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Inspirational Quote – April 15, 2017

“I didn’t change. I just woke up!”

This very much resonates with me regarding my spiritual awakening and what it has led to since. Working, being a wife and a mum, friends and family got used to me in this role for a lot of years. When I began to work with spirit in, I believe, my true calling, they were very surprised at how much I had “changed” when all I felt was relief and contentment in actually being “me” at last, growing into myself if you like. Very much like an awakening and a very welcome one but something everybody else has had to get used to.

Billy Barr: The Snow Guardian

Who is Billy Barr and how has he single-handedly produced remarkable evidence of climate change? For the past four decades, Barr has lived alone in a cabin in the remote, ghost town of Gothic, Colorado in the Rocky Mountains, one of the United State's coldest locations. With no external incentives, or formal training in the field, he began keeping meticulous snowfall records to escape boredom during the harsh winter months. Now his extensive research is invaluable to the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab and many other scientists around the world. This short video offers a compelling glimpse of Barr's unconventional life and contributions.

How to Keep Technology from Disrupting Your Happiness

ByKira M. Newman

Technology can make our lives happier and more productive—but only if we use it intentionally, a new book argues.

Technology can bring happiness. Anyone who’s found the perfect meditation app or downloaded a grandchild’s photo won’t doubt that. But technology can also bring anxiety, stress, and frustration. And that seems to be a given, too, making us throw our hands up in the air. We accept that technology will always be a mixed bag and we have to take the bad with the good. According to Amy Blankson, author of the new book,The Future of Happiness: 5 Modern Strategies for Balancing Productivity and Well-Being in the Digital Era, this attitude is a problem. “As tech advances and we accept these changes without pause, I worry that maybe our happiness is getting left behind, moving further down the priority list,” she writes. Instead, she argues, we should take back control of our happiness by pausing, becoming more self-aware, and setting intentional goals for our technologi…

How to Stop Passive Aggression from Ruining Your Relationship

ByAndrea Brandt

Learning to express anger in a healthy way will help couples resolve conflicts, instead of letting them simmer.

Every Saturday night, Bill and Sarah leave their son with a babysitter and go out to dinner. Sarah hopes that by dressing up for date night, it’ll keep a spark in their marriage. One night, Sarah puts on a new, little red dress. It’s more daring than what she usually wears, so she’s nervous to show him. When he sees it on her, he smiles and gives a little, surprised shake of his head. “You look…different,” he says. Sarah feels crushed, but she doesn’t say anything. Instead, she feels self-conscious all night and swears to herself that she’ll never wear it again. That night, when they’re in bed together, and Bill leans in to kiss her, she gives him a quick peck on the cheek, rolls over, and pretends to fall asleep. For the rest of the week, Sarah thinks about the red dress and Bill’s comment. She pretends her stomach hurts when Bill wants to make love. By Saturday,…

How to Better Understand Your Child

ByDiana Divecha

Pediatrician Claudia Gold wants to help parents and professionals discover the true reasons behind each child’s behavior.

Parents and professionals focus a lot on children’s behavior.Is the behavior appropriate? Is the child well-behaved? How do we manage children’s behavior?But pediatrician Claudia Gold suggests that paying attention to behavior alone can lead us to misunderstand and misdiagnose our kids. Gold is a writer and parent-infant mental health specialist. In her latest book,The Developmental Science of Early Childhood: Clinical Applications of Infant Mental Health Concepts from Infancy Through Adolescence, she describes how larger forces in the family and in the child’s biology can affect behavior and how to understand a child’s deep story. We need to move beyond behavior and pay attention to themeaningbehind it, she argues, because it actually communicates something deeper and more fundamentally important. Though this book is more for professionals, she wrote t…

Inspirational Quote – April 14, 2017

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind, ALWAYS.”

This is so true and something we all need to be more aware of. I firmly believe that everybody has their own story which has shaped and molded them into the person they are and that when we encounter each other we need to remember this. It’s so easy to respond angrily to another’s verbal attack, be impatient with their depressed mood or tendency to look on the dark side, when we are unaware of what they are going through. If we can, and I say “if”, look past their tendency to lash out or anger, and show patience, understanding and kindness, this may be all that is needed to help them feel better and able to deal with their problems, so wouldn’t it make more sense to make this effort?

Viktor Frankl & the Search for Meaning

Few books of the last century have had a greater impact on our quest for meaning than Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning. This all-time bestseller was written by a Jewish man who had just lost everything in the Holocaust. When Frankl, emaciated from concentration camps, returned to his beloved Vienna, no one was there to meet him. His mother had been gassed at Auschwitz. His brother had been killed in another camp. His wife, Tilly, had starved to death in the women's camp at Bergen-Bergen. Now, he wondered, what was the point of his life? Frankl poured out Man's Search for Meaning in just nine days, weeping in an empty room with windows bombed out from the war. Seventy years later, the book remains a classic textbook for college students and a guidepost for people all faiths. Read on for an interview between professor Fran Grace and Frankl's grandson Alexander Vesely and Mary Cimiluca, Frankl family advisor, about their film Viktor & I.


For the Love of Bees: A Conversation with Meredith May

"(My grandfather) instilled in me a love of bees and their gentle nature, but I think what I absorbed from it-- without even realizing it -- is how his relationship with the bees gave him a relationship with everybody up and down (Big Sur)." Award winning journalist, writer, and beekeeper, Meredith May talks about family, beekeeping, and storytelling.

This Is A Poem That Heals Fish

What is a poem? The beautiful children's book, 'This Is a Poem That Heals Fish', follows the journey of a young boy seeking to answer just that. Written by French poet Jean-Pierre Simen and brilliantly translated into English by Claudia Zoe Bedrick, the story is as moving as it is profound. Poetry, by its very nature, is often elusive, and this is reflected in the responses of the characters who are tasked with defining it. "A poem", one replies, "is when words beat their wings. It is sung in a cage." By the end of the story, the young boy learns that a poem is made up of far more than the words that compose it. And perhaps can only be defined by those who bravely ask the question.