily Inspirational Quote – January 6, 2016

Have Wheels Will Shower: Bathroom Buses for the Homeless

Pizzeria Delivers 80 Free Pies to Homeless Shelter for New Year (WATCH)

Pilot Turns Plane Around So Grieving Family Can Attend Dad’s Funeral

Volunteers Turn Abandoned Buildings into Apartments for Homeless Vets

Rescued Shelter Dog Becomes The Rescuer: Finds Missing Senior

Hold On For Deer Life: Man Risks His Own to Rescue Frozen Doe (Video)

Breakthrough Smart Watch Converts Text and Email into Braille

Non-Chemo Cancer Treatment, Simple as Flu Shot, Moves Closer to Reality

Science-Proven Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Goals

Hope for California Drought: Sierra Snowpack is 136 Percent of Normal

Doctor Fulfills Girl’s Wish to Hear Him Sing After Successful Surgery (WATCH)

3,000 Life Vests Arranged On Mountain Sends 2016 Message of Hope -WATCH

Scientists Find a Way to Edit DNA to Cure Genetic Disorders

Daily Inspirational Quote – January 5, 2016

The Top 10 Kindness Stories of 2015

Today's Temperatures At The North Pole Are Scaring Scientists Around The World.

The Dark Side of The Way of the Happy Woman

Connecting to the Earth

Entering Your Inner House

Daily Inspirational Quote – January 4, 2016

A Simple Formula for Changing Our Behavior

Daily Inspirational Quote – January 3, 2016

A Love Letter to the Wilderness