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Daily Inspirational Quote – June 6, 2015

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”

The world seems to become noisier every day, or is that just me? Cars driving past with their windows down and music blasting out so we can all get the “benefit” of the driver’s musical predilections whether we want to or not, (usually not)! On a bus, coach or train, people carry on conversations on their mobile ‘phones. I wouldn’t mind so much if they were interesting with tasty bits of gossip but, more often than not, they’re totally boring to their fellow travelers. Don’t get me started with headphones in public! Why can’t people be content just to shhhhhh, and be quiet. Don’t they realize what they’re missing? They might be pleasantly surprised at what they can hear, i.e. the sounds of the birds, children laughing, or squabbling, people having a pleasant conversation etc. or, better still, silence, just silence.


Let Life Be Good

Life is good, if you will let it be. Life is good, when you focus on its most positive aspects.

Let life be good by letting go of the need to satisfy your ego. Let life be good by letting go of the need to impress others with how impressive you are.

Let life be good, just because it is, just because you have the opportunity to live it. Let life be good by focusing more on the solid, enduring substance and less on the fleeting, superficial things.

Let life be good by seeing the best in others, those with whom you disagree as well as those with whom you agree. Let life be good by finding the positive aspects of every situation, and by acting to create a positive outcome.

Let life be good by allowing yourself to be curious, filled with a sense of wonder and awe. Let life be good by giving of yourself, experiencing how great it feels to make a difference.

Let this day, this moment, this life be good by living with gratitude for it all. Let life be good, and you make it even better for everyone…

Nature Needs A New Pronoun

Singing whales, talking trees, dancing bees, birds who make art, fish who navigate, plants who learn and remember. We are surrounded by intelligences other than our own, by feathered people and people with leaves. But we've forgotten. There are many forces arrayed to help us forget -- even the language we speak.

Daily Inspirational Quote – June 5, 2015

“Be the kind of person you want in your life.”

This brings to mind the saying, “Treat other people the way you would like to be treated” doesn’t it? Do you live your life along these lines? I would like to believe that this is something I can relate to in my life and the lives of those closest to me. I think most of us try to be the best we can be in our behavior towards others, not just to those closest to us, but those we come across perhaps momentarily every day. Why wouldn’t we?



Take on more than you can handle, then do what is necessary to handle it. Promise more than you can deliver, then find a way to deliver more than you have promised.

Playing it safe is dangerous to your future. Get the juices of your ambition flowing, and get some great stuff done.

Stop waiting around, hoping you’ll come across something that makes you more passionate about life. Start putting lots of effort, with plenty of determination and commitment, into what you’re doing, and you’ll be overflowing with passion and with success.

Stand up and look, with awe and amazement, at the opportunity that’s right in front of you. Then claim the opportunity and jump into it with everything you have.

Think up strategies instead of excuses, then implement those strategies with persistent action. Be willing to get it wrong for as long as it takes to get it right.

Do what you know you can do, and then do a whole lot more. There’s plenty of richness to be lived, so get going and make it happen.

— Ralph M…

Joseph Campbell on How To Find Your Bliss

Joseph Campbell's dictum, "Follow your bliss," has come to encapsulate his philosophy of life. Decades before the screaming tyranny of work/life balance reached its modern crescendo, Campbell heard the soul's cry and identified with enormous elegance and precision the root of our existential dissatisfaction.

Daily Inspirational Quote – June 4, 2015

“The positive thinker Sees the invisible, Feels the Intangible, and Achieves the impossible.”

Each and every one of us has the freedom to choose to think positively. How great is that? A free gift to ourselves from ourselves. This free gift enables us to see the positive in the people around us, the situations we find ourselves in and the problems that we all face every day. How much better to arm ourselves with positivity rather than negativity in order to continue on our path through life.


