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Daily Inspirational Quote – March 14, 2015

“Each thought and action has the power to brighten or darken MANY lives.”

Being a Water sign I am very in touch with my emotions, sometimes too much in touch at times! I am also very intuitive regarding other people especially in relation to how they are feeling. Consequently, I am insightful enough to be aware of the power I possess to either lift or dash another’s feelings. It would hurt me greatly to think I had upset anyone, either by word or deed, therefore I tend to think before I act or speak in relation to the people I encounter. I’m very thankful for this awareness and insight and realize that not everybody is as fortunate. Wouldn’t it be wonderful and make for many more happy people if everyone was this aware?

Cathi Bew

Teaching Our Children To Love Their Enemies

"Forgiveness can lead to understanding. Understanding plants the seeds for love." Loving our enemies may be one of the most difficult pearls of wisdom to live out in our day to day lives. It requires overcoming our fears, our egos, and our need to be right. This piece, that tells the story of one woman's compassionate response to a band of young neighborhood pranksters, reminds us of how powerful and important it is to keep taking small steps towards loving those who challenge us.

Daily Inspirational Quote – March 13, 2015

If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of beauty would be.”

We are a nation, if not a planet, obsessed with how we look and how other people look. I’m not afraid to admit that I don’t buy popular magazines as they are all crammed with “celebrities”, their faces lifted so far up their eyebrows are practically reaching the nape of their neck, and that’s just the men! I can’t stand it! What happened to admiring people for what they have achieved in life, their good works, their works of art, literary genius, etc. Not who has had more marriages than anybody else or who has the most “stuff”. Ugh! How interesting and eye opening it would be if we could see people’s souls instead. I wonder how many “celebrities” would pass as beautiful then? Not many I think!

Cathi Bew

Treasure It All

Without the difficult times, you could not fully appreciate the good times. Without the good times, the difficult times would be infinitely more difficult.

Life changes, and that’s what makes it life. Life changes, and in the changes live every possibility.

Do not boast too loudly about your good fortune or despair too long about the disappointments. Things will change, and with that change will come new opportunities and new challenges.

Instead of fighting and judging, worrying and fretting, make the choice to marvel at the richness of it all. Enjoy, learn from, and be inspired by what’s here while it’s here, then be ready to move quickly forward as life continues its ceaseless transformation.

Care deeply and profoundly, but don’t let yourself take things too seriously. Walk that fine, marvelous line between unshakable responsibility and joyous serendipity.

In the ups, in the downs, in the detours and straightaways, there is much to treasure. So breathe in the richness, and treasure it al…

A Brief History of Happiness

What happened to happiness? In the United States, we seem to have lost track of its true meaning, and instead come to see economic growth as synonymous with well being. Yet as Sarah van Gelder of Yes! Magazine reminds us, "Sustainable happiness is built on a healthy natural world and a vibrant and fair society...and cannot be achieved at the expense of others." What does sustainable happiness look like? Read on to learn more.

Daily Inspirational Quote – March 12, 2015

“Do not shrink your beautiful light to make someone else feel more comfortable. BE WHO YOU ARE without hesitation and you will inspire others to shine too.”

I guess we’ve all been guilty of this at one time or another although it’s kind of human nature not to want to overshadow other people. None of us want to be thought of as a “show off” do we? However, there’s not being a show off and there’s not being true to ourselves. Not being true to ourselves can prevent us from being up front about our skills or gifts and, by concealing these, others in turn won’t learn or be inspired to reach their own goals. It’s not in any way showing off to be proud of what you have achieved and consequently inspire and encourage others to believe they can do the same.

Cathi Bew

From Forgotten Prisoner to University Graduate

After spending a year visiting prisons and witnessing the conditions experienced by prisoners in Uganda, Ashoka Fellow, Alex McLean, founded the African Prisons Project. The African Prisons Project seeks to restore a sense of self-worth and hope to prisoners in Uganda and Kenya in the belief that all humans deserve to be treated with dignity and that societal change can result from such measures. Read about the stories of Moses and Susan, graduates of the African Prisons Project, and see how amazing change can result when someone makes the most of a presented opportunity.

Daily Inspirational Quote – March 11, 2015

“When people walk away, let them. Your future is not about people who walk away….it’s about the people who stay in it for the ride.”

Sometimes when people want to walk out of our lives we try to prevent them. Perhaps we believe they still have a part to play therefore we’re reluctant to let them go. However, what if they have already played their part and it is time for them to go? Often it’s not as black and white as this for many of us at the time. Later, on looking back, we will probably only then be able to acknowledge that they actually did us a favor by leaving although we couldn’t see this at the time. Look around you and appreciate the people who are still walking through life with you because that’s where they’re meant to be and where you’re meant to be for them.

Cathi Bew

My House Is Your House

The way attorney and UCLA lecturer Tony Tolbert figures it: you don't have to have money to be generous. Tony became inspired by Kevin and Hannah Salwen, who sold their 6,500 square foot home, and donated $800,000 to charity. He decided to loan his home to Felicia Dukes, a single parent of four, for a full year. After giving birth to her fourth child, Felicia fell behind on payments, and became homeless. Thanks to Tony's generosity, Felicia could recuperate financially and emotionally. As for Tony? He's planning to donate his home again to another family in need.

