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Inspirational Quote – August 05, 2017

“If the wind will not serve, take to the oars.”

Now, you know what this means don’t you? Basically, if the “wind”, i.e. your thoughts and ideas aren’t getting you where you want to be, then you need to implement your “oars”, i.e. physical action. You may have come to the realization that the plans you have in your head won’t materialize as you want them to unless you take the necessary steps to implement them. So, be grateful you actually have your own “oars” when the “wind” fails so that you won’t be left to drift aimlessly but are able to reach the destination YOU have chosen.

Wu De: Tea Is the Great Connector

Zen monk and tea master Wu De shares his insights on the timeless ritual of drinking tea. Believing that tea is a 'powerful carrier' of the message of presence and loving kindness, Wu De explains tea drinking as a non-verbal transmission of sharing, listening and communicating without words, to connect all peoples -- no matter their beliefs, cultures, ages, or world-views. His tea centers, all run by donation, aim to cultivate sustainability and facilitate inner growth. Learn more about the profound meaning behind tea rituals, and how you might use them in your own life.

What Can the Brain Reveal about Gratitude?

New research is exploring the brain regions linked to gratitude—and it helps explain gratitude's many benefits.BY GLENN FOX

Imagine you are on the run from a Nazi manhunt and are taken under the protection of a stranger. This stranger spends the winter providing you with food and shelter—even traveling to other towns to relay messages to your family members—yet has no hope or expectation of repayment from you. While your loved ones are systematically ensnared by the Nazi machine, this stranger keeps you alive and nourishes your faith in humanity, offering proof that in the midst of widespread horror, many individuals still act with unfettered compassion and dignity. When you think about this stranger, what they risked, what you received—how would you feel? You may feel a rush of positive emotion, joy from the relief of worrying about survival, and a sense of close connection to the stranger who has given you this gift. In concert, these feelings could be described as gratitude. Gratit…

Inspirational Quote – August 04, 2017

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”

I guess this very much depends on how we cope in the middle of every difficulty. Do we feel overwhelmed and unable to see a way of overcoming whatever it is or, alternatively, do we knuckle down and think of our next move? In every difficult situation we always have these two alternative options to choose from. Personally, I like to think I have also been presented with an opportunity to, if not actually overcome my difficulty, at least to be able to learn from it in order to cope better the next time, which makes sense…..doesn’t it?

Reaping Wonder from Everyday Reality

"The mind is not, I know, a highway, but a temple, and its doors should not be carelessly left open", wrote Margaret Fuller, an American journalist and women's rights activist. In her first book, "Summer on the Lakes, in 1843" Fuller examines the idea of 4 perspectives, Old Church, Good Sense, Self-Poise, and Free Hope. Free Hope, she writes, results from an attentiveness toward everyday life and our surroundings, from which a sense of wonder can be derived. Good Sense on the other hand, merely examines the surface level of things, without consideration given to the supernatural. Poetic observation, says Fuller, comes about when one practices critical thinking with a receptivity to wonder. Read on to learn more about how "We need only look on the miracle of every day, to sate ourselves with thought and admiration every day."

Why Sex Is So Good for Your Relationship

New research on sex in relationships shows the real reason it can benefit yours.BY SUSAN KRAUSS WHITBOURNE

We associate good relationships with sexuality, assuming quite naturally that happy couples have sex more often than their miserable counterparts. But have you ever considered just what it is about sex that makes it so beneficial to a couple’s relationship? A new and extremely well-conducted investigation by Anik Debrot and her colleagues points to the surprising role not of the sex itself, but of the affection that accompanies sexuality between partners. Over a series of four separate studies, Debrot and her fellow researchers were able to pinpoint the way that everyday kissing, hugging, and touch between partners contribute uniquely to relationship satisfaction and overall well-being. Let’s break this sex-happiness equation down for a moment before looking at the details of the study: The researchers began with the well-established finding that individuals experience higher levels…

Inspirational Quote – August 03, 2017

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”

This is one of the wonderful things about us human beings, our ability to achieve. We all know, more or less, who we are and what we are capable of, and perhaps our own limitations. Wait a minute though! Have we ever stopped to think about the limitations we consciously, or perhaps subconsciously, place upon ourselves? Maybe it’s about time we did. In order to be whom we want to be let’s shake off those limitations and see what happens. Who’s with me?

