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Daily Inspirational Quote for July 23, 2016

“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are an entire ocean in a drop.”

I know there are times when I feel insignificant, perhaps due to unforeseen events or the actions or words of other people. I guess we all do at some time or another. That we don’t matter or figure in the grand scheme of things and that everybody else on the plant does. Sound familiar? I thought so. However, try looking at yourself another way. YOU are a vessel filled with dreams, hope, energy, feelings, etc. all crammed into one special human being. There is NOBODY else like YOU on the entire planet! You are a unique being. A “one off” among men (and women!). How great is that? How reassuring! Try remembering this the next time you’re beginning to feel insignificant. YOU? Insignificant? Really? Never!!


Why We Need To Cultivate Awe In The Workplace

--by Homaira Kabir

There’s a profound feeling that shifts us outside the box of the routine and familiar and opens us to something much larger than ourselves writes Homaira Kabir. We’ve all felt it – the goose bumps on our arms when standing below towering Eucalyptus trees or the expansive feeling in our chests when watching the sun slowly set in the horizon.

Researchers define it as the emotion of awe. Like most positive emotions, it boosts physical health and inspires altruistic action. And yet, awe is more – because it recruits both motivations of the paradoxical human brain. It gives rise to a feeling of fear that is initiated in the more primitive parts of the brain. But it also opens us up to belonging to something much larger than the self, the most human of all needs. It is this whole brain functioning that is so essential for optimal performance, both in our personal lives and at work.

The Reality of the 21st Century Workplace

Most workplaces today function on the quick-fix, effi…

Daily Inspirational Quote for July 22, 2016

“To dream by night is to escape your life. To dream by day is to make it happen.”

I usually have very vivid dreams. You know the kind that, when you wake up, you can remember perhaps not all of it, but certain bits and don’t they feel real? I have given up trying to find meanings in most of them although some are obviously born from what I’ve read or watched on TV previously. In fact, when I think about it, dreams are like programs appearing on the screen of our sleeping mind. We are at the mercy of our very own, personal, unique show. On the other hand, our daytime dreams can only play out for us if WE take the time, energy and commitment to make them reality. We are the Producers and Directors solely responsible for bringing our dreams into being. Scene 1…….


Letting Love Come In: Lessons from a Nursing Home

"Two and a half years ago my grandmother was placed in a nursing home where she will live out the rest of her life. She has dementia and so her memory capacity has been marred. Somehow though she remembers kindness. She is my constant teacher. One of things we like to do is walk down the halls in the nursing facility saying hello to the other residents...When I go to the nursing facility, it is like going to the village. I do not know the individuals histories but I have a sense of their spirits now and I have come to care for them. In that context, I would like to share a story of my time with my grandmother and some of these elders that I have come to think of as my relatives too in a way."...

Daily Inspirational Quote for July 21, 2016

“When you do what you fear most, then you can do anything.”

Fear makes us prisoners of us. It prevents us from doing the things we want to, perhaps even preventing our dreams from becoming reality, because we ourselves allow it power over us. Why not give it a “bloody nose” by taking your power back? Go on, gather all your courage, believe in YOU, and do what you fear the most. You’ll find that nothing terrible happened but that, actually, you feel great and experience a wonderful sense of “release” because that old bogeyman “Fear” has been banished forever. YOU, have given yourself the great gift of a fear free life apart, of course, when fear works in your favor and prevents you from doing something really dangerous, then its ok!


Former Dress Shop Owner Feeds Thousands Through Gardening

What started out as a simple gardening project for a grad student has now grown into a multitude of flourishing gardens, and a community coming together. This is the story of how the Randolph Street Community Garden came to give nearly 2,000 people access to fresh fruits, and vegetables and become a place where food, fun, and friendships grow.

How to Save Your Marriage from Parenthood

ByAmie M. Gordon

Amie Gordonoffers five tips to maintain (or reignite) the spark in your relationship.

I became a parent a year and a half ago, and my life changed forever. When I was pregnant, lots of parents gave me advice (Enjoy going to the grocery store by yourself while you still can! Go out on dates! Clean your house!). One even warned me that becoming a parent would “rock my world.” I thought I understood. I thought I was prepared for the huge change coming. And while I wasn’t unprepared, I really had no idea exactly how life-changing becoming a parent would be. Now I try to explain to my friends who don’t have children what exactly getting swept into parenthood felt like, and the best I have come up with is this—I had my daughter and she was more wonderful than I could have imagined, and the rest of my life fell into chaos. One of those pieces of my life was my relationship with my husband. We look at each other and marvel that we used to sit around on the weekend and lament that …

Daily Inspirational Quote for July 20, 2016

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”

I can really relate to this. I love a good laugh. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t and I don’t suppose you do either? I agree with the well known saying that laughter is the best medicine. There have actually been scientific studies that prove that laughter can be very beneficial to people suffering from physical or mental illness. I know it works for me if I’m having a difficult day when things seem to be conspiring to make my day one where I just want to go to bed and hide under the duvet. Being able to find humor in any situation isn’t easy but it pays us to really try, as things tend to not seem so bad if we can don’t you think?


