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Daily Inspirational Message for November 30, 2013

Life is a difficult assignment. We are fragile creatures, expected to function at high rates of speed, and asked to accomplish great and small things each day. These daily activities take enormous amounts of energy. Most things are out of our control. We are surrounded by danger, frustration, grief, and insanity as well as love, hope, ecstasy, and wonder. Being fully human is an exercise in humility, suffering, grace, and great humor. - Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (SARK) One of my favorite things to do is read blogs about people’s spiritual journeys. When I read about other people trying to find emotional peace and forgiveness; about all the ways they feel neurotic and inadequate; all the times they find it hard to hang in there and keep the faith; all the crazy stuff they have to deal with from their family members, friends, coworkers and strangers on the street, it makes me feel less alone with my own problems. Reading about others’ trials and tribulations makes me feel more normal a

Temporary Condition

What you are experiencing right now is a temporary condition. Things will soon be different, so act accordingly. If life is going well, make the very most of your good fortune. Work to transform it into even more good things. If life is not going so well, you can take steps right now to change that. Change will most certainly come, so work to make those changes positive, meaningful and enriching. The way your life is now is not the way your life will always be. Fully enjoy all the good things about this moment while also working to create a positive future. As good as things are right now, you can make them better. As difficult as things are right now, you can make them better. This day, this moment, this experience will eventually pass. Give it your best while it is here, and then move forward to something even better. — Ralph Marston Read more at

Food for Your Soul: An Interview with Satish Kumar

"Food brings people together and nourishes not just their body but their soul, their mind and their spirit... That is why it is so important what kind of food you are eating. If you eat food that is tasteless, sprayed with chemicals and wrapped in plastic then your soul and spirit will not be nourished. We should eat wholesome food for a wholesome life." These are the words of Satish Kumar, founder of the Small School in Hartland England, and someone who once walked 8,000 miles from India to America to deliver packets of peace tea to the leaders of the world's then four nuclear powers. Read on to hear more insights into the power of baking and breaking bread together.

Daily Inspirational Message for November 29, 2013

A messenger can only deliver a message to someone who is a vibrational match to the message. So don’t wear yourself out, saying things to people who can’t hear you. – Abraham-Hicks While spiritual awakening comes with all sorts of lovely blessings, it does carry some challenges. I think one of the greatest is remembering that everyone is just where they need to be and doing whatever they need to be doing in order to learn whatever they personally need to learn. When we find an answer for ourselves – some truth or teaching that sets our hearts free from suffering, that brightens our outlook on life and buoys us with wonderful feelings – we naturally want to share what we’ve learned with the people around us, especially if they are stuck in limiting beliefs and experiences we have suffered through in the past. When we do share our answers, however, we often end up disappointed and frustrated when those amazing insights aren’t embraced and immediately put to good use. Some of us even beli

Easier Said Than Done

Everything is easier said than done. But just because something is difficult to do, doesn’t mean it is impossible. In fact, the more difficult something is, the more valuable it is when you do in fact get it done. Instead of complaining that it’s easier said than done, put your energy into making it happen. On the other side of great challenge is great reward. Work through the challenge, and get yourself to the reward. Yes, that will take time, effort, commitment, decisiveness and persistence. And it will be worth all that and more. The way to get it done is to start where you are, to keep going forward, and to constantly remind yourself why. Though it’s certainly not as easy as just saying you will, it is absolutely within your ability to make good and valuable things happen. Act in accordance with the way you wish your life to be. Though it’s easy to say, it’s much, much better to do. — Ralph Marston Read more at

A 15-Year-Old Homeless Artist Rocks the World

Inocente is a talented, spirited, ambitious teenage artist. She is also homeless, living with her mother and younger brothers on the streets of San Diego. She knows that her life depends on her art -- in more ways than we can imagine. This trailer for an award-winning documentary captures the dreams, fears, and inspiring resiliency of this remarkable young woman.

Daily Inspirational Message for November 28, 2013

In India when we meet and part we often say ‘Namaste.’ I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the place in you of love, of light, of truth, of peace. I honor the place within you where if you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us. Namaste.  – Ram Das Years ago, I did this little experiment where in my mind and heart, I said ‘Namaste’ or ‘The Divine in me honors the divine in thee’ silently to myself whenever I met someone or interacted with them. I have to tell you: it totally changed the quality of my interactions with people. Sometimes, the effect was obvious and dramatic. For example, someone might say something like, ‘There is something about you that just feels so good; I just love talking to you!’ Other times, people were still abrupt, cranky or rude as people tend to be, but I would walk away from the interaction still shining bright with peace and well-being, and lightly but sincerely wishing them a better da

A Day To Be Thankful

Every day is a day to be thankful. Life is a miracle, and there is no end to the possibilities for joy, fulfillment, meaning and value. Every day is a day to be thankful, and the more we remember to do so, the more we have for which to be thankful. Life’s blessings multiply when they are fully realized and put to good use. Be thankful today and every day, not because you’re supposed to be, but because you can. Experience the warm sensation of true gratitude just because it feels so good. Keep yourself aware of your good fortune, and through that awareness, your good fortune grows. Focus on the good things, and you make them even better. Remind yourself how good life can be, and suddenly you see new ways to expand that goodness. Your life and your world become what you hold in your thoughts most persistently, so hold all the good things there with your thankfulness for them. Today is a day to be sincerely and overwhelmingly thankful. Seize that great opportunity now, with all

What Is Gratitude?