Three Stories of Healing and Transformation

A physician's assistant and former doctor learns about the essence of serving patients not from medical school, but from a job at an arts-and-crafts store deeply listening to people and connecting with the humanity in others. A pediatric doctor in a large HMO was burned out and dejected because she was not living up to her vision of saving lives -- until motherhood and fresh eyes of seeing the value her patients add to her life, rather than the other way around, transformed her practice and life. A nurse who initially "thought healing meant that we're going to fix everybody" learns about what healing really means from a dying patient. These reflections and others were shared in a Healing + Transformation circle in April 2017. Three profound stories from the circle follow.

What Makes a Political Apology Seem Sincere?

When is a political apology likely to be well-received? A new study explores the contributing factors.BY ELIZABETH HOPPER

When a government commits a wrongdoing, how can it atone and mend relationships with the people harmed? Far too often, the process of forgiveness and reconciliation becomes stalled from the outset when political groups do not apologize for their offenses, sometimes waiting until months or years later. For example, in 1988 the United States government offered a formal apology and reparations to Japanese Americans who were held in internment camps in World War II. An even more delayed apology occurred in 2008, when the United States passed legislation apologizing for slavery. In other words, political apologies often happen long after the fact. In these cases, can apologies still work to heal relationships? Prior research has found that group apologies don’t always work to promote forgiveness, perhaps because such apologies are not always seen as trustworthy. Since forgi…

Inspirational Quote – August 02, 2017

“Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.”

Now why would you think otherwise? Of course you wouldn’t! Like me, you realize that we are very fortunate just to be alive and able to enjoy this wonderful world we inhabit. Because we are very blessed in being aware of this we can indeed take steps to make this a reality, not only for us, but for everyone around us. However, unfortunately, not all of us are so fortunate or as aware. Therefore it’s up to us to give thanks for our own awareness and our ability to create the life we are living.

5 Invitations: What Death Can Teach About Living

Over the course of thirty years, those who were at the end of their lives shared their insights with Frank Ostaseski, the co-founder of the Zen Hospice Project, a holistic residential care facility. In his article, 'Five Invitations: What Death Can Teach about Living' Frank shares the five 'invitations' to connect with death in order to live a more full life. The five invitations he has gleaned from these end-of-life conversations are Don't Wait; Welcome Everything, Push Away Nothing; Bring Your Whole Self to the Experience; Find a Place of Rest in the Middle of Things; and Cultivate a "Don't Know" Mind. Being open-minded and accepting of the world and those around you, finding the ability to rest and recuperate in the midst of daily activities, recognizing that time is precious, and accepting every part of yourself will allow anyone to live more fully and without regret.…

I Am the Reason My Husband Infuriates Me

Christine Carter has a problem: She projects her own feelings onto her husband. This is what she’s doing about it.BY CHRISTINE CARTER
The other night, I did something that I am not proud of. We have four teenagers, so dinnertime is never dull, but this particular evening it was full chaos. One of our kids had not eaten much. My husband, Mark,reallywanted this particular kid to eat more, and so he offered a bribe/threat:You can’t go hang out with your friends until you finish everything on your plate. A power struggle unfolded, complete with sibling cheering sections. I tried to shut it all down using dramatic non-verbal cues.This was not what we agreed to do when a kid doesn’t eat well, I screamed silently with my supercharged glares. I was not successful. The picky eater ate what was required in order to go hang out in the neighborhood. Although I wasobviously right(ha ha)—because bribing kids can work in the short run, but researchclearly demonstratesthat it backfires in the long run—thi…