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What You Should Know About Vitamin C

Good for a Cold? Your immune system needs vitamin C to work right. But extra won't help you avoid a cold, unless maybe you're an extreme athlete, live in a very cold place, or you just need more anyway. Supplements might shorten a cold or ease its symptoms -- if you were taking them before you got sick. Prevents Cell Damage Vitamin C helps you get rid of chemicals that damage your cells and DNA. It's considered an antioxidant: It neutralizes "free radicals" in your body created by pollution, cigarette smoke, sunlight, radiation, and simply turning food into energy. That could help keep many parts of your body working better for longer and protect you from diseases, including Alzheimer's and cancer. Builds Skin, Bones, Muscles, and More Your body would fall apart without the protein collagen. Collagen fibers twist around each other to form scaffolding for your bones, cartilage, skin, and muscles (including your heart). They're also in

Daily Inspirational Quote for June 11, 2016

“Defeat is a state of mind. No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.” This is so true isn’t it and makes perfect sense when you think about it. To actually be defeated by someone, an event or situation in our life, we would have to believe, without a doubt, that we had indeed been defeated. We would have accepted defeat and allowed our mind set to absorb this as the truth. However, if we were to see defeat as something that happened to other people, not us, then our mind set would continue to be positive and uplifted so defeat would definitely have no place in our lives or minds. by

The Great Unknown Is Me, Myself

"Jacob Needleman's voice has been prominent in the conversation about man's inner possibilities for some forty years. Turning away from a career in medicine toward philosophy while at Harvard, he went on to Yale, and then moved west when a position opened up at San Francisco State University. While teaching there, he found himself more and more drawn toward man's perennial questions. Making a decision not to confine himself to academic writing, he chose to share his own meditations with a broader audience. His book The New Religions, originally published in 1970, was a ground-breaking study of alternative spirituality in America. Many influential volumes followed, including The Heart of Philosophy, Money and the Meaning of Life, The American Soul, and What Is God?. I met with Dr. Needleman at his home in Oakland, California, to approach the question of the unknown in an open-ended way. " This interview shares more. --by Richard Whittaker RICHARD WHITTAKER :

Seven Ways to Foster Empathy in Kids

By   Jill Suttie In our age of narcissism, a new book offers research-based tips for encouraging children to be empathic. We live in the age of the selfie—the ubiquitous symbol of narcissism. But this focus on the self to the exclusion of others is harmful to our children, according to Michele Borba, author of the new book   UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World . More than the photos themselves, the idea behind them—that we are the center of our world—is the problem, reflecting a decreased focus on others and a lack of   empathy . According to Borba, low levels of empathy are rampant in our culture, and in kids that’s associated with bullying, cheating, weak moral reasoning, and mental health issues, like anxiety and depression. Her book is a call to parents, teachers, and other caring adults to help encourage children to develop empathy and generosity toward others, and it’s full of research-based tips on how to do so. Some tips are focused o