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Brighter Days in India: College Girl’s Simple Idea Lights 5300 Homes

Nature Bridge Paves the Way For Mountain Lions’ Survival in California

S is for Sculpture: Father Teaches Alphabet And Inspires Street Art

New Vaccine Virtually Scratches Shingles Off Your List of Worries

Alabama’s New Education Standards Praised for Being Pro-Science

Happy ‘Gotcha’ Day! Celebrates Adopted Pets With Unknown Birthdays

Last Living 9/11 Rescue Dog Honored With Best Day Ever on 16th Birthday

Man Sprinkles Compassion on Fallen Soldier’s Grave During Drought

This Moving Company Helps Women Leave Abusive Homes At No Cost

Daily Inspirational Quote – September 12, 2015

Opportunity to Create Love

How Awe Makes Us Generous

Daily Inspirational Quote – September 11, 2015

Big Deal

Photos of Indigenous Americans Without Stereotypes

The 4 Apps That Are Total Game Changers For New Yorkers and Beyond

If You Post a Photo of Your Rescue Pup, $10 Is Donated to Charity

Malawi Celebrates Dramatic Drop in Child Mortality–280,000 Kids Saved

How A Caring Teen Ensured Cozy Bedtimes For 180 Foster Kids

Why 100 Black Men In Suits Were Cheering by a School Bus (Awesome)

Ten Guidelines for Eating Awareness

Ayurvedic Food as Medicine

Daily Inspirational Quote – September 10, 2015

Bring Positive Energy

The Inner Landscape of Beauty

“Man Therapy” Uses Humor To Target Serious Mental Health Issues For Bros (WATCH)

‘Airbnb’ for Refugees Matches Migrants To Europeans Volunteering Homes

Best Class in Chicago Invites Dogs to Read With Kids

Gift For Families Dealing with Cancer: 6000 Healthy Take-Home Meals

Ultra-Strong Bridge Made of Cardboard Inspires Shelter Design

Daily Inspirational Quote – September 9, 2015

Good Things To Be Done

Can People Change?

This Old Lady Is So Fresh, She’s Won 1Mil Fans And Celebrity Status

Wolverine Star Surprises 9-yo Boy Suffering From Incurable Illness (WATCH)

Finnish Prime Minister Opens His Home to Refugees, Joins Growing List

Quiet Time Program Brings Radical Improvement To Schools Worldwide

Blood Cells “Retrained” to Destroy Cancer, Lead Again to Full Remission

For Every Product Sold, This Company Picks Up Trash— 124 Tons So Far

Billionaire Offers to Buy Island for Refugees Pouring into Europe

Maasai Women & Donkeys Bring Solar Power to Those Who Need it Most

Daily Inspirational Quote – September 8, 2015

Know You Can Do It

One Poem that Saved a Forest

Human Library Lets You Check Out People, Aims to Foster Diversity

Postman Delivers Touching Letter to Each Home With Some News

Daily Inspirational Quote – September 7, 2015

Seeds: A Story of Uncommon Change

The US Economy’s Second Quarter Went From Solid to Stellar

A Safety App That Lets Friends Digitally Walk you Home at Night