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Inspirational Quote – May 27, 2017

“A tree that is unbending is easily broken.”

Now this is quite straightforward isn’t it? We all know that trees are usually firmly planted and sturdy don’t we? However, when a gale force wind blows and the tree doesn’t “give” in order to cope there is every chance that the wind will persevere until the tree is just ripped from the earth and blown whichever way the wind chooses. Just like the beautiful trees we are buffeted occasionally by situations, people, or stress, and if we don’t bend and adapt in order to deal with these, we too may be broken in spirit.

Helping Young Adults Successfully Transition out of Foster Care

For children reaching the age at which their foster care ends, transitioning to adulthood can be extremely difficult. While other young adults can rely on their families for advice or financial support, these youth are entirely on their own. First Place for Youth is an organization that is offering 'a hand up' in the transition to adulthood with housing and support to help those who 'age out' of the foster care system to succeed. According to the University of Chicago's Chapin Hall Center for Children, 24 percent of young people are homeless after leaving the system and almost half end up in prison within two years. Providing an apartment with a covered security department and rental fees, First Place for Youth has four main goals for the foster children it supports: find stable employment, locate housing that matches their income, complete two semesters of community college or a certificate program and, finally, achieve "healthy living," which means avoi…

Why Kids Need to Learn How to Forgive

ByHank Pellissier

Peacemakers, poets, and researchers agree: Forgiveness heals hurts and is good for the forgiver—even the young one.

It’s been more than four decades, but I still can’t forgive what they did to me that summer afternoon. I was 14, strolling in the mall with my two “friends,” Roger and Carson. I had introduced them to each other the week before and now they were jabbering back and forth, leaving me out except to occasionally tease me. “Hey Hank,” said Roger. “Go in this store and see what the milkshakes cost.”
“We’ll wait here,” said Carson. Dutifully, I did what my pals suggested. When I returned, they were gone. I looked up and down the pathways, I yelled their names, I waited for them to return. Finally, it dawned on me…I’d been ditched. Forty-two years later, Carson died of injuries caused by a motorcycle crash, the bad blood between us unresolved. Roger? I have 4,922 Facebook friends, but he’s not one of them. I delete his every request. Revenge isn’t so sweet Vengeance i…

Inspirational Quote – May 26, 2017

“Your mind is not a cage. It is a garden…and it requires cultivating.”

Now doesn’t this make perfect sense? Our mind is only a cage if we allow it to be and therefore why would we choose to do that to ourselves? Like a garden, our mind nourishes and grows only what we choose to “plant” in it. We also have the ability to “weed” when necessary and pluck out and discard those things growing that we realize serve no purpose or, indeed, hold us back or hinder us in the cultivation of our fertile, expanding mind.

Spotlight on Kids Who Are Changing the World

We live in challenging and stressful times and may wonder how our children must be feeling when we are struggling ourselves.  But, even as we try to shelter and protect them, we discover that children and young adults are remarkably resilient and that the things that help us to cope in difficult situations are often the very things that make challenges more bearable for them as well. Moving from a sense of helplessness toward action, using our failures and struggles to reach out to others, and pushing ourselves against our limitations all make us stronger, more compassionate people. The same is true for our children-- often in remarkable ways. In this Daily Good Spotlight, we take a fresh look at past features on young people who faced challenging times and situations in inspiring ways.

Inspirational Quote – May 25, 2017

“A heart that reaches out with love can heal a soul, and change a life.”

Many of us don’t realize just how powerful love is and the magic it is capable of. Isn’t it wonderful and empowering to be aware that we all possess this magic within us and are free to choose how we use it? Love is born within us as we emerge into this world of ours and, if we’re fortunate, we’re brought up surrounded by the love of those around us. There will be many times throughout our lives when we can, by utilizing this love, heal those who suffer and perhaps even change their lives forever for the better. Such power, such responsibility, such willingness to reach out and give freely……

Annie Dillard: Living Like Weasels

Annie Dillard tells us we could learn from weasels "something of the purity of living in the physical sense and the dignity of living without bias or to time and death painlessly, noticing everything, remembering nothing, choosing the given with a fierce and pointed will...yielding, not fighting. A weasel doesn't "attack" anything; a weasel lives as he's meant to, yielding at every moment to the perfect freedom of single necessity."

Who Experiences the Most Awe?

ByAlex Springer

The results from ourGreater Goodawe quiz reveal which people feel the most wonder and amazement in life.

Do you marvel at the wonder and beauty of life? Do you feel a positive emotional connection to nature? If so, you might be prone to awe, that goosebumpy sensation that we get in the presence of something profound: something greater, more powerful, or more eternal than ourselves. It arises when we encounter things that challenge our sense of what’s normal or possible. Awe is feeling moved by remarkable art, expansive nature, incredible ideas or people, or acts of mind-blowing skill, among other things. But you don’t need to visit the Grand Canyon or the Taj Mahal to feel awe; a2015 study in theJournal of Personality and Social Psychologysuggests that watching an awesome nature video or even gazing up at very tall trees can do the trick. And feeling awe has been linked togenerosity,humility,better health, andsharpened thinking,among other benefits. Basically, awe makes th…

Inspirational Quote – May 24, 2017

“Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart.”

There’s certainly a lot out there to catch our eye isn’t there? Whether it’s on TV, bill posters, social media, etc. etc., it’s impossible not to be constantly noticing what’s around us. Indeed we live in a consumer obsessed world surrounded by hype urging us to buy things we don’t really need, sign up to deals that profit other people, or promoting ways we can be more or look more like so called “celebrities”. These things are transient, they have no substance, and they’re unrealistic…… Try to look past all this and then you’ll see the true beauty that’s out there, within your grasp. The love of family, true friendships, the beauty to be found by just looking around and being aware of the miracle of nature and the animals inhabiting this wonderful world of ours. All we need to enrich our hearts and souls for the taking with no price tag attached.

The Vibrations of Conflict

"Cole Porter clearly got it right. But what exactly is it that changes from major to minor when we say goodbye? What permits music to express and stimulate our moods so precisely? How does it ignite or dampen our spirits, make us feel romantic or cynical, lighthearted or blue? Why do simple sequences of musical notes or complex symphonic strains cause us to weep with sorrow, waltz with elegance, march in disciplined military formations, or swirl sensuously across a dance floor? And what does any of this have to do with conflict?" Kenneth Cloake specializes in mediation, negotiation and the resolution of complex organizational, interpersonal, and public policy disputes. He shares more in this thought-provoking excerpt.

How Gratitude Motivates Us to Become Better People

ByChristina N. Armenta,Sonja Lyubomirsky

Some critics charge that gratitude is selfish and breeds complacency. But research byChristina ArmentaandSonja Lyubomirskysuggests otherwise.

Gratitude has become a hot topic in recent years. Celebrities fromOprahtoJames TaylortoAriana Huffingtonhave promoted an “attitude of gratitude,” and gratitude journals, hashtags, and challenges have become immensely popular. Much of this enthusiasm has been fueled byresearchlinking gratitude tohappiness,health, andstronger relationships. Oprah receiving the 2013 Presidential Medal of