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Daily Inspirational Message for January 25, 2014

“To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury; and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable; and wealthy, not rich; to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly; to listen to stars and birds, to babes and sages, with open heart; to bear all cheerfully, do all bravely, await occasion, hurry never; in a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious grow up through the common. This is to be my symphony.” – William Ellery Channing

Lift Your Thoughts High

You can think whatever you choose, so choose to think highly of yourself. You’re capable of much more than you yet know, so find some more of your unique greatness and bring it to life.  While you’re at it, remember to also think highly of others. The way to bring out the best in people is to sincerely expect it.  Think highly of life itself. Consider what an amazing opportunity each day represents, and do all you can to live up to its beautiful potential.  Think highly of whatever circumstances you find yourself in. Instead of complaining or fearing, use your powerful mind to dig out the best path forward and then use your efforts to follow that path.  Think highly of the future. Rather than worrying about what might come, focus your thoughts and your actions on making the very best of what does come. Whenever you think, make the choice to think highly. Lift your thoughts high, and your whole world will be lifted. — Ralph Marston

How Doctor's Die

What does it mean to provide true healthcare? Do we look to doctors to cure and save us, or to help improve our quality of life? Already under immense pressure, today's doctors face a stark paradox: providing more care often means a larger paycheck and less risk of litigation, but doesn't always correspond with a patient's wishes or a doctor's better judgment. Speaking from his own experience, Ken Murray, Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the University of San Francisco, offers his thoughts on why many doctors elect to avoid life-saving treatment for themselves in favor of spending their final days and weeks with family and friends.

Daily Inspirational Message for January 24, 2014

My best advice to any young person is to write down the top ten things you want in a partner, and then become that person. - Kriss Hakala The traits we find most attractive in other people are usually the very traits we most want to further develop in ourselves. For most people, these are traits like confidence; the self-respect to take care of their body by eating right and exercising; the intelligence and self-love to be successful in whatever they’ve chosen to do; the moral fiber to be honest and ethical; a positive, joyful attitude. Of course, you’ll have your own list of traits that you personally find attractive. If you’re looking for love, then you know what you must do: further develop those qualities in yourself! You don’t have to wait for destiny to deliver true love to you; you have only to become the sort of person you would readily fall head over heels in love with to attract all sorts of wonderful admirers.

Making Adjustments

Success is never achieved in a straight line. Although it’s great to carefully put together workable, realistic plans, life doesn’t always go according to plan. Yet even when conditions change quickly and dramatically, success is still possible. To succeed in such a world as this, you must be willing to constantly adapt. When something fails to go the way you planned, it’s not the end of the world. In fact, things could eventually turn out to be even better than you planned. Regardless of what happens or fails to happen, you can choose to successfully work it into your path forward. Instead of making judgments about what you cannot control, make adjustments in those things you can control. It might be nice if everything were to play out according to your plan, but the thing is, it won’t. There will most certainly be surprises, so you might as well find a way to make positive use of them. Don’t give up on your goals or dreams just because things change. Adapt, make adjustments

Insights From Photographing Spiritual Giants

I may not have the most wonderful bank account, but my spiritual bank account is overflowing, says Jane Feldman of her career as a social justice photojournalist and author. Working for the Peace and Justice Ministry of New York's Riverside Church led her to photograph Nelson Mandela. She's traveled with the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation and met the Dalai Lama. Enjoy her words on earning the trust of beloved world leaders and her photographs which capture their laughter.

Daily Inspirational Message for January 23, 2014

Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success. Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity for success. Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dream. - Lao Tzu I recently reread a parable that, in a few words, captured how wise and powerful it is to look for the positive in whatever comes up in our experience. In the late 1800s, a shoe company sent a salesman to Africa to open up that market. A month later, he sent a telegram to the home office: Disaster!Disaster! These people do not wear shoes. Bring me home immediately! The following month, a salesman from another shoe company was sent to Africa with the same assignment. He, too, soon sent a telegram home: Opportunity! Opportunity! These people do not wear shoes. Triple production immediately! Whatever is happening in your life, the

Life Energy

You don’t need to get more energy. Simply make more meaningful use of the life energy that is already yours. Instead of wasting your precious, powerful energy on negativity, apply it toward living with joy and fulfillment. There is plenty of energy in your life, and you can choose to make positive use of it. Each day brings new opportunities to focus your energy on lifting your world higher. Every turn of events brings you the chance to make good and loving use of your life energy. If you feel continually weary, take that as a cue to seriously reconsider where your energy is focused. To experience more joy and fulfillment, invest your energy in being authentically joyful and positively purposeful. You have the energy to create, to love, to heal and to bring beautiful new meaning to life in each moment. Feel the possibilities that come flowing to you with life’s energy, and enthusiastically follow the best of them. Continue to point your energy in the direction of the beautifu

