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Daily Inspirational Quote – May 16, 2015

“Breathing in, I send myself love. Breathing out, I send love to someone else who needs it.”

Wonderful isn’t it? Breathing in we send ourselves life-giving oxygen, which we don’t often stop to think about do we? We just do it as it comes to us as naturally as breathing, if you know what I mean? We are continually nourishing our life-force if you like. Also, what if we held the intent that every time we breathed out we were able to send love to someone in need of it. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to send out healing and restorative love with each breath so, not only nourishing us, but also those who need it most? Wonderful!


Diversity of Opinions

Someone who criticizes you is probably doing so as a way to explore his own weaknesses. Someone who praises you is likely praising something in herself that she recognizes in you.

Just because another person disagrees with you, doesn’t mean that person hates you. It means you are fortunate to live in a world where a diversity of opinions can coexist.

Pay attention to the opinions of others, but don’t let them consume you or knock you off track. Choose your actions not to impress or to please, but to create the value you’ve chosen to create, and to express the perspective you wish to express.

You can learn much from what others say about you. But you’ll go crazy if you try to take every suggestion and answer every objection.

Be understanding and considerate while also being your own person. Be aware and involved in the outer world while also being driven by your own unique, internal dreams and values.

Be thankful, not offended, that other people in this world are not exactly like you. And a…

Is Your Web Browser a Credit Card for Your Time?

Studies have shown that credit cards and other forms of non-tangible currency make it easier for people to spend more than they otherwise might (and in many ways, this is precisely what they are designed to do). The internet has developed a similar model, pushing us to spend more time than we have on advertisements and other distractions. In a day and age when time is more precious than ever, how might we moderate this subtle "message" of the internet? This thoughtful article, explores these questions and more.

Daily Inspirational Quote – May 15, 2015

“Care about what other people think of you and you will always be their prisoner.”

I can certainly see the logic in this can’t you? Self-explanatory really, though I suspect we have all been guilty of this at some time in our lives and, perhaps, still are! We may subconsciously or not seek other people’s approval of what we do and, indeed who we are. Not realizing we are allowing  them control over us and how we live our lives and, in fact, present ourselves to the World. Try doing what YOU want to do, the way YOU want to, how YOU want to, and you may be surprised at how liberated you feel, perhaps for the first time in a very long period. Refuse to be anyone’s prisoner ever again.


Now Is Golden

Now is golden, with great value available to be created. Direct your focus and your energy into what you can do with now.

Right now there are possibilities and resources you can tap into. Now, there is the opportunity to make things happen and to make a difference.

Don’t compromise the value of now by using it to obsess over past events that cannot be changed. Don’t give up the chance to be effective right now by worrying about what might happen in the future.

This is the time you can use to take action. This is the time you can use to move your world in a positive direction.

This moment right now is worth whatever you wish to put into it. Yet if you fail to make use of now while it is here, it quickly becomes worthless and irretrievable to you.

Now is golden, so grab its value by taking positive, effective action. Now is yours, so live it well.

— Ralph Marston

The Magic of Spinning

When we turn to screens for connection, it's easy to lose touch with reality. Mimi Luebbermann is convinced that, the same way we need healthy organic food, we also crave the touch of real natural fiber and wool -- a sensation that is as old as we are. Hear more of her story and of the magic she is spinning at Windrush Farm in California.

Daily Inspirational Quote – May 14, 2015

“Let your faith be bigger than your fear.”

If only it were that easy! Sometimes our fears are very, very scary and deeply rooted, and it is almost impossible for us to look beyond them to the light at the end of the tunnel. However, saying that, what about, when we are fearful, just letting go……, closing our eyes, taking deep breaths, finding the calm in our center. This is when to tap into our belief in whichever faith we follow. Allow, the peace we are all capable of surrounding ourselves with, if we choose, to take us over and just trust. A short but lovely word, trust. Try it the next time you are fearful, you may be surprised!


Genuine Thoughtfulness

You are worthy, deserving, intelligent, skillful and have unique value to offer. Even so, the world does not revolve around you.

There are a lot of other people in this world. The more considerate you are of those people, even the ones who don’t seem to deserve it, the better off you yourself will be.

You are worthy of the very best life has to offer. And one of the most empowering thoughts to keep in mind is that life does not owe anything to you.

