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Daily Inspirational Quote – April 18, 2015

“Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles, it takes away today’s peace.”

This is very true isn’t it, but it’s something we all do nevertheless! We all have worry “buttons” some of us bigger ones than others. We worry about everything, occasionally over nothing very much but, at other times, we have good reasons for worrying. Once that worry is planted in your head nothing will shift it, so it stays there, making it’s presence known. Great if we can solve it easily and consign it to the worry waste basket. Not so great if seems insurmountable. However, if we need to worry, much better to worry about tomorrow’s worry tomorrow rather than allow it to destroy the peace of today.


How Great It Feels

Remember how great it feels to make a difference? Remember how great it feels to set a goal and then to get it done?

Remember how powerful it feels to be faced with a difficult challenge and to work your way through that challenge. Remember how warm and good and right it feels to know you’ve been of real help to others.

Remind yourself of the power and effectiveness of your own actions. Remind yourself of how far you can go just by making the commitment to do so.

Remember all these things, and let those positive memories ignite your passion. Remember all the good you’ve done, and then look for opportunities to make more great memories.

That wonderful feeling of achievement is already within you, stronger now than ever before. Use this day to give it new expression.

Remember how great it feels to make the effort and to make it count. Remember to make more great memories of achievement right now.

— Ralph Marston

How To Focus A Wandering Mind

"We've all been there. You're slouched in a meeting or a classroom, supposedly paying attention, but your mind has long since wandered off, churning out lists of all the things you need to do -- or that you could be doing if only you weren't stuck here...Suddenly you realize everyone is looking your way expectantly, waiting for an answer. But you're staring blankly, grasping at straws to make a semi-coherent response. The curse of the wandering mind!" In this article, Wendy Hasenkamp takes us on a journey to explore the neuroscience of a wandering mind, and suggests a research-backed and time-tested technique to help bring purpose and focus back into the equation.

Daily Inspirational Quote – April 17, 2015

“A good friend finds you in the dark and carries you back to the light.”

I am very blessed by having many friends who, I know, I could rely on totally if I was suddenly plunged into the darkness of despair, perhaps through unexpected events in my life. This knowledge brings me great comfort and peace. My friends are also aware that this works both ways, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do the same for them. I hope you all have that special person or people in your life who are prepared to brave their fear of the dark in order to find you and carry you back to the light.


Wishes and Actions

Do you wish you had done certain things differently in the past? Going forward, you have the power to make those wishes come true.

There are times when you wish you had been more diligent, more disciplined, more considerate, or any number of things. Though there is nothing you can do about what has already happened, there is everything you can do about what will now take place.

Whatever you’ve wished you had done, this is your chance to do it. This is your opportunity to turn regrets into action.

You don’t have to create any more painful wishes about how life might have been. You can take the actions that will create the life you wish to live.

Take all those wishes about the past and transfer their energy into purposeful actions in the present. Enjoy making life happen the way you choose.

This is your day, filled with great possibilities. This is your moment to stop wishing and start living.

— Ralph Marston

The 21-Day Technology Challenge

"The hustle of family life -- work, school, appointments, practice, homework, dinner, bed -- is constant. We move in and out of activities and commitments with ferocity...And since our life is designed to fully embrace living it, we have to be mindful of all the pieces that might creep in and occupy more than their fair share. Technology is one of those pieces." Author Janell Burley Hofmann works hard to make sure her family is mindful in its use of technology. She once drew up an 18 point iPhone contract for her son that hit the headlines, and a deep chord for parents across the country. In this article she eloquently makes a case for the Slow Tech movement, and offers up seven ways to make our use of technology more balanced and conscious.

Daily Inspirational Quote – April 16, 2015

“Moving forward away from your comfort zone may feel temporarily uncomfortable, but it feels a lot better than standing still in a place that no longer suits you.“

It’s only natural to construct our own personal comfort zone as a cushion or buffer protecting us from the impact life and the world can have on us. It’s where we feel most comfortable and from where we can direct our life. However, our comfort zone will change and evolve as we experience and deal with life and that, after a while, it may not be as comfortable as it once was. Hopefully, if this happens, we will be realistic and brave enough to move on and discover what the future has in store for us.


Not Far Away

You are not that far away from where you want to be. You are only a single decision, a single instant, a single positive action away from the direction you wish to go.

Whatever you seek is within reach. What you must do, is reach.

You will always be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you make progress. Just go ahead and get started.

