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Daily Inspirational Quote January 23, 2015

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Sounds exciting but a bit scary doesn’t it? Ignore a nice safe path and step into the unknown? However, how much more exciting would it be if we were brave enough to explore something different and, in doing so, create our very own individual trail? Stepping stones of our discoveries, our challenges and triumphs, following us into our future yet to be discovered. by Cathi Bew

Trivial Inconveniences

The vast majority of what you consider problems, when viewed in a historical context, are nothing more than trivial inconveniences. That’s because a whole lot of people who came before you made the choice to leave life better than they found it. By the standards of that same historical context, if you’re not improving life, you’re not living fully. No matter where you are or what you have, you always have the opportunity to move life positively forward. You have the capacity to be creative, productive and effective. To the extent you utilize that capacity, you experience life’s richness. Those problems, those trivial inconveniences, don’t have to slow you down for more than a short while. You are far more powerful than any problem that might come along. In fact, the challenges give you all sorts of ways to utilize your capabilities and to create new value. Get out there, meet those challenges head on, and discover how you can connect to the best life has to offer. Step back f

Knitting Behind Bars

You wouldn't expect to find a knitting class 'behind bars', so to speak. But, for roughly two hours out of every week that's exactly where you'll find some of the male inmates incarcerated at the minimum security prison in Jessup, Maryland. The program is called, Knitting Behind Bars and it is the brainchild of co-founder, Lynn Zwerling. "It teaches you how to focus.  It teaches you how to make a task and meet that goal. It teaches you how to control your anger," offers Zwerling. "These are skills that, quite possibly, many people in our society are lacking." Read more to discover how one grass roots program is helping to provide life skills to those in need.

Daily Inspirational Quote January 22, 2015

“May every sunrise bring you hope, may every sunset bring you peace.” How wonderful to wake up every morning full of hope that the day will bring only good things into your life so that at bedtime you fall asleep with a smile on your lips and a calm, peaceful, untroubled mind. by Cathi Bew

From Sharing Economy To Gift Ecology

Technology advances and a consumer-based world have created a 'sharing economy', where it becomes easy to commoditize things that were typically offered as gifts. Consider the difference between offering your neighbor a lift to the airport, and using Uber to find a stranger who will pay you for a ride. When society focuses all its energy on monetary pursuits, what happens to the spirit of volunteerism in our local communities? When we forget what it means to gift our time and kindness to others, we lose our sense of interconnectedness. We begin to live in a space of fear and scarcity, rather than joy and abundance. What's the antidote? By practicing unconditional generosity, and nurturing the pay-it-forward spirit, we can transform our world from one of 'sharing economies' to one full of 'gift ecologies.' This thoughtful piece by Nipun Mehta shares more.

Daily Inspirational Quote January 21, 2015

“You are not responsible for other peoples’ happiness. When making decisions put your own happiness first.” Obviously be aware of how your decisions will affect those closest to you but ultimately other people are responsible for creating their own happiness just as you are. Make your decisions based on the knowledge that what you do will make you happy while not affecting the happiness of someone else, then everybody is happy so how good is that? (Inspirational Messages Written by Cathi Bew,

What Do I Do With IT?

What to do with "It"? There are many "its" in our lives, but no matter what "it" is that we have to face, we always have a choice about how we respond. Through her whimsical art, Deb Koffman reminds us that there's never just one way to deal with the blessings and challenges that greet us along the way.

Daily Inspirational Quote January 20, 2015

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” Aren’t our souls just wonderful and aren’t we all blessed to possess one? All seeing, all knowing, all pervading; the very essence of our being. Our minds, on the other hand, are very rarely still, always working, the cogs always turning. The thing to do is to still the mind in order to allow the soul to jump in and do what it must to bring healing and peace. Not easy for most of us I know…..but worth a try. (Inspirational Messages Written by Cathi Bew,

Skip The Outrage

Expressing outrage is a very poor way to show how much you care. In fact, too many people use the dramatic expression of outrage as a substitute for actual caring and commitment. The way to truly care is not with loud, abrasive outrage. It is with beneficial, sustained effort. Nobody really benefits from anyone else being offended and outraged. What people benefit from are quiet acts of kindness, encouragement, support, respect and generosity. Instead of loudly proclaiming your values, consider all the many ways you can live them. Instead of putting on a show, put forth some real, sustained, helpful effort. Lashing out is a sure sign of weakness. Living with goodness, quiet determination and generosity is evidence of true strength. Be strong, and skip the outrage. Be strong, and make the necessary effort, again and again, to make the world a better place. — Ralph Marston

Firsts Are The Antidote To Stuck

Sometimes in life we find ourselves stuck. We live our lives by to-do lists or get caught up in making the 'right' decision and neglect our other interests and passions that help to define who we are. To rediscover happiness and our sense of self, we must be open and willing to change and to take the first step towards getting 'unstuck.' Read further for an inspirational story of one woman's journey to do just that.

