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Daily Inspirational Quote – May 30, 2015

“Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.”

I think this is one of those things that not many of us take the time to think about, i.e. just how major an impact our own attitudes have on, not only our lives, but the people who populate it. The brain is the “steering wheel” propelling us through life. So, doesn’t it make sense to use this the best way we can by ensuring that we are heading in the best and more advantageous direction for us? By discarding previously perhaps uncompromising or outdated beliefs we begin to alter the “road” we travel thus freeing us to reach a more hospitable and promising destination. Vroom, vroom!


Lily Yeh & Barefoot Artists

Lily Yeh launched Barefoot Artists "to spark transformation, healing and social change in places plagued by poverty, crime and despair." Since its launch, the group started by Yeh has carried out projects and workshops in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. In this brief article, Yeh describes her journey as an artist and her calling to "bring colors" and beauty to communities plagued by dearth of hope and resources.

Daily Inspirational Quote – May 29, 2015

“You create your thoughts. Your thoughts create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality.”

This makes sense! We do create our thoughts don’t we? So let’s each and every one of us, from this moment on, take a silent oath that every thought we have, we use to create the best intentions we possibly can, thus ensuring that our realities become what we want them to be and use these to the best of our abilities to shape and guide our future path through life. Who’s with me?



Today, you can be unencumbered by your own shortcomings. Because you can choose to live your life beyond those shortcomings.

You can decide right now not to continue the self-destructive habits. You can free yourself to think the thoughts and take the actions that will raise you above your past disappointments.

The world will present plenty of challenges to you today. But you don’t have to add to those challenges with your own attitude and behavior.

In fact, you can put yourself in a position to welcome the challenges. You can welcome the challenges, knowing you have what it takes to transform them into life-enriching achievements.

You’ve always had control over the way you think and the way you act. Now, exercise that control to the fullest and most positive degree.

This is your moment, this is your day, energized by the power of your intention. Feel the lightness, feel the possibilities, feel the excitement of being free to soar, and do it.

— Ralph Marston

It's About Your Stance Not Circumstance

"Jacques Verduin can speak with deep understanding about being worthy of our suffering. In 1997, he founded the Insight Prison Project, an innovative in-prison rehabilitative program in the notorious San Quentin prison, and later in 2011 the Insight-Out Program. There he works with violent offenders, listening to their stories, hearing what lies beneath their crimes. Through mindfulness training and deep trauma healing, his incarcerated clients transform their lives by learning to care for themselves, then in turn by becoming change agents in their community, be it their neighborhoods or the prison system itself."

Daily Inspirational Quote – May 28, 2015

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

I’m sure we have all, at one time or another, had a failed relationship, an unfulfilled dream, a disappointment etc. At the time it usually feels like the end of the world doesn’t it? We tell ourselves we will never love that way again. That’s it, no more dreams. I’m not willing to risk another disappointment…. The amazing thing though is that most of us find, as time passes, our memories change and we are able to look back and, with hindsight, realize whatever happened in fact opened up another, better, opportunity for us. We are then able to allow ourselves a smile in recollection and give thanks that, although it pained us at the time, things actually turned out for the best.


Stories You Tell Yourself

What stories are you telling yourself about yourself? Are they stories of curiosity, courage, action and achievement, or stories of victimization and self pity?

Many things about you are true because you tell yourself they are true. Many aspects of the way you live and act, think and view the world can change by simply changing the stories you tell yourself about yourself.

You deserve a life that is full and rich. Envision the story of that life, and start repeating it to yourself.

The way you respond to life is a function of the way you see yourself responding to life. The way you move through each day is deeply affected by the way you imagine yourself doing so.

Think of the stories you’re telling yourself about your work, your relationships, your priorities, your challenges and your day. Look for opportunities to make those stories more positive and empowering.

You can tell yourself whatever stories you choose. Choose to tell yourself stories that point you toward the best life you can e…

I Wish My Teacher Had Known...

Elementary teacher Kyle Schwartz recently came up with an activity for her third-grade class in a school where 92 percent of kids qualify for free or reduced lunch. She handed out notecards and asked them to finish this sentence: "I wish my teacher knew..." The results, which went viral, will tear at your heart.

