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Daily Inspirational Quote October 25 2014

  “May we all live on pedestals, and never fall off.” -   Marty Alvarez Recently, I witnessed the epiphany of a new friend. A gathering of women were sitting and talking, and this sweet, soft-spoken woman was trying to explain why she’s been on the verge of divorce for more than a decade. She said that as soon as she decides it’s really time to move on, something always stops her. In a nutshell, she finds herself wondering if she’s discontent because her expectations of love and marriage are just too high. When she said this, there was a resounding “no!” around the table, and these strong, vibrant women all agreed that we will get out of life no more than we are willing to accept. We concluded that there is far less danger in falling off a pedestal than in never enjoying that lovely view at all, and that it is never wise to succumb to cynicism and mediocrity.

Eight Keys To End Bullying

"I am hopeful. I believe we have an opportunity to change the culture of bullying among young people and I think the answer begins with those who live and work with young people every day. It is not complicated policies or grandiose programs that make the most difference, but rather consistent, daily, nurturing acts of reaching out to both children who bully and those who are the receiving end of cruelty that bring about the most meaningful and lasting change." Licensed social worker, school counselor, and national educator Signe Whitson outlines eight key steps to end bullying.

Daily Inspirational Quote October 24 2014

“Treat the other man’s faith gently; it is all he has to believe with. His mind was created for his own thoughts, not yours or mine.” – Henry S. Haskins Those of us who have abandoned traditional religion sometimes find ourselves deriding religious beliefs, even those we once held ourselves. Who are we to proclaim our new truth as the only truth? There are many complex reasons why people believe what they do; some are silly, some are sound, and some are a matter of psychological survival. Everyone has a right to believe what they believe, whether it makes sense to us or not.

Alan Watts On The Art of Timing

Alan Watts had a singular way of dispersing our illusory convictions about pairings, such as belief vs. faith or money vs. wealth or productivity vs. presence or ego vs. true self or stimulation vs. wisdom or profit vs. purpose. In Does It Matter? Essays on Man's Relation to Materiality, he considers another such infinitely important duality -- the notions of hurrying and timing. Learn more about it here...

Daily Inspirational Quote October 23 2014

“He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare, and he who has one enemy will meet him everywhere.” – Ali ibn-Abi-Talib When we harbor resentment, it matters little how many blessings we have in our lives, for that seed of hatred will spoil it all. It’s like the worms that cause us to discard the whole apple as inedible. Many of us put a great deal of time and effort into the things we cherish such as our health, prosperity and personal relationships, and realize only after we suffer regret that none of this will bring us true and lasting happiness if we allow even one person to take up residence as an enemy in our hearts.

Everyday Inspiration

A breathtaking vista or exotic adventure can be very inspiring. Yet inspiration is not limited to mountaintop experiences, not by a long shot. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you can choose to be highly inspired. No tear-inducing video or soaring music is required. The thing is, every little part of life has the potential to inspire. Even the ordinary moments can be the source of refreshingly extraordinary inspiration. Look around you and consider all the work and passion that has gone into the everyday things within your view. Think about the wondrous path you yourself have taken to get to this very moment. Then, consider the possibilities. What you have is really quite amazing, and what you can do with it all truly boggles the mind. In every situation, there is ample raw material for exhilarating inspiration. Be inspired by everyday matters, and from such a constantly inspired state you’ll know that all good things are possible for you. — Ralph Marston

Bridging the Clothing Divide

Developmental organizations typically work on food, education, health care, and economic opportunity, but very few address the need for clothing. For materially poor people, however, clothing is shelter. Anshu Gupta shares, "In earthquakes, the shake kills people; in a tsunami, the water kills people; but in winter, the cold does not kill people. It's the lack of proper clothing. Why don't we consider lack of clothing a disaster?" Gupta and his wife Meenakshi founded "Goonj", a non-profit organization that is using an intricate sharing network to address what the Guptas consider a non-natural, perpetual disaster. Read on to learn more about the everyday couple that is saving lives using a model built on empathy and respect.

Daily Inspirational Quote October 22 2014

“It seems to me that people have vast potential. Most people can do extraordinary things if they have the confidence or take the risks. Yet most people don’t. They sit in front of the telly and treat life as if it goes on forever.” – Philip Adams I was invited to join a year-long goal-setting group some months ago. While I was honored to be asked to join these strong, powerful women in collectively manifesting new success and fulfillment, I have to admit that I was hesitant to make the commitment. After all, I barely have time to keep my current responsibilities afloat most days, much less to add new goals and spend precious time meeting to discuss goal attainment in general. My intuition told me to do it, however, and I’m so glad I did. I have made more progress in the past three months than I believed possible when I first made that decision, and I’ve learned anew that we have only to try to discover that we are capable of far more than we consciously realize.

A Healing Poem From Haiti

Nobody should die from diseases we know how to treat, but over 50,000 people die daily from them. Two UCSF Physicians have started a project called the HEAL Initiative that aims to address health workforce in resource poor communities, from Navajo Nation in New Mexico to Liberia and Haiti and India. They attempt to improve the quality of care, support and train local health professionals. This article and moving poem share more.

The Powerful Pumpkin: Surprising Health Benefits of Fall’s Favorite Fruit - Michelle Gregg, Counseling Astrologer

What comes to mind when you see the bright orange skin and funny, lumpy shape of a pumpkin? Jack-o’-Lanterns, witches and warlocks? Tiny, spooky creatures at your door announcing “trick or treat?” Or do you think more of the harvest, Thanksgiving, family gatherings and pumpkin pie? Whatever your associations with this very versatile fruit, pumpkins offer more than fun or symbolism. They pack a powerful nutritious punch, being rich in antioxidants, vitamins, ...

