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Dog Spends Over an Hour Pulling Injured Woman to Phone to Call 911

Janet Wilhem is a nurse, so she instantly knew she was in trouble after a severe fall in her garage left her pretty much stuck.

As she later found out, she had fractured her pelvis in five places, and her husband wouldn’t be home for another eight hours.

The nearest phone she could use to call for help was 20 feet away.

Her only comfort was Mabel, the black Labrador she’d rescued three years earlier. She reached for the dog to hold her and as she grabbed for Mabel’s collar the dog started backing up.

Daily Inspirational Quote – October 10, 2015

“A head full of fears has no space for dreams.”

That would be our imagination working against us rather than for us. Filling our heads with the fear of things that may never happen, situations or feelings which might entrap us, fear of failure, ridicule, etc., etc., etc. Hold on a minute….if our heads are full of only negativity and fear where is the space holding our dreams? Nowhere that’s where? Doesn’t that sound awful? So, what should we do? Allow fear to hog all the space? No, I don’t think so either! So let’s all just spend some time de-cluttering, or should I say de-fearing? Good riddance fear and hello dreams, we hope you will be comfortable in your new home and decide to stay forever.


Leadership Lessons From Specially Abled Children

"I was of course at that time focusing on autism specifically. I kind of had a personal understanding of the situation. That led to a very interesting conversation with a very dear friend from Denmark, Thorkil Sonne, who also had a son with autism and who started a software company where all his employees were people on the spectrum. I met him, I tried to understand the model that he is working on, and as a small experiment, hired five people on the spectrum in SAP Labs in India. I'm using the word "experiment" only because I had no clue what this would lead to. Because the model in Denmark was extremely progressive. They had a system, they had government support, and we had neither... But I said, "Let me try."" This powerful interview with V.R. Ferose shares more about a successful business leader and his inspiring journey.…

Woman Fills 200 Backpacks With Love for Homeless To Deliver in Single Night

A woman’s simple plan to help the homeless took off so fast, it outgrew her basement and brought in volunteers from across the city.

Kathy Acre thought she’d fill a few backpacks with hats, gloves, and snacks for homeless people in St. Louis, Missouri.

She may have started off with just 20 backpacks, but this weekend—one full year later—her “Back@You” project plans to deliver more than 200 fully stocked backpacks to people in need in a single night.

Students’ Huge Surprise For Sweet Café Worker: “It’s a Dream Come True”

Every day, Kathryn Thompson, an Elon University café worker, asks her customers where they’re from, what they’re up to, and how they’re doing.

Two students, Lucy Smith-Williams and Taylor Zisholtz, appreciated Thompson’s kindness so much that they decided to rally the community to surprise her in a very big way.

“When she said it was her dream to go to Disney World, I thought, well, there are 6,000 of us here with at least a dollar, I’m sure we can make this happen,” Zisholtz told Elon News.

Want a Treat? Enjoy 5 of The Best New Silly Dog Videos


Can’t Exercise? A Pill May One Day Offer Some of the Same Benefits

For those who can’t work out due to chronic pain, disability, or other obligations, a pill could some day offer some of the benefits of walking, squatting, or doing push-ups.

That’s right: scientists are working on an “exercise pill,” to help you if you can’t help yourself.

Two studies have been underway to examine the physical changes that the body undergoes after exercising, like building muscle, creating new cells, and developing blood vessels, in an attempt to duplicate them with chemical compounds.

In one of the studies, scientists at the University of Sydney, Australia were looking at ways to chemically replicate the benefits of exercise for people who couldn’t work out because of injury or illness.

Sikhs Set Up Free Bakery Near War Zone to Feed Fleeing Syrians

Sikhs are taking one of their traditions of religious hospitality to one of the most inhospitable places on Earth — five miles from the Syrian border in refugee camps for people fleeing that country’s civil war.

The UK group, Langar Aid, an organization that provides food and water to people in need, has set up a bakery that currently feeds 14,000 people a day.

The group takes its name from the langar in the Sikh religion, a large common kitchen where food is served free to all visitors, regardless of religion or background. Langars are typically found at Sikh place of worship, but wherever Sikhs are, they have established the free kitchens open to all.

50 Shades Of Gray Paint: Colorblind Bask In Joy of Painting Too #TBT

There has never been a television show as soothing to the ears and as calming to the soul as “The Joy of Painting.”