Once-Homeless Man Revolutionizing Care for the Homeless

"Barsema remembered what it was like to be homeless and at the end of his rope. He'd faced a series of challenges early in life -- he'd lost everything after a struggle with alcoholism cost him his marriage, his home, and his real estate business. That led him to a mountaintop in Alaska, where he meant to commit suicide." Luckily, Barsema's parents took him in and helped him slowly bounce back. Fifteen years later, he's built a sprawling set of services to revolutionize how we care for the homeless. Read on to learn more about this remarkable man and his commitment to the less fortunate.

Daily Inspirational Quote – June 3, 2015

“Defeat is a state of mind. No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.”

This is so true isn’t it and makes perfect sense when you think about it. To actually be defeated by someone, an event or situation in our life, we would have to believe, without a doubt, that we had indeed been defeated. We would have accepted defeat and allowed our mind set to absorb this as the truth. However, if we were to see defeat as something that happened to other people, not us, then our mind set would continue to be positive and uplifted so defeat would definitely have no place in our lives or minds.


Life Starts at the Edge of Our Comfort Zone

"The sounds of a dance tune blast through the carriage and the man erupts into dance. Half smiles, awkward glances. But then one lady gets up and joins him. A man joins them. Others stand up, hesitantly at first but then exploding into uninhibited dance. Soon virtually everyone is up dancing. Smiles shine out as strangers dance through the train. Barriers drop, fears evaporate and joy emanates." Video footage of this beautiful moment of public connection has attracted more than 23 million views. The man responsible for this act is Peter Sharp who is driven by a desire to remind humanity of their common connection. Read on to watch the joyful video and to learn more about Peter.

Daily Inspirational Quote – June 2, 2015

“Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go.”

We all doubt ourselves and our abilities at one time or another, maybe more times than we can count. However, this is normal so nothing to be ashamed of. The thing to remember is that, while it’s healthy to doubt ourselves as it gives us an opportunity to stop and think about what we’re doing and adjust things if we have to, it also pays us to be more ready to give ourselves a pat on the back. We all tend to be harder on ourselves than anybody else would be, so take time to recognize how far YOU have come and what YOU have achieved and what you know YOU can achieve in the future. Be kind to yourself, you’re so worth it.


Admit That You Are You

Nothing is going to solve all your problems for you. However, you are completely capable of addressing each and every one of those problems yourself.

The energy to do so will come from a compelling purpose. Somewhere within you is that purpose, and what you must do is forge a solid connection to it.

In the things that you love, the things you dislike, the things that excite you and the things that frustrate you, are hints of that purpose. The quickest connection to your driving purpose is to admit that you are you.

Admit that you are you, with your quirks, your passions, your doubts, your values, and all the other truths about you. Admit that you are you, and admit all that you treasure about life.

Don’t struggle to fit into someone else’s pre-defined mold. Chart your own course, be your own person, and harvest the real value in your own purpose.

In your own beautiful uniqueness you will find the inspiration and energy to move positively forward. Admit you are you, and manifest your own sp…

Change Leader, Change Thyself

When an association begins to start thinking about organizational change, whether it be a company, a school, or maybe even a community, many groups simply roll out a list of performance objectives and initiatives. But what is most often overlooked in this process is the one that is the most crucial: the awareness of leaders to make changes within themselves. This thought-provoking article delves into the concepts and challenges for individuals looking to become more self aware, and thus make real change more possible.

Exploration: A Map of Creative Expressions by Judy Reeves

An Excerpt from Wild Women, Wild Voices

Remember when you were five years old and didn’t know you “couldn’t” sing? (I write this for me, the girl who dreamed of growing up to be a singer, the one who couldn’t carry a tune even if she had a peach basket.) Remember when you were given paints and a piece of paper and you just sat right down and made a picture? And you liked it. You liked the doing of it, and you liked the picture you created as well. You gave it away as a gift and felt good doing that, too.