Candles For Nights Of Halloween Magic- Janine Renee

Novelty candles make fun and festive decorations for holidays and other occasions, and the most fanciful novelty candles are found at Halloween. As figural candles (such as black cats, red devils, skulls, and the like) are also used in American folk magic, the availability of Halloween candles suggests many possibilities for imaginative spell working. The following are some magical suggestions for Halloween candles. In some of these spells, you personify the ...

Halloween: A Spiritual Perspective On - Michelle Gregg, Counseling Astrologer

In just days, All Hallows Eve will be upon us once more. There are those who believe it’s a negative holiday, some because it’s been turned into a commercial driven candy fest, which obviously isn’t healthy for our children (or for us parents who raid the candy bay!) Others come out strongly against it for religious reasons, saying that it opens children to evil and is too frightening. I’d like to offer a healing perspective for this ancient celebration. If you find that ...

Daily Inspirational Quote October 21 2014

“We are so vain that we even care for the opinion of those we don’t care for.” – Marie Ebner von Eschenbach I want everyone to like me — I always have. As soon as someone expresses anger or displeasure with me, I’m scrambling to smooth things over and make things right, even when I’m not to blame. It has taken me a long time to learn that needing everyone to like me is foolish, and yet I still find myself frantic to please, especially when someone I disdain or have given my best to is somehow rejecting me. It feels so unfair until I remember that with people who are ever immoral and unreasonable, rejection can be ultimately a blessing.

Hairstylist For The Homeless

Mark Bustos is a hair stylist at an upscale salon in New York City, but not all of his clientele have to be wealthy to get a quality trim. Sometimes, they don't need a penny. Bustos spends every Sunday -- his only day off from work -- venturing through the city in search of anyone in need who'd appreciate a haircut. Approaching each person with the same, simple phrase -- "I want to do something nice for you today." Meaningful, ordinary human contact and respect is the remedy to dehumanization.

Today's Quotes October 20 2014

The brain is like a muscle. When it is in use we feel very good. Understanding is joyous. Carl Sagan Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a mater of opportunity. Hippocrates We are blessed -- or cursed -- to live with each other. And I prefer the first. Daniel Barenboim

Daily Inspirational Quote October 20 2014

"A gentle hand may lead an elephant with a single hair." - Persian proverb When we're riled up about something, we're blazing with the personal power we need to be effective and persuasive. When we raise our voices in agitation, however, we dissipate that energy. This is why most people yell in the first place: They have so much intense energy boiling inside that they're uncomfortable, and need to "blow off steam." Instead of wasting the force of our indignation, if we "keep a lid on" our anger, we can consciously harness it. There is tremendous power and wisdom in speaking quietly -- especially when we're raging inside.

7 Ways To Exercise Your Brain & Why You Should

Researchers believe that your brain performance peaks in your 50's and then begins decreasing. The good news is that the brain is highly adaptable. Repetitive brain exercises practiced both early and later in life keeps the brain strong and helps it combat the reduced memory, thinking speed, problem solving, and reasoning that can set in later in life. Read on to learn about seven easy, scientifically proven, results-oriented brain exercises that will help keep your brain healthy today and tomorrow.

Overcoming Resistance

An Excerpt from The Yoga of Food by Melissa Grabau, PhD. Anticipate Resistance:The next step to managing your resistance in a more conscious way is to anticipate it. I want you to think about the repetitive excuses listed above as a tic line monotonously circling around your experience. Resistance is ubiquitous. It is also boring—it offers no new information and seeks to keep the status quo. It’s no big deal if you learn to recognize it, label it, and carry on with your commitments in spite of it. The more ...

What You Resist Persists

An Excerpt from The Yoga of Food by Melissa Grabau, PhD.Resistance is a powerful deterrent to change, but it can be managed when you have awareness of its energetic pull toward the status quo. We move on to ad- dress the pitfall of chronic tension, the pitfall of difficult moods and impulsive behavior, the use of food to self-medicate, and how these behaviors coalesce to create a problematic identity, which has its own energetic current. We then address the pitfall of hunger and how this almighty force can bring you ...

Your Energenic Body

An Excerpt from The Yoga of Food by Melissa Grabau, PhD. Imagine that you are at a takeout restaurant grabbing a quick bite to eat after going to a doctor’s appointment. You are contemplating the menu and assessing what you want to eat, distracted by the many choices and aware that you don’t have much time before you need to be back at work. Normally you don’t leave the office and you forgot to tell your boyfriend that you had the appointment. You could have met him for lunch since ...

Daily Inspirational Quote October 19 2014

“A person needs at intervals to separate from family and companions and go to new places. One must go without familiars in order to be open to influences, to change.” – Katharine Butler Hathaway I have taken many classes and seminars over the years, sometimes with a friend in tow, and sometimes on my own. I’ve discovered that when I’m alone, I tend to meet more people and make new friends more readily. I’m also less self-conscious and more open to the ideas presented, for as no one in the new arena knows me, I feel free to relax and really be myself. While bright, capable partners are surely treasures, it’s often easier to wholeheartedly embrace new potentials when we explore them alone.

Dr. Bob's Clinic of Compassion

Doctor Bob Paeglow could be just another physician working in Albany, New York, but his patients will tell you otherwise. Although he could be making a comfortable living, Dr. Paeglow chooses to operate his clinic, Koinonia Primary Care, free of charge. The clinic runs mainly by the generous donations of others. Patients receive free medical care, or pay whatever they can afford. When patients cannot afford their medication, the clinic will even buy it for them! According to Dr. Paeglow, it is simply the right thing to do. His generous spirit embodies the true meaning of charity. His compassion heals not just the body, but the soul.