10 Scientific Insights That Could Change Your Year!

The tide of psychology, which has traditionally probed into the dysfunctions of the human mind, has been shifting to a rigorous examination of its virtuous aspects. The "positive psychology" movement is unraveling universal human behaviors and experiences such as altruism, empathy, meaning, and happiness. For instance, in the past several years, researchers have found that a meaningful life is healthier than a happy life. Mindfulness meditation has been observed to benefit us by bolstering our immune system, increasing resilience, and increasing productivity. Thinking of others and cultivating empathy can even help individuals with severe forms of mental illness lead a better life. Yet these findings are only the tip of the iceberg, riddled with nuances and contextual factors that researchers continue to explore in depth. This article summarizes some of the key 10 scientific insights in the positive psychology movement that will make you think, wonder, and perhaps even weave

Daily Inspirational Message for January 22, 2014

The most visible creators are those artists whose medium is life itself. The ones who express the inexpressible – without brush, hammer, clay, or guitar. They neither paint nor sculpt. Their medium is simply being. Whatever their presence touches has increased life. They see, but don’t have to draw…Because they are the artists of being alive. - J. Stone Your life is the greatest work of art you will ever create. If you want to look back on it at the end of your days and feel your spirits soar like they do when you watch a great movie about someone who really went for their dreams, then you’ve got to listen to your heart and bring those visions into being. You alone have the power to make your life look as you want it to look and feel as you long for it to feel. Just as an artist receives a vision from the ethers that guides her hand, you are constantly receiving visions from your higher self of what your life could be like. These inspirations come from your soul; the more you trust

Always Give The Best

In order to experience the best life has to offer, you must give the best of who you are. There is no other way.  True fulfillment does not ever come from possessions, relationships or experiences alone. Fulfillment comes from what you do to put real substance and meaning into what you have.  The success you desire in life does not depend on the image you’re able to project. Success is a result of the authenticity with which you live your life in every moment.  If you attempt to cheat life, the best you can hope to get are mere tokens of success. You deserve much more than that.  So go ahead and put in the effort and commitment necessary to make each day truly meaningful. Do the work to be honest, creative, productive and generous in your own unique way.  Give your best to life every chance you get. And what you’ll get in return is a life that’s rich and full and increasingly satisfying.  — Ralph Marston Read more at

Tell Me A Story

Richard Hamilton asks why we love stories and why we love hearing them spoken aloud, in person. He concludes that whatever the evolutionary explanation, narrative seems to occupy a very central position in our thought patterns, that perhaps storytelling is a sort of flight simulator that allows us to practice something without getting hurt.

Daily Inspirational Message for January 21, 2014

“Hope is an inside job…In order to keep hope alive, it’s extremely important that we monitor what we allow ourselves to see, hear and feel, especially in regards to the media. Because our subconscious minds accept as real not only our personal experiences but also those we watch or imagine vividly, it’s up to us to choose mindfully and wisely what we watch and read. Because images imprint deeply, the disturbing pictures and commentary favored by the media can act as an emotional acid, etching the pain and suffering we witness into our own psyches. Such images can pull the plug on our reserves of hope. Limiting your exposure to sensationalism of all kinds is wise. Allow yourself to be as informed as you feel the need but not to be deformed by overexposure and overstimulation.” – Sue Patton Thoele

Immense Bounty

Remind yourself right now, and often again, how good you have it. The more you’re aware of how good you have it, the better it all gets.  You are capable beyond anything you have yet imagined. You have access to resources you don’t yet even know are there.  The way to make better use of the immense bounty in your life is to more fully appreciate it. Be amazed at how good you have it, and you’ll become even more amazed at all the great things you can do.  All sorts of dangers, limitations, disappointments and shortcomings may forcefully and dramatically demand your attention. Don’t neglect such problems, but don’t make them the centerpiece of your awareness either.  Instead, see all the negative aspects of life from the larger perspective of your positive possibilities. Know without a doubt how truly good you have it, and you’ll naturally take every problem in stride.  Remember always how good you have it. And you’ll keep yourself always in a position of great strength.  — R

Bright Ideas to Simplify Your 'Stuff'

Whether it be through sharing, repairing or changing the rules there are myriad ways in which we can simplify our lives. In this article, writer Shannan Stoll offers up six different paths to simplicity and illustrative stories to go with them. Such as the story of the Fixers Collective in NY, a group that dedicates space, tools, and support for monthly repair sessions where folks in the community can bring in broken items for fixing.

