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Inspirational Quote for December 24, 2016

“May you live every day of your life.”

What a lovely wish and profound few words. Sometimes, most of us are so busy dealing with the everyday needs and demands our busy lives make on us, that we forget to just “live!” By this I mean actually being aware and realizing just how very precious life is and that every second, minute, hour, day that passes has gone forever. So, slow down a little, try to live in the moment, appreciate the blessings you have instead of whining about what you think you should have but don’t. Basically, live a life surrounded by those you love most and make sure it’s full of love, laughter, adventures, new beginnings, dreams………. Off you go!


I Am Not I: Jacob Needleman on How We Become Who We Are

In 'I Am Not I' Jacob Needleman delves into the timeless, searching questions of humanity. "Out of the inquiry itself arises an immensely hope-giving offering -- a sort of secular sacrament illuminating what lies at the heart of the most profound experiences we're capable of having: joy, love, hope, wonder, astonishment, transcendence." Maria Popova shares more.

Secrets to a Stress-Free Season

Cut Your Holiday Travel Stress

Being home for the holidays is part of the joy of the season. But for many of us, getting there is super-stressful. It’s you -- with gifts, luggage, and kids in tow -- up against flight delays, crowded airports, and wintry roads. Here are 10 tips to help you escape the heartache and headache of holiday travel. We've focused mostly on air travel, but these principles can apply to any way you hit the road.

Book early

Set your travel plans as early as possible to get cheaper deals and more flexible schedules. Pick non-stop flights if you can. Early morning ones are less often delayed than later ones. Avoid traveling on the busiest dates -- the day before Thanksgiving and the two days before and after Christmas and New Year’s. Better yet, fly on the actual holidays and you’re likely to face minimal crowds.

Let’s get digital

Before you leave home, download plenty of entertainment to your tablet, e-reader, smartphone, laptop, or portable DVD player. The familia…

Inspirational Quote for December 23, 2016

“Don’t promise when you’re happy. Don’t reply when you’re angry, and don’t decide when you’re sad.”

Brilliant advice! Emotions can tend to make our decisions for us, and that isn’t always a good thing. Acting from a calm and steady place assures us that our intuition is guiding us. That way, there are no regrets. So the next time you’re facing a decision, stop and take the time to make sure you are responding from the heart!

by Susyn Blair-Hunt

Are You a Conformist or a Rebel?

ByKira M. Newman

According to a new book on social influence, we might all be a little of both.

The partisanship of today’s politics in America may be shocking, but it also reveals something significant about human behavior: the power of social influence. Personal beliefs can be strengthened when peoplesurround themselveswith those who share their views and distance themselves from the demonized other side. In the new bookInvisible Influence, Wharton professor Jonah Berger shows us the insidious way other people’s opinions affect us, including in the political realm. He puts forth fascinating evidence illustrating how the thoughts and actions of others influence what we see, buy, and believe, without us being consciously aware of it. For example, in a2003 study, researchers found that how people evaluated a particular welfare policy depended little on how generous it was—and mostly on whether their own party supported it. Yet participants claimed that party loyalty had nothing to do with …

Why Sex Gets Better in Old Age

ByMiri Forbes,Robert Krueger,Nicholas Eaton

According to a new study, our sexual priorities change as we age and that keeps our sex lives satisfying.

Aging is generally associated with improvements in ourquality of life: We become more proficient in our work, learn how to manage our finances better, and our bonds with loved ones deepen. With time and practice, most of the core domains of our lives improve as we develop skills and strategies to manage our lives with more mastery. An exception to this pattern is the quality of our sex lives,which has consistently been reported to deteriorate with age. While this fits with the messages we receive from popular culture, which tell us that sex is a young person’s domain, it is somewhat at odds with the fact that older adults continue to explore and enjoy sexuality well into old age. The majority of men and women over 60 in the U.S. are sexually active, most at least two to three times per month (more often than many younger adults).They also r…

Inspirational Quote for December 22, 2016

“You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice.”

This reminds me of free will, which really isn’t free. When I hear people say they have free will, I wonder what they are thinking? Every action causes a reaction, and it’s only through time and experience that we come to realize that consequences await. So to quote one of my favorite lines from “Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail,” choose wisely….

by Susyn Blair-Hunt

The Women Who Restored Jungles

When a governmental effort to encourage cash crops threatened their food security and native land, India's indigenous families came together to revive their traditional food systems.

Is the Drive to Be Masculine Hurting Your Mental Health?

ByJeremy Adam Smith

A wave of studies in 2016 suggest that masculine ideals can hurt men's physical and mental health. But they also hint at a healthier aspiration for men.

Man up. Grow a pair. You run like a girl. Don’t be a wuss. We’re number one. Could trying to live up to these platitudes fuel depression, anxiety, and other kinds of mental illness in boys and men? A new study suggests that the answer can often be “yes”—but a lot depends on which masculine ideals you embrace. An international team of researchers led by Y. Joel Wong of Indiana University, Bloomington, searched for scientific papers that all used theConformity to Masculine Norms Inventory (CMNI), a widely-used and research-tested scale. The researchers were especially interested in fine-grained analysis of the CMNI’s 11 distinct dimensions of masculine norms, including: Winning:Do you want to be admired and respected? Are you competitive?Emotional control:Can you keep feelings in check?Self-Reliance:Can you disconnect…