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Daily Inspirational Quote October 11 2014

“If I’m such a legend, why am I so lonely?” – Judy Garland The Wizard of Oz is my all-time favorite movie. Every time I watch it, I find myself wondering about Judy Garland, and how anyone so talented and beautiful could have been so miserable as to take her own life. It reminds me that the “most popular” people are ironically sometimes very lonely. Many of us are too intimidated by celebrities, community leaders and gifted teachers to reach out to them as potential friends, or treat them as “real” people. When you meet someone you admire and you’re shy because you fear they’ll reject you, remember Judy Garland, and be as warm and open as you’d be with anyone else. You’ll bestow kindness on people who may need it more than you’d expect, and you may just bless yourself with great and admirable friends.

1000 Cranes For 1000 Strangers

The world can seem like a cold place sometimes -- a place where you are completely disconnected from the people around you, even if you are sitting across from them on a bus. Designer and artist Marielle Coppes believes you have a tremendous power within you to do good. And once you discover this power, there are no boundaries. Watch this short, sweet video of how Coppes decided to brighten people's day and show them that they are connected and loved.

Daily Inspirational Quote October 10 2014

“Discernment is not simply about resisting what is evil, self-absorbed or destructive. It is about foundational identity. It is about who we know ourselves ultimately to be.” – Wendy M. Wright While my husband and I are happy together, we are very different in some ways. For example, I like artistic, meaningful films, while he prefers violent action movies. The other night I went to the video store, and in an effort to please him, I rented “Phone Booth,” a thriller about a man who is held captive in a phone booth in the middle of New York City by an obsessed sniper. At least, I think that’s what it was about. After about 15 minutes of gratuitous profanity and shockingly vulgar scenes, I decided that neither I nor my teenage son (who had talked me into letting him watch it) would be wise to pollute our minds and souls with any more of this psychic garbage. We are told from the time we’re able to walk and talk to “finish what we start,” but as soon as we realize that what we’ve begun i

Hoop Dreams: Teaching Values Through Basketball in Congo

"You come here, you play hard, you work hard," shares Dario Merlo. He was just 11-years-old when his family fled their home in Goma, to escape the horrors of the Rwandan massacre. Returning in 2005, Dario pledged to make a difference. He created the Promo Jeune Basket (Promote Youth Basketball), an organization working to empower the youth of Africa. But, this is a league unlike any other -- in that, it uses basketball to inspire young children to take interest in their education and civil responsibilities. For these children, basketball is far more than just a game.

Daily Inspirational Quote October 9 2014

“All you have to do is close your eyes and wait for the symbols.” – Tennesee Williams Whether we’re trying to solve a problem, create a work of art or attain spiritual guidance, it’s wise to begin by sitting quietly and allowing insights and inspiration to come to us. We often feel we don’t have time to “waste” in this way, that we must take action and push forward immediately, and yet usually, quiet reflection will actually save us time and effort. We are always capable of reaching beyond our current circumstances for a spark of creative genius, for inspired ideas, for that high, clear plain where everything snaps into focus and new potential is born. When time is short, it’s more important than ever to invest some of it in courting divine inspiration.

A Positive Strategy

There may not be many reasons to be positive today, but you don’t need a reason to be positive. Being positive is a strategy, not a reaction. The most powerful time to be positive is precisely when things around you are not so positive. In such a case, your approach can dramatically change the situation for the better. Don’t wait for a reason to be positive. Choose to be positive about your circumstances, about the possibilities, and about what you can do. Deal effectively with the challenges as they arrive while also looking beyond them. Visualize the positive outcome you have chosen, and let that vision push you forward. Life changes greatly from day to day, and things will not always be the way they are right now. With a positive perspective, you now have the opportunity to make the future better than the present. Instead of looking for reasons to be positive, look for ways to express your positive vision. Work to make your life resonate with that vision, and enjoy all the

The Relationship Between Self-Compassion & Procrastination

What causes us to procrastinate, and how can we change our relationship with this tricky habit? Beyond "just getting started," consultant and life coach Linda Graham suggests that self-compassion may be the key to addressing procrastination and its cycle of negativity.

Free As a Bird - Dan Millman and Doug Childers

As far back as he could remember, Boyd Jacobson loved birds. Even as a young boy, raised in rural Washington by his great aunt, Karn – or Mother Karn, as he came to call her – Boyd had spent many hours observing the birds of the Northwest. He loved listening to their calls and collecting feathers, nests, and eggshells.  Boyd’s bird-watching expeditions were limited to the fields and meadows near his own backyard, due to his difficulty in walking long distances. As a result ...

Modern Man of Miracles - Dan Millman and Doug Childers

After Therese Neumann, Padre Pio is perhaps the most widely observed modern Western mystic to demonstrate divine powers of healing and regeneration. The first signs of his extraordinary qualities occurred unexpectedly on September 20, 1918. Then a thirty-one-year-old Capuchin monk, Padre Pio was sitting alone in the monastery chapel, praying after Mass. Outside, Padre Leone heard a scream within the chapel and ran in to find Padre Pio lying unconscious on the floor, bleeding profusely from the five wounds of the stigmata.  Several monks ...