Host Bob Ross’ soft voice would gently describe each added detail in real time as he created “happy little trees” amid mountain landscapes. After listening to him, you just wanted to live inside the scenes he created on canvas.

She Had No Medical Degree or PhD But Just Won Nobel Prize for Medicine

The first Chinese woman to win a Nobel Prize is being called the “three no’s” winner in her home country — no medical degree, no doctorate, and no time spent working overseas.

It would be her understanding of ancient Chinese medicine that led Tu Youyou on her unlikely path to creating a drug to fight malaria and the 2015 Nobel Prize for Medicine this week.

In the 1960s, Chinese leader Mao Zedong demanded a cure for malaria. Tu, who had only an undergraduate degree in pharmacology, was among those sent to work on the project.

Daily Inspirational Quote – October 9, 2015

“Life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.”

My mantra is “If you don’t ask, you don’t get” so this resonates with me on a personal level. Makes sense doesn’t it that, if you decide what you want in life and take positive steps to make it a reality, then who’s to say you won’t succeed. At least you’ve tried so, if you don’t get want you want, (this time), you can console yourself with the knowledge that you did what you could and it just wasn’t meant to be (this time). Much, much better to take action when and where YOU decide to rather than allowing yourself to be putty in the hands of Fate. Now, what would you rather do? Thought so! Well done!


Fixed vs Growth: Two Mindsets that Shape Our Lives

Years of research by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck highlights the power of our beliefs, both conscious and unconscious, in shaping almost every aspect of our lives. "One of the most basic beliefs we carry about ourselves...has to do with how we view and inhabit what we consider to be our personality. A 'fixed mindset' assumes that our character, intelligence, and creative ability are static givens which we can't change in any meaningful way...A 'growth mindset,' on the other hand, thrives on challenge and sees failure not as evidence of unintelligence but as a heartening springboard for growth and for stretching our existing abilities. Out of these two mindsets, which we manifest from a very early age, springs a great deal of our behavior, our relationship with success and failure in both professional and personal contexts, and ultimately our capacity for happiness."…

Flooded South Carolina College Team to Get Extra Love in Louisiana Saturday

This weekend, the Tigers will be on the prowl for ways to help the Gamecocks feel at home.

Because of the devastating flooding in that state, Saturday’s football game at the University of South Carolina has been moved to the opponent’s field in Baton Rouge.

Hero Mechanic Surprised on Live TV After Thieves Ruin His Good Deeds

This Georgia man is used to doing good deeds for the needy kids in his neighborhood—but he was stunned when his community did the same for him–on national television.

Chester Jackson owns a small auto body repair shop in Columbus, Georgia. In his spare time, he uses his tools and skills to build bicycles for needy kids.

Unfortunately, thieves broke into his shop and stole the ones he had ready to give away– and then, struck a second time. But Jackson refused to give up.

Donations May Reach $1Mil for Wounded Hero of Oregon Shooting

Thousands of strangers inspired by an Oregon student have donated $800,000 hoping to help him learn to walk again, following a mass shooting last week where he emerged a hero.

When Chris Mintz heard shots fired at Umpqua Community College, the Army veteran led classmates out of the building, then returned to trigger alarms and get others to safety. While holding a classroom door shut to keep the shooter out, Mintz was shot five times and twice more once the shooter got through the door.

Teachers Personally Walk 200 Kids Home From School Every Day

We couldn’t have dreamed up a better story to tell on International Walk To School Day.

Carl Schneider, a special education teacher at Whitney Achievement Elementary School, is part of a group of five teachers committed to personally walking home about 200 kids from school every day.

The volunteer group formed after a number of school staff realized that it might be a challenge for kids to make it home safely without a chaperone—the walk is two miles for some, through rough neighborhoods in Memphis, Tennessee.

UK Auctions Let Artists Donate 100% of Proceeds To Help Refugees

Online art sales have painted a picture of relief for Syrian refugees.

During a five-week run in August and September, the “Creative Collective for Refugee Relief” took in donations of art through their Facebook community and used the proceeds to pay for food, shelter, medical supplies and a truck convoy from the UK to deliver the good to camps in Eastern Europe.

The Collective sold most of the 750 pieces of art that were donated to them and raised more than $31,000 for two relief organizations – Syria Relief UK and Calais Refugee Support.

