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Daily Inspirational Message for January 4, 2014

The struggle ends when gratitude begins.
- Neal Donald Walsch

Recently, I was feeling sad because I hadn’t seen my grandbaby in several weeks. I was thinking about how fast babies change and wondering what new things he might have learned since I’d last seen him. Then I saw a young Army Ranger on the news who was saying goodbye to his two young children because he was heading back for a third tour of duty in the Middle East. As I pondered how much of his kids’ childhoods that young man is missing and everything else he must go through on a daily basis, I was instantly grateful for my own life and happy that I get to see my grandbaby as often as I do. Remembering that we already enjoy all sorts of blessings that other people are praying for is a fast and powerful way to cultivate feelings of gratitude and contentment.

The Abundance of Now

Don’t waste the time you do have wishing for time you don’t have. Don’t ignore the good and valuable things you do have in your desire to chase what you don’t have.

Now is beautiful, and filled with abundance. To experience and benefit from that abundance, let go of the need for more.

It’s wonderful to grow stronger, more knowledgeable, wealthier and more experienced. Yet when you are constantly needing more, it is impossible to fully enjoy the abundance of now.

Life is much too valuable to be put off until you get more of this or that. Live the abundance as it comes, as it is, without imposing any conditions on it.

Be good with being here now. Be good with what is, with what you have, with what you can do, and with what you can experience, now.

What’s over there and what will be someday, can wait until someday. Rise above the need to need more, and fully live the richness and abundance that is yours right now.

— Ralph Marston


An Artist's Healing Project In Rwanda

Lily Yeh is a global artist who is fueled by a belief that art is a human right, and that artists can create a foundation for profound social change. This film documents the design, building and impact of the Rugerero Genocide Memorial, a project that brought hope and healing to the traumatized survivors of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. The monument now serves as the official memorial site for the Rubavu district in Western Rwanda. "To truly honor the dead, we have to bring beauty and to remember them in that light."

Daily Inspirational Message for January 3, 2014

Man is free at the instant he wants to be.
– Voltaire

Is there something you deeply long to do that you’re not doing for some reason? I bet if you really think about it, you are actually free to do it. You may have to conquer some deep fears, make some big changes, and dramatically realign your priorities in order to move forward, but the freedom to do what you really want to do is just a mental shift away. :)


In getting to this day, you’ve invested more of your life than with any other day. Give it the care, respect, attention, effort and commitment it deserves.

This day represents a culmination of all you’ve ever thought, all you’ve ever done, all you’ve dreamed and hoped and loved. There’s an amazing amount of substance behind this day, so put some great new substance into it.

Today may seem like just another day, yet it is so much more. It is the time in which you can make use of all you have been in order to become the best you can be.

Your presence on this day is an impressive achievement, so don’t sell yourself short. Instead, use the opportunity of this day to raise yourself and your whole world higher.

Feel your dreams, your values, your essence, your spirit and the love you have for the beauty of this life. That goodness is all wrapped up in today, and with it, so much more goodness is possible.

Your whole life has brought you here. Consider the magnitude of what you’ve been through, a…

Awakening Sight: Reflections From A Photographer

When photographer David Ulrich faced losing his sight he had a life-changing experience, less under the dominion of ego, and more open to life, to people, and to the changes inherent in our lives. He discovered that "The nature of our perceptions is relative and depends on our state of awareness and state of being." Follow his journey to another kind of seeing...

Daily Inspirational Message for January 2, 2014

“I sometimes like to imagine that I am a time-traveler from the future and that I have come back here to relive this moment. Haven’t you ever wished you could go back ten or twenty years and experience the way life truly was then, or that you could do it over, or live through that time in a way that you would feel better about? Well, if I am visiting this time from the future, then I can do just that: I can experience the way life truly is now, and I can also live this time in a way that I will feel best about later.” – D.R. Butler

Your Next Step

In any undertaking, the first step is vitally important. Just as important, though, is the next step.

It’s great and exciting to make a strong start. Yet what really makes a difference is continuing the effort after the initial excitement fades.

Success is achieved not just by taking the first, impressive and exciting step. Success comes from taking the next step, and the next and the next, until the work is done.

Today is your opportunity, with each thing you’ve started, to take the next step. Today is when success is built.

