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The Truth About Inflammation

The Fire InsideThe word “inflammation” traces back to the Latin for “set afire.” In some conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis, you feel heat, pain, redness, and swelling. But in other cases -- like heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes -- it’s not so obvious. If you didn’t go looking for it with tests, you wouldn’t even know it’s there. Swipe to advance 2/16 It's Not Always BadInflammation actually is good in the short run. It’s part of your immune system’s natural response to heal an injury or fight an infection. It’s supposed to stop after that. But if it becomes a long-lasting habit in your body, that can be bad for you. Long-term, or “chronic,” inflammation is seen in many diseases and conditions. Swipe to advance 3/16 Could It Lead to a Heart Attack?Inflamed arteries are common among people with heart disease. Some researchers think that when fats build up in the walls of the heart’s coronary arteries, the body fires back with inflammatory chemicals, since it sees this as an “i…

10 Famous People Who've Dealt With Dyslexia

Jennifer AnistonWho knew one of America’s best TV Friends has dyslexia? Aniston herself didn’t know until she was in her 20s. She says finding out explained why it was so hard to read back in school and why she chose the role of class clown over teacher’s pet. The diagnosis answered a lot of questions. "I felt like all my childhood trauma-dies, tragedies, dramas, were explained," she told The Hollywood Reporter. Swipe to advance 2/11 Steven SpielbergThis movie mogul has had his own close encounter with dyslexia, though he didn’t know until he was 60 that he had the disorder. Bullied as a kid, he struggled through school and dropped out of college in 1968. Since then, the famed filmmaker has fought back using the big screen. The Goonies, a cult classic he co-wrote and produced, reflects Spielberg’s teen years as a self-proclaimed “nerd” and “outsider.” Swipe to advance 3/11 Whoopi GoldbergYou wouldn’t have known this outspoken co-host of The View if you’d met her as a kid. Back th…

Inspirational Quote – May 19, 2018

“If you light a light for someone else…it will also brighten your path.”

Being able to “light a light” for someone else is what I love most about reading for people. Many of the people who come to me for a reading are often very troubled souls. They appear weighed down by whatever problems they are experiencing and unable to see any hope in their future. At the beginning of the reading they sit, slouched and slumped before me, shoulders drooping with the cares of the world showing on their faces. Then the reading begins……. As I channel Spirit and the reading unfolds and they receive reassurance that things will improve, problems will be resolved, they will have love in their lives, etc., they begin to bloom again. When the reading ends and they leave me with hugs and a spring in their step for perhaps the first time in a very long while, I am also uplifted and filled with joy.

Restoration: A Conversation with Daniel McCormick & Mary O'Brien

"There's still a bit of misunderstanding about what we do," says Mary O'Brien, "When we meet with site stewards, conservation managers and scientists they're often like, "We're going to meet with an artist? What's that all about?" The work of environmental restoration artists Daniel McCormick and Mary O'Brien is nearly always an uphill struggle, but they're passionate. They've acquired knowledge across several scientific disciplines. "We had a little project in New Orleans on an island that kept disappearing. That's how fast it changed in just one generation. The government said, "You know, there's 130 people in this village. We can't spend 13 million putting up another concrete barrier for them. That's politics. And that's erosion, too. It never sleeps."

How One Gratitude Researcher Practices Thankfulness

Inspired by the conflict and adversity in his life, Giacomo Bono now studies the ways we stay connected.BY KIRA M. NEWMAN

Giacomo Bono looked into the cold, hardened face of his uncle. Just 12 years old, Bono had gone with his father all the way back to Italy to patch up a dispute with his uncle over a family inheritance. But his uncle wanted nothing to do with either of them.  “His face stuck in my head, stuck in my mind,” recalls Bono. “Really, you want to die rigid like that, thinking you’re right rather than feeling the love of your own blood?” A decade later, as a graduate student, Bono gravitated to the topic of apology and forgiveness. The experience with his uncle had left an impression on him, and he wanted to understand how people reconcile and heal their relationships. “[Unforgiveness] seems like a terrible burden to carry around,” he says. “It’s like you stop living.” Ultimately, his research uncovered some of the destructive potential of not forgiving. He found that less forgi…

Inspirational Quote – May 18, 2018

“Dance like no one is watching. Love like you’ll never be hurt. Sing like no one is listening.

Live like it’s Heaven on Earth.”

I love this and try to adopt this in my life. It’s also inspiring to see that this philosophy is appearing more frequently in the media, especially as it appears to be aimed at those of us who are not ‘er ahem, in the first flush of youth! I do think that more of us of the older generation are taking this advice on board and dancing like no one is watching (or even if they are), love like we’ll never be hurt (even though we may be), and sing like no one is listening (which, trust me, wouldn’t be pleasant if they did listen to me!. In fact, enjoy your life. Do what YOU want to do, what you feel would make YOU happy, and see what happens….go on, you know you want to!

Designed by Masters, Woven with Dignity

Witness the beautiful fabric woven by traditional weavers in Toraja, Indonesia, and learn how their collective is working to bring economic independence to the weavers while preserving weaving as part of their cultural heritage. The social enterprise, Torajamelo, transforms the lives of these weavers, offering scholarships for their children and grandchildren and health insurance for themselves and their families so that they can continue making their beautiful creations while still caring for their families and farms.

How a Compassionate Caregiver Can Help You Heal

A new book explores the healing potential of caregivers who offer us connection and compassion.BY DEBORAH YIP
If you’ve been to a health care provider lately, your treatment plan probably looked something like this: Take one pill twice a day with meals, drink plenty of fluids, and get lots of bedrest. But don’t you wish that prescription also included compassion, deep listening, and connection from your provider?

According to a new book, The Compassionate Connection: The Healing Power of Empathy and Mindful Listening by David Rakel, this is the unwritten yet essential prescription for healing. As a physician and professor at the University of New Mexico, and founder of the integrative medicine program at the University of Wisconsin, Rakel draws on research and his expertise in the exam room to argue that how doctors interact with their patients can sometimes matter more to healing than what they do. His book explores why compassionate connections are key to successful caregiving and how …