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Daily Inspirational Message for November 9, 2013

The older I get, the more I see there are these crevices in life where things fall in and you just can’t reach them to pull them back out. So you can sit next to them and weep or you can get up and move forward. You have to stop worrying about who’s not here and start worrying about who is. – Alex Witchel   Lately, I’ve noticed a bit of a theme in my own life and in the lives of others: I’ve seen one relationship after another that was damaged by the behavior of one of the parties that will simply never be the same again. Some of these relationships were really close, beautiful and rewarding connections in the past, but despite both parties sincerely wanting to get back on track and doing their best to restore the bond, it eventually becomes clear that the easy trust that existed before the betrayal is gone forever. I suppose once you know that someone is capable of behaving in ways that have profoundly shocked you, your whole view of who they are is forever changed. In such situat

Success Is Not a Secret

Success is not a secret. It is a choice, a choice that is made over and over again. The choice that brings success and achievement is more than a one-time event. It is a choice that is integrated into every moment of life. It’s one thing to decide upon a course of action and then leave it at that. Such a strategy will leave you with nothing but empty wishes and good intentions. Real achievement comes from choosing to achieve, again and again, moment after moment, until the goal is attained. Real achievement comes from choosing to achieve, and then continually reaffirming that choice with action. Choosing success is really quite easy. To actually reach that success, just keep on choosing it. Keep on choosing, and acting on that choice, for as long as necessary. And anything is within your reach. — Ralph Marston Read more at

A 5-Year-Old's Reflection On Life & Death

Steve Lewis has seven kids and 16 grandchildren crowding into a life lived at the loud edge of chaos, so any quietly intimate moments with his five-year-old granddaughter are rare. He is touched as she wishes him a long life in her own way. This beautiful piece shares more.

Daily Inspirational Message for November 8, 2013

The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook. – William James Throughout high school, my daughter’s room was an absolute mess. This wasn’t because she was rebellious or lazy; it was because she was so busy taking advanced placement classes, playing in the orchestra, and participating in sports that she didn’t have enough time to get adequate sleep, much less help around the house. Whenever I walked into her room, I had to bite my tongue and remind myself of what was really important. I’ve seen parents look the other way when their teens are doing drugs but scold them when they leave the cap off the toothpaste. I’ve seen wives yell at their husbands for forgetting to take out the trash, while daily overlooking an addiction that is destroying the husband’s health. There is stuff that is worth worrying about, but there’s a whole lot more that isn’t. If whatever is upsetting you won’t matter a year from now, odds are good that it’s not worth getting upset about today.

Highest Vision

Look up from what you’re doing and look around for a minute. See what a beautiful world you’re in. Take your mind off the problems for a moment, and focus on the positive possibilities. Consider how very much you are able to do. Turn your attention for a while away from the worries and anxieties. Remind yourself of all your many blessings. The direction of your focus is the direction your life will move. Let yourself move toward what is good, valuable, strong and true. The things that fill your awareness are the things that will fill your life and your world. So expand your awareness beyond your own concerns and toward the best of what can be. Look up and look confidently toward the highest vision you can imagine. The moment you do, you’re on your way there. — Ralph Marston Read more at

The Meanings of Life

Professor Roy Baumeister wonders why parents often say: 'I just want my children to be happy,' rather than: 'I just want my children's lives to be meaningful." Yet we fear meaninglessness, and when we lose a sense of meaning, we get depressed. What is this thing we call meaning, and why might we need it so badly? This thoughtful article shares more.

Daily Inspirational Message for November 7, 2013

It is really a wonderful world. Celebrate all the wonders and beauty that surround you, and keep that your focus. See all the good that goes on in your world, regardless of what your news and TV would have you believe, or even perhaps what you see out your window. Close your eyes for a moment and feel love. Let that feeling well up within your heart and spread like a warm flow to your entire body, melding and melting your resistance to anything. Bathe in the light of love and know that you can always choose to be in this energy. – Sharon Taphorn I recently read a touching article written by a young woman in her early 20s. She wrote about what could have been a really horrible experience, which thanks to the kind acts of a number of strangers, ended up boosting her faith in humanity. She was at an outdoor music festival when she lost her wallet, which had her apartment key attached to it. She checked the lost and found, but it hadn’t turned up. For the next 24 hours, she was blessed

Forever Thankful

Do you remember anything special that you did exactly one week ago, or one month ago today? What can you do today that will make today a day to fondly remember for a long time to come? This day is an entire day of your life. You have the opportunity to live this day in such a way that it will make a positive difference for years to come. You can express your love in a new and unique way. You can begin an ambitious project that you’ve been meaning to start for a long time. You could take the time and make the effort to learn a new skill that will add value to every day of your life. You could visit a place you’ve never been to before, or re-connect with an old and dear friend. You can thoughtfully re-commit yourself to your highest priorities. And then you can take real, effective action that will bring those priorities to life. You can live this day in such a way that you’ll be forever thankful for what you’ve made of it. Get started now, and make it one to remember.

