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Top Reasons You’re Always Bloated

Feeling Bloated?

We’ve all felt it: that too-full feeling you get in your belly. But it’s not always from eating too much. Does your body hold on to too much water? Is it something you ate? Or could a health issue be behind it?

Too Much Gas? Probably Not

Most people who think they’re bloated because they have gas are just more sensitive to it. This is usually related to a health condition. Possible causes include irritable bowel syndrome (when nerves linked to your bowel are too active), acid reflux (which irritates your esophagus, the tube between your throat and stomach), and hemorrhoids. Talk to your doctor if you think you have gas often.


Your body needs this, but most of us get more than we need. It makes you hold on to -- or retain -- water and can cause more serious health problems like high blood pressure. And it’s not just the saltshaker you should avoid: If you’re like many Americans, most of your salt comes from prepackaged and fast foods. Check food labels for salt (sodium…

Inspirational Quote – May 13, 2017

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest achievement.”

Have you noticed the constant bombardment of advertising we are exposed to on a daily basis? We all have access to the wider world thanks to new technology and this can be a good thing, enabling us to interact with other people, perhaps in other parts of the country or the world. Also, keeping us up to date with what’s happening around this wonderful planet of ours. However, we are also allowing into our homes, offices, leisure pursuits, those who want to sell us something we don’t really need, things we can’t really afford, the opportunity to create debts by purchasing “stuff”. Take no notice of what you don’t have to and stay who you are not who somebody else thinks you should be.

Seeds of Change: Meet A Hero of the Urban Farm Movement

It began with a single tomato. Watching her own home-grown plant take form before her eyes, and tasting for herself the deliciousness, Karen Washington dove into gardening as more than just a hobby -- it became her calling. Deemed as 'the queen of urban farming', Washington is a change maker and urban revolutionist ---greening the streets of New York City's poorest areas one abandoned lot at a time. Her first community project, 'The Garden of Happiness' aimed to beautify these forgotten spaces, though her mission has now evolved into food creation to feed both the mind's and body's of those in need.

Inspirational Quote – May 12, 2017

“If you want to feel rich…just count the things you have that money can’t buy.”

Sometimes we’re so caught up and swept along by the things we have to do every day that we never take the time to stop and actually think about the many blessings we have in life that we take for granted. I don’t mean the 50” Smart TV, the posh car, the expensive clothes, etc. etc. I mean the blessings we are fortunate enough to have been given for free, i.e. our health and the health of those we love, a happy home, people in our lives who love us for who we are, financial stability, being able to appreciate the world around us and it’s beauty……. Too many blessings to mention so I will leave you to reflect on your own personal blessings for which I’m sure you’re truly thankful.

The Freedom of Real Apologies

In 2009, the U.S government quietly released the congressional resolution of "Apology to Native Peoples," hidden inside the 2010 Department of Defense Appropriations Act. In response, Layli Long Soldier authored WHEREAS, a book of pioneering poetry, which went on to receive the 2016 Whiting Award. Soldier, a member of the Oglala Lakota Nation, grew up in Arizona where she now teaches English at Din College of the Navajo people, the first tribally-controlled college in the United States. In an interview for On Being with Krista Tippett, Solider describes her early influences growing up Lakota, and how a heartfelt apology from her father, who was often absent during her childhood, can demonstrate the freedom of a genuine apologies. While the government's apology falls short of what is needed to recognize and reconcile with the native peoples of the United States, perhaps WHEREAS and discussions like those happening with Tippett can bring much needed attention to the issue.…

How Resting More Can Boost Your Productivity

ByAlex Soojung-Kim Pang

Here are five ways to incorporate more rest and rejuvenation into your work day.

Rest has a bad rap in our culture. Most of us think about rest as merely the absence of work—not something valuable in its own right. Sometimes, it’s even equated with laziness.
But nothing could be further from the truth. Rest is an essential component of working well and working smart. In my new book,Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less, I outline some of the fascinating research that shows how rest helps us to think, innovate, and increase our productivity, and what we can do to rest more effectively. Even in our brain’s resting state—when we are not directly focused on a task—it’s still active, engaging its “default network” to plug away at problems, examine and toss out possible answers, and look for new information. We may not be able to control these processes completely; but by learning to rest better, we can support them, let them work, and take notice when they uncov…

Inspirational Quote – May 11, 2017

“Do what you can with what you have, where you are.”