Daily Inspirational Quote – October 8, 2015

“Life is all about finding people who are your kind of crazy.”

Oh I’ve definitely and fortunately found mine, what about you? I hope you have people in your life who add that little zing to whatever you do, who encourage you to stand out from the crowd and who “get” who you are totally and without judgment. People you have felt an instant connection with perhaps because of a shared sense of humor, or something you are both passionate about? Whatever the reason, there’s a mutual need to connect. Isn’t it wonderful to just be yourself and know that your like-minded friends cherish and value your presence in their lives just as you value theirs? I know I am very blessed and I expect you do too…don’t you?


The Beauty We Can't See

We think we know beauty through sight, but these four visually impaired people envision beauty in a different form. Robert, Sheila, Sean, and Virginia describe how they visualize beauty through aspects such as a person's character, or through experience, such as the smell of warm, baked cookies or grass beneath ones feet. Beauty becomes an experience of living and finding joy -- the most beautiful thing in the world.

One-Day Cancer Treatment Ends Weeks of Daily Radiation Visits

It’s not often that the word “revolutionary” actually follows through on its promise.
But in this case, a cancer treatment that is cutting cost, time, and side effects for patients with a variety of cancers is making a profound difference in the lives of thousands of people.

When undergoing a traditional radiation treatment series, the patient must receive the therapy every day for four to six weeks.

An alternative radiation treatment approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration over a year ago just takes eight minutes.

Coffee Roasters Hire the Homeless –Now Can’t Run Store Without Her

For citizens of the United Kingdom, a call to “be social” this weekend offers more than just the chance to say a fine how-do-you-do.

An initiative called Social Saturday will shine a spotlight on 70,000 socially conscious businesses, including cafés, restaurants and shops, offering free classes and tastings.

One especially unique local business gaining attention is the Old Spike Roastery, a coffee shop in Peckham Rye, London set up exclusively to help local homeless people in the community receive job training, work experience, and land a place to live.

Newly Found in Himalayas: Walking Fish and Sneezing Monkeys

A “walking” snakehead fish that can travel on land and breathe air for up to four days is one of the more unusual new discoveries from the world’s highest and most rugged mountain range.

The walking fish, also known as the blue dwarf snakehead fish is native to streams, lakes, and ponds in the Eastern Himalayas, where even though it has gills, the fish still needs to climb above water periodically to breathe.

On land, its movement is more cumbersome than a smoothly slithering snake, according to World Wildlife Fund researchers, but it can still travel a quarter mile per day between bodies of water.

How Untangling Your Ideas About Life Will Change Everything

Have you ever noticed that your mind is talking all day long? And, rather than being focused on life, your attention follows your thoughts wherever they go?

When you step back and watch your thoughts, you realize that your mind is a storyteller, “liking” this, “not liking” that, wanting what it doesn’t have, and not wanting what it does have.

All of this “scribbling” that goes on in your mind is just ideas about life rather than life itself.

Miami Billionaire Uses His Personal Helicopter To Rescue Hurricane Victims

After seeing the path of destruction Hurricane Joaquin carved across the Bahamas, a Florida billionaire jumped into his helicopter.

Miguel “Mike” Fernandez flew into action, heading 150 miles across the Atlantic Ocean to airlift people to safety. Shortly after arriving, he found a group of tourists missing since the storm hit and he and his crew carried them off a flooded island.

He used his chopper, similar to the one pictured above, to help officials scout storm damage, look for survivors, deliver supplies, and rescue anyone who needed help.

Daily Inspirational Quote – October 7, 2015

“To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are.”

Of course it is and why would you be so misguided? Of course you wouldn’t! Here you are, a unique, individual human being with your own personality, gifts and talents, which everybody who knows and loves you appreciates totally, because it’s YOU! So, instead of trying to emulate somebody else, who probably isn’t fit to lick your boots by the way, pay homage to your Creator by being the wonderful person you were made to be.


The Noble Art of the Manly Cry

One of our most firmly entrenched ideas of masculinity is that men don't cry. But historical and literary evidence suggests that, in the past, male weeping was regarded as normal in almost every part of the world for most of recorded history. Consider Homer's Iliad, in which the entire Greek army bursts into unanimous tears no less than three times...

200 Million People Lifted From Extreme Poverty in Just Two Years

The mainstream media may paint a different picture sometimes, but facts are facts: fewer people are living in extreme poverty than at any point in history.

