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Inspirational Quote – March 11, 2017

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

Being stuck in our ways feels very safe and reassuring to most of us doesn’t it? We know what to expect and how to respond or deal with it. No surprises there then, thank you very much! We often resist change, insisting that the old way of doing things worked just fine so why not just carry on? Why muddy the water? However, isn’t it occasionally wonderful when new opportunities come along and pries us loose from our comfort zone? So, instead of clinging like limpets to the rock of same old, same old, just let go and swim off into unknown but adventurous waters. How exciting to swim while anticipating reaching a hitherto unexplored shore and discovering all the wonders it has in store for you.

Shai Reshef: The Man Educating the World

After his retirement, educational entrepreneur Shai Reshef felt nagging questions: "What if everyone could go to university? What if education was a human right?" He "set about bringing together volunteer tutors, low-tech open-source software and the internet to create the world's first tuition-free online, accredited university....Today University of the People (UoPeople) has enrolled students from 160 countries, including Vietnam, Sudan, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Haiti, and features widespread support and volunteering from blue-chip institutions such as Yale University, Oxford University, New York University, The Gates Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation. UoPeople even has 1.2 million followers on Facebook, ranking it the second most followed university, just behind Harvard. Reshef is now taking the first steps to bringing US-accredited degrees to the masses." He has no plans to stop until all the people are served.…

Why Don’t We Prepare Enough for Disasters?

ByJill Suttie

A new book outlines the psychological biases that get in the way of good decision-making—and what to do about them.

In February, a large section of California’s Oroville Dam spillway collapsed due to heavy winter rains, threatening communities below with potentially devastating floods. Later, news agencies reported thatthe government was awareof the weaknesses of the dam but never took steps to correct them. They simply ignored the potential risks, hoping they’d never be faced with a scenario like the one that unfolded. Why do so many of us hide our heads in the sand when faced with the possibility of a catastrophic future event? Mount Sinabung volcano in Indonesia It all comes down to our psychological biases, according toThe Ostrich Paradox: Why We Underprepare for Disasters, a new book written by Wharton School professors Robert Meyer and Howard Kunreuther. When considering issues like climate change, the effects of automation on jobs, or how to save for retirement, we ten…

Inspirational Quote – March 10, 2017

“A good life is when you assume nothing, need less, do more, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot, and realize how blessed you are for what you have.”

That certainly sums up the life we should all be leading or striving to lead. How wonderful and blessed are we if it we are already fortunate enough to be living by the words of this quote. I hope I am. I know I do my best to live up to it although, to be honest, it’s easier to do some days than others, but that’s ok, I’ve at least got the message. In our busy, occasionally demanding, day to day lives it is so easy to forget how blessed we are just to be alive, hopefully fit and well, and with love in our lives. We truly are blessed compared to many in this poor, beleaguered world of ours. Make sure you take time out now and again just to be thankful.

A Call to Revolutionary Love

Valarie Kaur has lived the radical lessons of love that she shares as "an American interfaith leader, lawyer, filmmaker, Sikh activist, and founder of The Revolutionary Love Project based at the University of Southern California." She knows the sting of losing friends as a child because of her religion. She knows the trauma of losing a beloved family friend who was killed in a hate-crime in the aftermath of 9/11 . Even so, she chooses to love because as she says, "love is the only thing I have ever seen to create lasting change." This is the challenge she presents to each of us in this time of confusion and fear. Radical love isn't always comfortable or easy, but it offers a path forward for the courageous.

Why Storytelling Skills Matter for African-American Kids

ByNicole Gardner-Neblett

For African-American students, storytelling skills directly predict their early reading skills.

Children begin telling stories as young as age two or three. And they continue to develop storytelling skills in their interaction with parents and others who provide guidance and feedback. Theability to tella coherent and well-developed narrative may be important for children’s literacy development. However,mostof thestudiesonchildren’s storytelling and readingskills have been conducted with samples of middle-class white children. To address this gap in the research, my colleagueIheoma Irukaand I studied data of children from different socioeconomic and racial/ethnic groups from across the United States. What we found surprised us. Storytelling among African-American childrenRod Library/CC BY 4.0 For our research, we used national data from theEarly Childhood Longitudinal Study, a study of about 14,000 children born in the United States in 2001, that examined their devel…

Inspirational Quote – March 09, 2017

“Those who dance….are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.”

This reminds me of the reaction I occasionally still get when I tell people I am a professional Tarot and Angel Card Reader. The roll of the eyes, the backing away ever so slightly, the “hmmm, really?” . Some even look prepared to make the sign of the cross while backing away! They just don’t “get” or hear the “music” that I do when I am working with my beautiful cards. I realize I am very fortunate in being able to use my cards in order to bring answers, guidance or resolution for people in who come to me and, as such, being “tuned in” to the music of the Universe. Such a pity we’re not all able to be “tuned” into the same channel don’t you think?

Liz Mitten Ryan: One With The Herd

In 1999 Liz Mitten Ryan, award-winning artist, mother of six and founder of a successful fine art publishing company in Vancouver, moved with her architect husband, and a herd of eleven horses, to Gateway 2 Ranch -- a 320-acre slice of paradise nestled in the grasslands of British Columbia. For over a decade now, Liz has facilitated "Equinisity Retreats" on this magnificent land. Coined by her husband Kevin, the word 'equinisity' means "the gift of finding the unexpected and truly meaningful perspective through the clear and almost 360 degree vision of the equine." People from all over the world come to these retreats, which run from April through November of each year. They are exposed to Liz's way of working with the horses, an approach that depends not on pressure and punishment, but on the far more subtle, and stunningly effective powers of invitation, intention and focus. These unique healing retreats also offer opportunities for individuals and …

Are Women More Ethical Than Men?

ByLaura Kray,Gillian Ku,Jessica Kennedy

New research explores how men and women think about moral decisions—and how women’s voices can benefit business and society.

In 2008, Sallie Krawcheck was CEO of the Global Wealth Management division at Citigroup. Her company sold clients what Citigroup firmly believed were low-risk investments. After these investments unexpectedly lost most of their value in the market downturn, Krawcheck felt that Citigroup should offer its clients partial refunds.  Her position, at odds with that of her boss and the rest of the management team, led to a lengthy debate within the company that culminated in her dismissal. In an NPR interview, Krawcheck recalled, “If you’d asked me at that point in time, ‘Sallie, did you get fired because you’re a woman?’ I would have said, ‘What, are you kidding me? Absolutely not.’”  Sallie KrawcheckFlickr/TechCrunch/CC BY 2.0 However, as time went on, her answer transitioned to, as she now says, “Well,maybe.” Sallie Krawcheck’s expe…