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Inspirational Quote for December 31, 2016

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

It’s so easy for us to talk ourselves out of things, isn’t it? We can come up with a great idea or dream, and then almost immediately start to list all the reasons NOT to pursue it. Having faith in ourselves seems to be a real challenge these days, and I think most great ideas are waylaid when we say “What if it doesn’t work?” That seems to bring things to a standstill, when in truth, it’s not about if it works or not. No, it’s about taking a leap of faith and enjoying the journey it takes us on. Even if the end isn’t what we envisioned, we’ll have some amazing experiences and learn wonderful things along the way.

by Susyn Blair-Hunt

Krista Tippett on Sounds True

In this interview with award-winning journalist and author Krista Tippet, she shares insights on journalism as a force for progress, beginning, first, with a good question and active listening: "Good listening starts even before words begin to be spoken, even before we speak the question. It starts with the invitation we create, the way we create the invitation, the space we create. If it's not trustworthy, if people think they've been brought in to be set up or to be -- if people feel like they're on the defensive or they have to explain themselves, then no matter how good my questions are, I haven't established a space in which I can be a good listener or really draw them out in a meaningful way." Tippet continues to share insights about hope, mindfulness, and the mechanics of social change.

Two Blind Brothers: A Cause Driven Clothing Brand

"In an effort to shop from socially-conscious brands this holiday season, I came across an interesting startup that caught my eye. Two Blind Brothers is a cause-driven clothing brand that sells luxury causal wear and gives 100% of its net profits to medical research to cure blindness. Read on."

Madrid's Robin Hood Restaurants

"It is early evening at a restaurant in central Madrid and Jose Silva sits down for a meal of rice, meatballs and vegetables as waiters flit from one table to another. All very normal, except for one crucial detail: Silva, 42, cannot afford to pay. He lives rough under the platform of a cable car station in Madrids sprawling Casa del Campo park, one of dozens of homeless people who have started dining for free at the Robin Hood restaurant that earlier opened this month." Learn more about this innovative restaurant started by a beloved, 79-year-old rebel priest.

An Artist's Take on How to Deal With Heavy Things

"The world was falling apart. No one noticed at first. I tried to ignore it. But soon that became impossible. I wasn't sure how to react. I tried to hide from reality." In this wonderfully whimsical series of drawings, artist Grant Snider explores how to deal with the heavy, soul-crushing realities we are sometimes faced with.

Orchestra for Ghaza

Daniel Barenboim is an Argentine-born Jew with a Palestinian passport. For 12 years, he has used his musical reputation to push for peace between Israel and its neighbors. In May 2011, he crossed from Egypt into Gaza with 25 handpicked musicians from the leading ensembles in Europe to play for an audience hungry for music.

The Top 10 Insights from the “Science of a Meaningful Life” in 2016

ByKira M. Newman,Tom Jacobs,Mariah Flynn,Summer Allen,Jill Suttie, Jason Marsh,Jeremy Adam Smith,Emiliana R. Simon-Thomas

Our team names the most provocative and influential findings published during this past year.

At the start of 2016, Barbara Ehrenreichpublished an essayinThe New York Timesthat took aim at the science of gratitude, criticizing it for focusing solely on benefits to oneself rather than to others. “This holiday gratitude is all about you,” she writes, “and how you can feel better.” Nearly a year later, we can see what a false dichotomy this is. In our fifth annual Top 10 Insights fro