Learn from all that has brought you to this point. Be thankful for the wisdom, the experience, the strength and the purposeful sense of determination it has all given you.

Then point that determination in a positive direction, and go. Go with gusto, go with enthusiasm and the greatest of expectations along the path that is already in front of you.

Right now, right here, you are not that far away. Step up and make the journey, for you deserve it.

— Ralph Marston

Old Skool Cafe

As a juvenile corrections officer, it broke Teresa Goine's heart to see young offenders coming back through the California prison system time and again. Sending these youth back home without a support system to keep them on the right track seemed to be setting them up for systematic failure. Eventually, Goines came up with the idea of Old Skool Cafe, a 1940s-style supper club run entirely by at-risk youth. This film is a voluntary project by Still Motion -- the first film in their "Share" project to give back to society by doing what they do best -- tell stories.

Daily Inspirational Quote – April 15, 2015

“Only you can fill in what’s missing. It’s not something another person can do for you.”

Have you ever had the feeling that something is “missing” in your life? I’m not talking about someone, but a feeling, a belief, something that resonates with your very spirit or soul. I believe we each seek out what we feel drawn to and that this enriches and enables us to feel comfortable, happy and content with who and where we are in life. Those of us who have achieved this are very fortunate indeed to have realized that nobody but ourselves could “fill in what was missing” and acted accordingly. I hope you have found or find the same.


What Gives You Richness

What is easy is not fulfilling. What is fulfilling is not easy.

The effort necessary for achievement is what gives the achievement value. You cannot get anything for free and expect it to make a meaningful difference in your life.

What gives you richness is what you give yourself to. It is a beautiful dynamic and a challenging one.

Grab that challenge, treasure it, work it, grow stronger through your efforts and know the fulfillment it will bring. Find in every day and in every encounter the opportunity to offer life the unique gift of you.

Earn what you enjoy, and enjoy what you earn. Invest yourself in life and take joy to a whole new level.

Now is your chance to give, to make a difference, to make life richer and more meaningful with your efforts. Celebrate life through those efforts, and delight in all the good you can do.

— Ralph Marston

How to Run a Company with (Almost) No Rules

What would "work" look like if we threw out all the rules: the hours, the offices, the fixed salaries? Just ask Ricardo Semler, CEO of the radical Brazilian company Semco, and you'll get an answer that stretches far beyond the workplace. Read on for his thought-provoking TED talk on re-engineering business, education, and life as we know it.

Daily Inspirational Quote – April 14, 2015

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

I think we can all relate to this. We tend to form an opinion or judge people very quickly, occasionally unfavorably, without knowing all the facts or spending time getting to know them. This judgment is then firmly planted in our minds and filed away for future reference. However, if we can just take steps to actually get to know people better before forming an opinion, then we may find ourselves having a totally different perception of them and this, in turn, may change them into somebody you find yourself valuing as a friend, colleague or lover. Snap judgments aren’t a good idea.


Making Sense of It All

All the goings on in the world around you are important. The thoughts, feelings, passions and values within you are just as important, even more so in fact.

Waves of new information wash over your awareness on a constant basis. Don’t let all that data crowd out your sense of who you are, of what you care about, and of what you intend.

By all means, pay attention to what’s going on in the outer world, and respond appropriately. Pay at least as much attention to the abiding values that form the essence of who you are.

Life is more than a mere stream of disjoined events and experiences. Life is the ability to fashion enduring meaning out of it all.

You can pay attention to what’s going on without being consumed by it. You can live your life according to the direction you’ve set, instead of being tossed around by every new development.

The way to make sense of it all, the way to find value and fulfillment in it all, is to see it all from a solid, stable perspective. Keep yourself grounded in t…

7 Ways To Help Kids Unplug From Technology

Parents and teachers alike worry about the impact that constant multitasking is having on children's developing brains. While kids swim comfortably in the floods of information, the problem, according to neuroscientists, is that multitasking is changing our human brains as we prioritize juggling over digging deeply into thinking, relationships, and planning.

The Indian Feng Shui by Tania Ahsan

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

 Feng Shui has been extensively explored these last few years and its secrets laid open to the West. But Vaastu Shastra, a 5,000-year-old Indian architectural and design philosophy, has only recently come into the media spotlight. Contained within around 16 Sanskrit texts from the Vedanta, Vaastu Shastra is a method of healing and improving the lives of people in relation to their living space.

