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Daily Inspirational Quote January 10, 2015

“An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place and circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.” I have had too many experiences of the above to count but I’m still amazed when it happens again and again. I expect you’ve all had times when you meet someone in the most unlikely place at the most inopportune moment who you just know was meant to come into your life, and indeed you into theirs, for a reason that is perhaps not clear at the time. I truly believe that, while traveling along our life path, there are certain people waiting at the side to step in beside us, whether just for a short way or for a long distance or even for the duration of our journey. All are important and all bring something different to share with us, some beneficial and some perhaps not so beneficial but everything has a purpose and a lesson for us so it behooves us to just accept.

Changing The Story

It’s not really so hard to get up and get going. It’s mainly a matter of changing the story you tell yourself. Every day you’re strengthening your habits and assumptions with the things you do and the things you tell yourself. Every moment you have the opportunity to become more energetic, more focused, more purposeful and successful. If you sit around telling yourself that you’re too tired and that life is unfair, guess what? You’re creating a reality with your inaction and with those negative, self-defeating thoughts. Instead, get up, move around, do something useful and caring, being thankful all the while. Remind yourself of life’s best possibilities and jump at every opportunity to have a positive impact. Is the story you’re telling yourself holding you back, keeping you inactive and unmotivated? If so, it’s time for a new, improved story, and you can start telling yourself that story right now. You deserve the best, so remind yourself to get busy and create it in every

Building Empathy In Healthcare

Doctors are now being taught the communication of empathy, along with the ability to understand patients' emotions, in the hope that it can facilitate more accurate diagnoses and more caring treatment. In an interview, Dr. Helen Riess, the founder of Empathetics, discusses her innovative work on fostering empathy in the physician-patient relationship and its implications for improving healthcare delivery.

Daily Inspirational Quote January 9, 2015

“The best feeling is when someone appreciates everything about you that someone else took for granted.” This is best summed up by a very close friend of mine who had been in a relationship with a man who was very controlling mentally towards her. He lost no opportunity in belittling her or verbally chastising her. He criticized her weight and her physical appearance, and constantly pointed out her faults as perceived by him, and only him. After almost 11 years of this behavior and following a lot of emotional turmoil and soul searching, she found the strength to leave him. It didn’t take long for him to realize how much she had loved and supported him and that he missed and needed her in his life again. However, she met someone else who showed he loved her not just by saying so, but by supporting her, praising her appearance, appreciating everything she did for him, and by doing whatever he could to make her happy. She is beginning to blossom again into the person she has a right to

Make Your Next Step Positive

In ways large and small, life can often be disappointing. Yet in every case, you don’t have to let the disappointing events keep you disappointed or discouraged. For as disappointing as life can be, there is always something positive you can do. What you do next is what truly matters, and you can choose a positive step no matter what. In each disappointment there is a priceless gift. That gift is the opportunity you get to become more determined and purposeful and positively motivated. Each time, choose to accept that gift, to take that opportunity and to embrace its great value. Quickly use it to transform the energy of disappointment into the energy of achievement. When you think about it, the choice is actually an easy one. Would you rather waste your life and crush your spirit with resentment and retribution, or do you want to feel great about making a positive difference? Make the choice to honor your life, to honor all of life, by making your next step a positive one. S

Which Countries Are The Happiest?

Is it income or social inclusion that determines the level of happiness one feels? To what extent, if any, does geography contribute to one's happiness? In a study of more than 40,000 students representing 200 countries, researchers examined these questions to try to arrive at the science of happiness. Read on for the results and to see if your country is represented in the study!

Hope, Peace and Comfort

My heart goes out the all the people in France.  Shocking such people are in today's world.  Make you find peace in the coming days.

Daily Inspirational Quote January 8, 2015

“Magic is essentially the higher understanding of nature.” I believe we are all born with magic within us and therefore capable of manifesting and weaving our own “spells” using our intent, and this is where nature comes in. How can we not believe in magic when we behold the miracles of nature all around us every day? There is nothing quite like walking through a forest, sunlight streaming down through the trees, or rain making music as it kisses the leaves and ground as it falls, or crisp crunchy footfalls on a frosty day. Perhaps catching a fleeting glimpse of a beautiful forest creature or bird wary of the stranger in their midst.  This is when my own belief in magic is paramount, that something so wonderful, so spiritually inspiring, and with no man’s hand in it’s conception, exists for all of us to appreciate and enjoy. It inspires me to feel that I too have the ability to create and weave my own magic.


