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Daily Inspirational Message for May 10, 2014

“I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing Light of your own Being.” - Hafiz When we’re feeling down or desperate, we’re disconnected from our highest selves and lost in dark misbeliefs. While feeling powerless is an illusion, it can create a self-fulfilling prophecy. To leave behind depression and find new hope, we have to remember that we are powerful creators of our own experiences. Then by raising our vibration via faith and gratitude, we can work with spiritual law to manifest whatever we want and need. To reconnect with our full power, we have only to remember it is ever available to us, and then use it.

Keep Things in Balance

You cannot escape the necessity of balance in your life. Anything taken to an extreme will soon cease to have the desired positive effect. If you relax all the time, relaxation will become nothing but a tedious burden. If you work all the time, with no break for fun and relaxation, your work loses much of its effectiveness. Be ambitious, be diligent, and work with commitment, but don’t make that work the only thing you do. Have fun, enjoy life, and take it easy, but don’t make leisure your full-time pursuit. Make it your goal to make sure there is balance in your life. If you don’t, eventually balance will be forced upon you in ways that won’t be to your liking. It’s only natural to seek more and more of a good thing, yet that can be counterproductive, whatever the good thing may be. Instead, consider adding more good things, new and different good things, to balance your life. Balance in your life can make every part of it richer and more satisfying. Keep things in balance,

The Love of Stuff

Nick Thorpe asks, "If Western consumer culture sometimes resembles a bulimic binge in which we taste and then spew back things that never quite nourish us, the ascetic, anorexic alternative of rejecting materialism altogether will leave us equally starved. Who, then, can teach me how to celebrate my possessions with the mindful, celebratory spirit of a gourmet?"

Daily Inspirational Message for May 9, 2014

“Everything you buy, think, say and do is a statement of what you believe you are worth.” - Alan Cohen For many of us, our next leap of faith involves allowing ourselves something bigger and better than ever before. While it can be nerve-wracking, this has a way of always working out – if we can embrace it without fear. If we can decide we are truly worth something better, more expensive, or more thrilling than we’ve had before, we’ll expand to a new level of potential and begin to get comfortable at this deeper level of fulfillment.

Assume You Can Do It

A powerful first step in getting anything done is to assume you can do it. When you start by assuming you can do it, you don’t have to fight your doubts all the way there. Even if you don’t know how to take the first step, assume that there’s a way. Assume you can do it, and you’ll find that way. You are extremely good at solving difficult problems because you’ve done it all your life. You are very good at making things happen when you have a good enough reason to do so. So make sure your objective is what you really, truly desire, and make the assumption that you can indeed reach it. With a meaningful purpose and a positive perspective, you’re already well on your way. Instead of complaining that it’s too difficult or complicated or unfair, just get busy. Work under the powerful assumption that it’s possible for you, and it will be. Dare to dream and dare to believe without a doubt that you can reach your dreams. Assume you can, and eventually, with effort and commitment, yo

The Solar Suitcase that's Saving Lives

When Dr. Laura Stachal first visited a Nigerian hospital, she was shocked by what she witnessed. The lights went out in the operating room during an emergency caesarian section. Sadly, during her two week stay she witnessed countless other times when the lives of mothers and infants were placed at risk due to the lack of a reliable electricity source. When she returned from that trip, she was inspired to make a change. Working with her husband and social energy educator, Hal Aronson, they created the first 'solar suitcase' - a mobile device capable of delivering over 20 hours of much needed energy. Read more to learn how this simple device is helping to save lives throughout the world.

Daily Inspirational Message for May 8, 2014

“Life is forever offering you a beautiful opportunity to reach out and become something bigger and better, to express something more than you are expressing at this moment. You need to let more of the splendor out.” - Dr. Frank Richelieu Are you radiating the full essence of your being wherever you go? When I look around at others and also examine myself, I see almost all of us holding back – holding some of our light in – and I wonder why. Are we afraid to be too fabulous? Are we afraid that others will dislike us if we are too wonderful or powerful? Why try to appear to be less than we really are?

