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Today's Quotes October 18 2014

When making your choice in life, do not neglect to live. Samuel Johnson When you're very lonely, or when you're hungry, or when you're poor, a large portion of the day is spent entertaining thoughts related to the source of your scarcity. --Eldar Shafir "Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use." Wendell Johnson

Daily Inspirational Quote October 18 2014

“If the stars should appear but one night every thousand years, how man would marvel and adore…” – Ralph Waldo Emerson To me, there is great magic and wonder of the fact that I wake up every morning. How in the heck did this happen? How did I get here, and who and what am I, anyway? Just being alive and able to love and dream and wonder is incredible. On top of the marvels of basic human existence, we now have the extraordinary technology to restart a failing heart; to communicate with and rescue someone stranded on a boat in the middle of the ocean; to fly a healthy kidney packed in dry ice across the country, surgically transplant it, and prolong the life of a child. Some people spend their whole lives searching for proof of the existence of God, when their very desire and ability to search at all is proof enough that the Universe is a place of divine love and intelligence.

This Is Your Brain On Scarcity

Scientists have long recognized that poverty can aggravate health problems. Now they're also beginning to understand that the stress of too little income actually changes the way people think. Princeton psychologist Eldar Shafir says that's normal for someone who's not making ends meet. He studies the brain on scarcity. He says it doesn't matter what kind of scarcity you're dealing with. When humans don't have enough of something, that fact dominates our consciousness.

Daily Inspirational Quote October 71 2014

“In religion and politics, people’s beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second-hand, and without examination, from authorities who have not themselves examined the questions at issue but have taken them at second-hand from other non-examiners, whose opinions about them were not worth a brass farthing.” – Mark Twain Some time ago, my husband informed me that Mr. Rogers, of the children’s television show “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood,” had been a renowned sniper in Vietnam. When I argued that this seemed very unlikely, he was adamant. When I asked him how he knew, he admitted that my brother had told him. When I then asked my brother about this, he was also adamant that it was true, and he became vehement in defending the story. When I asked him how HE knew, he told me our father had told him. (Ah! Who can argue with authority?) When I asked my father about it, he couldn’t remember where he’d heard it, but he was at least open to what I discovered via a little intern

The Extinction of Quiet

Noise pollution is linked to health problems and some argue it interferes with our natural connection to the earth. As the world's quiet places disappear, are we forgetting how to listen? In 1989, "acoustic ecologist" Gordon Hempton received a grant to document and record the natural sounds of Washington state. He identified 21 wilderness places to record -- sites unsullied by the sounds of traffic, aviation, construction, and other man-made noise. Twenty-five years later, only three of those sites remain muted. This poignant article shares more.

Daily Inspirational Quote October 16 2014

“Lift the stone and you will find me; cleave the wood and I am there.” – Jesus, from the Gospel of Thomas We have only to look for it to find a divine element in every corner of the world. We have only to ponder the meaning or lesson behind our experiences to discover the hints of a higher plan. When we’re upset by circumstances, it’s harder to see God in them, for our own vibration is out of sync with higher truths and divine forces. Similarly, when we’re overflowing with peace and light, we naturally see divinity in everything and everyone we meet. The divine is ever present in our lives; sometimes, we’re just too distracted by our earthly concerns to perceive it.

6 Principles For Changing The World -- Seriously.

"The solution revolution -- the convergence of money and meaning, problem solvers and 'patient' capital, governments and citizen (and commercial) changemakers -- is underway. But while it flourishes in some parts of the world, other regions are still sitting on the sidelines." Want to know what you can do to accelerate the solution economy? Read on for six world changing strategies from William D. Eggers and Paul Macmillan.

Daily Inspirational Quote October 15 2014

“A lively understandable spirit once entertained you. It will come again. Be still. Wait.” – Theodore Roethke Many of us have had at least one magical, mystical experience. We may have received signs from a loved one in Spirit, or been touched in an unmistakable way by some higher force. Such occurrences inspire many people to pursue confirmation in the form of similar experiences. If they seek, but do not find, that confirmation, they may begin to doubt even their most real and amazing encounters with Spirit. This is a bit like seeing a rainbow and going on a rainbow quest; when no rainbows are found, we begin to doubt that rainbows are even real. What can happen once can happen again, but if we’re not looking hopefully toward the sky, others will see the rainbows while our reality will remain rainbow-free. Let your epiphanies and mystical experiences keep your faith alive and your eyes and heart open, for the experiences you choose to build your beliefs around will determine your r

The Pollination Project: Gifting A $1000 A Day

A 13-year-old collects items for animal shelters. An 88-year-old offers up land to community agriculture. A young man trains prisoners in nonviolence. For Ari Nessel, each story is just another day along his journey in giving. After making a fortune in Dallas real estate, Ari wanted to give back. Yet he noticed that modern-day philanthropy tends to hold a disconnect between the funders and those who are doing the work. So he decided to seed projects rather than fund them, and has embarked on an experiment to give away $1,000 a day, every day, for the rest of his life. "My experience is that transformation happens on the fringes and in the micro areas and the individuals," he explains. "It doesn't happen on a large scale, it happens through all these people coming together in communities." Learn how the seeds of The Pollination Project continue to blossom.