When you see your work as a burden, you’re not going to do it very well, and you’ll make yourself miserable in the bargain. When you can instead see your work as a privilege, you completely change things for the better. When you see your work as a privilege, your effectiveness and your satisfaction skyrocket. You experience a dramatic improvement in your creativity and level of commitment. Just because there are burdensome elements to your work is no reason to see the work itself as a burden. Most likely, you can find a way to eliminate or make improvements to those troubling components. It’s important to make that distinction, between what you’re seeking to accomplish and the tasks and procedures you must undertake to get there. It enables you to be fully committed to and enthusiastic about the goal, while being flexible about the way you achieve it. The opportunity to make a difference is indeed a privilege. Although the path may at times be frustrating and uncomfortable, the

From Rwandan Garbage Dump To Harvard

After 2-year old Justus' parents vanished during the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda, he lived in a stripped-out car in the Kigali City Dump, surviving on food scraps thrown out by nearby restaurants and hotels. Six years later, Clare Effiong was driving through Rwandan dirt roads in a taxi cab, looking for ways to "do good." Her intuition told her to pull over when she saw a group of children, including Justus, on the side of the road. After learning that Justus wanted to go to school, Clare found him a place to stay and paid for his schooling. Justus was a brilliant student and eventually earned admission into Harvard University. Today, Justus believes passionately that "What has been done for him, he must now do for others...Self-affirmation requires him to pay it forward." Read on to learn more about this remarkable story.

Daily Inspirational Quote January 7, 2015

“Just remember you can’t put your arms around a memory so hug someone you love today.” Anybody who knows me will tell you I am a serial hugger, yes hugger, not mugger! Always have been and always will be. I’m so thankful I was made this way as I have no regrets that my parents, who sadly both passed years ago, ever suffered a lack of hugs and kisses from me, whether they wanted them at the time or not! My children are also both very tactile which is nice, so lots of hugs and kisses there too. I wish everybody felt and behaved this way but realize that’s a wish that might be stretching it a bit. The sad thing is I’ve often known people feeling remorse when a loved one passed as they felt they didn’t give them enough of their time, told them they loved them enough, hugged them enough, or just listened to them enough. It’s also been proved in some medical studies that hugs benefit peoples’ health, which is not news to me personally, but hopefully gives the green light to us all giving a

6 Promising Trends For The New Nature Movement

When we view nature as a collection of resources, it's easy to lose sight of our place in the greater scheme of life on planet earth. Fortunately, more and more research is affirming what many feel in their bones: that connecting with the natural world is intimately tied to our health and development. Here are six promising trends for those striving to reintegrate nature into the lives of children around the world.

Daily Inspirational Quote January 6, 2015

“The greatest prison that people live in is the fear of what other people think.” Not caring what everybody else thinks about us is not an easy achievement. In fact, we go through life adhering to rules and regulations (well most of us) so we let the world know we are complying and conforming and being “good”. However, regarding our family, friends, work colleagues, etc., we can be guilty of conforming to their ideas of how we should behave and think. So much so that we stifle the very things that make us who we are therefore denying ourselves the opportunity of thinking and behaving “outside the box”. Why should we care what other people think of us? Would it really affect us that much? Would stifling our creativity and individuality add anything to their lives?  Of course not! Always, always, be true to yourself on your life path and take pleasure in being who you are not other peoples’ idea of who you should be.

Positive In The Negative

When you’re going through a negative experience, it takes real work to see the positive in it. Yet when you can do that work, there’s no limit to the difference you can make. Great achievements very often grow out of great difficulties. Those who see the opportunity, and act on it, truly move the world forward. When you’re buried in trouble, disappointment, frustration and confusion, it seems like you can’t possibly see anything good in it. Yet that good is there, those positive possibilities are there, and when you have the strength and the foresight to look, you’ll begin to see them. One big key is to not take the difficult times personally, even though they may feel extremely personal. Step back, give yourself some objectivity, and you’ll start to see the situation differently. Instead of worrying, complaining or feeling sorry for yourself, adopt a counterintuitive strategy of being thankful. Be thankful for the goodness that will come out of your troubles, and you’ll be able

Former Orphan Creates Safe Haven For Street Kids

Crouching in the back of a van is a young boy with a fresh injury. He'd been hit with a bottle when he got into a fight. Stanislas Lukumba, a tall, good-looking, fortyish nurse, checks for shards of glass as the driver shines his cell phone on the wound. For the past eight years, Stanislas has made nightly trips in the van, a mobile clinic that runs in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Stanislas, a former orphan himself, intentionally stops in neighborhoods where street children hang out. He is accompanied by Kapeta Benda Benda who interacts with street children and listens to their problems. Together, this courageous and compassionate duo engage heart-to-heart with some of Kinshasa's most vulnerable kids, fostering trust, connectivity, and opportunities for a better life.