A new report shows that 200 million people have been lifted out of extreme poverty since 2012 — and since 1990 that global population figure has been slashed by 61%.

As the world advances toward a goal of wiping out extreme poverty completely in the next 15 years, the biggest gains since the last World Bank survey in 2012 have been achieved in East Asia and the Pacific region. There, extreme poverty was reduced by 43% in three years, according to the new report by the World Bank. Since 1990, the rate in the region has plummeted by 91%.

Cloudy, With a Chance of Chocolate: Tiny Parachutes Rain Down on Public

If you were alone on a public street and asked to “show someone you care,” what would you do?

When tiny parachutes carrying the suggestion were dropped on unsuspecting bystanders, some people jumped into action, looking around for someone to high-five, or even hug. Others hopped on the phone to tell someone they were loved and needed.

After the person “showed how they cared” for others, they were given chocolate as a sweet reward.

The forecast calling for acts of kindness was put into motion by Hershey’s Kisses partnered with SoulPancake in a campaign called, #ShowYouCare, to remind people that it only takes a moment out of your day to show someone that you care.

New Photoshop App Lets You Retouch Photos on Your Phone for Free

Photoshop can be intimidating for even professional photographers, but now there’s an app version designed for amateurs who only take pictures on their phones.

Photoshop Fix gets down to the bare bones, with a handful of features most people will love.

For instance, the “healing” tool lets you erase annoying objects from otherwise cool photos – a “now you see it, now you don’t” fix for your pictures. You mark the offending item spoiling your shot or photobombing your subject and the app replaces it with the surrounding scenery.

The “World’s Best Teacher” Gives Kids Choices–Instead of Tests

Pop quiz: who’s the coolest teacher around? Answer: Ms. Atwell.

Today, for World Teacher Day, we’re shining a spotlight on Nancie Atwell, the “World’s Best Teacher” who doesn’t give her students tests or quizzes.

Atwell received the first “Global Teacher Prize” earlier this year–but she’s been changing the profession for 25 years. She created “The Center for Teaching and Learning” in Edgecomb, Maine, to let students and teachers learn alongside each other. Her philosophy boils down to a simple motto: “Give kids choices.”

She‘s Basically a Saint, Following Her Dream to Open This Cafe

If you like your food made with love, then this is the restaurant for you–and it all came to restaurant owner Ruth Thompson in a dream.

Hugs café in McKinney, Texas has hired 24 adults with special needs to be trained for jobs preparing and serving lunch to the community every day.

“We’re conforming our tasks to meet their abilities,” Ms. Thompson told WFAA.

New Discovery: How We Might Starve Tumors by Cutting Off Food Supply

In their hunger to find ways to cure cancer, scientists may have found a method to starve tumors to death.

Cancer cells must find nutrients to grow. Now, researchers at Oxford University in the UK have discovered the method used by cells to locate those food supplies.

They identified a protein called PAT4 as the main tool cancer cells use to find nutrients in blood, and their research suggests it may be possible to starve tumors by targeting it.

Daily Inspirational Quote – October 6, 2015

“When looking back doesn’t interest you anymore, you’re doing something right.”

Well done if you feel this quote says it all for you! None of us travel through life without accumulating “baggage” along the way. This can either be baggage you are happy to shoulder and carry with you or, on the other hand, baggage that you’d rather discard to the dim and distant Lost Property Office of Life’s Railway Station and throw away the ticket. If it’s the latter, then you are truly very fortunate and will find yourself being able to anticipate the future and what it holds for you without relics of a perhaps unfortunate, troubling past, nipping at your ankles like a small bad-tempered canine. Well done!


A Century in the World

Grace Lee Boggs, Chinese-American philosopher and civil rights legend, talks here on her 100th birthday about her extraordinary life of helping others and how her studies in philosophy led to a whole new way of thinking about change and how it the positive has to be achieved through the labor-patient suffering of the negative.

Confronting Negative Feelings

An excerpt from Tantra for the West by Marc Allen

When we acknowledge and even confront our negative feelings, we are plunging right into the heart of tantric practice. That’s our meditation. And that’s what I’m inviting you to do — right now, right at the start of this journey into tantra.