Forecast 2014: 11 Spiritual Trends Beyond the Shift

“2012 and 2013 were heady years of releasing old patterns for most of us, especially old thought patterns contained in the collective soul. In 2014, we’ll see more of this transition or Shift, and much of it is very, very difficult for humankind…yet overall, 2014 is a gentler year. It’s as if we’ve actually evolved a little bit. We understand where we need to go, and even if we’re not there yet, at least we’re pointing in the right direction. We don’t live in fear the same way we used to.”

Heaven’s Ledger

“There may or may not be a pearly gate to heaven’s door, guarded by St. Peter. There may or may not be a time of reckoning, with points tallied up and sins examined under a celestial microscope. It is your choice to believe in this version of the afterlife or not – for really, what does anyone know? Few have crossed the line and returned to tell. And what they do tell – of white tunnels, bright light and angels – doesn’t seem to cover a ledger in the clouds for naughty or nice.”

Noticing the Particulate

“As you begin to see this stuff of the Universe with your adult eyes, the visible manifestation of what we call Divine, it is easy to recall more fully who you really are, what we really are: energy, light, love. It’s all around you, it is you – not just what is seen, but what is also unseen: the energy within the energy, the space within the space, the universes within the Universe.”

Daily Inspirational Message for January 20, 2014

In this moment, you don’t need all the answers. They will come to you in time, or not, or maybe the unnecessary questions will fall away. - Jeff Foster Not every problem has to be solved this very moment; in fact, many of them don’t have to be solved at all. I love realizing that there are all sorts of dilemmas that stressed me out in the past that I never solved or figured out, that are no longer issues for me today. Sometimes, the fastest way to get over a daunting hurdle is to simply go around it. We don’t have to run faster, jump higher, or win the race. We can opt out. We can leave the track for an open field of flowers, kick our shoes off, take a delicious nap, wake up, wander off in a new direction, and get so caught up in living a beautiful life that eventually, those hurdles are so far behind us that we can’t even see them anymore.

Nothing To Be Afraid Of

Failure is nothing to be afraid of. Highly successful people experience it all the time, and they do just fine. What will hold you back is not failure. What will hold you back is doing nothing because you fear failure. Say what you authentically believe, without worrying about whether or not you’re saying the right thing. Express what you truly feel, without being concerned about what others will think. And by all means, take action, without fretting or procrastinating or fearing what might or might not happen. Prepare yourself as best you know how, make sensible, well-informed choices, and then get busy doing it. Sometimes, the result won’t be to your liking. But you can deal with that, and you’ll never know what works and what doesn’t until you step forward and act. The way to succeed at anything is to take action even though failure is a definite possibility. Push yourself constantly forward into action, and make a beautiful, unique difference in life. — Ralph Marston

Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech

Marked by one of the most famous speeches given by Martin Luther King, Jr., titled 'I Have a Dream,' the 'March on Washington' on August 28, 1963, was the largest civil rights demonstration in history. Watch this historic footage of the speech, given on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial more than 50 years ago. It inspires a rededication to Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream of liberty, justice, equality, and opportunity for all.

Daily Inspirational Message for January 19, 2014

“Dear Human:  You've got it all wrong. You didn't come here to master unconditional love. That is where you came from and where you’ll return. You came here to learn personal love. Universal love. Messy love. Sweaty love. Crazy love. Broken love. Whole love. Infused with divinity. Lived through the grace of stumbling. Demonstrated through the beauty of…messing up. Often. You didn't come here to be perfect. You already are. You came here to be gorgeously human. Flawed and fabulous. And then to rise again into remembering. But unconditional love? Stop telling that story. Love, in truth, doesn't need ANY other adjectives. It doesn't require modifiers. It doesn't require the condition of perfection. It only asks that you show up. And do your best. That you stay present and feel fully. That you shine and fly and laugh and cry and hurt and heal and fall and get back up and play and work and live and die as YOU. It’s enough. It’s plenty.”  – Courtney A. Walsh http

Looking With Your Whole Body

"She visited the Bay Area, where she lived on a horse ranch south of San Francisco. The exposure to the beauty of the place”the coast, the hills, the redwoods” made a deep impression. One day, as she stepped out of her house, she looked up and saw a red-tailed hawk soaring above her. 'As I stood looking up at the hawk, in a voice as clear as day, I heard these words: Tell my story.' Jane Rosens drawings and sculptures are born from the perennial questions: What can nature show us? And what is seeing? Her work shows us something about that." In this piece, Richard Whittaker interviews Rosen at her studio and ranch in San Gregorio, California to talk specifically about seeing with the whole body.