The Language You Use Is Important

Why the Language You Use Matters An Excerpt from Life Purpose Boot Camp by Eric Maisel Many folks also have given little or no thought to the language they use to discuss meaning with themselves. People typically get stymied trying to answer the question, “What would it be meaningful to do next?” because it is the wrong question to ask. Embedded in that question is the idea that the experience of meaning can be guaranteed. The logic of such a sentence is, “Certain things are meaningful, so let me choose one and get me some meaning.” But nothing is necessarily meaningful. Playing with your infant child might feel tremendously meaningful one day and more like a chore the next day. Working on your novel might feel poignantly meaningful today and completely pointless tomorrow. Your teaching job might feel meaningful during your first five years of teaching and empty and burdensome in your twentieth. “What would it be meaningful to do?” has an implicit guarantee built into it that life

Using Your Name As A Mantra

An Excerpt from Life Purpose Boot Camp by Eric Maisel Potentially the most useful and powerful mantra is your own name. What word or sound does a better job of carrying your life purposes, your identity, and your intentions? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your name do this work? However, if “Dan” or “Andrea” conjures only your anxieties, your shortcomings, or your regrets, then “Dan” or “Andrea” will hardly work as your life purpose mantra. On the other hand, if you are actively working on upgrading your personality by becoming the person who makes herself proud by her efforts, then your name might receive an equal upgrade. People have remarkably variable and typically very strong reactions, both negative and positive, to using their name as their life purpose mantra. Aneesah, a painter from the Netherlands, reported on how she turned her name into an acronym: I have had some bad experiences with my name. It is Persian and means “the affectionate one.” I used to be proud of thi

Creating A Meaningful Life

An Excerpt from Life Purpose Boot Camp by Eric Maisel As life gets busier and more complex, we all crave something larger and more meaningful than just checking off another item on our to-do lists. Traditionally we’ve looked to religion and spirituality for a sense of life purpose, but in our secular age the idea of gods or gurus providing this sense of purpose seems less compelling. The need grows stronger every day for new, better answers as traditional answers continue to fall by the wayside. Certain sorts of secular solutions to this dilemma, such as, “Do what you love” or “Live with passion” sound attractive. But though they possess the virtue of simplicity, they just aren’t psychologically sophisticated enough. Human life is complicated, full of stressors and distress, and can’t be made to match some fantasy of bliss and ease. Any genuinely fruitful exploration of life purpose has to take human reality into account. Likewise, such an exploration must get at what meaning rea

Daily Inspirational Quote January 5, 2015

“Don’t do something permanently stupid because you are temporarily upset.” I can so relate to this and I expect many of you can too. It is so easy and tempting to strike back in retaliation when we feel we’ve been attacked. In these days of the internet and global messaging the temptation to put fingers to keyboard, press a button and, hey presto, it’s out there for not just our “antagonist” but the whole world to see. Unfortunately, it’s out there forever and can’t be taken back when we’ve had time to cool down and perhaps realize that, you know what, it wasn’t said or meant in the way we initially thought. However, by then, it can be too late and we may not have just lost the friendship of one person but caused everybody else to look at us in a different, even not very favorable, way. Not easy I know, but in situations like this, take a deep breath, walk away, have a cup of coffee, go for a walk, anything to give you time and space to look at what’s happened more rationally and cal

10 Ways To Live Simply In 2015

We are now entering radically changing times -- and it's only natural for our worldly expressions of simplicity to evolve in response. For more than thirty years Duange Elgin has explored the "simple life" and articulated it for tens of thousands of people all over the world. To Elgin, the most accurate way of describing this approach to living is with the metaphor of a garden. Here he describes 10 unique expressions of the simple life that we can work with.

Daily Inspirational Quote January 4, 2015

“When you feel that something is a sign from Heaven….trust that feeling.” Oooh, don’t you just love it when that happens? That feeling you get, the assurance that there is a message just for you from Spirit, The Angels, a Higher Power. There’s no reason for you to know something but you just do, you “feel” it in your very soul, your very being. No explanation needed, you’ve got the message and how special is that? I personally believe we usually get a “message” or a “sign” because of troubles or trials we’re experiencing in our lives at any given time so Isn’t it wonderful to know that we’re being looked on and after by such a powerful, healing, loving, benevolent being? I, for one, totally, totally trust and treasure these signs.

Giving People A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out

I saw Joe sweeping up New York City's detritus, dressed in the familiar blue pants and shirt of Ready, Willing & Able. Four months out of prison, he said, "I've learned my lesson, but the situation was pretty dismal." That's when he turned to the Doe Fund, as tens of thousands of homeless men and ex-cons have done since 1990. Today the Doe Fund's 400 fulltime employees (some 70% of them graduates of the program) operate four programs to help the homeless, the formerly incarcerated, and most recently, veterans, achieve permanent self-sufficiency.