The Child Whisperer - Mary Rose Anderson

An excerpt from A Book of Miracles: Inspiring True Stories of Healing, Gratitude, and Love The Child Whisperer by Mary Rose Anderson The message about a stray cat was on my machine when we came home from our daughter’s open-heart surgery. A thirty-something single mother, I was focused on the success of the surgery and didn’t think much of it. “Now everything will go much better for us” was the thought replaying in my head. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Getting my eleven-year-old’s heart fixed was the easy part. Frances had always been a high-maintenance child with behavior problems, mood disorders, and learning disabilities in addition to the congenital heart defect. As I look back to this time in my life, I see a stream of experts helping me care for her. One of those “experts” was exceptional, though not certified, nor — with four legs and a tail — even “credible” to some. When I had taken Frances to the cognitive and academic specialists for testing, I received a twelve-p

The Gift Of Love - Dr. Bernie Siegel

An Excerpt from A Book of Miracles A teenager complained that her grandmother’s house did not have a full-length mirror to see how she looked. Her grandmother responded by saying, “If you want to see how beautiful you are, come here and look in my eyes.” I believe love is the answer to every question you could ever ask. It is the solution to every problem, and it is necessary for our survival. When we choose to love, we can never be wrong. We will always be in the right place at the right time because love brings order, harmony, and peace. By the same token, being loved is the gift of a lifetime. To be accepted by someone means they are transcending all your flaws with a commitment. Love is blind to our faults and flaws. I believe that, while we choose whom we love, we are wired with the desire to love from the time of our birth. Many people believe they have some terrible defect at the center of their being, which they must hide if ...

Everything Is A Miracle - Dr. Bernie Siegel

An Excerpt from A BOOK OF MIRACLES Many years ago, I would have defined miracles as something for which there was no explanation. That was my concept of miracles. So when patients would recover unexpectedly from disease, I would rationalize what mechanisms were present within the body that could explain their recovery. Today, I realize that everything is a miracle. When you ask quantum physicists and astronomers to explain creation, they do not have all the answers. Life is a miracle, and it is derived from the intelligent, loving, conscious energy that created it. You can call it God or anything you want to, but the nature of life shows us it is intelligent and loving, or we wouldn’t be able to survive a cut finger or an infection. Most of us do not stop to think about life on earth being a miracle. To me, miracles are about our potential and what has been built into us to help us to survive. A botanist I read about called miracles “spontaneous reversals” because he saw how plan

Daily Inspirational Quote January 19, 2015

“Bad news is: You cannot make people like, love, understand, validate, accept or be nice to you. You can’t control them either. Good news is: it doesn’t matter.” I couldn’t have said it better myself! It’s all about your sense of self-worth and realizing you do not need the validation or indeed the stamp of approval from other people to tell you how special and unique you are. You should already know it.  Also, and more importantly you wouldn’t behave like that towards them so why would you allow anyone to behave like that towards you? Live and let live I say. In the great scheme of things it really does not matter.

Low On Time? Here's A Surprising Solution

If we want to be high-functioning and happy, we need to re-learn how to be still. When we feel like there isn't enough time in the day for us to get everything done, when we wish for more time... we don't actually need more time. We need more stillness. Stillness to recharge. Stillness so that we can feel whatever it is that we feel. Stillness so that we can actually enjoy this life that we are living.

Daily Inspirational Quote January 18, 2015

“Stay focused on the Light and the shadows will always be behind you.” As light tends to banish many of our fears and bring us peace and comfort we seek it out and welcome it. The same could be said of our state of mind when we are troubled or beset by worry and feeling stressed. It’s in our own best interests to do our best in order to stay positive and believe that our issues can and will be resolved, rather than allowing darkness to take hold and make everything appear worse than it really is. By focusing on the positive light ahead we consign our doubts and fears to the shadows behind us together where they belong. (Inspirational Messages Written by Cathi Bew,

Music Is Something You DO

Let me tell about an experience with Gregorian chant. It's just a few notes and we were doing it in English so we would understand the words. The group as a whole would try to find that moment when the silence ended and then come in together. After doing that for several days, at one point, the words really came in. I heard the words of this psalm in a way I've never heard before. If you read the early fathers of the church, the purpose of the music is to bring the word in, into the heart.