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Daily Inspirational Quote – July 4, 2015

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”

Now who wouldn’t want to be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud? Not me! This tells me that the people I encounter every day, whether family, friend, colleague or just a stranger I exchange a smile or a few words with in passing, may be having a “cloudy” day. By this I don’t necessarily mean weather wise but rather that they might not be having the best day of their lives for whatever reason. If this is the case, when recalling their day at bedtime, wouldn’t it be nice if they fell asleep with a smile on their lips just because you or I became their very own rainbow for a brief moment in their cloudy day?


Celebrate Your Freedom

Celebrate your freedom to choose by choosing wisely. Celebrate your freedom to act by acting on your highest values and best intentions.

Celebrate your freedom to speak your mind by speaking the truth, with compassion, understanding and genuine love. Celebrate the freedom to follow your dreams by following those dreams that are worthy of the unique, valuable person you are.

Celebrate and live your freedom, and realize that with freedom comes a serious obligation. Because you are free to choose the direction of your life, you are also responsible for all that happens as a result.

Freedom is a powerful and wonderful thing, and makes the best possibilities possible. Freedom’s power comes from the willingness to accept responsibility, and without that responsibility there is no freedom.

Celebrate your freedom, and give to life all the great things that come from living in freedom. Celebrate your freedom by appreciating how precious it is and by perpetuating it with your responsible choices.


Jacob Needleman on Money and the Meaning of Life

How do we bridge the inner realm of spirit with the outer world of material? Writer and philosopher Jerry Needleman has been pondering this question (and many others) for years. Here in a fascinating dialogue he shares his perspectives on "Money and the Meaning of Life."

After 75 Years Of Marriage, These Childhood Sweethearts Passed Away In Each Others' Arms Hours Apart

Jeanette and Alexander Toczko became boyfriend and girlfriend at 8 years old. After 75 years of marriage, the childhood sweethearts passed away hours apart holding each other close.

Daily Inspirational Quote – July 3, 2015

“If you propose to speak, always ask yourself, is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?”

We’re all guilty, at one time or another, of speaking or commenting without firstly engaging our brain first aren’t we? I’m sure I’m not alone in this. It would really serve us well to think carefully before allowing what is in our head to pass our lips because once it’s said, it can’t be unsaid. No matter how much you protest and try to explain you didn’t mean it, it came out all wrong, they’ve taken it the wrong way, etc. etc., it’s out there and could have consequences or repercussions that may reverberate down the tunnel of time. So, my friends, the next time you are tempted to let it “all out”, ask yourself the above three questions first….. If the answer is no, keep it zipped so to speak or rather, don’t speak!


Move On

You’re going along great, making progress, enjoying the effort, and then an unexpected interruption crashes your efforts to the ground. So, deal with the interruption, then let it go, and move on.

You’ve worked long and hard to achieve the results you desire, but the results you end up getting are not what you wanted. Accept the disappointment, learn all you can from it, and move on.

Out of the blue, something new and wonderful suddenly comes into your life. So enjoy the moment fully, and then move on.

Whether it’s pleasant or unpleasant, expected or unexpected, fulfilling or disappointing, life brings new substance every day. Live it fully, making the most of what comes, and then get moving along.

Don’t keep fighting against the bad stuff that’s already occurred, or continue clinging to the good stuff that’s already over. Let what has happened be what has happened, and move on.

Whether it’s been wonderful or disappointing or a mixture of both, be thankful for whatever you’ve just experien…

Building a Reading Revolution

As more and more people obsessively stare into their smart phones and tablets, the world seemingly grows a little more disconnected. But the folks at The Reader Organization, an award-winning charity and social enterprise, have gone about reversing that trend by offering to get people together to simply read aloud to each other. The benefits of this straightforward exercise are quite evident: improved self-confidence, a heightened sense of belonging, and a chance to interact with people you wouldn't otherwise meet in your normal day-to-day life.

This Woman Opened A Shelter For SENIOR Unwanted Pets So They Can Live Out Their Lives Happily

House with a Heart, a nonprofit animal shelter located in Gaithersburg, MD, takes in senior dogs to help with end-of-life care.

Daily Inspirational Quote – July 2, 2015

“Spirituality is a personal relationship with the Divine. Religion is crowd control.”

I only came across this quote recently and I must admit it did strike a chord. It really made me think more deeply about Spirituality and Religion. I have always believed that there is “something”, a higher power if you like, that inspires and challenges us all. However, I also believe that we are all entitled to our own individual, personal belief, which should be respected by everybody who knows us. To me that is Spirituality. On the other hand, I have found “Religion” to be the result of somebody else’s interpretation of how we should behave and think, and does not tolerate (however much it professes to) any deviation from its teaching. I dislike the hypocrisy involved. I will continue to live my life as spiritually as I can, as individually as I can, but that’s just me, what about you?


Give It a Chance

How do you transform something you don’t feel like doing into something you are happily doing? Get started, and give it a chance.