Making Wishes Come True

If every one of your wishes were instantly granted, you’d probably regret most of them. Fortunately, it takes more than wishing to make it so. The wishes that come true are the wishes you really, truly want to come true. That’s because you must commit to them and work to bring them about. Just imagine how disordered and superficial life would be if you were granted every little thing you wished for. Nothing would really have any value to you, because you would not have the opportunity to build that value with your time and effort. The work you do to achieve what you desire is what makes that achievement meaningful. That work gives you the chance to put your own unique value into the achievement, and that’s what you truly desire. So, by all means, wish for the very best for yourself, your community, your family and your world. Then get busy bringing those positive wishes to life. Because you deserve much more than merely a wish that comes true. You deserve to be the person who

How Social Connections Keep Seniors Healthy

Some of the greatest transitions in life occur in older age, including retiring, downsizing, or losing social ties. All of these changes have profound effects on physical and mental health. While physical activity and healthy eating are well known to help us go through these transitions with grace and in good health, social connections are also vital for maximizing sharing, friendship, health, and happiness in old age. Seniors communities are a shining example of how elderly people find vitality, purpose, and personal development in caring for one another. This article illustrates Vonda and other seniors who "refuse to grow old" -- and the fascinating science behind how ties to friends, family, and community affect the brain and human body.

The Heart is Where the Soul Resides

“Heart opening is a symptom of personal growth. We might call this emotional opening, or psychological breakthrough. But if we use the lens of spirituality, of soul growth, and we accept the idea that the heart is where the soul resides, what then? What do we mean then, when we talk about heart’s opening?”

Mother is the First Beloved

“I found myself very young, my head did not reach the countertop, in a small, hot kitchen with the radio on, and my mother, visibly pregnant, dancing. We were listening to the radio, the three of us, my mother me, and my unborn brother in her belly. We danced to the songs of the times, the radio wailing tinny and small.”

There is Only One Entrance

“Birth is the only way we enter this world, and death is our only exit. We all share this truth of human existence, and yet our births and our deaths are as individual unique as each of us. Imagine! A new soul, entering the world from the vessel of another body!”

Daily Inspirational Message for May 7, 2014

“When we let go of the chase for more and consciously examine and experience the resources we already have, we discover our resources are deeper than we knew or imagined. In the nourishment of our attention, our assets expand and grow.” - Lynn Twist Sometimes when we’re frustrated with trying to get ahead, the most powerful thing we can do is just stop thinking about what we lack, and remember all we have. Reliving past victories, for example, will put us in the vibrational state of success. Acknowledging all the love, abundance, freedom and other blessings already in our lives will align us with more of those things. Frustration is a sign that we’re vibrationally out of line with what we really want, and pinching ourselves off from our full potential. To connect with all our personal power, we have to be flowing gratitude.

In This Very Moment

You don’t have to be experiencing an epic adventure to enjoy profound fulfillment. There is much joy to be found in even the most ordinary days. You don’t have to own an impressive collection of possessions to be rich. Life’s true richness comes from the way you feel, and feeling great requires nothing other than your choice. There is no need to place conditions on your joy. Simply, and wonderfully, live it, now. Your life is unique and precious, so treat it as such. Delight in the deep, rich substance of being, not just in the meaningless tokens. Right here, right now, is everything necessary for great fulfillment. Always within you is the power to experience life at its very best. Choose to exercise that power now, and find new, original joy in this very moment. Feel the possibilities, and bring them to life with your presence. — Ralph Marston

4 Ways To Be More Present In Travel

"Being present is about slowing things down enough to truly feel, experience, and sense them -- to grasp them in full." During moments of movement it is all too easy for our attention to shift from the past to the future. But in the present moment, we can foster meaningful connections to people and places. How, then, can we be more present in our travel and share our travel stories with greater realism and insight? Two avid travelers of over 80 countries share their wisdom in this piece, woven with vivid images from their journeys in Nepal, Thailand, New Zealand, and more.

Daily Inspirational Message for May 6, 2014

“Pray with your feet moving.” - Author Unknown While prayer is powerful, what we need rarely falls from heaven right into our laps. Often the answer to our prayers will arrive in the form of an impulse to go somewhere or do something. As we request help from Spirit, ideas will come to us. To tap the power of divine guidance and support, we have to listen to those ideas and be ever ready to take inspired action.