Vastu (note the spelling) is the name given to dynamic energy (or prana) within living things, including buildings and structures, and Vaastu is the plane or support upon which Vastu resides. This can get very confusing, as it means that the Earth is both Vaastu and Vastu, meaning it is considered in India as a support and both alive and responsive. Think of your house: are there corners that feel sick or depressed to you? Are there parts that are cheery no matter how horrible the weather outside? Being sensitive to these kind of atmosphere…

10 Easy Steps to Psychic Protection by Richard Webster

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

When I stayed with friends recently, they took me to their local church. Several people were baptized during the service, and the priest made a sign of the cross with oil on each person’s chest. He called this a “breastplate of protection.” While I was still thinking about this, he and his assistant dipped palm fronds in holy water and walked around the congregation sprinkling everyone to provide protection. I was pleasantly surprised at this, especially as immediately before we’d left for the service I’d been telling my friends about my new book, Psychic Protection for Beginners.

Psychic protection is used to protect people from any form of negativity. Everyone experiences negativity from time to time, and as everyone is different, some people are able to handle this more easily than others. For example, my daughter loves spending time in a busy shopping mall. She finds it stimulating and exciting. My next-door neighbor is the co…

Daily Inspirational Quote – April 13, 2015

“You don’t stop dancing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop dancing.”

I love this! I know that, with my creaky and achy joints, I’m not as supple or as pain free as I was when I was a lot younger but, what am I going to do, never dance again when I hear music I want to boogie to? I don’t think so! If that day ever comes, and it never will if I can help it, then I will feel a great sense of loss and know I have indeed got old. Until then, much to the amusement of those unfortunate enough to witness me boogieing, I will continue to let the music “take me!”


Meaningful Effort

Choose to do what you believe in, and then put the full power of your belief behind what you are doing. Follow what you are passionate about, and give the energy of your passion to it.

That might mean making big external changes in what you’re doing with your life. Or it could mean making changes that are more internal, in how you think about and relate to what you’re doing.

Meaningful effort is not just an idealistic concept, and not just for a lucky few. It produces practical, valuable results, and is attainable by anyone.

Doing what you believe in does not mean you must quit your job or walk away from your responsibilities. Following your passion is not necessarily a matter of abandoning the commonsense, practical considerations in your life.

It is much more a matter of your expectations, your motivations, and your attitude in every moment. Though it may be challenging, you can find a way to express your highest values, and to follow your deepest passions, in any circumstance.

Resolve …

The Trouble With Mindfulness

Despite a growing abundance of research that shows how valuable mindfulness meditation can be, there also seems to be many roadblocks that keep people from trying it out: from simple time constraints, to the fear of becoming stereotyped as one of those 'new age, touchy-feely' kinds of people. In this article, writer Jill Suttie sets out to get to the bottom of the troublesome myths that surround mindfulness.

Take What Fits and Ditch the Rest by Elianah

"My 2¢ worth, take what fits and ditch the rest." This is a phrase, or one of its abbreviated versions like "As always, my 2¢ worth," is something I am finding is invaluable as a signature line for my posts. It is my way of providing a disclaimer that what I have said in a post are my thoughts and if others find the information, or a portion of it, rings true for them to use it. If the information has no value for them, then they should discard it.

No matter what the forum, I do believe that each person is sharing information in an open discussion. This means to me that posters are inviting comments to be made to what they are saying, whether it is in support or in dissention. If they are not interested in a full discussion of their ideas, perhaps they should make clear what type of response they will accept.

Of course, this does kill discussion. I hope that all posters might believe in the idea that all community members have something worthwhile to share and discus…

Daily Inspirational Quote – April 12, 2015

“If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down.”

No, this doesn’t mean, taking off overcoats or heavy shoes etc! This is all about letting go of all the restrictions or self-doubts we tend to take on board in life and freeing ourselves. We tend to add “weights” to ourselves in the form of low self-belief, self-esteem or self-confidence. Perhaps even allowing other people to burden us with their unhelpful perceptions of us. Now, how are we going to spread our wings and “fly” with all that weighing us down? We’re not, are we so, like the sand bags in the basket of our hot air balloon, hoist them over the side and watch them disappear, hopefully missing the people below! Now our spirits have the freedom to find and bring us what we wish for most.


The Science of Forgiveness

Forgiveness has been a cornerstone of all major world religions for hundreds of years as well as an increasingly popular subject in modern psychology. But as one researcher and psychologist put it, "I knew exactly how to ask God for forgiveness, but I had no idea how to forgive, or ask forgiveness from the people in my life." This thoughtful essay shares more.