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Daily Inspirational Message for December 28, 2013

When you are praising, when you are appreciating, when you are acknowledging value, when you are looking for positive aspects, when you are laughing, when you are applauding, when you are joyous, when you are feeling that feeling of appreciation pulsing through you, in those times, there is no resistance within you. You are, in those moments, vibrationally up to speed with who you really are.
- Abraham-Hicks

I love the spiritual teaching that when we feel bad, it’s because whatever we are thinking is not in harmony with our true nature. It is said that our true nature is naturally aligned with bright love and appreciation; it sees the beauty in every situation and it embraces all with love. When we are annoyed, irritated, upset or angry, we feel bad because whatever we’re thinking is not in harmony with our true nature. Basically, the better we feel, the more we are tuned in to our higher selves, and the more empowered we are to create whatever we’re wanting in our lives. It’s a surpris…

Worry Is A Waste

Worry is a waste. Find something better to do.

Worry achieves nothing, and it eats up your precious time. Let go of the worry, and use the time to create some real, meaningful value in your world.

Instead of worrying that the worst things will happen, work to make sure the best things happen. Instead of worrying about whether someone will give you a break, work to put yourself in a position where you don’t need a break.

It’s smart to act on your concerns, but foolish to simply worry about them. The best way out of worry is action, so find something positive you can do instead of letting the worry build.

You have the wonderful ability to act and to make a difference. As such, it makes absolutely no sense to worry.

The next time you feel worry, stop it immediately and start taking action. Whatever may or may not happen, you can turn it into something great.

— Ralph Marston


The Million Dollar Scholar From Southside Chicago

When Derrius Quarles was four years old, his father was murdered. The following year, he was taken away from his mother's custody. Growing up in the Illinois foster care system for nine years and in the south side of Chicago, higher education seemed far out of reach for Derrius, and the challenges of inner-city life almost led him down a path of crime and fast money. Everything changed one morning in high school when a caring biology teacher spoke to Derrius about his potential -- and the fact that he was wasting it. Her words sounded like a wake-up call that catalyzed Derrius to be awarded with over $1,000,000 in academic scholarships. Having completed university, Derrius now serves other young people to pursue higher education and attain their full, flourishing potential. This article shares Derrius' incredible journey and the work of his organization, "Million Dollar Scholar."…

Daily Inspirational Message for December 27, 2013

Nothing comes unannounced, but many can miss the announcement. So it’s very important to actually listen to your own intuition rather than driving through it.
- Terence McKenna

We all go through times when we’re more tuned in, and times when we’re so caught up in mundane outer experiences that we miss the subtle signs that are trying to show us the way. This is where regular spiritual practice can bless us with a relatively smooth journey to the fulfillment of our dreams and desires. When we are in the habit of going within – of meditating, practicing yoga, or simply dialoguing with the Universe and listening for answers – we experience more magic, signs and synchronicities. Maybe they are there all the while and we just notice them more when we tune in, or maybe tuning in encourages more guidance to flow to us. I don’t know; I just know that the more I practice listening, the more I’m able to sense what I need to do next in order to end up where I want to go.

Live Proactively

The best time to solve a problem is before it becomes a problem. Get out in front of life and live it proactively, and you’ll be free to set your own agenda.

When you earn money before you spend it, you’ll avoid debt and make yourself financially secure. In the same way, when you do what must be done before it must be done, you avoid having to play catch up and can spend your time doing what matters.

Every moment gives you the opportunity to get ahead of life’s demands. The more wisely and productively you use each moment, the more you’ll be in control of your own destiny.

It feels good to take it easy and do nothing. It feels much, much better, though, to take it easy when this month’s work and next month’s work are already done.

It’s great to be able to deal with a problem when it arises. What’s even better, though, is to already have the solution in place before the problem ever comes.

Look ahead, plan ahead, and work ahead. Live proactively by valuing every moment for the opportunity i…

16 Habits of Exuberant Human Beings

Martin Seligman, the father of positive psychology, theorizes that while 60 percent of happiness is determined by our genetics and environment, the remaining 40 percent is up to us. Through his research, Seligman discovered that happy people have consistent habits which may be introduced into our day to day life.  Take a moment to read this delightful article, in which Seligman introduce the 16 habits of exuberant human beings.

Daily Inspirational Message for December 26, 2013

“Great people do things before they’re ready. They do things before they know they can do it. And by doing it, they’re proven right. Because, I think there’s something inside of you – and inside of all of us – when we see something and we think, ‘I think I can do it, I think I can do it. But I’m afraid to.’ Bridging that gap, doing what you’re afraid of, getting out of your comfort zone, taking risks like that – THAT is what life is. And I think you might be really good. You might find out something about yourself that’s special. And if you’re not good, who cares? You tried something. Now you know something about yourself. Now you know. A mystery is solved. So, I think you should just give it a try. Just inch yourself out of that back line. Step into life. Courage. Risks. Yes. Go. Now.”- Amy Poehler

Life Without Limits

There is no limit to how much you can love. So give your love every opportunity you get.