The Cokeville Miracle - Dan Millman and Doug Childers

On May 16, 1986, the little town of Cokeville, Wyoming, became the site of a potentially devastating tragedy. At one o’clock that afternoon, white supremacist David Young and his wife, Doris, rolled a shopping cart loaded with powerful gasoline bombs, rifles, and handguns into the Cokeville Elementary School. Young was the town’s former marshal, fired for incompetence and reckless behavior. This is a revolution and I’m taking your school hostage, he told the startled school secretary. Don’t set off any alarms or make ...

Daily Inspirational Quote October 8 2014

“Our culture wants to turn mysteries into problems to be solved or breakdowns to be fixed, because maintaining the illusion that we can ‘straighten things out’ makes us feel powerful. Yet mysteries never yield to solutions or fixes – and when we pretend that they do, life not only becomes more banal but more hopeless, because the fixes never work.” – Parker J. Palmer I have always been a fixer. Perhaps it’s because I’m a middle child. While I was growing up, I couldn’t stand it when my parents fought with each other or with one of my siblings, and I have often played the role of mediator throughout my life. I have learned, however, that while I can fix things up in my own world to suit me, I have very little power when it comes to the vast realm of others’ free will and emotions. When everyone is on a different page or reading entirely different books, we’ll drive ourselves crazy if we hinge our peace and happiness on getting everyone reading out loud together in perfect synchronicit

Power In Peacefulness

You can acknowledge and address the problems without being consumed by them. You can be peaceful and still be highly effective. You can let go of past regrets while still finding strength in the lessons they have taught you. You can be free of worries while also embracing responsibility for your life and your world. Being peaceful does not mean you must be isolated from life. In fact, with a purposeful, peaceful perspective you can be actively involved in creating great value for yourself and for others. Being peaceful is powerful because you don’t have to fight against yourself, or against anything or anyone else for that matter. When you are peaceful within, you can work to support positive possibilities instead of feeling the need to fight against negative factors. You can choose to deeply care about everything while at the same time not letting anything control the way you feel. You can give your best to any situation, regardless of what the situation gives to you. Let pe

Slow Medicine: An Interview With Victoria Sweet

Laguna Honda Hospital in San Francisco was, as far as anyone knows, the last almshouse, or Hotel-Dieu, in this country -- a hospital for the sick and poor. Dr. Victoria Sweet took a position there, a place where she and other physicians could practice a different kind of medicine -- an intimate, intuitive, deeply skilled medicine focused on continuing care and observation of the patient, minus computers. This powerful interview shares more.

SolePower: Putting a Charge In Your Step

Matthew Stanton is the co-founder of SolePower, and his invention can possibly transform a problem that affects over a billion people worldwide: The lack of access to electricity. Check out this game-changing video that shows you how a basic shoe insert allows a user to convert energy into electrical power simply by walking, and then use that energy to charge electronics like cellphones.

New York's Pop Up Repair Shop

Your lamp broke? Oh well, buy a new one. Your toaster oven broke? Again, just buy a new one. Are you one of those people who are more apt to throw out older, broken household items and just buy new replacements -- instead of perhaps thinking about giving it a chance to be fixed? Well, for Sandra Goldmark and her husband Michael Banta, they finally wanted to try and create a solution that "aimed at breaking the cycle of use-and-discard goods." And thus, New York City's Pop Up Repair Shop was born. Says resource specialist Darby Hoover, "We need to remind ourselves that there is value in repair and there is value in trying to keep something out of the landfill."

Daily Inspirational Quote October 5 2014

“I have learned silence from the talkative, tolerance from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strange, I am ungrateful to those teachers.” – Kahlil Gibran While I have manifested some pretty amazing things in my life, I have often failed to permanently transform difficult people into more cooperative, likeable characters. I hate giving up, but at some point in very frustrating situations, we must cease outer efforts and deal with the experience within. Most of us know that the first step to healing from conflict is to release our own anger and negativity; the tricky part is figuring out how to do that. With people who are extraordinarily unreasonable, we can begin to shift our energy by appreciating the stark example they are offering of how not to be. We often fail to listen when someone wise is trying to advise us, but when someone is dramatically deplorable, the life lessons they offer are hard to miss.

A Humanitarian's 4 Decades Long Adventure In Africa

When 24-year-old Molly Melching traveled to Senegal as an exchange student, she felt so at home that she decided to stay on after her program ended. Over the next forty years, Molly founded and continues to run Tostan, a non-profit organization turning the traditional model of social development on its head. Rather than short-term, top-down approaches, Tostan uses a holistic three-year, non-formal education program that has already had incredible successes, among them the abandonment of female genital cutting. Molly shares: "Our participants discuss questions like, 'Does everybody really have the right to be free from violence?' If they decide that's true, then there are certain practices in the community that may threaten that right. Then it's about giving the space for dialogue and discussion, allowing the change to come from within."