Daily Inspirational Quote – May 27, 2015

“You are the only real obstacle in your path to a fulfilling life.”

Very true, but how many of us realize it! It’s very easy to doubt that we do possess our own unique abilities and skills but tend instead to believe that everybody else is clever, talented, gifted, etc. What we don’t realize is that they are probably thinking the same about us! Discard the blinkers forever and have faith in yourself. Don’t you yourself be the one who denies you the opportunity(s) to follow your dreams! Be the one who encourages and inspires you to just go for it and see what happens!


Whatever Changes May Come

You cannot stop life from changing, and you wouldn’t really want to. Life by its very definition is a process of change.

Though you cannot stop life from changing, you can choose to successfully deal with the changes. In fact, you can learn, adapt and adjust in ways that change your own life for the better.

Every time the world changes, new positive opportunities are born. And somewhere, in some way, the world is changing in every moment.

Instead of wishing that things had stayed the same, find the new possibilities that have been created. Choose to see that what can be gained is more valuable than what has been lost.

Security is not found by denying or hiding from the changes. Lasting security comes from being able to thrive and prosper, with your integrity intact, no matter what changes may come.

Whatever the change of the day or the moment may be, there is a positive response. Challenge yourself to find that response, and to make every change a change for the better.

— Ralph Marston

Everybody Is Good At Something: Meeting VR Ferose

V. R. Ferose was a rising star at SAP in Bangalore when he first found out that his son Vivaan was on the Autism spectrum. He locked himself in his bathroom and cried for a half hour. His friend, on the other hand, congratulated him: "A lot of people struggle to find a purpose, but you're lucky that you purpose has found you." Indeed, Ferose and his wife found their purpose. "My wife...decided to dedicate her life to Vivaan and help him grow...I decided to try to create a world that could engage more Vivaans." Ferose convinced his Fortune 500 company to hire four autistic employees and influenced more than 20 organizations to start hiring autistic employees. He became vocal about the need to see everyone's gifts, writing a Forbes article that received a lot of attention. He had tears in his eyes when he learned that SAP announced that 1% of his hires would be people on the autism spectrum. Read on to learn more about this man who is proving to the world tha…

Daily Inspirational Quote – May 26, 2015

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest achievement.”

Have you noticed the constant bombardment of advertising we are exposed to on a daily basis? We all have access to the wider world thanks to new technology and this can be a good thing, enabling us to interact with other people, perhaps in other parts of the country or the world. Also, keeping us up to date with what’s happening around this wonderful planet of ours. However, we are also allowing into our homes, offices, leisure pursuits, those who want to sell us something we don’t really need, things we can’t really afford, the opportunity to create debts by purchasing “stuff.” Take no notice of what you don’t have to and stay who you are not who somebody else thinks you should be.


Life Is Amazing

Stop for a moment and consider how wondrous life is. Remind yourself that despite all the pains and challenges, problems and frustrations, life is amazing.

Life is amazing, and the possibilities for expressing its beauty and magnificence are endless. You could come up with dozens of new ways to experience life each day, and never run out.

Make it your business to do that. You have life, which itself is amazing, and you have this day, so take it upon yourself to put something new and valuable into it.

You don’t have to make headlines to have a rich and fascinating life. There are plenty of opportunities in each seemingly ordinary day to add extraordinary substance to your world.

It all starts with reminding yourself what a wondrous and amazing thing your life is. Feel the possibilities that come with every breath, and live with a constant sense of real gratitude.

Life is amazing, and you have it right now to live in your own unique way. Feel the magnitude of opportunity that is yours, and m…

The Role of Empathy in Entrepreneurship

"What does empathy look like in action, and how can you incorporate [it] into your business model?" Ashoka, a non-profit organization that looks to entrepreneurial talent and new ideas to solve complex social problems, posed this very radical question. In response, three social enterprises from around the world shared their stories on how they build empathy and compassion. Their methods range from teaching young children in urban schools to cultivate emotional competence, and teaching empathetic financing in banks to teens and young adults, to harnessing our creative abilities to transform the world.

