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Daily Inspirational Quote – March 21, 2015

One acorn can start a forest. One smile can begin peace. One hand can help another. One touch can show care. Be that ONE today. This seems so very apt at the moment with all the terrible things going on in the world today. Most of us wish peace for our fellow human beings who are suffering terribly in the midst of horrendous wars, starvation, or disease. How very, very fortunate we are not to be suffering in the same way. However, the one thing we are capable of doing is showing our support in any way we can. This may involve donating food or clothing, a monetary contribution no matter how small the amount, or volunteering our time, etc. If each and every one of us could commit to doing at least one of these can you imagine the power and force that would be created from the first “acorn”, i.e. the first step in actually doing and not just talking. What a difference we could all make in the lives of those so much less fortunate than we are. by Cathi Bew

Feel By Choice

If you would like to feel good about today, go ahead. You can choose to feel whatever you want to feel. It may seem that your feelings are dictated by the situation, but that does not necessarily have to be the case. You can decide to transform the situation so it aligns with your chosen feelings and expectations. Feelings are a powerful part of your life, and you can take control of that power. You can base your feelings more on inside intentions than on outside influences. You don’t have to arrange the world in a particular way just to create a desired feeling. Instead, go ahead, allow the feeling, and then let the positive power of that feeling flow into your world. Feel by choice, not by chance. Choose your feelings based not on what has happened, but based on what you wish to do with all that’s now available to you. You are empowered to make life great, so feel that power. Feel the positive possibilities of now, and experience yourself bringing them to life. — Ralph Ma

My Father's Gift

'Gift' is a short film that conveys a profound message on the importance of giving, and the true value of wealth. It illustrates how we touch others when we selflessly give of our time, love and kindness. 'Gift' is about a boy who grew up believing that his father was poor, unintelligent and unsuccessful. After his father's death however, the son discovers the true reach of his parent's generosity, and just how much joy he brought to others. He finally comes to understand the truth of his father's words: "Being rich is not about how much you have, but how much you can give."

Daily Inspirational Quote – March 20, 2015

“Remember anyone can love you when the sun is shining. In the storms is where you learn who truly cares for you.” As most of us know through experience this is very true. We’ve all had people in our lives who are happy to make themselves available to party with us or join us in carefree pursuits etc. It’s when we reach out during the troubling, worrisome times, that we scrabble around in vain to find them. They don’t want to be involved in providing a sympathetic ear, monetary assistance, physical aid, etc. etc., so distance themselves until our own personal “storm” has passed. Then, and only then, do they take the time to seek us out in order to reconnect and get the party started up again. If we have any sense at all we’ll have noticed their absence and their retreat into the background and, you know what, wouldn’t it make sense and feel good just to leave them there? Cathi Bew

Goals & Happiness: A Virtuous Cycle Infographic

The trick to being a happier person? Turns out it may lie in setting small, simple goals that can help you to focus on the important things in your life. This engaging infographic shares some startling data on the truth about happiness, it illustrates how setting goals and being happy are part of a virtuous cycle, and also reveals what kind of goals lead to the greatest joy.

Daily Inspirational Quote – March 19, 2015

“Who are you to judge the life I live? I am not perfect and don’t have to be! Before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.” Being honest, I must admit I can occasionally be judgmental, although it’s something I’m working on. Quick to assume or make a snap judgment of someone without knowing anything about them. I am far from alone and most people I know tend to think along the same lines to a certain degree. However, as I said, I’m working on it, and learning to take the time to learn a bit more about who someone really is and where they’re coming from before I make a judgment. Hopefully, this works both ways and people will take the time to get to know me better or discover more about me before making judgments or firm opinions about me and how I should be living my life. Quid pro quo rules! by Cathi Bew