The next step may not be as glamorous as the first step or the last. Yet it is precisely that next step that will take you from the hopeful beginning to the successful finish.

Honor your commitment by taking the next step. The path to success is here and now, so keep on going and make that success yours.

— Ralph Marston


Resilience: The Opposite of Depression

"Happiness isn't the opposite of depression -- resilience is, according to psychologist Peter Kramer. Think of the people you most admire -- many of them didn't get where they are just by sailing through life without any negative experiences or failures. Most of them distinguished themselves by their ability to get right back up every time they fall, a truism reflected in countless inspirational quotations on the power of perseverance." This article presents seven habits of highly resilient people, with practical ways that you can improve your own ability to cope with life's challenges.

Daily Inspirational Message for January 1, 2014

The only map of your right life is written on your soul at its most peaceful, and the only sure compass is your heart at its most open.
– Martha Beck

When we’re feeling stressed out or upset, it’s next to impossible to summon spiritual guidance, for there is a special state of being required to connect with the Divine. It’s when we’re feeling calm, peaceful, and full of faith that we’re aligned with a higher spiritual perspective, are empowered to see the truth about situations, and can find the wisest way to move forward. Fortunately, when we’re feeling lost or stuck, there are all sorts of things we can do to shift our state of mind and heart so we can align with a higher level of experience.

The Very Best Year Ever

To have the best year you’ve ever had, live each of its days as the best person you’ve ever been. This year will be what you make it, and you can make it great.

Many challenges will come your way, and unexpected interruptions will push you off track. Yet you can make the choice to persevere, to innovate, to thrive and to prosper no matter what.

Life is not easy and life is not fair. Nonetheless, you can live each day with grace, integrity, purpose, love, compassion and richness.

The decisions you make in each small moment will determine how this year unfolds for you. Decide right now to make the most of that amazing opportunity.

All sorts of outside factors will have an impact on your life this year. Yet the overall quality of your life will be determined by the way you choose to be.

Choose to be your authentic best, in each moment and in every situation. And create the very best year ever.

— Ralph Marston


3 Resolutions For a Happier Year

I do understand why people don't like New Year's resolutions: They can be a source of failure, year after year. Folks often pick resolutions that are inherently unrewarding, that necessitate relentless hard work, or that remind them of their mortality in a way that makes them feel small instead of grateful ... Over the years I've learned a lot of tricks for successfully keeping my resolutions. And in the last three years, the science around willpower and habits has made great advancements, which helps a lot." This article shares three New Year's resolutions that could make for a happier you...

Daily Inspirational Message for December 31, 2013

Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows.
- Michael Landon

As you contemplate the brand new year ahead of you and perhaps make a list of resolutions, I hope you decide to live this year like it could be your last. Tell your friends and family how much you love them every day. Smile at that person you’ve had a crush on forever and invite them to have coffee with you. Take a chance on those big dreams, and act on those brilliant ideas. Let yourself have more fun than ever. Plan that trip you’ve always wanted to take, and make it happen. Reach out and connect with new people and explore new ideas. Relax and let go of worrying. Above all, let yourself be happy. :)

Too Precious to Waste

This is your life, so don’t settle for a cheap imitation. Live each moment of it with substance.

Life is too precious to waste even a little bit of it on meaningless junk. Give your time, your attention, your efforts and your energy to what really matters.

If something doesn’t concern you, don’t let it consume you. If something doesn’t really matter, then let it go.

There are only so many hours in this day. Choose to spend every one of those hours in the service of what truly matters.

Your priorities are based not on what you say or intend, but on what you actually do with your time. Choose positive, meaningful priorities by spending your time in positive, meaningful ways.

Devote yourself to what truly matters. And add more richness to your world with each passing moment.

— Ralph Marston


A Story of Grace & Grit

"I don't look at myself as a healer, but I do know healing when I'm in the presence of it. And it's mysterious, magical ... It's not dependent upon the action of any one person, but it arises from the conglomerative energies. It's a team effort, always. It comes about with great love, and it gives great love." Dr. Grace Dammann was a frontline AIDS physician who survived a devastating accident five years ago. Wheelchair-bound and faced with a drastically altered reality, she continues to live and give in stunning ways. As we say farewell to 2013, here is an extraordinary story of courage, compassion and great love, reminding us of what the human spirit is capable of.