Once you’re immersed in making the effort, it doesn’t seem that bad. In fact, with just a little additional nudge to your attitude, you can actually be enjoying it.

Remind yourself, when there’s something you’ve been putting off, that once you get started it won’t be bad at all. Remind yourself, and then get started.

Don’t view focus as something you have to strive to attain. Just get started, and give your focus a chance to take hold.

It’s really more enjoyable to make progress than it is to avoid effort. And it’s a whole lot more fulfilling.

So next time you find yourself procrastinating, stop and realize what a great opportunity you have. Go ahead, get started, give the effort a chance, and you’ll soon be thanking yourself for doing so.

— Ralph Marston

The Power of Landspeak

Under pressure, Oxford University Press revealed a list of the entries it no longer felt relevant to a modern-day childhood, including acorn, bluebell, buttercup, dandelion, ivy, lark, and mistletoe. The outdoor and the natural are displaced by the indoor and the virtual -- a small but significant symptom of the simulated life we increasingly live. And what is lost is the power that certain terms possess to enchant our relations with nature and place.

Daily Inspirational Quote – July 1, 2015

“The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.”

This really resonates with me on a personal level. When I find that I am beginning to feel overloaded with whatever is going on in my life, the only thing that always invigorates and restores me, is either a nice amble in the countryside or, even better, time spent at the seashore. Fortunately, we live only a 10 minute walk away from the sea so how great is that? I believe that nothing can restore the human spirit more than spending time in the great outdoors, away from houses, cars, crowds, etc. Our spirit thrives on being “free” from the restraints of modern life and takes on new life and vigor from being allowed to commune with the very basics necessary to sustain life.

Inspirational Messages Written by

Choose The Next Step

Just because you’ve been disappointed once, or twice, or a hundred times, is no reason to give up. On the contrary, it is a reason to give more to the effort.

Just because you’ve been criticized is no reason to think that the whole world is against you. Actually, it is a valuable opportunity to improve.

Life can throw a lot of discouraging things your way. What’s really beautiful, though, is that you don’t have to be discouraged.

You have a choice, no matter what has happened, no matter where you’ve been or where you are. You can choose the next step, and you can choose to make it a positive one.

You can choose to make the next step the most effective, loving, meaningful thing you’ve ever done. Nothing outside you has the power to stop you from making this your best moment yet.

Throw off the disappointment, breeze cheerfully past the naysayers, and exercise your power to choose. The next step is yours to choose, and you can choose to make it great.

— Ralph Marston

The Cross Road of Should & Must

"When we choose Should, we're choosing to live our life for someone or something other than ourselves. The journey to Should can be smooth, the rewards can seem clear, and the options are often plentiful...Must is different. Must is who we are, what we believe, and what we do when we are alone with our truest, most authentic self. That which calls to us most deeply. It's our convictions, our passions, our deepest held urges and desires unavoidable, undeniable, and inexplicable. Unlike Should, Must doesn't accept compromises."

The Story Behind This Viral Photo Of A Boy Studying On The Street Is Heartbreaking And Inspiring

A photo of a child studying outside a McDonald's in the Philippines is currently making its rounds on social media.

6 Year-Old Saves Grandpa's Life After Both Flew Off In Jet Ski Accident

Gran Flowers, a 6 year-old boy from Hartselle, Alabama, doesn't understand why everyone is calling him a hero. But if it wasn't for him, his grandfather might not be alive.

Daily Inspirational Quote – June 30, 2015

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.”

Our experiences of and in life are what shape and mound us into the people we become. However, we too have a hand in shaping the malleable clay we represent when we are thrown on the spinning wheel of life to begin the shape we will become. It’s how we respond and move beyond what happens to us that shapes us. Using the tools we each have, i.e. free will, determination, confidence, the will to succeed and overcome, as the “hands” and “tools” of our choosing therefore taking control of who WE choose to become.


Step Beyond the Limitations

Don’t take refuge in seeing yourself as a victim. Take pride in getting yourself to do good and valuable things.

Everybody has problems and limitations and extenuating circumstances. Yet progress is always possible no matter what.

Sure, there is unfairness and there is injustice in the world. Work to right those wrongs but don’t fall into the trap of using them as excuses.

When you choose to move forward, there are all kinds of things that could go wrong. But that is no reason to hide from life or to remain stuck where you are.

You don’t have to be defined by your disappointments, injuries or limitations. Choose instead to define yourself by your highest visions, your dreams, goals and ambitions.

You are a unique, creative bundle of positive possibilities, so live your life that way. There is so very much good you can do, so let go of the excuses, step beyond the limitations, and make more of the goodness happen today.