There is no limit to how high you can aim. So aim for the highest, most meaningful goals, and your achievements will be amazing.

There is no limit to what you can imagine. So imagine and expect the very best for your life and your world, and let what you imagine inspire you to make it so.

Limits are only for those who fear their own strength. Let go of your fear, let go of the limits, and discover how truly strong and effective you can be.

Step boldly outside the comfort of your self-imposed limitations. You have many good and worthy things to do, so put all your focus on making them happen.

Live your life without limits. And fulfill the beautiful, unique purpose that is you.

— Ralph Marston


8 Creativity Lessons From An Animator

Whether it is sharing ideas, working hard and being persistent in your efforts, or having the ability let go of your own ego, amazing things can be accomplished when you allow yourself to become a true team player. Bernhard Haux, who has worked on blockbuster motion pictures such as 'Up,' and 'Monsters U', offers up some inspiring thoughts that can help everyone work together to achieve a common goal.

Daily Inspirational Message for December 25, 2013

Simply give others a bit of yourself; a thoughtful act, a helpful idea, a word of appreciation, a lift over a rough spot, a sense of understanding, a timely suggestion. You take something out of your mind, garnished in kindness out of your heart, and put it into the other person’s mind and heart.
– Charles H. Burr

The greatest gifts we can give one another are of course immaterial: they arise from our efforts to really understand, our willingness to appreciate others even in the ways they’re very different from us, our devotion to being there when those we love make crazy decisions or behave badly. Today, I hope you take the time to give those you love gifts that will bless them forevermore. Long after the boxes and ribbons have been swept into the recycling bin, people will remember your words of love and appreciation for them, so write a letter, make a toast, or find some other special way to express the love in your heart.

Living More Fully

Life is precious, beautiful, wondrous, joyful, overflowing with positive possibilities, and yours right here and now. On this Christmas Day of joy and giving, commit yourself to living life more fully, richly and lovingly than ever before.

No, things are not perfect and there are plenty of difficult problems and painful circumstances. Yet even when there are all kinds of reasons for despair, there is always a more effective and affirmative choice.

That choice is to see, appreciate, celebrate and support life’s inherent goodness. Feel the reality that it is truly good to be alive, and choose to live the best possibilities that spring from that reality.

Just imagine the difference you can make when you see each moment as a blessing, no matter what it may hold. Then go beyond imagining and experience the joy of making it happen.

This is a great day to pause and reflect on what truly matters at the deepest level of your existence. This is a great day to choose a life that is true to all you h…

A Christmas Wish From Beyond The Grave

This Des Moines radio station had run a "Christmas Wish" program for over 20 years, but nothing had prepared them for Brenda Schmitz's request. The wife and mom of four lost her battle with ovarian cancer two years ago, at the age of 46. Then..."About a week and half ago we got [her] letter in the mail," shares station brand manager Scott Allen. Brenda wanted the station to do something wonderful for her husband, David, and their children, after she was gone. And so, David was asked to come into the station to have a wish granted, but was told nothing further. As the stunned dad attempted to hold back his tears, the host started to read his wife's letter..."

Daily Inspirational Message for December 24, 2013

“Sometimes I tease people and ask: ‘What makes you so adamant that there’s no life after death? What proof do you have? What if you found there was a life after this one, having died denying its existence?’ Those of us who undertake a spiritual discipline – of meditation, for example – come to discover many things about our own minds that we did not know before. For as our minds open more and more to the extraordinary, vast, and hitherto unsuspected existence of the nature of mind, we begin to glimpse a completely different dimension, one in which all of our assumptions about our identity and reality, which we thought we knew so well, start to dissolve, and in which the possibility of lives other than this one becomes at least likely. We begin to understand that everything we are being told by the masters about life and death, and life after death, is real.”
- Sogyal Rinpoche

Positive Experiences

Positive experiences create positive momentum. And positive momentum brings even more positive experiences.

Give yourself the gift of a genuine, meaningful positive experience. The benefits of that time will continue long after the experience has ended.

Be good to yourself and it will be great for your life. Truly enjoy the world around you and you’ll see opportunities that were previously invisible.

Joy is always possible. Allow a little joy to flow out from your life right now.

Being good to yourself is not selfish. Because the more fulfillment you experience, the more value you have to give to others.

Have fun with what you have and enjoy where you are. Life’s great abundance is yours when you can truly feel that it’s there.

— Ralph Marston


How Sleep Makes You Smart

About one-third of our lives are spent in reverie, and yet little is known about how sleep is linked to intellectual and emotional intelligence. Researchers are unravelling this mystery and are finding that sleep - especially deep sleep - confers emotional balance, opens us to learning, cements memory, and strengthens our ability to make meaning of facts and experiences. Sleep, as it turns out, is just as essential as eating for humans and for many other species. This article shares some of the latest findings that'll awaken you to the fascinating power of sleep.