8 Ways to Find More Meaning at Work

Approximately two-thirds of our waking life is spent at work, and yet only one-third of employees report that they are engaged with their work. Yet, the opportunities for finding or amplifying meaning at work are abundant. These range from finding a sense of purpose, receiving prestige, actualizing one's self through learning and accomplishment, and being part of the social fabric of a work community. In this article, the Greater Good Science Centre presents eight possibilities for being attuned to or creating value at work.

When Intuitive Memories Tap Your Consciousness

“Whether your memories delight, inspire, sadden or haunt you, you should pay attention when they suddenly pop into your awareness. Ask the question: ‘Why am I remembering that now?’ When a significant event occurs in your present life, the past may return with fresh insights. For example, you may have a memory of watching a movie from the 1970s and realize that the movie dramatizes a remedy for your health issue. You may realize that a memory of a business opportunity that you overlooked six months ago is trying to tell you that the business opportunity before you is a great second chance.”

Four Intuition Responses that Impact Your Life

“Learning how to pay attention and respond to your intuition can be both easy and challenging. I’ve faced days when my intuition ruled and days when I over-analyzed everything, but the latter diminished as I grew in understanding of how my intuition is always trying to steer me to happiness and opportunities, and away from frustration and danger. When receiving messages from your intuition, your life is impacted by four main responses.”

Listen to Your Body and Make Wise Decisions

“Your intuition helps you make wise decisions through intuitive feelings and sensations that rock your body without external stimuli. Whether you consider buying or selling a home, establishing or closing a business, continuing or changing a career, or starting or ending a relationship, notice how your body intuitively feels when you decide for or against an issue.”

Daily Inspirational Message for December 30, 2013

Forgiveness will set you free. Forgiveness is the great elixir of all time. In every spiritual tradition, it is taught as one of the most transformative powers of change and healing. Forgiveness is a vibrational frequency that allows us to shift out of patterns of shame, guilt, hatred, and anger. It even gives us pause to love better and, ultimately, live better. To practice forgiveness, we must begin to allow the possibility of letting go of what does not serve us. Letting go is the key. In Hebrew, the word ‘forgiveness’ means to literally drop it – to drop whatever burdens we are carrying sets us free.
- Jenai Lane

Law of Attraction experts teach us that one of the greatest blocks to manifesting all we desire in our lives is a lack of forgiveness. If we are holding back from forgiving ourselves or others, we are holding ourselves back from manifesting all that we desire in all areas of our lives. One of the most powerful things we can do to align with a higher level of experience is t…

Right Where You Are

Start where you are, and do what you can. Make use of what you have, in the time available to you, and there’s much you can get done.

Don’t waste your time waiting for conditions to be perfect, for they will never be. Go ahead, with things as they are, and begin making real progress.

The place to aim is as high as you can imagine. Yet the place to start is right where you are.

Let go of any concerns about not having enough time, or money, resources or anything else. Focus instead on the great value and potential of what you do have and of what you can do right now.

See the real treasure that exists in your opportunity and ability to make good, effective use of this moment. Claim that treasure by going ahead and putting forth your very best effort.

Today is your day to achieve and to make your world a better place. Start where you are, and get yourself solidly on the way to wherever you wish to be.

— Ralph Marston


Daily Inspirational Message for December 29, 2013

Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life. There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate. Visit, yes. Settle, not yet. Like it or not, for the moment the Earth is where we make our stand. It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.
- Carl Sagan

Whether we believe in life on other planets or not, whether we believe in reincarnation or not, whether we believe that there are worlds beyond this dimension where our souls can continue to explore all sorts of wonderful experiences, I don’t think any of us can deny that life on Earth is an incredible blessing. Earth is a beautiful planet bright with natural beauty, exciting adventures and…

Rumi, Grace & Human Friendship

"Tami Simon speaks with Coleman Barks, a leading scholar and translator of the 13th century Persian mystic, Jelaluddin Rumi. Coleman's work was the subject of an hour-long segment in Bill Moyers' Language of Life series with PBS. In this episode, Simon speaks with Coleman about the extraordinary friendship between Rumi and his teacher Shams Tabriz.