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Daily Inspirational Quote January 31, 2015

“People who judge DON’T MATTER. People who matter DON’T JUDGE.” This is something I have learned over the years. Occasionally, certain people are quick to judge what you do and also share their, often unsolicited, unfavorable opinions with you. At first, this can really impact on how you view who you are and what you are trying to achieve but, thankfully, most of learn very quickly that the people who matter most to us, don’t judge, just support and encourage. The judgmental people tend to lose interest once they realize that you really don’t give a fig about what they think. Cathi Bew

Put Yourself Into It

Life is great, and it can be much better when you put more of yourself into it. Feel the wonder of all that is, and then let that sense of wonder and awe motivate you to make something new and great from it all. The more you put yourself into life, the better life gets. The more you invest the whole of your authentic being into living and achieving and making a difference, the better your world becomes. Don’t hold back, or hide your feelings. Celebrate the fact that you feel vulnerable, or that you feel excited, or that you feel whatever you feel. It’s a waste of time and effort to pretend that you’re above it all, or apart from it all. You are in fact woven intricately into the fabric of life, so do your part and live it richly. There’s nothing of value to be gained by hiding behind a well-cultivated, one-dimensional image. Be you, in all your complexity, with all your contradictions, with your real passions, shortcomings and strengths. The more enthusiastically and authenti

Photographing Horses To Save Their Lives

They are the symbol of the American West -- strong, resolute, assured. And yet, nearly 150,000 wild horses are sent to slaughter each year in the U.S. Though, The Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 was intended to protect them, an increase in cattle interests has caused their allocated territory to diminish. Until recently, their plight has gone largely unnoticed. But, thanks to the efforts of Christy Whitney, founder of the Unwanted Project, their story is finally being heard. Read how the passion of one talented photographer is helping to give these noble beings a new lease on life.

Daily Inspirational Quote January 30, 2015

“All of your wishes can come true. It is your own doubt that blocks them from coming through.” I guess it’s easier to say “think positive” than actually act positively. However, when we make our wishes and “send them out there” do we totally believe that they are going to come true or do we tend to think that it would be nice if they came true but how likely is that? We need to change our thinking pattern and really believe and focus on the certainty that our wishes WILL come true rather than doubt they will. Surely it’s better to be optimistic with positive expectations rather than the opposite thus allowing this positivity to enhance a possible successful outcome. Cathi Bew

Can Hugs Help Keep You Healthy?

When somebody says they "need a hug," it's possible that they are not just being overly dramatic or merely frivolous. According to research from Carnegie Mellon University, it turns out that people might actually need hugs to help ward off illness. Psychologist Dr. Sheldon Cohen, who headed the research, came to this conclusion, "those who receive more hugs are somewhat more protected from infection."

Daily Inspirational Quote January 29, 2015

“Best rule for a simple life: Care with no reason, love with no expectations.” Oh if it were only that simple! I think that’s one rule that few of us could say we are able to follow. Humans just aren’t made to care with no reason or love with no expectations.  If we could then life would be truly simple but wouldn’t it be lacking something? The reasons that make us care and love with expectation come down to one thing, we have a heart and, for that, we are truly thankful. Cathi Bew

9 Inspiring Quotes About The Sacredness of Seeds

"Essential to survival, seeds have profound spiritual implications. For centuries the planting of seed in the earth not only nourished humanity, but also symbolized the mystery of life and the journey of the soul. In our current supermarket lifestyle of pre-packaged products, far removed from the cycles of planting, we have nearly forgotten this mystery. Now as the integrity of the seed is threatened, so is its primal meaning." These words are taken from the new book, Sacred Seed: A Collection of Essays. Enjoy these gorgeous excerpted photos and quotes from a book that celebrates the miraculous seeds of life.

Daily Inspirational Quote January 28, 2015

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” I love nature! The different flowers and plants, their colors, scents, the intricate patterns that can also be seen on some species of animals and winged creatures; the fish and mammals in the oceans and rivers. So much to see and wonder at. None of which has man’s hand it its creation but comes into being perfect and individual. Marvelous seems a very mundane word for it all but then what word or words could sum up something as wondrous as nature? Cathi Bew

The Difference Between Education & Training

"The root word of education -- educare -- means to lead forth a hidden wholeness in another person." These are the words of Rachel Naomi Remen, whose course, the "Healer's Art," is now taught in half of American medical schools and seven countries around the world. Her words remind us that competence and completeness are each held within the other, and that we are already enough.