For this Exploration, let’s make a map. Instead of just listing specific creative expressions, throw words describing them all over the page. Use different-colored pens; make a map bright with wild statements, words, or images. Remember, we’re not talking Art, with a capital A here; we’re talking creative expressions that brought pleasure, that were fun to do or to make. Start with the first thing you remember — whether it’s from when you were a child or something you did two days ago —…

Authentic Expressions 
of a Wild Woman by Judy Reeves

An Excerpt from Wild Women, Wild Voices

The call to create is a calling like no other, a voice within that howls for expression, shadow longing to merge with light. — Jan Phillips

Several years ago I was asked to give a talk about women in the arts in celebration of International Women’s Day. Whew! I thought, Where do I start? And then I thought, Where do I end? Women and art have existed from the beginning of time and, as long as there is time and there are women, they always will.

When I asked the host how long I had to speak, she said about twenty minutes, “and that includes questions and answers.”

Wow! I thought this time. Twenty minutes to talk about the history of the world from the perspective of women in the arts. I could just stand at the podium and say the names of women artists and fill the afternoon. I could fill the day, right on up to dinner. I could lose my voice just saying the names of women in the ...

Daily Inspirational Quote – June 1, 2015

“Procrastination is the thief of time.”

I am a guilty of being a procrastinator! If procrastinating includes not being able to make a decision then I’m your woman. “Would you like a biscuit with your coffee” throws me into a panic? Should I think of my gradually expanding figure and refuse’; would I be thought rude; what if it’s a biscuit I don’t like (very unlikely but you never know)? I guess what this really means is that to procrastinate is to hesitate, and time spent hesitating means less time actually “doing” so time lost. We need to aim to be more decisive or take action sooner rather than later to thwart the thief, procrastination.


In Every Detail

Whatever you’re doing, put your passion, love, full attention and awareness into it. Give all you have to even the smallest of acts.

The richness of life is created in the living of it. Fulfillment comes not from getting, taking, having or keeping, but from being and becoming.

In every detail of your life there is the opportunity for greatness. The more of yourself you put into all you do, the more successful you will be.

Always remember that this moment, this day is not a practice or preparation. Now is when real life happens.

Give your energy, your attention, your thoughts and your love to what you are doing right now. Put yourself fully into what you do, and whatever you do will be of much value.

There is no task too small or too large to ignore. Make life rich by living every moment, by thinking every thought, and by performing every act with all the greatness that is in you.

— Ralph Marston

Michael Lerner: Whispers of a Wounded Healer

Meet Michael Lerner, one of the founding members of Commonweal -- an organization founded on the principle of engendering hope through service. "We can't know what the future will actually be," he shares. "but living in service and doing what we can engenders a form of hope, a form of resilience that is part of creating a global consciousness that can move us through these very difficult times." Read more to be inspired by his healing journey.

Daily Inspirational Quote – May 31, 2015

“If you want to feel rich…just count the things you have that money can’t buy.”

Sometimes we’re so caught up and swept along by the things we have to do every day that we never take the time to stop and actually think about the many blessings we have in life that we take for granted. I don’t mean the 50” Smart TV, the posh car, the expensive clothes, etc. etc. I mean the blessings we are fortunate enough to have been given for free, i.e. our health and the health of those we love, a happy home, people in our lives who love us for who we are, financial stability, being able to appreciate the world around us and it’s beauty……. Too many blessings to mention so I will leave you to reflect on your own personal blessings for which I’m sure you’re truly thankful.


Pilot Inspires Compton Kids To Fly

Robyn Petgrave is teaching kids to reach for the sky -- literally. Troubled by the large percentage of Compton children falling victim to gang violence and drugs, Robyn created Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum. The aeronautical program, designed for youth to learn flying, inspires its participants, and teaches responsibility. To participate, kids must maintain a good grade point average, stay out of trouble, and have a positive attitude. Robyn's goal is to promote discipline and accountability that will assist each child on his or her future journey at school, in the workplace, and in the community.