The Real, Important Stuff

If you have to be someone you don’t want to be in order to attain success, is that really success? If you must compromise your values to get what you want, is that really what you want? What people, ideas, values, passions, interests, places and experiences can you give your unconditional love to? Remind yourself often to focus your awareness, your efforts and your energy on those things. Life in each moment is a precious opportunity. Give the real, important stuff the attention it deserves. If you’re getting too stressed out, or frustrated, or cynical, perhaps it’s because you’re too focused on things that fill you with negativity. Step back, think of what truly matters, and put yourself in a more positive mental environment. You cannot make your life full by putting more and more empty, meaningless things into it. Instead, choose quality, choose substance, and choose to do the things that excite and fulfill the authentic you. Right now is your sole opportunity to live this

The Opposite Of Spoiled & How To Get There

Many parents walk a fine line when trying to teach children about the importance of money: on one hand, they want to make sure not to spoil their children or raise them with a sense of entitlement; and on the other hand they also want to ensure that their kids don't grow up too naïve or unaware of the role that money plays. In an effort to address this challenge, Ron Lieber, a columnist for The New York Times, offers up some wonderful tips to help parents who want to raise children to have grateful hearts and a healthy relationship to money.

Daily Inspirational Quote – March 18, 2015

“An open mind allows you to explore and create and grow. Remember that progress would be impossible if we always did things the way we always have.” An open mind reminds me of a big plot of land with absolutely nothing remotely resembling a fence on or around it. I guess it could also be that I don’t have a lot going on upstairs? Quickly moving on…. Those of us who allow our minds to be open to new ideas, who maintain a thirst for knowledge and who also seize every opportunity for advancement are the ones responsible for keeping everything moving on the great conveyor belt of life. If we restrict our wonderful minds by erecting a barrier that sifts through the possibilities moving along the belt and discard anything remotely new out then it’s like cutting off the blood flow to a treasure trove. Be prepared to be open and add to your “treasures.” by Cathi Bew

Long Term Influence

Do you realize how much of a difference you have made in life, and continue to make? Very likely, the answer is a resounding no. You cannot possibly know all the consequences and ramifications of your actions in the lives of other people. Each thing you do takes on a life of its own and can affect people far removed in time and distance from the original action. You cannot control all the consequences that eventually flow from what you do. That makes it critically important that you put as much love, authenticity and positive intention into whatever you do, while you still have influence over it. Each moment, you are sending energy out into life. That energy gets multiplied and repeated for a very long time. The world in which you live is filled with the still-present energy from the long-forgotten actions of everyone who has ever traveled through it. And on this very day, you can do your part to increase the amount of positive energy that settles upon the days to come. Act a

Mary Oliver: Listening to the World

"Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, the world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting / over and over announcing your place in the family of things." In a rare interview, Mary Oliver shares details from her life and her poetry with On Being's Krista Tippett.

Daily Inspirational Quote – March 17, 2015

“Don’t allow negative people to make you one of them.” Some people are “glass half empty” by nature aren’t they? It doesn’t matter how good they have things, or how blessed they are, the glass is seen as half empty and always will be. I feel very sorry for them as I try to be a “glass half full” and indeed, a glass hoping to be full again very soon, type of “girl”. As such, I tend to let them get on with it as it is their choice and they’re welcome to it. They will never change this “glass half full” lady. I hope you are keeping me company in this belief? Well, are you……..? by Cathi Bew

Positive About Negative Results

When you get negative results after a lot of hard work, that can certainly be disappointing. But there’s nothing to be gained by letting those negative results give you a negative attitude. Choose your attitude based not on what has already happened, but on what you intend to make happen now. Though you may have had a negative experience, there’s no reason to continue on that downward path. When you’ve fallen short of the goal, that’s no time to lose confidence in your ability. After all, you’re more highly experienced than ever, and you’ve just developed a very clear understanding of what doesn’t work. Decide to make good and positive use of that newfound wisdom. Go ahead and get started applying your increased level of experience in a useful and productive way. Step away from that worthless self pity and stride confidently toward a higher degree of empowerment. Your hard work has earned you the right to be more confident than ever before. When you get a negative result, do

5 Ways Music Can Make You Healthier

Many of us are well aware of the impact of music upon our mood. An old, familiar tune may not only help to alleviate stress, it could potentially offer us a brighter outlook for our day. But, did you know that music can play a positive role on our physical health, as well? Expanding research points to its application in the field of traditional medicine. Whether simply helping to alleviate anxiety, or more specifically, working to boost our immune system's responsiveness -- the benefits are certainly noteworthy.  This article explores five ways in which music can directly improve our overall physical health.