"Robert Emmons, perhaps the world's leading scientific expert on gratitude, argues that gratitude has two key components, which he describes in a Greater Good essay, "Why Gratitude is Good."

Daily Inspirational Message for November 27, 2013

Every once in a while — often when we least expect it — we encounter someone more courageous, someone who chooses to strive for that which (to us) seemed unrealistically unattainable, even elusive. And we marvel. We swoon. We gape. Often, we are in awe. I think we look at these people as lucky, when in fact, luck has nothing to do with it. It is really about the strength of their imagination; it is about how they constructed the possibilities for their life. In short, unlike me, they didn’t determine what was impossible before it was even possible. – Debbie Millman We all know people who really impress us for some reason or another. When I ponder the people I most admire, it becomes clear that they embody certain traits and characteristics I’d like to further develop in myself. One is way better than I am at handling stress and uncertainty; another has a knack for getting people laughing despite their problems; another is incredibly quick to forgive and forget; yet another shines with

Pay The Price

Success has a price, and today you have the golden opportunity to pay that price. Choose to do so, and valuable, unique, new fulfilling success is yours. Though the price you must pay for success is significant, it is never a burden. Willingly, joyfully and enthusiastically pay that price, and true success will fill your life. To pay the price of success, you must engage your effort, your creativity, your resourcefulness and a whole lot of other strengths, skills and abilities. What’s truly beautiful is that when you pay the price of success, it actually ends up paying you back many, many times over. If you’re trying to avoid paying the price of success, you’re running away from your best possibilities. Stop, turn around, step up, do what must be done, and taste the sweet fulfillment that’s waiting for you. Success has a very steep price, and one of life’s greatest joys is the experience of paying that price. Don’t ever cheat yourself out of the opportunity to feel that joy.

Grateful: A Love Song to the World

Inspired by the 21-Day Gratitude Challenge, talented musicians Nimo Patel and Daniel Nahmod brought together dozens of people from around the world to create this beautiful, heart-opening melody -- a celebration of our spirit and all that is a blessing in life. For 21 Days, over 11,000 participants from 118 countries practiced exactly that, learning that 'gratefulness' is a habit cultivated consciously and a muscle built over time. This soul-stirring music video, created within a week by a team of volunteers, shines the light on all the small things that make up the beautiful fabric of our lives.

Daily Inspirational Message for November 26, 2013

The universe is always speaking to us…sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serendipities, reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something else, something more. – Nancy Thayer I have had a lot of really amazing spiritual experiences in my life. I have also gone through a lot of long periods when all of that magic seemed so far away that I began to doubt it ever happened. I suppose we all go through phases like this. When life seems dull and ordinary and devoid of spirit, we have to remember that those extraordinary spiritual experiences really happened, and trust our deep inner knowing about them. While we can also pray for more signs, synchronicities, and outright miracles, it’s hard to force those sorts of experiences, so until they arrive, it’s up to us to keep our hearts and minds open to as yet undiscovered possibilities, and remember the ways our lives have been profoundly touched by wonder, magic, spirit, love and healing in the past.

Inner State Of Being

Anxiety is not created by your situation, or by what you must do about your situation. Anxiety is the result of your attitude and your perspective on the situation. To be free of anxiety, you don’t necessarily have to change the situation or avoid doing anything about it. What you can do is change your attitude, your perspective and your expectations. In fact, your attitude ultimately is not dependent on your circumstances. Your attitude is whatever you choose it to be. As surely as you have learned to react to certain things with anxiety, you can teach yourself to respond instead with peaceful confidence. That response is just as realistic, and much more positive, healthy and enriching. Keep in mind that it is because of your choice that you become annoyed, frustrated, angry, fearful and filled with anxiety. Keep in mind that you always have another, more positive choice. Make it your intention to choose peace, positive purpose, confidence and generous, effective action. Yo

When You Listen To A Child

"Having a parent that listens creates a child who believes he or she has a voice that matters in this world," says Rachel Macy Stafford, a young mother who, in this digital age, has made the life changing decision to go completely 'hands free'. She did so to ensure her children always knew, that their voice in this world matters. "Because," she continues, "someday our children will find themselves in a difficult situation and they'll have a choice -- either to suffer in silence or speak up. And perhaps that is the moment they will remember your eyes, the nodding of your head, your thoughtful response. And suddenly they will be reminded that their voice holds value." Read more about the "Hands Free" movement -- and how it has the potential to be transformative.