Not Always

Things will not always go the way you had hoped they would. Do your best anyway, give your best, live your best and be your best. People will not always act the way you think they should. Give them your love, respect and understanding anyway, for it is the best choice going forward. The past and the present are not always to your liking. Even so, especially so, the future is always yours to create. The people and conditions around you will not always be supportive, but you don’t have to let them drag you down. You can choose to move forward, no matter what others may or may not choose. Life might just give you a big, valuable break, but don’t count on it. Make it your business to give yourself an endless series of positive breaks, and anything else you get will be a bonus. Though things may not always go your way, life can always be good and fulfilling. Because you can always choose, with your thoughts, your attitude and your actions, to make it that way. — Ralph Marston

Desmond Tutu On Why We Forgive

Desmond Tutu is what Gandhi would call a "practical idealist." He believes in the practical, healing power of forgiveness because he sees it as more than a virtue; to him, it is a supreme gift, which we can give either partially or unconditionally. He opts for the latter because with it, he sees a greater freedom for the individual who has been harmed. Forgiveness is not forgetting, he points out, it's an invitation to be courageous and to go against the grain of the sense of radical separation that makes violence possible. Forgiveness is more than a concept; it's an experiential recognition of our common humanity, which has the power to heal both the victim and the perpetrator.

Daily Inspirational Message for May 5, 2014

“You will find truth more quickly through delight than gravity. Let out a little more string on your kite.” - Alan Cohen I believe that joy is a sign of enlightenment. From laughing Buddhist monks to merry ministers, folks who are jolly like Santa Claus are more aligned with Divine Spirit than suffering saints and other serious folks. While we may not be able to determine how wise and “spiritual” they are, we can observe the effect they have on the world around them: people who are joyful and playful radiate a divine light that brightens everyone and everything they touch.

Tomorrow Can Wait

If your mind is always jumping ahead to what might be next, you miss the opportunity to fully live what is now. Be patient, be thankful, and let life come at its own pace. Stop looking so much at the clock, and focus more on your purpose. Tomorrow can wait while you make today great. If you hurry, concerned that you don’t have enough time, you’ll waste much of the time you do have. Take the necessary time and give sufficient attention to each task, so as to get maximum value from it. Live each moment with deliberate, peaceful purpose, not with hurried, worried anxiety. In your eagerness to get ahead don’t leave the opportunity of this day behind. Be ambitious while also being patient about it. Then you can truly enjoy the fruits of your ambition. Take a deep, relaxing breath and feel the great value of the moment you’re already in. Fully live that value, here and now, and make it always yours. — Ralph Marston

Lessons From My 93-Year-Old Kindergarten Teacher

Mary Beth Washington is the stuff that kindergarten dreams are made of. "She did almost everything contrary to the rules: she took the kids out walking in the rain, she napped with them during naptime, she came to school dressed like a circus performer. She was in love with birds, dancing, poetry and people." Now in her 93rd year, she is as spirited as ever and still going strong with her walking stick, cheery stockings and shoes, and many layers of scarves. "I teach the big children, now," she says, in a chance encounter with a parent whose child was one of her students. With hearty chuckles and magical winks, there are many lessons to be learned from this special woman.

Daily Inspirational Message for May 4, 2014

“Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons.” - Ruth Ann Schabacker I have a number of friends who work with the law of attraction every morning to align what they want for the day, and they manifest one amazing gift, opportunity and lucky break after another. If we want our lives to be filled with more magic and wonder, it’s wise and powerful to approach each day as a brand new adventure, and to look for and expect to receive divine blessings from Spirit.

The Calling of Delight: On Gangs, Service, Kinship

Father Gregory Boyle is no ordinary priest --he exuberantly pushes boundaries; not only does he reframe the meaning of the Sermon on the Mount and draw from the wisdom of the Dalai Lama, Cesar Chavez and Dorothy Day in his work, he's also utterly dedicated his life to something higher than himself: the unreserved service of humanity. There is perhaps no better place for a priest like Boyle to work than in the City of Angels. In 1988 he founded Homeboy Industries to combat mass-incarceration and gang violence, creating jobs for unemployed youth in Los Angeles. Not only do they create a powerful community together that inspires, creates hope and transforms lives, their work has grown to become "one of the largest, most comprehensive and most successful gang intervention, rehabilitation and re-entry programs in the country."