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Inspirational Quote – June 10, 2017

“Some people FEEL the rain…others just get wet.”

Why do people whine and complain when it rains? Their ignorance really annoys me! Rain is life-sustaining, not only for us as human beings, but to the planet as a whole. Without it, everything would perish, us included. Therefore, when it does rain I, for one, am very thankful and do my best to enjoy being out in it, just to feel it on my skin, and watch it do its job in nourishing the life that surrounds us. Try to remember this the next time it rains and add your gratitude to mine.

Day Jobs for Panhandlers

With just under 400,000 residents, Tulsa, Oklahoma, has a significant homeless population. In 2016, between 6,000 and 7,000 residents lived on the streets. That number, while small in comparison to homeless populations in cities such as New York and Los Angeles, is noticeable in medium-sized Tulsa. So what did Tulsa decide to do to address this problem? Do what Albuquerque, New Mexico did -- move from a punitive model of fining panhandlers to offering cleanup jobs and social services to people on the streets.

Inspirational Quote – June 9, 2017

“Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.”

I have lost count of the number of times this has been true for me and I’m sure, if you take the time to think back, that you can relate to this too. The job that was so meant for us that we didn’t get, the love interest that broke our heart, the planned holiday that didn’t materialize…….on, and on, and on. Take another look at when this happened to you and think how different things would have been if they had happened as you’d wanted and planned. I’ll wager that things actually did turn out well for you and that you may even have given a silent prayer of thanks as you were re-directed to something or someone much, much better. So the next time you begin to rail against Fate when you didn’t get what you wanted, think about this and wait and see…..

My Year Reading a Book from Every Country in the World

Several years ago, Ann Morgan, a writer from London, looked at her bookshelf and realized it held almost no books from other countries -- an oversight she called a "massive cultural blindspot." In a nod to the Olympics, she decided to read a book from every country (196 total) and blog about it. But she quickly learned that finding books in English would be a challenge. Only about 4.5 percent of literary works published in the U.K. were translations. So she turned to the Internet for help. There, she learned about kindness when strangers went above and beyond to help her select and translate books. She learned that stories have the power to connect us despite our differences. And she learned about the richness and diversity of our world. In this 12-minute TED talk, a bubbly and enthusiastic Morgan recounts her journey in international literature. . . and shares lessons in human nature.

Why Are So Many Adults Today Haunted by Trauma?

ByJenara Nerenberg

Our political and social systems don't support fundamental human needs, says Gabor Mate—which affects our ability to deal with traumatic events.

Sixty percent of adults report difficult childhood experiences, including drawn-out divorces, violence, and abuse. The effects of trauma are long-lasting, ranging from anxiety to post-traumatic stress disorder to physical illness. But according to Dr. Gabor Mate, focusing solely on the role of family in childhood trauma misses the bigger picture. What if trauma also results from a shortcoming on the part of society to support families in thriving? If society helped informed teachers and parents meet children’s basic human needs for attachment and connection, would we produce fewer traumatized adults?  Mate focuses much of his therapeutic work on the healing of trauma, exploring the role of adverse childhood experiences in leading toaddictionand other suffering later in life. He is the bestselling author ofIn the Realm of Hu…

Inspirational Quote – June 8, 2017

“You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.”

I have found this personally to be so true! It was only when I took early retirement from my job that I felt totally free to begin my journey in exploring my long-held interest in Tarot and enhancing my psychic gifts. I have never looked back since. I have found my niche in life and feel this is something I was “meant” to do, the path I was “meant” to follow, and I am grateful that although, this came about later in life than I would have liked, at least it came. There is no excuse for anyone, no matter how old they are, not to at least attempt to make their dreams come true or realize another goal, no excuse whatsoever so don’t bother even going there………I’m not listening!

Why Defending Human Rights Is Women's Work

Whether it is Black Lives Matter activists working to encourage and support school-age black girls so that they can thrive, formerly incarcerated black trans women fighting police brutality, Muslim women debunking dangerous stereotypes besetting their communities, or undocumented Latina women promoting the rights of domestic workers, women human rights defenders in America are building solidarity across movements to resist xenophobia, transphobia, and repression of free speech and the right to dissent. Here are four groups led by women and trans women human rights defenders whose work is rooted at the intersection of race, gender, immigration, and religion.