How to Manifest What You Truly Desire

“It is possible to ATTRACT everything you want in life and more, but there are some important principles that need to be in place for this to happen. I struggled for years to move forward and make big changes in my life, but always seemed to end up in the same place I was before. Through experience, I’ve learned why this was happening and how to move past this stuck place. Here are the five essential keys to manifest what you truly desire.”

How to Use your Angel’s Guidance in a Practical Way Each Day

“Have you ever had two engagements scheduled at the same time and not been sure which one to attend? This is about prioritizing. It could seem to you that both events are important and you just can’t decide which one to go to. Your angels have a bigger picture than you do about what you will gain from your involvement in each event, and which is most in alignment with your life purpose and goals. So ask for their suggestion!”

Five Simple Steps to Begin Automatic Writing

“Automatic writing (the ability to receive messages from your angels through written messages) is a skill that anyone can develop. It can be an incredibly powerful tool for receiving clear messages from your Angels. Often, after an automatic writing session, I look back on what I wrote and say ‘Wow! I know those words did not come from me!’ The messages will reflect the personality of your guides as they come through. If you are searching for answers or guidance on a particularly challenging situation, or just for your life in general, try automatic writing.’”

Daily Inspirational Message for November 25, 2013

Who knows what you might learn from taking a chance on conversation with a stranger? Everyone carries a piece of the puzzle. Nobody comes into your life by mere coincidence. Trust your instincts. Do the unexpected. Find the others. – Timothy Leary My best friend for the past couple of decades is a woman I met at a gym long ago. When I overheard her talking about a new record album and wondering if it was any good, on impulse, I introduced myself, told her I had and loved that album, and offered to make her a cassette recording of it. (Yes, this was so long ago that cassettes were cutting edge technology.) My best friend and I have had all sorts of fun and adventures over the years and have developed one of the most fulfilling and meaningful relationships of my life, so I am so very glad that I acted on that impulse to do a favor for a total stranger. If you want more love, laughter, fun and other blessings in your life, reach out! Talk to strangers and act on those kind impulses. Th

Outstanding Feeling

When you meet up with resistance, that means you’re making progress. The more resistance you work yourself through, the more value you’ll create. Achievement is difficult, and that’s a good thing. For that’s what enables achievement to make you stronger. The difficulties can get you discouraged if you let them. The good news is, you don’t have to let them. Take a deep breath, and feel the power of your own purpose and your own intention. You are here to achieve, and to successfully deal with whatever challenges are in your path, so step boldly forward and do it. Feel your strength grow as you work through each new challenge. Feel your resolve and determination increase as you find new ways to move forward no matter what. Achievement feels so good because of what it takes to get there. Give what it takes, as often as necessary, and experience the outstanding feeling that your own achievements bring. — Ralph Marston Read more at

Why Compassion in Business Makes Sense

Managers often think that putting pressure on employees will increase performance. However, recent research shows that when organizations promote an ethic of compassion rather than a culture of stress, they may not only see a happier workplace but also an improved bottom line. Dr. Emma Seppala, the associate director of Stanford's Center for Compassion and Altruism Research, explores how managers can promote a compassionate workplace and why it is of great value to their organizations.

Daily Inspirational Message for November 24, 2013

I firmly believe in small gestures: pay for their coffee, hold the door for strangers, over tip, smile or try to be kind even when you don’t feel like it, pay compliments, chase the kid’s runaway ball down the sidewalk and throw it back to him, try to be larger than you are – particularly when it’s difficult. - Jonathan Carroll I once read a psychological study, the results of which showed that people tend to associate the words that a person speaks with the speaker and not with whomever the speaker is referring to. For example, if someone is always complaining about other people being rude and selfish, listeners will tend to view that person as rude and selfish. I think that in a similar way, we all tend to view other people as being similar to us deep down, and to view the whole of life in light of our own personal moods, habits and tendencies. This is good news if we’re willing to be proactive, for it means if we want to live in an extraordinarily happy, friendly world where peo

Tea Shop Making A Difference

Sometimes the issues ailing our world seem so huge, and our ability to resolve them so small. The story of Katrell Christie, however, and her ability to react with a sincere generosity in the face of a seemingly challenging social issue, gives hope and inspiration. After listening to the story of three orphaned girls on a trip to India, she promised to return and help -- and though she did not know how in the beginning, she was able to put her head, heart and hands together in service: using profits from her Atlanta tea shop to finance their college educations.