Your life is filled with great possibilities. It is by acting with gratitude, humility and genuine thoughtfulness that you will fulfill the best of those possibilities.

At times, other people will anger you, frustrate you, lie to you and disappoint you. Love them anyway, for ultimately that is in your best interest.

It is easy to be understanding of those who agree with you, and immensely powerful to be understanding of those who don’t. Live with understanding and genuine thoughtfulness, no matter what, and enjoy the rewards that come from makin…

What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

"Many of us were not taught self-determination. We were not taught to trust our intrinsic natures, our own personal sense of knowing, our internally directed discrimination. Instead, life presents itself externally as a banquet, from which we choose.  If the item is not in the banquet, then we go without, or bend ourselves to choose something 'sort of like' the thing we really want." In this article, Kelly Wendorf offers several such insights and guiding questions to help hone our intuition and the skill of self-determination through discernment.

Daily Inspirational Quote – May 13, 2015

“Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction.”

Personally I wake up every morning thankful for actually waking up! Joking aside, how many of us wake up and spend a minute or two thinking about the day ahead with something less than anticipation? From today, when you wake up, try to picture your day ahead and feel determined to get the very best out of the whole day you can! This should find you starting your day with anticipation and an eagerness that will carry you through the following hours and bring, not only to you, but to the people you encounter and interact with, a sense of wellbeing, cheerfulness and positive energy. So, by the time you climb back into bed and snuggle down you fall asleep with a smile on your face in anticipation of the next day being much the same.


Learn From Action

You don’t have to sit around waiting for a moment of brilliance. Instead, spend your moments taking action, and allow the brilliance to eventually rise to the top.

Don’t spend a lot of time and effort agonizing over what strategy to use. Make enough attempts, and the best strategy will eventually become evident.

Often, to find out what works you have to do what doesn’t. Learn and prepare the best you can, then jump in and do.

Experience will teach you what nothing else can. Start accumulating that experience as soon as possible.

Instead of wondering about the best approach, find out. The sooner you start taking action, the sooner you’ll zero in on the most effective set of actions.

Get quickly beyond speculating about what works best in theory and find what actually does work in practice. Learn from action, and learn what really counts.

— Ralph Marston

5 Ways To Kill Your Dreams

For all the big dreamers out there: beware! Don't let your dreams fall prey to the myths of easy success, or stumble and fall in the face of overwhelming input. Bel Pesce delivers a TED talk for all those who wish to avoid the pitfalls that come between our dreams and their fulfillment.

Daily Inspirational Quote – May 12, 2015

“Transformation happens on the other side of surrender.”

We have all struggled with problems in the past and, most of the time, done our utmost to find a solution, a way to move forward and leave whatever it is behind. However, occasionally, very occasionally, there are times when we should just say, “You know what, I give up. That’s it. I can do no more.” At those times perhaps that’s the way we’re meant to react to whatever, or whoever, is causing us a problem. By admitting and accepting that we don’t know the best way forward, can actually let the dust settle, so to speak, and we are then ready to be transformed into the person who just let’s things happen and trust that what follows is for the best.

The World You See

The world you see is mightily affected by the person you are. The quickest and most effective way to live in a better world is to be a better you.

Your opinion of life exerts a strong influence on your experience of life. Change your opinion of life, and you immediately see a corresponding change in the way life unfolds.

Just because you think something is true doesn’t make it true. Yet from your own point of view, it might as well.

Your decisions and preferences depend heavily on your perspective. And those decisions and preferences play a major role in the way your life progresses.

What you think about life determines the way you live it. And you get to decide what you think.
See a world filled with goodness, with positive possibilities, with joy, love and fulfillment. See that world, and live to make it so.

— Ralph Marston

David Whyte on the True Meaning of Friendship, Love & Heartbreak

After a certain age, words flow from us, often without a second thought. So how can we come back into a conscious relationship with some of the most common words in our language? How can we return with fresh eyes to words like love and friendship? Poet David Whyte dives deeply into these terms, and encourages us to return to their visceral truths.

Opening to Meditation by Diana Lang

Can you imagine feeling good and natural and full of life? Imagine what it would feel like to feel calm and centered no matter what your circumstances might be. Imagine having more energy while engaging in everything you do, and feeling ever more connected in your life, day-by-day, breath-by-breath.

