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Free Speech or Inciting Riots?

I usually don’t speak out in public about world events or politics. I believe each person has the right to believe in whatever they deem important, no matter where they live. People need to believe in something. Whatever race, sex or ethnic background to which we are born gives us no more or no less human rights. Any religion we choose to believe in is fine as long as it does not interfere with other people’s rights. Now this anti-Islamic film does fall into the freedom of speech category, although I have not seen the film and never will. However, what a sad misuse of such a precious right. From what I hear, and it is only what I’ve hear on the news, it’s a blatant ploy to incite riots. What appalls me the most is that there is no news coverage on the Muslim reaction in the USA! Inciters of violence get press across the Middle East. US, German and UK embassies are attacked. Property is destroyed. However, the insult is to a global community. Perhaps the best resp

Where in the World is Joe?

Okay, it’s been a while since I posted anything.   I’ve been writing more music than anything else.   Someday, maybe next year, I’ll have enough good music to release a new album.   Check back and I’ll keep you up to date, but please don’t hold your breath!   It may be 6 months or more. No quips today, just some sage advice.   If you screw up, just ask for forgiveness, don’t screw up the same way again and move on.   Sorry doesn’t cut it sometimes.   Don’t forget everyone is human and don’t ever apologize for being one.   Never apologize for how you feel, just don’t cram your unwanted feeling into someone else’s face.   Enough said, take it or leave it! When all else fails, get a dog.   A well treated dog will reflect your needs and go a long way toward solving your life’s issues.   Just remember, a dog is a child that never grows up.