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We Are All in this Together

The Whole Child and Urban Education

How Do You Talk To Kids About Terrorism?

A Week After Attacks, Paris Is Healing

London’s Thames is Coming Back to Life With Whales, Dolphins, and Seals

Town Honors Their Beloved Street Sweeper With Public Statue

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 21, 2015

The Power of Not Knowing

Huge Breakthrough in Brain Medicine Allows Access Like Never Before

This Teacher Gives Compliments to Every Student, Every Morning (WATCH)

Admission to These State Parks Will be Free on Black Friday

Scottish Isle to Welcome Refugees With Screening of It’s a Wonderful Life

Austria’s Largest State is Now 100% Powered by Renewables

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 20, 2015

Three German Students Surprise a Homeless Guy

In The Face Of Terror, the Human Spirit Endures

How Safe Are Your Dietary Supplements?

The Photo Ark: Preserving Species Before They Disappear

Bruce Springsteen, John Legend Lead All-Star Concert

66 Hollywood Dance Scenes Perfectly Timed to Uptown Funk Hit (WATCH)

Alone on Thanksgiving? Restaurant Owner is Offering Free Meals

Church Thanks Local Inmates, Dishes Out Surprise Thanksgiving Meal

Churches Offer Space, Public Raises $110K for Arson-Stricken Canadian Mosque

One Wish for Feisty 97-yo, to See the Future at Google: Priceless! (WATCH)

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 19, 2015

The Little Gardener: A Parable On The Power of Working with Love

New Jersey Police Officer Surprises Homeless Man With New Boots (WATCH)

Crochet Community Piles On the Yarn for Princess Wigs for Kids With Cancer

Veteran Homelessness Has Been Ended in Virginia, First State to Do It

Watch: Rescuer of Old Dogs Is Given Everything She Needs All At Once

Mom Posts Letter to Skateboarder Who Showed Big Heart Despite Pals

Woman Donates Entire Toy Store to Kids in Homeless Shelters

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 18, 2015

Neil Gaiman on How Stories Last

Unique Actions By Tech Companies Helped Millions Be Safe in Paris

One of the Poorest Nations Now Tops U.S. as World’s Most Charitable

After Lonely Couple Called Emergency Line, Police Stayed For Tea

300 Stranded Israelis in Montana Airport Fed Kosher By Local Kindness

Packers Quarterback Rodgers Flags Anti-Muslim Heckler

Marijuana Fills Dire Medical Needs of Families; Science, States Try to Catch Up

Homeless Dad Helped in Denver Was Spotted Giving Back–Feeding Hungry

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 17, 2015

10 Ways to Become More Grateful

Divination by Scrying: A Second Sight

Crystal Ball Reading for Beginners: Have No Fears

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 16, 2015

BJ Miller: What Really Matters at the End of Life

Samsung Galaxy Phone Stops a Bullet in Paris, Saves Man’s Life

Officer Sends Flowers To Crying Woman She Pulled Over For Speeding

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 15, 2015