40 Days: The Productivity of Retreat

"When I was a child, I wanted to be a hermit. I can remember in particular a strange background desire I had for some years to live alone in a pine forest. Why a pine forest? I have no real idea. I have never spent much time at all in a real pine forest. But that was where I wanted to be. I could imagine myself dwelling in the dark, dank heart of a pinewood. Life there, I knew, would be more intense, more magical, than life at home. For a time, as a romantic and imaginative child, I entertained the idea that my desire to be surrounded by pines was due to my having been a Viking in a previous life... But beyond the Viking theme, there was something else in here: something about being alone. Wild loneliness, ringing like a bell. A sense of connection to something far greater than me, in a place which is not controlled by my kind, and is not in thrall to us. A sense of smallness, from which can come greatness." This beautiful article shares more about the productivity of retre

Daily Inspirational Message for November 6, 2013

Sometimes I need only to stand wherever I am to be blessed. – Mary Oliver I’ve been in a cranky mood for the past couple of days, even though I know that the stuff I’m allowing to steal my joy is totally not worth it. Sure, business could be a lot better, my house could be a lot cleaner, and my pants could be a lot less tight, but these are not really problems. When I stop and force myself to let go of thinking about what I wish was true and what I wish I had, and instead, I focus on all that I’ve got and all that is wonderful in my world right this minute, I realize that I always have plenty of reasons to shine with gratitude and joy.

Carefully Listen

Stop worrying so much about what you’re trying to say, and listen for a while. Though it may seem strange, one very effective way to express yourself is by listening. Listen, carefully, lovingly and attentively to the world around you. Listen to others and listen to life. Let go of your assumptions about what you expect to hear. Listen not only with your ears, but also with your heart and spirit. Pay attention to what life has to say to you. There is no end to the valuable lessons you can learn. When you think you know it all, you deny yourself the opportunity to learn new things. When you interact with others only to impress them with how much you know, they’ll soon understand that you know very little. The more you listen, observe and learn, the more powerfully you’ll be able to express yourself. Take heed of what life has to say, and what you learn will carry you far. — Ralph Marston Read more at

The Place Where I Write

"Sometimes I can't find tape to save my life, but I have all of these other objects always at my fingertips, and it is in the midst of these juxtapositions, this disorder and uncertainty, that I write. Not only does being neat and organized take time, but a tidy environment makes me feel compelled to have tidy thoughts. And never do they come that way. The disorder is freeing; may it all come any which way. May I dip into the sea of disarray and pluck out the objects that gleam in the light of the present. May I keep that which is important and push aside the rest for another day." To author Yelizaveta Renfro, everything is temporary, and she writes in the ever-changing home of "right here, right now."

Having a Little Faith

“I don’t think of God as a man with a white beard who sits on a cloud, but I imagine that we are all Gods, that we are all part of the same field of energy or consciousness, and that we are capable of much more than we think we are, as our beliefs act like lenses that focus the field, much as an optical lens can focus sunlight. In the times when we have a little faith, I have noticed, we see more evidence of this in our lives, and we feel the warmth of the field. ”

A Formula for How Destiny and Free Will Work Together

“I think we are born into a set of conditions and circumstances that set the landscape of our lives and its color tones. As we travel through our landscape, we are occasionally pulled left and right and even nudged back or sucked forwards from time to time. But amid these winds, we are always choosing, always creating, always shaping our lives. It is impossible not to. Thoughts are creative. What we focus on we move towards.”

A Cluster of Synchronicities

“There are people you are strongly connected to whom you’ve not met yet, but the chances are you’ll make all the right choices, and so will they, so that you will come into each other’s lives, where you’ll remain for a ‘reason, a season, or a lifetime.’ The force of these connections can be strong, I believe, so that the effect is like a whirlpool in a river pulling your boat towards it. Chances are, wherever you paddle, you’ll end up there!”