The Social Potential Movement

An excerpt from Conscious Evolution by Barbara Marx Hubbard

The human potential movement began to come to public attention in the 1960s with the seminal work of Abraham H. Maslow, Viktor Frankl, Robert Assagioli, and others who discovered, nurtured, and affirmed the higher reaches of human nature. They developed techniques and practices to fulfill untapped human potential. In his seminal book, Toward a Psychology of Being, Maslow identified a hierarchy of human needs inherent in all of us. He said that we all have basic needs for survival, security, and self-esteem. When these basic needs are relatively well met, a new set of needs arises naturally. They are growth needs for self-expression in work that is intrinsically valuable and self-rewarding. Then, transcendent needs emerge: to be connected to the larger whole — one with Source — to transcend the limits of self-centered consciousness itself.

Maslow had the genius to study “well” people rather than the sick and discovered that all …

Exploring the Meaning of Conscious Evolution

An excerpt from Conscious Evolution by Barbara Marx Hubbard

Conscious evolution as a worldview began to emerge in the latter half of the twentieth century because of scientific, social, and technological abilities that have given us the power to affect the evolution of life on Earth. Conscious evolution is a metadiscipline; the purpose of this metadiscipline is to learn how to be responsible for the ethical guidance of our evolution. It is a quest to understand the processes of developmental change, to identify inherent values for the purpose of learning how to cooperate with these processes toward chosen and positive futures, both near term and long range.

It is important to realize how radically new the concept of conscious evolution is. As an emerging worldview, it only became more broadly recognized in the 1960s, because the primary conditions that brought it into existence are themselves only that recent. This newness explains why it has not yet been incorporated into our academic,…

Daily Inspirational Quote – May 25, 2015

“Do what you can with what you have, where you are.”

Oh I do, I do! Hopefully, you do too? Realistically, that’s all any of us can do isn’t it? Nothing else for it but to get on with things. It would be great to think that each and every one of us realizes the gifts we were born with and the abilities and skills we have gained on our way through life. Then, armed with this knowledge, do the best we can, not only to enrich our lives, but also the lives of those around us. Who knows the gifts we may be able to give to each other!


Get Yourself Feeling Great

There are countless things you can do to change the way you feel. So there is never any reason to feel less than your best.

If you are feeling unmotivated, it’s because you have chosen that feeling. When you are feeling joyful, it’s because you have chosen to.

Yes, the world around you shakes and shudders into and out of various conditions. Yet the way you feel about whatever happens, and your place in it, is ultimately up to you.

Feel confident and successful, and you’ll find yourself acting just like a confident, successful person would act. Decide to feel creative, and you’ll soon be expressing your creativity.

If you don’t feel like doing whatever you must do, change the way you feel. And get the task done.

Think an empowering thought, listen to uplifting music, go to an inspiring place, or do whatever it takes to get yourself feeling great about life. Then enjoy the process of transforming that feeling into reality.

— Ralph Marston

Turning To Gift To Cure His Cancer & Society

Faced with the harsh reality of being diagnosed with stomach cancer, Brice Royer took a leap of faith and became voluntarily unemployed and turned his focus towards living in a 'gift economy'. With his belief that the gift economy "is an important way to reduce social stress and isolation...which leads to healing," Royer's story has caught the attention of many. Read more about his remarkable journey in this thought-provoking interview.

Daily Inspirational Quote – May 24, 2015

“Everything flows and nothing stays.”

This is so, so true, not just for us, but for everything. Every human being, every living thing, the earth, the seasons, absolutely everything is moving constantly second by second. Nothing is the same as it was only a moment ago, including us. How many times have you revisited somewhere you lived or visited previously and were taken aback by the way it had altered since you last saw it? The same with people isn’t it? You meet someone you haven’t seen for years and silently think “My goodness they’ve got older” not realizing they’re thinking the same about you! There is nothing we can do to slow or halt this natural process which has been going on since the beginning of time, so much better just to go with the flow don’t you think?


How Science Helps Us Find the Good

How do we find the good in this world when troubles seem so near? Is it by way of gratitude and kindness, and turning away from all thought that impedes? This lovely article explores the many ways in which we can begin to cultivate our longer-term inner evolution by way of our awareness of good.