Many people don’t dare confront their negative feelings, because they feel they would hurt somebody or be destructive in some way if they did. One man at a seminar once went so far as to say that, if he plunged into his feelings, he might rape hundreds of women and kill hundreds of men! But there are skillful ways to get into your feelings — ways that don’t hurt others, or yourself. Many of the practices and processes that follow deal with these methods.

So many people are afraid of their anger, and this keeps them from confronting and expressing it. But then they end up carrying their anger around with them for years and years. It ends up damaging their bodies, and often their relationships, because …

Sexual Energy

An Excerpt from Tantra for the West by Marc Allen

A beautiful, dynamic source of energy in the universe is waiting to be tapped — the energy of creation.

We’ve all experienced this energy. When you put a man and a woman together, you have the energy of creation. (Or, if you prefer, you can say that when you put two women or two men together, you have the energy of creation — tantra embraces everything, rejecting nothing, so of course it embraces gay lifestyles and every other lifestyle as well. Don’t be put off by the male-female language. Substitute your own changes wherever necessary.)

Much has been written and taught about transmuting sexual energy. For most of us, however, this is unnecessary and redundant, for sexual energy transmutes itself. When our sexual energy moves through our bodies, we experience a physical, mental, and emotional transmutation of that energy. This happens whether we’re making love, meditating, or masturbating.

How does this take place? Our body is an energy s…

The Direct Path of Tantra

An Excerpt from Tantra for the West by Marc Allen

Open up to the possibility 
that there is a quick, direct path in front of you to the fulfillment of your dreams.

It’s fascinating that when the word tantra is used in the West, it’s almost always thought of as sex, with some kind of mysticism thrown in. But if you look at how tantra has been taught and studied in the East for the past several thousand years — particularly in India and Tibet — you get a much broader sense of its meaning.

Tantra is not just “the yoga of sex”; it is the yoga of everything — of every moment. Yoga means “union,” so a good way to define tantra is “union with everything” or “the practice of every moment.” Here’s another good definition:

Tantra is the awareness that every moment is a direct path to love, freedom, fulfillment, and enlightenment.

Tantra is a path, a means, to freedom and fulfillment. What do freedom and fulfillment mean? It is up to you, of course, to discover what they mean for you — ...


Daily Inspirational Quote – October 5, 2015

“Make today count, you’ll never get it back.”

Now this is good advice and worth following don’t you think? However, I guess, like me and most people, we don’t often take the time to think along these lines. We’re too busy going about our daily lives and dealing with whatever the days bring us. Some days are wonderful and some days we just want to be over. Remember though, when you awake in the morning, which is a gift in itself, that the day ahead only lasts for a mere 24 hours and then it’s gone FOREVER! So, whatever it brings, it’s unique, a never to be repeated special offer, so make sure you take full advantage.


The Science of Why We Sleep

Scientists know that sleep obeys our complex internal clocks, affects our every waking moment, and even tames our negative emotions. But what happens while we sleep and why have we evolved to sleep in the first place? In this fascinating short video, PBS's Joe Hanson explores the mysteries of sleep...

Daily Inspirational Quote – October 4, 2015

“Anger is a feeling that makes your mouth work faster.”

Much, much faster and our poor brain is probably in panic mode, desperately trying to get the message, “Please don’t speak until I sort this out” through to us. Do we listen? Probably not. Anger is the fuel which stokes the flames of our vocabulary spectacularly! So easy just to let rip isn’t it? Satisfying too! However, once we’ve said our piece and calmed down just tad, perhaps whoever has borne the brunt of our “flames” looks so dejected and hurt that, being the lovely person we really are, we begin to wish that we could take, if not all, at least some of what we’ve said in anger back? In fact, we may have reacted without knowing the full facts, whole story, etc. So, perhaps the next time our ire rises we should take time to, 1. Engage brain, 2. Think, 3. Mouth, 4. Speak….or not?


Children Who Shine From Within

In this moving tribute to her daughter, Rachel Macy Stafford reminds us to look for the light within all children. "And it's that time -- time for back-to-school outfits, team tryouts, classroom assessments, and after school clubs. The Butterflies will be noticed. So brilliant. So colorful. Their talents so obvious. But let us not forget the Fireflies. Their triumphs are quiet and unsuspecting. Their gifts might even go completely unnoticed...Don't wait for someone to hand him an award or a give her a certificate to make their talents and gifts 'official.' That day may never come. So say it now. Say this: I see your light."