— Ralph Marston

Saturday In New York With Gitanjali

Gitanjali Babbar is a curious spirit who is gently shaking the world with her selfless service. As the founder of "Kat-Katha" in Delhi, she is bringing community and love to the otherwise bleak existence of sex-trafficked women, their families, and even brothel owners. The community is growing strong and volunteers are pouring in. But, during her recent visit to Manhattan, she told writer Tracy Cochran that she does not want to be the head of a movement, and was reassured by the idea that soon the movement would take over and she would fade into the background. "It struck me as strange," Tracy writes, "that I was spending the day with someone whose idea of heroism consisted in taking off her armor, in making herself vulnerable to life, giving up the privilege of separation." In this piece, Tracy captures the beauty and grace of Gitanjali's spirit and the message of love and oneness that she brings to the world through her work.…

This Hero Told His Fiancée To 'Tell Our Children Daddy Loves Them.' It Looks Like He Will Get To Tell Them Himself

The man who shielded his fiancée from a Tunisian student who opened fire on a public beach is doing well despite being shot three times.

Guidance with Joan of Arc

An Excerpt from If Joan of Arc Had Cancer
by Janet Roseman

If Joan of Arc Had Cancer is divided into two parts: Flames of Courage and the Gateways. Because your intuitive mind is activated by each Flame of Courage theme, it can be beneficial to work with both sections of this book during the same sitting; however, that is not the only way. The Flames can be read in order for thirty-one days, a new theme each day for one month, or you can choose to work with the sections out of order, depending on your relationship to the themes identified in the book. Always trust your judgment.

Part 1 presents thirty-one Flames of Courage — attributes each based on a particular theme. Each Flame is explained in detail, and many are accompanied by the actual words Joan spoke during her trial, to reinforce the Flame. Following this text is a message from Joan that was intuitively written, and a corresponding meditation and directive. I wrote these messages from Joan of Arc by connecting with her energy du…

Finding Your Flame of Courage

An Excerpt from If Joan of Arc Had Cancer
by Janet Roseman

Living with a diagnosis of cancer immediately suggests the expectations of vulnerability — physical, emotional, and spiritual. This perceived vulnerability can actually be an asset, and throughout the twists and turns on the path, you can transmute the meaning of vulnerability from something less than into something more than. By its very nature, cancer cracks open the portals of life, from “what was” to “what is.” During this journey, there are no set rules to follow. You are unique and not only have opportunities to make life-changing 
choices about treatment, but can rethink the types of emotional and spiritual support you need, discarding what no longer serves.

Each person on this journey has her own perspective and place of attention. The laws of physics dictate that any focus or object of attention requires energy. In this case, I am suggesting that this energy can be attentive to the spiritual and psychological components …

Daily Inspirational Quote – June 29, 2015

“Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us.”

Well this does make sense don’t you think? If we live life feeling positive, hopeful and confident in our ability to cope, achieve and succeed, wouldn’t it follow that this would pave the way for life to respond in kind? I believe it would be more likely than being pessimistic, doubting our abilities and having a “poor me” attitude towards other people and life in general. I know which one I’d rather be don’t you? So, what are you waiting for, if you’re not already being optimistic, then make today the first day of your new outlook and see what happens…… I guarantee you won’t regret it.


Enough To Get Started

Whether you have a lot to work with or you don’t have very much, there’s one thing you do have. You have enough to get started, so go ahead and take the first step.

Whether you know everything there is to know or you know almost nothing, you certainly know enough to get started. Once you’re in motion, you will surely learn a whole lot more.

Whatever must be done will not be done by waiting for the perfect conditions. The fact is, you can take the first step, and the step after that, no matter what the conditions may be.

The resources, relationships, ideas, knowledge and expertise you seek are all connected to you in some way. To activate the connection you must activate yourself, and get to work.

Get to work, and suddenly you find ways to transform what you need into what you have. Get to work, and with every effort new pathways open up to you.

Achievement is calling, and there’s no good reason to wait another moment. You already have enough to get started, so do.

— Ralph Marston

How to Transform Stress Into Courage and Connection

"Stress doesn't always lead to fight-or-flight, says Kelly McGonigal. It can also activate brain systems that help us connect with other people." In this article, McGonigal summarizes the social science research that explains how a certain response to stress changes the brain's biochemistry in surprising ways.

Daily Inspirational Quote – June 28, 2015

“Sometimes those who challenge you most….teach you the best.”

I can honestly say that, hand on heart, I have met some really challenging people through the years. I won’t bore you with the details, as I expect you’ve all got your own stories you could share too but, suffice to say, they have taught me valuable lessons. I know I didn’t think so at the time and it was only later, usually much much later, that I realized that I came out of the experience better equipped to deal with future challenging people. So thank you, all you people who have challenged me in the past, thank you all very much indeed!


Gorgeous Portraits of the World's Vanishing People

Many photos are able to capture what we see, but it's a rare photo that shows us who we are. Jimmy Nelson has traveled the globe seeking out opportunities to share a glimpse into some of the world's vanishing people. In this TED talk, he shares not just the photos he's taken, but the stories behind each astonishing portrait.