Daily Inspirational Message for November 5, 2013

When in the throes of indecision over something that matters – changing jobs, buying a car, choosing a doctor — most people believe the best decision will come about if they think it through carefully and thoroughly. But psychologists say that is not always the best approach. Turns out, the unconscious mind can be better at making complicated choices than the conscious mind. The conscious mind can only process about seven bits of information per second, but the unconscious mind can process 11 million! By tapping into that supercomputer part of our mind – which feels, like the deepest, truest, most divine part of ourselves – we open the door to a vast amount of wisdom and we can get spot-on answers to our questions. – Meg Lundstrom   If we all have a tendency of trying to reason our way through difficult decisions to the point where we are so mired in left-brain thinking that we can no longer hear our intuition, then how do we reconnect with our inner guidance? The key is to alter o

Fully There

Wherever you are, be there fully. For where you are is where you can most effectively act and live. If you’re constantly wishing that you were somewhere else, you diminish the opportunities for where you are now. When your thoughts are in another place or time, your actions lose much of their effectiveness. It’s great to dream, to plan, to aspire, to reach for new and improved circumstances. And yet the way to successfully do that is by being the best you can be in the place where you now find yourself. It’s great to keep yourself focused on an ambitious goal. And that focus is the most effective when it is crafted from the perspective of where you are now. To successfully travel the path from here to there, you must start with being fully here. The more you give your attention and your energy to making the most of where you are, the more quickly you’ll move along that path. There is much to be accomplished, much to be lived in every place and in every moment. Be th

From Ego-System to Eco-System

"We live in an age of profound disruptions. Global crises in finance, food, fuel, water, resource scarcity and poverty challenge every aspect of our societies. These disruptions also open up the possibilities for personal and societal renewal. To seize these possibilities we need to stop and ask ourselves some basic questions: why do our actions collectively create results that so few people want? What keeps us locked into old ways of operating? And what can we do to transform the root problems that keep us trapped in the patterns of the past?" Read on to hear the thoughts of Otto Scharmer, senior lecturer at MIT and founding chair of the Presencing Institute.

Daily Inspirational Message for November 4, 2013

To live in this world, you must be able to do three things: to love what is mortal; to hold it against your bones knowing your own life depends on it; and, when the time comes to let it go, to let it go. – Mary Oliver The more we love something or someone, the harder it is to let it go – and the more pain we suffer when we resist doing so. The only way I know to let go of something I love is to remember that nothing is permanent – including lack, sorrow and suffering. Blessings flow in and blessings flow out so that new blessings can flow in again. Love arrives and stays for a little while or a lifetime, but eventually, it leaves again so that we are forced to embrace new experiences and love new people. I believe that love draws the same souls back together again and again, but that each time we meet, we do so in a richer, more fulfilling way, for both of us have been changed by all we experienced while apart. Every one of us has loved ones who are dear to our hearts whom we’ve ye

Too Valuable to Waste

Consider what a truly great day you have today. Think of all the magnificent possibilities that are yours right now. You can fill the next hour with sixty minutes of focused, purposeful, effective effort. You can bring new and meaningful value to your work, your home, your family, your community and your dreams. On this day you can learn, experience, work, feel, love and play. You can make creative use of whatever you have to move in the direction of whatever you desire. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. So let yourself imagine something wonderful, and then enjoy the wonderful experience of making it happen. Though it might seem easier and more comfortable to just do nothing, that’s really not the case. If you waste the great possibilities of this day, you will very soon come to regret it. So avoid that regret and jump into action. Today is much too valuable to waste. — Ralph Marston Read more at

5 Life Lessons From 56 Up

Have you ever stopped to look back and reflect on the journey of your life thus far? Do you wonder what it would be like if at different phases in the past, you had the wisdom you have now from lessons learned through the years? "The "Up" documentaries have followed 14 people from ages seven to 56 -- and in the process illustrated recent discoveries about the science of a meaningful life." Their findings reflect insights on notions like happiness and purpose which are commonly known, however become deeply compelling when seen in the context of real lives and people.

Daily Inspirational Message for November 3, 2013

The universal mind is alive, is sentient, is perceiving, is there to meet you when you come through from the other side. – Terrence Mckenna We all dialogue with the Universe/Spirit all the time; most of us are just not conscious that this is what we’re doing. When we ask ourselves questions about what we ‘should’ do about a certain situation, and especially questions about what would be the ‘right’ thing to do for all involved, the Universe immediately goes to work, trying to answer us. We have only to ask with a sincere heart and then get quiet and receptive to receive divine guidance in all sorts of wonderful ways.

Joanna Macy: A Wild Love for the World

Joanna Macy is best known today as a Buddhist scholar and activist. She also translated the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke. Her adventurous life included working for the CIA in Cold War Germany, then, as a young mother, she moved with her husband to post-colonial India, where she cared for Tibetan refugees, joining the young, newly exiled Dalai Lama. Later, she became an environmental activist. Learn more about her in this fascinating in-depth interview.