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Heart Symptoms Never to Ignore

Chest PainThis is the most common sign of a heart attack, but it's not always a crushing, sudden pain. It could be more of an uncomfortable feeling -- like squeezing or heaviness. You might mistake it for heartburn. It may last for more than a few minutes or go away and come back Swipe to advance 2/14 Arm or Back PainMen typically feel it in the left arm, but women may hurt in both. Your arms could feel heavy or "useless." It could be a sign of angina or a heart attack. Pain may start in your chest, then move to your upper or lower back. Be suspicious if the pain comes out of nowhere or wakes you up at night and doesn't seem linked to a particular joint or muscle. Swipe to advance 3/14 Neck or Jaw PainYou can feel pain above the shoulders when you're having a heart attack. Your lower jaw on one or both sides may hurt or feel tight. Your neck may ache, or you could have a choking or burning feeling in your throat. Swipe to advance 4/14 Unusual FatigueEverybody's busy, s…

Does Self-Compassion Make You Compassionate Toward Others?

Despite what we might assume, research suggests that self-compassionate people aren't always compassionate.BY JILL SUTTIE

Many people assume that self-compassion and compassion are related. After all, they both involve kindness—only the object of the kindness differs (ourselves versus another person). They both seem to involve mindful attention—being able to notice suffering—and the awareness that everyone else suffers, too. Some people go so far as to say that you can’t truly be kind to others without first being kind to yourself. But is that necessarily true? A newly published study suggests that compassion and self-compassion don’t always go hand in hand—and may have different purposes in our lives. In this study, researchers surveyed over 300 Dutch people on their compassion (how aware of people in need and motivated to care for others they were) and self-compassion (how kind, mindful, and connected to others they felt in their suffering, rather than feeling overwhelmed, alone, an…

Inspirational Quote – June 02, 2018

“The positive thinker Sees the invisible, Feels the Intangible, and Achieves the impossible.”

Each and every one of us has the freedom to choose to think positively. How great is that? A free gift to ourselves from ourselves. This free gift enables us to see the positive in the people around us, the situations we find ourselves in and the problems that we all face every day. How much better to arm ourselves with positivity rather than negativity in order to continue on our path through life.

Inspirational Quote – June 01, 2018

“Defeat is a state of mind. No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.”

This is so true isn’t it and makes perfect sense when you think about it. To actually be defeated by someone, an event or situation in our life, we would have to believe, without a doubt, that we had indeed been defeated. We would have accepted defeat and allowed our mind set to absorb this as the truth. However, if we were to see defeat as something that happened to other people, not us, then our mind set would continue to be positive and uplifted so defeat would definitely have no place in our lives or minds.

When Rivers Hold Legal Rights

In the beautiful land of New Zealand flows a river that now has a voice to protect it. The voice is not like ours, but in every other way the Whanganui River has been given the same legal protections accorded to any person living in New Zealand. The river now "owns itself" and has the law to speak up for it when the river's rights are being violated. This growing global movement for Rights of Nature-- or the Rights of Mother Earth as some cultures prefer to call it -- seeks to pass laws that give legal standing to ecosystems. In a world that heedlessly exploits nature for profit, here is a story that shows how a longing for respectful relationship with Mother Earth can be restored for the good of all. As the River People say, "I am the river and the river is me."

The Rejuvenating Power of Rest

Rest, especially sleep, is a powerful and necessary process of our lives. It is also one of the least honored activities of our days, lives and societies. Matthew Edlund explains both the why and the musical how of resting in this piece.

You Might be Getting Your Politics from Your Group

New research explains how America's political divide is fueled by group dynamics (not just differences of opinion).BY TOM JACOBS
It’s a puzzle: Average Americansaren’t especially ideological, but ourpolitical polarization isintense and growing. If we’re not driven by fierce convictions, why the disdain for the other side? New researchprovides an unsettling answer. While most people aren’t all that invested in public policy, we are all driven by a deep impulse to divide the world between “them” and “us.” We instinctively identify with one side of the political divide, and view the other as the enemy. “Americans are dividing themselves socially on the basis of whether they call themselves liberal or conservative, independent of their actual policy differences,” argues political psychologistLilliana Masonof the University of Maryland. The roots of today’s political polarization, she writes, “are largely based in our social attachments to ideological labels, not only to thoughtful collec…

Inspirational Quote – May 31, 2018

“A tree that is unbending is easily broken.”

Now this is quite straightforward isn’t it? We all know that trees are usually firmly planted and sturdy don’t we? However, when a gale force wind blows and the tree doesn’t “give” in order to cope there is every chance that the wind will persevere until the tree is just ripped from the earth and blown whichever way the wind chooses. Just like the beautiful trees we are buffeted occasionally by situations, people, or stress, and if we don’t bend and adapt in order to deal with these, we too may be broken in spirit.

The Sunray Peace Village

The Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo is Chief of the Green Mountain, Ani Yun Wiwa, the 27th generation holder of the ancestral Ywahoo lineage of the Tsalagi/Eastern Cherokee tradition and a well-respected teacher of Vajrayana in the Drikung Kagyu and Nyingma traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. She founded the Vajra Dakini Nunnery and is Director of the Sunray Meditation Society, an international spiritual organization dedicated to world peace and reconciliation. It is here that she shares the wisdom of the Ywahoo lineage with non-native people and has created a healing sanctuary, spiritual training ground, and community center. In this interview with Elissa Melaragno, she speaks about her heritage, her spiritual journey, the memory of water and creating a peace village.

How to Build a More Forgiving Community

As groups, organizations, and nations, we can find love and healing after being wronged.BY EVERETT L. WORTHINGTON JR.BRANDON J. GRIFFINLOREN TOUSSAINT

There are many ways to hurt another person. There are also many ways to forgive that hurt. On an individual level, we can forgive ourselves or we can forgive others. Self-forgiveness is the experience of getting successfully past self-condemnation by responsibly dealing with our shortcomings and restoring a healthy sense of self. For some, it is important to feel forgiven by God or a higher power. Forgiving another person can be seen as a victim’s altruistic and loving response to an offender’s injurious act. Research suggests that these acts of individual-level forgiveness carry enormous mental and physical health benefits. Numerous studies have documented that forgiveness can reduce stress hormones, and it may improve both immune-system and cardiovascular functioning. In addition, forgiveness reduces rumination and associated depress…