Daily Inspirational Quote – March 10, 2015

“Everything you do has the power to change the world. We never know who will be touched by our words, or inspired by our actions.”

I know that there have been many times in my life when I have been touched or inspired by someone. It may have been something they have written, or something they’ve said or even just something they’ve done. Whatever it was, something in me responded. Much of who I am today is the result of the teachings or examples of other people and I feel so fortunate and blessed because of it. Blessed that I was able to realize the gift that was being given and learn from it and also to be grateful. How wonderful if I could touch or inspire even one other person.

Cathi Bew

Why It Pays To Put Kids In Control

For years, our public systems have been plagued with issues. More recently, the predominant focus has been that of social control -- where, the "policing of behavior trumps the expanding of minds." In light of this, educating for insurgency may seem a radical, and potentially, dangerous proposition. But, what if this new model empowered students to get involved and take control of their educational future? In this brilliant article, Jay Gillen draws upon his experience as an educator to demonstrate how this generation of youth -- particularly those in poverty -- have both the boldness and capacity to breakthrough these barrier in our failing educational system.

The Great Awakening

An excerpt from Conscious Evolution by Barbara Marx Hubbard

The world is ready for the advent of a new stage of human consciousness and action. It is time for a “planetary birth experience,” a collective awakening, an experience of shared empathy, love, and creativity. Just as we once evolved from Neanderthal to Homo sapiens through a mysterious set of circumstances, not fully understood, so now we are emerging as Homo universalis, a species capable of conscious evolution on Earth and beyond.

What are signs of the emergence of a new era of evolution? Ken Carey wrote in The Third Millennium:
A mother never knows exactly what hour she will give birth to her child, but she has a “due date,” an approximate time when the baby is expected and will most likely be born. For millennia now there have been those in various traditions of both East and West who have known that the earth has a due date sometime during the second decade of the 21st century. Though there will be much awakening of indivi…

Discovering the Importance of the New Story

An excerpt from Conscious Evolution by Barbara Marx Hubbard

It was a cold November day in Paris in 1948 during my junior year abroad from Bryn Mawr College. Somehow I had separated myself from my classmates and wandered into Chez Rosalie, a small café on the Left Bank. A wood fire was burning and the smell of Gauloises cigarettes filled the air.

I sat at one of the wooden tables and ordered my lunch. A tall, handsome young American man opened the door, letting in the cold. There was only one place left for him to sit, opposite me. I smiled at him, immediately attracted, and introduced myself. He told me his name was Earl Hubbard. He had such a special intensity that I decided to ask him questions that had dominated my thoughts ever since the United States dropped the atomic bombs on Japan three years earlier, when I was fifteen years old, in 1945. My horror had stimulated these questions: What is the meaning of our new scientific and technological powers that is good? What is the purpos…

Conscious Evolution – Q and A with Barbara Marx Hubbard

Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of our Social Potential

What is conscious evolution?

Conscious evolution means evolution by choice not chance. For billions of years nature has been evolving through five mass extinctions, but no species was aware of it. Now, we are aware that we are facing the sixth mass extinction, and that humanity has some role to play in this crisis. We are affecting our own evolution by everything we do; the food we eat, the cars we drive; the number of babies we have; the energy we use, etc.  We have entered the first age of Conscious Evolution. The book is a vital manual and guide for our entire generation facing species-wide evolution or devolution together for the very first time. It offers us a new way through together.

What is the social potential movement?

The human potential movement was founded on Abraham H. Maslow’s genius to study well rather than sick people.  He called them self-actualizing. He found every such person had one thing in common — ch…

Daily Inspirational Quote – March 9, 2015

“If we could look into each other’s hearts, and understand the unique challenges each of us faces, I think we would treat each other gently.”

It is a shame isn’t it, that we can’t actually know what is going on with somebody unless they choose to tell us? We can only go by what they allow us see which may be a brave face or a “don’t care” attitude. This is what we respond to don’t we? Why shouldn’t we? It’s their choice isn’t it? However, it might pay us to delve just a bit deeper and be prepared to offer our help or understanding, or even just to offer to be there before making any judgments. We know how they feel as we’ve all behaved in this way occasionally ourselves haven’t we? Time to put ourselves in their shoes, which have often also been our shoes, and do what we can.

Cathi Bew

The Contentment Habit

For many of us, it is easy to fall into the habit of thinking or feeling that we are not doing enough when we see others doing great things or having amazing experiences. Constantly comparing ourselves to others and/or feeling as though we are not enough causes us to become unhappy and takes away from living in the moment. Read this article on how to appreciate every day and every moment more.

Daily Inspirational Quote – March 8, 2015

“Man’s law changes with his understanding of man. Only the laws of the spirit remain always the same.”

Our man-made laws are always changing and adapting to the ways in which society is evolving. I believe this can only be a good thing as it means we are paying attention to our laws and how they relate to us in the present day. The laws and rules of spirit, however, are very different and unique. There is no need to change them as the rules of spirit are similar to those carved in stone and given to Moses. They are based on the eternal truth we all carry within us in our hearts and souls. Such power! Such faith!

Cathi Bew

How Long Has It Been Since You Smelled A Flower?

For forty years Thom Irving has led writing workshops with prison inmates. He describes it as unlearning the language of excuses and refusal to accept responsibility for one's acts, then building hope that one is not entirely alone or lost as long as swallows can be seen, even from the narrow slot of a cell window.