Daily Inspirational Quote October 14 2014

“You give 100 percent in the first half of the game, and if that isn’t enough, in the second half you give what’s left.” – Yogi Berra We all go through periods when we’re especially happy and successful. Many of us can’t explain why; we just know that sometimes we’re soaring, and at other times, it’s all we can do to stay afloat. I’ve noticed that much of our competency depends on how we schedule our time. When we do more than we need to early on, we not only avoid the stress of struggling to meet deadlines, but we also create a time cushion for unexpected developments and distractions, and for refining and tweaking finer points. If success and happiness are what we desire, it’s best to buckle down and get a head start on the things we must do. Then we can finish early, perfect our work, or happily coast to the finish line.

Being Impressive

You don’t have to act impressive to be impressive. You just have to be you. And in any case, being impressive is not what matters. What matters is living the life you choose, and finding true fulfillment in doing so. If you’re constantly worried about how you appear to others, you won’t appear in a very good light. It’s ridiculously easy to let go of that worry when you remind yourself how useless and counterproductive it really is. Give yourself permission to enjoy the moment you’re in. Challenge yourself to share that joy, and wonder, and love, and enthusiasm, with as many people as possible, in your own special way. What other people think of you, or of anything else, is their business. Your business is to give rich expression to the unique beauty of life that is within you. Go beyond striving to appear this way or that. Put your thoughts, energy and passion into authentic living, and add real joy and substance to every moment. — Ralph Marston

Giving Discarded Laptops New Lives & New Homes

It started with a small request made during one of Becky Morrison's many trips to Guinea. Instead of a donation of t-shirts and toys, she was asked if she might bring a laptop. In preparation for her next trip, Becky posted the request to social media. Within minutes, 10 used laptops once destined for the trash heap, were offered a brand new 'home'. It was then that Becky founded Globetops, an organization that refurbishes old laptops and sends them to worthwhile applicants throughout the world. Now, through efforts like these, discarded products are finding a new lease of life and bringing hope to those in need.

Daily Inspirational Quote October 13 2014

“Wherever you are is always the right place. There is never a need to fix anything, to hitch up the bootstraps of the soul and start at some higher place. Start right where you are.” – Julia Cameron While it’s wise to visualize our hopes and dreams, when we live in resistance or denial of any aspect of our current reality, we dis-empower ourselves from changing it. To offer a simple example, for years I tried to eat right and work out, but I was very opposed to getting on a scale or having my body fat measured. When a personal trainer unexpectedly decided to measure my body fat one day, I was in shock to find that I’d been living in denial for a long time. Since then, I’ve begun to really make new progress towards my goals. To accurately map the best course to any destination, we have to know from where we’re departing.

The Myth Of Creative Inspiration

When we read the masterpieces of authors such as Maya Angelou, James Chabon, or Franz Kafka - we assume that it is their creative genius which helps the words to flow. But, what if creativity were more a matter of habit, than these often elusive moments of inspiration? Franz Kafka, for example, worked tirelessly through the night. While Maya Angelou rented a room to create during the day. In each of these cases, the authors set aside time for their passion. Why? Because they knew this daily routine would help them to succeed. Read more to learn how our daily habits help to ensure our personal success.

Daily Inspirational Quote October 12 2014

“Saints are sinners who kept going.” – Robert Louis Stevenson While great spiritual teachers can surely inspire us, when we compare ourselves to them, we often end up feeling inadequate as we are. Years ago, I’d devour one spiritual book after another, and shamefully long to be as wise and wonderful as their authors. Now that I know many teachers and writers personally (and have become one myself), I know that in our lives, we are far from perfect. We all stumble and get lost or lose ourselves as we encounter ever greater lessons. I now believe that whether we consider ourselves to be students, teachers or both, our moral fiber is not measured by our ability to be “perfect,” but rather, by the quality of our determination to persist in the endless battle between the ego and the higher self.

Father Rocky's Safe Haven For Street Children

What is the link between a Catholic priest and at-risk youth in the Phillippines? Hope for the future. In 1997, Father Marciano "Rocky" G. Evangelista, known as Father Rocky, founded the Tuloy sa Don Bosco School. Since its inception, the Don Bosco School has functioned as a refuge for thousands of teenagers and street children who could otherwise have become absorbed into the prevailing system of youth seeking security through drug trafficking, networks of vigilante justice and other crimes. Through his school, Father Rocky provides students with more than just an education and shelter: he gives them practical training, exposure to artistic outlets, and career opportunities to truly transform the uncertainty in their lives into stability and hope. This article highlights the power of compassion and demonstrates how one person really can create a better world.