Having taught meditation for over thirty years to thousands of people, I can really say that it is the single most important thing you can ever learn in order to expedite and enrich your spiritual life. Everything you learn in school, by analysis or by study, will be exponentially deepened because you meditate. Meditation will influence the way you organize your thoughts and the way you develop your personal philosophy. It will affect the way you appreciate art or a poem or a good conversation. This is because everything is energy and vibration, and since everything is energy, every part of your life will be affected. Meditation gives you access to an inner world of knowing. It’s like havin…

The Calm Center by Steve Taylor

How religious you are depends on the nature and strength of your beliefs and how deeply you are self-identified with them. How spiritual you are depends on your degree of presence in everyday life, which is to say your state of consciousness.

The essence of all spirituality is presence, a state of consciousness that transcends thinking. There is a space behind and in between your thoughts and emotions. When you become aware of that space, you are present, and you realize that your personal history, which consists of thought, is not your true identity and is not the essence of who you are. What is that space, that inner spaciousness? It is stillness, the calm center. It is pure consciousness, the transcendent I AM that becomes aware of itself. The Buddha called it sunyata, emptiness. It is the “kingdom of heaven” that Jesus pointed to, which is within you, here and now.

As presence increasingly arises within you, it manifests in many different ways: inner peace, empathy, an outflow of go…

Daily Inspirational Quote – May 11, 2015

“A wise owl lived in an oak, the more he saw the less he spoke, the less he spoke the more he heard. Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?”

Personally, I love owls. There’s just something about them that appeals to me. They always look comfortable in their own feathers if you know what I mean? This quote really resonates with me and, as it makes a lot of sense, there’s not much I can add except to adopt what it’s telling us. Sometimes we need to just listen and engage our brains while learning and digesting what we hear before opening our mouths and letting it all out without really knowing what we’re saying or actually mean. Perhaps we’d hear things to our advantage, who knows? Worth a try.


Make Progress Today

You can make a whole lot of progress today. So let yourself do it.

You can be free of your doubts, your worries, and the limiting assumptions that have held you back. Decide to make progress, and act on your decision.

You can handle the challenges and find a way to address each problem. See yourself doing it, and then do what you see.

You can discard the excuses and put an end to your hesitation. Remind yourself of the great value in what you can do, and get busy doing it.

Instead of slipping backwards, instead of just getting by, you can make progress today. Do yourself and everyone else a great big favor, and do what you know you can do.

The time, the energy and the resources are here now for you to use. Choose to use them now, and make some great new progress today.

— Ralph Marston

Making Mother's Day

When a young man returns home after a two and a half year unexplained absence, his mother's instinctive response to seeing him at the door blows him away. Reflecting on her years of hard work and sacrifice for the well-being of her children, he decides it's time to return the favor. On his birthday he sits her down for a special and heart-warming surprise...

10 Timeframes For Measuring Life

How do we measure time? From the passing of seasons to the minute hand on a clock, the way we capture and measure moments is always changing. Today, we have more and more ways to track time, but we don't seem to be any closer to figuring out how best to use it. What if we change the very way we situate ourselves in the "when"? What if we stop measuring time in terms of nanoseconds of productivity, and think about it in terms of heartbeats instead? In this graduation speech, software architect Paul Ford turns the concept of time on its head. Instead of focusing on using our precious time wisely, he challenges us to reshape time so that it better serves the precious heartbeats of others.

Daily Inspirational Quote – May 10, 2015

“Remembering a wrong is like carrying a burden in the mind.”

Easier said than done! When somebody does us wrong we tend to brood and allow it to fester and grow in our mind. Over time, if we refuse to let it die a natural death and fade away never to be thought of again, like a boil or a carbuncle it grows and grows and grows…. We continue to feed it from a menu of anger, vengeance, and our sense of injustice. Now, is this actually doing anything to the person who caused it? Of course it isn’t! All this does is torment and prevent us from thinking clearly and getting on with our lives content and at peace. Let it go, just let it go, you don’t need it, really you don’t!


Calculate Your Friendship Affinity

How compatible are you and your friends?  Ever wonder why you just don't get along with certain people?  Maybe the answer in in the stars.  Find out using this tool.