Dark Spirits of Hearth and Home

“If you wish to look with your own eyes on the passage to the land of the dead, you have only to find an ancient Welsh farmhouse, step inside, and stick your head inside the kitchen fireplace. Twist your head and look up into the black flue. Can you see a light at the end of the tunnel? For many a Welshman who had died or been laid out at home, this was the way to the afterlife. It was bad practice to carry a corpse out the same door used by the living, and the windows were too small to accommodate a coffin. There was, however, plenty of room to hoist one up and out the massive brick chimney.”

So You Want to Buy a Troll

“Because they’re such terrible cooks and too stingy to order in, trolls are always glad for a free meal on Christmas Eve. If you want to prepare dinner for a troll, you must include a generous helping of meat. A few trolls, having converted to Christianity, promised they would no longer eat human flesh, but you can hardly expect them to be vegetarians. Leave the trolls’ meal out in the woods, far from the house. You don’t want him peering in the window when you open your Christmas presents.”

The Scandinavian Household Sprite

“If you are of Scandinavian descent, there is a remote chance that you might already have one of the old fellows living in your home. If your family does not hail from that part of the world, or if you come from a side branch of the family, it’s not too late to acquire your own domestic goblin. The best place to do so is at a Scandinavian Christmas market. While there is nothing intrinsically Christmassy about the boggart, the nisse, tomten, and tonttu are the epitome of Yule. Yes, you could order one online, but picking them up in your hands and patting their knitted caps will help you choose the one that is right for you.”

Daily Inspirational Message for December 23, 2013

What would your life look like if you acknowledged the truth that working nonstop for 10 hours, taking care of other people, leaves you so spent and weary that there really isn’t much left of you for your kids, let alone yourself? What would your life look like if you realized that you need to set aside time every day to fill yourself up — even if it’s only by taking a few 15-minute breaks during which you stare at nothing or go outside or lie down? What would the pace of your life be if you went on ‘soul time’ instead of clock time, even just a little?
– Geneen Roth

I just spent an evening talking with some amazing women about our lives and what we are hoping to create in the future. One after another, we shared how we are tired of doing nothing but working, of endlessly answering emails and texts and trying to just keep up with the mundane tasks of daily life. We long to do more of what’s really important, what makes us come alive, what truly nourishes and inspires us. I believe this …

When Success Happens

When and where do success and achievement always happen? They always happen here and now.

This is the moment when you can choose to either work toward your dreams or to let them fade away. Now is when you take the specific actions that create the reality of your life.

Successful achievement is not some far off, future concept that might happen someday. Achievement is very real, and comes about as a result of what you do now.

You will not ever get anything done if you keep scheduling it for someday. What you do with right now is what truly makes a difference in your life.

Your future consequences are determined right here, right now, based on what you do with this day. This is when you can put real life and substance into your dreams.

Delight in this moment and give your very best to it. For in this moment is when you are creating your life, and in this moment is when success happens.

— Ralph Marston


Six Life Lessons from Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy, the author of literary epics such as 'War and Peace' and 'Anna Karenina', is most often thought of as one of the 19th century's greatest novelists. However, "few are aware that he was also one of its most radical social and political thinkers. During a long life from 1828 to 1910, Tolstoy gradually rejected the received beliefs of his aristocratic background and embraced a startlingly unconventional worldview that shocked his peers. Tracing his personal transformation offers some wise -- and surprising -- lessons for how we should approach the art of living today."

Daily Inspirational Message for December 22, 2013

“Philosopher Alan Watts used to talk about how the whole world is wiggling all the time. Clouds, trees, sky, water, human beings: Everything’s constantly shimmying and jiggling and waggling. One of our problems, Watts said, is that we’re ‘always trying to straighten things out.’ We feel nagging urges to deny or cover up or eliminate the wiggling. ‘Be orderly,’ we command reality. ‘Be neat and composed and predictable.’ But reality never obeys. It’s forever doing what it does best: flickering and fluctuating and flowing…I encourage you to rebel against any natural tendencies you might have to fight the eternal wiggle. Instead, celebrate it. Rejoice in it. Align yourself with it.”
- Rob Brezsny

How To Make Stress Your Friend

Stress. It makes your heart pound, your breathing quicken and your forehead sweat. But while stress has been made into a public health enemy, new research suggests that stress may only be bad for you if you believe that to be the case. Health psychologist Kelly McGonigal urges us to see stress as a positive. If you believe that your body is energized and preparing you to take action, your physical stress response changes, with no negative effect on your heart. Watch this TED talk, in which McGonigal reveals a surprising mechanism for stress reduction: reaching out to others.