Oh, I do! Hopefully, you do too? Realistically, that’s all any of us can do isn’t it? Nothing else for it but to get on with things. It would be great to think that each and every one of us realizes the gifts we were born with and the abilities and skills we have gained on our way through life. Then, armed with this knowledge, do the best we can, not only to enrich our lives, but also the lives of those around us. Who knows the gifts we may be able to give to each other!

Re-Imagining the World: An Artist's Remarkable Life Journey

They say that a creative adult is the child who survived. From an early age, Slobodan Dan Paich had a powerful awareness of his inner compass. In the decades since, it has led him across the globe and against many odds, to build community through art and to leverage the creative force for re-imagining the world. Slobodan reminds us how staying true to ourselves, and working with our fears, we can foster a deep connection with life. In the middle of vulnerability, he says, is the space where the magic may unfold.

Why “Mom Brain” is Good for Mothers and Babies

ByElise Proulx

According to a new study, pregnant women lose gray matter in their brains—and this process helps them figure out what other people need and feel.

My fellow mothers will recognize the symptoms of so-called “mom brain”—that feeling of fuzzy forgetfulness that seems to strike many moms as we juggle diapers and dirty dishes. But does this condition have any basis in science? Anew study inNature Neurosciencesuggests the answer is yes. Pregnancy does seem to change a woman’s brain—perhaps permanently—so that she can better connect with other people. Prior research has suggested the pregnant brain may have fuzzy moments—but they don’t last long. For example, memory function does decline, especiallywhen it comes to verbal information, during the last trimester. But after the baby is born, mom’s memory and cognitive abilityseem to bounce back. In fact, somestudieshavefoundmotherhood actually makes rodents smarter. The new study, by a team of researchers based in Spain, gathered four …

Inspirational Quote – May 10, 2017

“Those who deserve love the least, need it the most.”

Occasionally, people are their own worst enemies. You know what I mean. People we come across in our day-to-day lives who appear to take pleasure in alienating or upsetting those around them, just for the sake of it. Very frustrating for us as we can see no valid reason for their behavior other than to cause mischief or upset. However, it might pay us to look more deeply at what they themselves are experiencing in their own lives at the time. We all react differently to problems, worries or stress, and perhaps this is their way of coping or showing distress by hitting out at those closest to them. The next time somebody is causing you grief, before you perhaps respond in anger, try taking the time to sit down and talk to them. Try to discover what is actually going on with them and you may begin to understand why they are behaving the way they are. Try love before anger, it may just work.

The True Birthright of the Storyteller

As a newspaper reporter, Rajni Bakshi initially enjoyed the thrill of getting out there to write about any interesting story she could find. But that thrill faded as she began to feel that although it's important to record what is, it is also important to illuminate what can be. To Rajni, that means "making visible those people, ideas and actions that seem at first extraordinary but which actually expand our imagination in ways that empower the 'ordinary' in all of us." Read on to learn more about the perspective of this Mumbai-based freelance journalist and author whose writings are a profound journey into the intellect and spirit.

Is Humility Good for Your Relationship?

ByJeanette van der Lee

A new study suggests that people are more satisfied with their relationships when their partners are more humble.

In Western culture, we’re encouraged to be vocal about our individual successes and accomplishments. We present our ideal self on social media, at job interviews, and on first dates. But is all this self-promotion good for our long-term relationships? Recentresearchpublished inThe Journal of Positive Psychologysuggests it might not be. A group of researchers found that people are more committed to and satisfied with their romantic relationship when they perceive their partner as being more humble. The researchers recruited 349 participants to fill out several online questionnaires measuring how committed they are to their relationship, how satisfied they are with their relationship, and their partner’s humility. Over half of the respondents also reported how forgiving they are towards their partner and how grateful they are in their relationship overall. …