Does Good Government Make People More Generous?

BySummer Allen

A new study suggests that having confidence in our governing institutions may lead us to be more generous to our fellow citizens.

Holding a door open for a parent struggling with a stroller, giving money to a person in need, picking up something that a stranger dropped—these are all activities that you may do practically automatically. But why? Why do people do things that benefit strangers even when they may incur a personal cost? Being kind feels good, research has discovered. But a newstudy, published in the journalCognition, suggests that our generosity might also be shaped by the institutions in our society—and that stronger institutions create more generous citizens. To test the relationship between institutional integrity and generosity, Yale University researchers Michael N. Stagnaro, Antonio A. Arechar, and David G. Rand asked 707 Americans to report their confidence in two particular institutions—police and the courts—and to play two online games. The first game, t…

Inspirational Quote – June 7, 2017

“Your life is your message to the World….make it inspiring.”

Most of us are usually so busy just dealing with our day-to-day lives that we never give a thought to how others truly see us, or the impact our lives may have on theirs. Stopping to think about how we do want other people to perceive us may give us pause to reflect on how we present ourselves. We should be giving our all every day to be the best and do the best we can as an example to all those who look to us for guidance and support. How great would that feel, to know that others may gain inspiration and purpose just by our example?

She Gave Street Children Her Cell Phone Number and That Changed

Jeroo Billimoria isn't one to see a person in need and hope that someone else will take action. She is a social entrepreneur who responds by getting involved in big and small ways. She became a social activist many years ago at the age of 11 when she encouraged her neighbors to open bank accounts and become financially literate. She wanted to enable their freedom from poverty. In recent years, Jeroo began helping the homeless children of Mumbai by giving them her phone number to call in emergencies. Children were soon calling every night, and their lives were changed. She eventually created an organization of trained street children to help their peers, and this became It is now working to help children all over the world in 143 countries. Learn more about how Jeroo continues her efforts to help and inspire others.

How Gratitude Changes You and Your Brain

ByJoel Wong,Joshua Brown

New research is starting to explore how gratitude works to improve our mental health.

With the rise of managed health care, which emphasizes cost-efficiency and brevity, mental health professionals have had to confront this burning question: How can they help clients derive the greatest possible benefit from treatment in the shortest amount of time? Recent evidence suggests that a promising approach is to complement psychological counseling with additional activities that are not too taxing for clients but yield high results. In our own research, we have zeroed in on one such activity: the practice ofgratitude. Indeed, many studies over the past decade have found that people who consciously count their blessings tend to be happier and less depressed.  The problem is that most research studies on gratitude have been conducted with college students or other well-functioning people. Is gratitude beneficial for people who struggle with mental health concerns? And, if …

Inspirational Quote – June 6, 2017

“The only thing certain is….nothing is certain.”

You can certainly say that again! There is only one certainty in life and that’s death. Apart from that, everything is by chance. We may think we have put certain things in place, at certain times, in certain locations, times, dates etc. However, as the saying goes, “Nothing is set in stone.” There will always be the risk of plans going awry no matter how much time and effort you have put in to ensure this doesn’t happen. Nothing we can do about it but just make our plans as we’ve always done and hope for the best, certain in the knowledge that nothing is certain!

Our Greatest Obstacle to Happiness and How to Transcend It

Maria Popova of Brain Pickings points out that "perhaps the greatest paradox of human life is that although happiness is the most universal of our longings, it is unobtainable by striving. The more ferociously we try to attain it, the more it eludes us." Join Artist Agnes Martin as she examines this paradox.

How Comforting Others Helps You with Your Own Struggles

ByKira M. Newman

According to two new studies, we need practice in dealing with difficult feelings—and we get it from helping other people manage their own.

When we feel bad, we often turn to others for help and support. And when others come to us in pain, we do our best to help them feel better. This natural cycle seems to be part of the human experience. Now, two new studies suggest that trying to make people feel better not only supports them—it allows us to practice emotional skills that may help us with our own problems. While negative emotions feel isolating and personal, the best way to deal with them may be profoundly social. Both studies also highlighted one skill that seemed to really benefit both other people and ourselves:perspective-taking, the part ofempathythat involves understanding someone else’s point of view. How helping others helps you In thefirst study, 166 participants spent three weeks interacting on a social network the researchers created specifically for expressi…