The Return of Intuition by Kathryn Harwig

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.) All children are intuitive when born, with a natural and inborn sense of who to trust and what is real. Watch a young child look at the world and you can almost see the knowledge and wonder of this gift sparkling in her eyes. Before they are taught to color inside of the lines, children automatically draw and color the world the way they see it…with auras around people and fantastic creatures walking right beside ordinary folk. But, around the age of seven (if not before), children are carefully, if not intentionally, taught to only see and pay attention to what the world considers “real.” This teaching comes very early, and from parents, friends, teachers, and, of course, the media. Children are socialized to acknowledge what society considers true, to focus attention solely upon what they are told to see and to disregard the rest. If society taught people to ignore other gifts, such as musical talent, in this fashion, we wo

Is My Child Psychic? 10 Ways That Abilities Emerge, by Sara Wiseman

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.) There’s been a lot of talk about psychic and paranormal kids in current movies, television, and books. The truth is, most kids today have intuitive and spiritual gifts! It’s a whole new kind of intelligence that lets children understand and process things differently—at school, with peers and at home. For parents, it can seem confusing. But once you understand what to look for, intuitive and spiritual gifts aren’t hard to spot. While these abilities may “cluster” differently in individual children, here are some traits to watch for: Is your child highly sensitive or gifted? Is he imaginative, creative, or a “right brain” thinker? Does your child get the “vibe” of people and situations, even total strangers? Is she affected by crowds or noisy places? Does she sometimes say she’s been to a place before, even though you know she hasn’t? Does he have an imaginary playmate, or say he hears voices? Does she have a deep knowledge

Daily Inspirational Quote – March 16, 2015

“When life gets stormy, dance in the rain.” This always reminds me of the song “Singing in The Rain,” and Gene Kelly dancing and singing in the pouring rain with a big smile on his face.  They don’t make movies like that anymore, sigh…. Now where was I? Oh yes! I like to think that we can all follow his inspiring lead and that, when things tend to get “stormy” in our lives, we can appreciate the healing the “rain” brings and allow it to wash away our troubles while refreshing us at the same time. Thanks Gene! Cathi Bew

Living With Mystery In A Certainty-Obsessed Culture

In his book, The Island of Knowledge: The Limits of Science and the Search for Meaning, astrophysicist and philosopher Marcelo Gleiser explores the interface between our commitment to knowledge and our parallel flirtation with the mystery of the unknown. How has the progress of modern science compounded the perplexities and paradoxes of our quintessential human longing?

Daily Inspirational Quote – March 15, 2015

“No one said life was easy….but with great determination, passion and strength everything is possible.” Oh boy do I know it! I also know I am far from the only one. It’s very easy for some people battered by life’s boxing gloves to throw in the towel and retreat to their corner, but where to go from there? Stay in the corner forever clinging to the ropes for dear life? It’s never easy, and nobody is saying it is. However, wouldn’t it be to your advantage, in the long run, to climb out of the ring through the ropes and, with your head held high, retreat to the changing room in order to regain your strength and determination for a return bout? The next encounter will see you stronger, more determined, and much better equipped to succeed resulting in your arm being raised as the winner when the final bell is rung. Cathi Bew

Steve Karlin: When Animals Are Our Teachers

" have a relationship with a wild creature, first you have to have a relationship with yourself." For thousands of years, human beings have lived side by side with animals. We share a common heritage here on earth, and, when we open our minds, we find there is much to learn from wild perspectives around us. Steve Karlin shares the insights he has gained after years spent caring for and connecting with animals; going within to connect with all that is without...