Daily Inspirational Quote January 27, 2015

“Do not look for sanctuary in anyone except yourself.” In times of crisis or feeling vulnerable it’s tempting to unload our concerns onto a family member or a close friend and, indeed, their advice can be helpful. However, nobody else will ever know us as completely as we know ourselves so we need to be our own place of sanctuary and use this sacred space to seek peace and resolution. Nobody else can do this for us. Cathi Bew

The Forgiveness Of Unforgivable Acts

As a child, Sujatha Baliga experienced repeated abuse at the hands of her own father. The deep pain and trauma of her experience would spur her towards victim advocacy. She enrolled in law school determined to become a prosecutor and help punish the perpetrators of such crimes. But a personal crisis in India followed by a serendipitous sit-down with the Dalai Lama himself, changed everything. "How do you work on behalf of abused people without anger as the motivating force?" she asked the famous paragon of compassion. His response electrified her. It set Baliga on a profound course that allowed her to ultimately forgive her father, and to also discover her true calling in the field of restorative justice, working equally for victims and accused persons. In this interview Baliga shares the Dalai Lama's unforgettable advice, along with her powerful story. A story that demonstrates our human capacity to transcend even the most horrific events with love. http://www.dailygo

Faeries: Friends Or Foes? - Elysia Gallo

When it comes to communication with spirits from other planes, witches have an edge. Witches generally have better-evolved senses of perception, are more open to phenomena that others might attribute to an over-active imagination and are more in tune with the elements, making it easier to believe in and establish contact with elemental spirits. But for all the good things we’ve heard about faeries, are they really beings we’d like to invite into our lives? Some say yes. In his book Enchantment of the Faerie Realm, Ted Andrews writes, “They can stimulate greater joy, and they can help awaken our own creativity—even when we believe we have none. Different beings of this realm can assist us in different ways. Some of these wondrous beings are schooled in the healing arts and hold the keys to the natural cures for diseases. Some can assist us in developing greater craftsmanship in our life. Some can assist us in communicating with animals.” But compare that to the fourteenth-century

Faeries And Love - Cassandra Eason

The lore of the faery realm has, like the world of humans, traditionally focused on love—both tales of faery lovers and of fey beings who have fallen in love with mortals and sometimes tried to keep them forever in their faery kingdoms. These stories, whether perceived as pure lore or used as a way of explaining past mortal occurrences, tell the tales of true love, of faery temptresses, of lover’s quarrels, and more. Perhaps the most tragic fey love story is that of the Celtic Cliodna of the Golden Hair. The daughter of Manannan mac Lir, who ruled over the sea, Cliodna was reputed to be the most beautiful woman in the world in mortal form. She loved the young mortal Ciabhan so much she left faeryland to live with him. However, while Ciabhan was hunting, Cliodna’s father sent a faery minstrel to enchant her; she was carried back to fairyland in a magical sleep. She is still seen on seashores, either as a huge wave or a seabird, seeking her lost love; she is ... http://www.llewellyn.

The Fairy Ring - Anna Franklin

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.) I don’t remember when I saw my first fairy, but I know that I spent my childhood chatting to them, instinctively understanding that each tree, stream, or district had its own indwelling spirit. Then, when I became a witch, it was part of my training to learn to communicate with the Wildfolk, as we called them. As we cast our circles in the woods, fairies flocked around their edges. Sometimes they were visible only in glimpses out of the corner of the eye; sometimes they manifested fully as small, earth-colored humanoids. Witches and Fairies This relationship between witches and fairies has always existed. Look back into the records of witch trials and you will find that most witches maintained that their powers came not from the devil, as their accusers claimed, but from the fairy folk, who taught them how to make potions and cast spells, and who gave them the healing gifts. However, The Fairy Ring is not only for witches, bu

Daily Inspirational Quote January 26, 2015

“The earth has music for those who listen.” The earth gifts us the pleasure of its own music and makes use of the sounds of the creatures who roam its surface, the wind through the leaves of the trees, the streams that murmur or roar, the crashing sound of waves made by the sea….surround yourself with these and you will truly feel as one with the earth we walk upon. Cathi Bew

The Art of Noticing ... and Creating

In this interview author, entrepreneur and internet thought leader Seth Godin discusses what he believes has become the "Connection Economy". Godin's belief is that there is a way to go about getting good at noticing things, and then being able to turn around and help others make that connection. And no matter on how small a scale, it is then that he thinks 'art' happens.

Daily Inspirational Quote January 25, 2015

“When something bad happens you have three choices, you can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.” We don’t have any control about the bad things that happen to us all at times but we do have a choice as to how we deal with them. We can wear it like a cloak for everyone to see, allow it to overcome us and bring us to our knees or deal with it and move on. I know which one I would choose and it’s not either of the first two choices. What would you choose? Cathi Bew

Stunning Images of the Power of Education

World-renowned photojournalist Steve McCurry has been one of the most influential voices in contemporary photography for more than thirty years. In this photo essay, McCurry takes you around the globe and offers up striking images of children and their learning environments, from Tanzania to Sri Lanka and from Mali to Peru. Enjoy these beautiful photos and the accompanying quotes on the power of education.