A Tribute to Pakistan's Angel of Mercy

Amidst the violence and chaos of Karachi, there is a ray of hope: Pakistani philanthropist, humanitarian and a man of grit and strength, Abdul Sattar Edhi. Born in 1928 in Bantawa, Gujarat, India, he later migrated to Pakistan in 1947. From a very young age his mother taught him to be kind towards others. Each day, she would give him two paisa - one to spend on himself, and one on someone less fortunate. Started with a mere Rs.5000 (approximately $55.56) the Edhi Foundation runs the world's largest ambulance service and operates free nursing homes, orphanages, clinics, women shelters, rehab centers for drug addicts and mentally ill individuals, to name a few of the many services. One of the most trusted men in Pakistan, Edhi's Foundation has modified the phrase "Live and Let Live" to "Live and Help Live." Postscript: Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away on 8 July 2016, after a long illness, at the age of 88. Edhi was given a state funeral, but buried in the cloth…

Why You’re Not Meeting Your Exercise Goals

ByKira M. Newman

According to a new study, mindfulness may be the key to motivation.

When it comes to exercise, many of us are full of good intentions but not much action.I’ve been meaning to go to the gym, we tell our friends, and their heads nod in understanding. We accept this state of affairs as normal, but maybe we shouldn’t. If we can’t get ourselves to do something like exercise, which is pretty much unequivocally beneficial—to our health, no less—what hope do we have in motivating ourselves toward more complex goals and aspirations? Past research has linkedmindfulness to better health, so a group of researchers set out to investigate whether mindfulness might play a role in the interplay between feeling motivated to exercise and actually getting up and doing it. And, indeed, they found that the more mindful we are, the more likely we are to translate motivation for physical activity into action. Intheir study, published recently inMindfulness, researchers asked a group of 244 Frenc…

Daily Inspirational Quote for July 19, 2016

“You are always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past.”

I wasn’t sure what this meant at first. I could relate to choosing a different future but a different past, really? I believe you are NEVER too old to choose a different future to the one you perhaps planned when you were much younger. Life tends to change and shape us in ways we never expected or planned for. There is nothing stopping us responding to these changes by adapting and putting into practice new plans or ideas. However, when it comes to choosing a different past……. I don’t think this is so much about choosing a different past but instead learning from the past and allowing the lessons it has taught us to enhance our future. This is our choice so we need to use it wisely.


Three Steps to Living a Life of Gratefulness

--by Brother David Steindl-Rast

An act of gratitude is a living whole. To superimpose on its organic flow a mental grid like a series of “steps” will always be somewhat arbitrary. And yet, for the sake of practice, such a delineation can be helpful. In any process, we can distinguish a beginning, a middle, and an end. We may use this basic three-step grid for the practice of gratitude: What happens at the start, in the middle, and at the end, when we experience gratitude? What fails to happen when we are not grateful?

Before going to bed, I glance back over the day and ask myself: Did I stop and allow myself to be surprised? Or, did I trudge on in a daze?

To be awake, aware, and alert are the beginning, middle, and end of gratitude. This gives us the clue to what the three basic steps of practicing gratitude must be.
Step One: Wake UpTo begin with, we never start to be grateful unless we wake up. Wake up to what? To surprise. As long as nothing surprises us, we walk through life in a daz…

Why Your Office Needs More Nature

ByJill Suttie

According to a recent study, sunlight and natural elements in the workplace may improve workers' moods and job satisfaction.

Arecent Gallop pollfound that almost a third of American workers are disengaged and unhappy at their jobs. Could a dose of nature give them a boost? According to anewly published study, workers exposed to sunlight and natural elements in the workplace report better moods, higher satisfaction with their work, and more commitment to their employer—something that Amazon would be happy to hear, as they construct massive greenhouses for employeesaround their downtown Seattle headquarters. Spaceo /Wikimedia Researchers at Central Michigan University surveyed hundreds of workers from the United States and India and asked them about natural elements in their workspace, including views out of windows, office plants, and screensavers or wall prints depicting nature scenes. They also asked how much workers were exposed to direct sunlight (from working outside …

Healing Body and Soul Through Divine Gnosis

by Tau Malachi (Article originally published inThe Llewellyn Journal.) When we look into the stories told about the life and teachings of Yeshua (Aramaic-Hebrew for "Jesus") we find a very luminous Jewish teacher and mystic, an amazing prophet and wonderworker, and most important of all a holy man who embodies the fullness of the presence and power of God, the Divine—hence, the Messiah, the anointed of God. In him we see the union of a human being and God—the embodiment of the knowledge of God or enlightenment. When we look into the many wonders or miracles he performs, more than anything else what we find is the removal of displaced energies, the mending of souls from "spiritual possession," and the healing of illness and disease, the restoration of well-being and harmony on physical, psychic (mental-emotional), and spiritual levels. In fact, according to all accounts he brings about some of the most radical healings, and even brings the dead back to life on a number …